what kind of excuse is that

I like digging at people and being a punk in the classroom or office. And throughout uni and grad school, one fun target for me was The Morrissey Fan. Confront your Smiths and Morrissey fan with the blatant white reactionaryism in Morrissey’s style (never mind what he’s actually said), and you’ll get all kinds of excuses. I really enjoyed reading this Quietus essay because the publication’s fanbase needs this bit of education. From the previously linked Quietus essay:

Cut to 2016. Against a background of post-Brexit tensions Morrissey has yet again invited contempt for his serial views regarding race and ethnicity. Last week, he said that London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan “eats Halal butchered beings and talks so quickly that people don’t understand him… and that suits the British media perfectly.” Pop’s own Prince Phillip is no stranger to such remarks, in the past speculating on whether the Chinese are a “sub-species” and complaining that “the gates are flooded and anybody can have access to England and join in.”. All of these are given as signs of the degeneration of a once-radical figure, but right from the outset, Morrissey and The Smiths represented a fatally reactionary moment in British pop culture - a severing of punk and post-punk’s honourable links with black musics. They were here to reject colour in every respect, be it the gaudy, neon-lit backdrop of Top Of The Pops against which Morrissey wanly cavorted, or the colourisation of indie afforded by its embrace of dance music and reggae. Their wistful cover artwork, harking back to popular icons of the 50s and early 60s, were redolent of a time when black people had a near-zero cultural imprint on the British consciousness, unless you counted the hugely, inexplicably popular The Black And White Minstrel Show. This was explicit, as well as implicit. Morrissey spoke of a conspiracy to promote black music in the British charts, while opining that reggae was “vile”.

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Hello, I would like to inform you about my Daughter's activity on this site. She linked me this post and I decided to ask you a question. My daughter keeps on whining about some blue skeleton and she's saying this word alot.. the word is "ship" excuse me? but what is this "ship"? is it inappropriate for her? Is it friendly? please inform me when you're done reading this question. good day!

Hello! Thank you for your message. I hope I can be of help to you!

“Ship” is a term often used by fans (of video games, books, movies - any kind of media) to describe a relationship between characters included in that particular game/book/movie they’re a fan of. The fan might use the term to express an interest in seeing two characters enter into a relationship, in which case they “ship” those two characters. An eager fan might say: “I ship them so much!” For example, a fan who wants to see Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter get together is a Harry/Hermione “shipper”.

This can be perfectly harmless, and the content purely romantic. That’s most definitely the only kind of content I will be sharing on this blog - eventually, anyway. Nothing of the kind currently exists on this blog.

I suspect your daughter is “whining” about the blue skeleton she mentioned because she ships them with another character featured on my blog, but this blog doesn’t feature that particular ship! For that, I am sorry if I’ve frustrated her haha

I hope that has cleared things up! I will have to post this answer to the blog, but I would like to delete it after you’ve read it. So please let me know as soon as you’ve received this, and if there’s any other way I can help you. Thanks!

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I know we joke about how bad the cover story is but like... Carlisle must've been waaay too obvious on his own or why did Elizabeth Masen just know what he was? I mean 7 people all looking the same etc is pretty obvious, but what did Carlisle do? -

Also, E said Tanyas human lovers live which is something Aro would be aware of now? So many witnesses. Or Charlie. I doubt the “He doesnt know for sure” spiel doesn’t matter to Aro (or Caius). Billy, Sue, so many “liabilities” (or rather, excuses)

Right?  Like in the first three books the Volturi are painted as not evil but VERY strict, like you don’t want to break their laws and they enforce them somewhat ruthlessly, like killing Bree who was only guilty by association (although that was also kind of a power play against the Cullens) or even in BD by killing Irina whose only crime was being mistaken about what this creature no one had ever seen before (Renesmee) was. But when it comes to the Cullens they are super lenient? “Oh it’s okay your father knows, as long as he doesn’t use the exact word vampire!” Like, what? That doesn’t sound like the Volturi. Jasper was heavily involved in the Southern Wars when the Volturi are against the use of newborn armies, but they don’t care (is there a statute of limitations on vampire crime? lol), and Aro knows all about Jenks now who knows that the Cullens are immortal even if he doesn’t know what they are. Tanya and her sisters took human lovers and let them live, so they must have noticed some weird stuff.

re: Carlisle and Elizabeth, that one I chalked up more to Elizabeth have some latent psychic talent that Edward inherited from her. Edward was good at reading people in his human life before it turned into literal mind-reading, so I sort of imagined that Elizabeth had some extra level of perception too and was able to pick up that Carlisle was something ~else–but that whatever ~else he was, he was good and could be trusted. But maybe he was getting careless with so many people sick and dying, trying to do too much, moving too fast, working too many hours without sleep, and Elizabeth picked up on it. 

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Seriously the way Bruce from Kingdom Come acts in relation to her is how I feel he should always act. Not this stupid disapproving dad nonsense.

Yeah, the fact that he went out of his way to find the best doctors to find a cure for Kory’s illness spoke volumes to me. The way he acted in Kingdom come as a whole was kind of odd but that was one thing I really didn’t question.

