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The gears in the trailer are actually making me kinda nervous cause? We saw the missing record in the music department, we ended the chapter next to a ton of dolls, and now gears? What's next, a room full of poisonous ink? Meeting Joey or finding a sequel to his book??? ?????

It’s unlikely there’ll be a sequel to The Illusion of Living, considering it’s kind of an expy of The Illusion of Life or The Animator’s Survival Kit, very real textbooks rather than novels.  As for the room of ink, though, I figure we’ve already seen that.  Bendy himself chased us away from it. :P

I do think that we’re being led through departments linked to the six representative images, though – in chapter 2, there were various framed images of the same music note that called for the record, and like you pointed out, there was a missing record on the Music Department board.  In addition, at the end of the chapter, we seem to have entered the merchandising department, as signalled by the plush toys and the framed image of the plush Bendy.  I figure we’ll be seeing the intended subject represented by the gear, too – probably whichever department was in charge of keeping things running in the studio (and perhaps in the Ink Machine itself).

What’s curious to me is that we’ve only actually seen one animator’s office, and that’s Henry’s… and it could hardly be called an office, tucked away in a hallway right next to a staircase.  We might assume the various locked doors in Chapter 1 were the other animators’ offices, but that makes Henry’s office stand out all the more due to its positioning.

I’m concerned about Susie and Alice.  Part of me suspects that as soon as we get an answer for what happened to her (or both of them), we’ll have our leading theory for what on Earth these toons are, on top of the humans-turned-ink-monsters one we already have.  Maybe it’ll support that theory.  Maybe it’ll blast it out of the water.  (My money’s on the former, but I’m hoping for the latter.)

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hey hey i'm ari and i am the world's worst southern californian in that i actually don't like mexican food? i mean... beans and spicy things are automatic nos to me so i don't eat it? all my friends are amazed that i'm like this and i've lived literally just over the border from mexico pretty much my entire life. but... yeah.

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wow i… don’t know if we can be friends after this, all this time i thought i was talking to a Real southern californian and it turns out ur just fake :// jeez, when u think you know someone.  but that must be rough if it’s a big thing where you live?  fair enough if it’s not ur thing.  like, i’m probably supposed to like deep-fried scotch pies but no.  some things, u just don’t eat, no matter what kind of national / local culinary pride is at stake.

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Heeey! Hi. :) Taking prompts? I really liked your 'Reasons I would date Derek Hale' and I love the way you write, so! If you're up for writing some sterek, here goes my prompt: Stiles has to write an essay about the person he admires the most\is his personal hero and he writes about ... *drum roll* Derek! (and of course, because it's Stiles' life, Derek finds it and reads it and of course angst with happy ending happens)

EEEEEEEEE prompts!! You actually have the (dubious) honor to have inspired my first prompted fic, anon. I hammered this one out on the tail end of a loooooong cross-country trip, and it also turned out more on the fluffier end than the angstier (a shock for me, I know), but I hope you enjoy it anyway!!

Stiles’ first day of English following the whole “Miss Blake” fiasco is so bad that he actually misses her.

Yes. That bad.

Their substitute—or, now, real English teacher, at least until the end of the term and until the school board can hire somebody new and hopefully actually qualified—is the kind of little old lady that Stiles can picture baking pies and offering rosy-cheeked grandchildren mugs of homemade hot chocolate. Her eyes actually twinkle.

Though, when Stiles looks at the board, it dawns on him that it may be more of a demonic thing, the twinkling.

What is a hero? In 2000 words, please describe what a hero means to you and write about someone in your life that embodies all of these qualities.

“What a hero means to me?” Stiles recites tonelessly, as Lydia slips deftly into the desk beside him. “And next week’s assignment, ‘What you did on your summer vacation.’”

“Two thousand words?” Lydia sniffs. “I’m supposed to waste two thousand words on this?”

“Children,” the new teacher thrills, standing directly over them. Stiles flinches back, in case she wants to pinch his cheeks.

But after a moment under her deceptively kind gaze, she surveys the rest of the class.

“I’m Mrs. Gallagher,” She says, “I’ve been teaching at Beacon Hills High School since 1965. I retired a few years ago, but when they asked me to come back for a few weeks after the… departure of your previous teacher, of course I was thrilled to do so! I’m an old hand at this teaching thing, though, so I’m sorry to thwart your hopes of an easy last few weeks. Your first assignment, due on my desk Friday at the beginning of the period, has already been written on the board. As a few of you have already noticed.”

She strolls back to the front of the room—Stiles thinks she looks pretty spry, considering the pure white of her hair—and continues, “A hero is something deeply personal to each one of us. Of course, many of us call servicemen, firemen, or even celebrities heroes. For others, it may be a parent or friend. Or a teacher, though, of course, I’m prejudiced. You may choose to write on anyone in your personal life, as long as you can defend your reasoning as to calling them your personal hero.”

Lydia, of course, raises her hand immediately, but Mrs. Gallagher transitions seamlessly into gerunds before anyone can so much as protest.

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