If Bruce was as xenophobic as people are trying to claim to write of Kory and her relationship with Dick, why would his best friend be Clark? Why would he have appointed J’onn the leader of the JLI? Why would he check in on Kara and form a friendship with her? It’s just really transparent when writers and fans try to use ~xenophobia~ as an excuse to write of Dick/Kory and Kory because Bruce is really not what they say or think he is.

svenjamarlene replied to your postJust some of my salty musings on Daryl. (Don’t…

This is refreshing. Kudos to you for saying what lots of us are thinking. I never really understood why Daryl became - and still continues to be - a fan favorite… I will frame this *hehe*

Thanks @svenjamarlene! ♥ It’s such a shame criticizing Daryl is even something some fans are afraid to do because of the potential for backlash – even though the man has done some things that are truly worthy of censure. 

I don’t fault people for being a fan of him (the heart wants what the heart wants), but to make excuses for his behavior and pretend he’s completely innocent is grating. He’s an asshole. I think sometimes many forget it’s okay to be a fan of an asshole character (heck, I like several myself). Just acknowledge their kind of a bastard and keep on. But, yeah. I don’t think I ever will understand the level of popularity. Just one of life’s great mysteries.

I admire disciplined people so much. I admire people who can do what they need to do with a focused mind and unwavering commitment, not letting themselves get distracted and refusing to make excuses for themselves. I admire the kind of people whose eyes are on the prize, even if it’s far away, and who are determined, diligent, and adaptive. I look up to the kinds of people who refuse to succumb to any obstacle or challenge and transcend above the millions of things that stand against them and their goals. I admire people with that kind of hardened resolve so much and I aspire to be like that so much more.

me before following ihatejonarbuckle: jon seems like an okay dude

me after following ihatejonarbuckle: jon arbuckle is a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. he’s extremely misogynistic, a reckless driver, and as a cat owner his behavior is revolting!! he chose to adopt garfield, yet he acts as if his cat is a constant burden while constantly victimizing himself and neglecting his pets. like what kind of monster would feed his cat food that’s clearly not appropriate for cats to eat, and then have the heart to shame him for being fat? awful!! jon is just an evil and sinister man whose behavior is literally inexcusable, and mr. davis needs to make him face the consequences of his actions

Dark Adrien AU
  • doesn’t say please (he still always says thank you though what is he, some kind of animal? a cat perhaps?)
  • chews with his mouth open sometimes but only when he’s alone
  • used the wrong fork once at a fancy dinner on purpose
  • someone sneezed one time and he didn’t say bless you
  • doesn’t raise his hand in class
  • one time he burped while he was alone in his room and didn’t say ‘excuse me’
  • didn’t ask permission before leaving the table after dinner
  • one time, he didn’t hold the door open for nino
  • talks with his mouth full (but not in front of polite company)
  • doesn’t stay to the right on escalators so you can’t walk past him
  • used the last of the soap and din’t replace it with a new bottle
  • didn’t push in his chair once
  • didn’t say good morning to alya one time (but he apologized for like three days after it happened)

feel free to add on!!

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What do you think of actresses who choose to work with Woody Allen? Their defense is usually that he's one of the few major directors who actually writes roles or makes movies about women and tbh, even though I find it morally wrong to work with him knowing what he's done, I kind of get it?

Anon this is a blog about women directors! I’m here to talk about them, not to meditate on the morals of actresses. You ask I’ll answer though!

Look I think Allen is a rapist and he’s disgusting. I think actresses excuses for working for him are a bunch of bullshit and I think actors have even less of an excuse. None of the people in leading roles in his movies, the people who get these so-called complicated roles, are starved for parts (really when was the last time Allen “discovered” or helped an actress to break out? For decades now it’s people at the peak of their careers going to work for him). And did you know they don’t get paid well either? No they will work for less than their typical asking price even knowing that Allen is more miss than hit these days because they want to be part of Allen’s legacy. The legacy that includes all those Oscars, not the part where he married the sister of his children and the daughter of his girlfriend and (allegedly) raped his daughter. 

Also no one should buy into this “well x is an abuser but they write women really well” bullshit okay? Because Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Nate Parker, Mel Gibson, David O. Russell (all accused of rape, abuse or sexual harassment FYI) are not the be all end of all directors. We don’t have to excuse their criminal behaviour because some people think they make good art. You know who else writes (and directs) women really well? Jane Campion, Sally Potter, Nicole Holofcener, Ava DuVernay, Sofia Coppola, Lynne Ramsay, Amy Heckerling, Céline Sciamma, Kelly Reichardt. They’ve also never been accused of rape or abuse either. 


Lots of fans want redemption for Chloe because they feel she’s hiding insecurities or harbors sadness over her absent mother.

No, she’s a spoiled brat because she was raised by a politically corrupt father who wraps the entire city around her finger. She was raised watching her father benefit from dirty politics; she was raised given the best because she “deserves it”; she was raised watching others threatened for her sake because she’s “better”; she was raised around people who were too nervous to really fight her. She thinks she’s adored and superior because that’s what she was raised to believe.

You know what? That’s fantastic!

I think media lacks in jerkass characters who don’t have some kind of tragic excuse. I think we need more dumb jerkass kids who have reality smack them in the face and learn to better themselves because of it. I think we need to stop assuming immature teenagers need some tragic excuse in order to be jerks. I think we need to stop assuming immature teenagers without tragic excuses have no hope for change. I think we need to allow kids/teenagers to grow the hell up.

I’ve made some pretty crappy mistakes in my lifetime and I’m willing to bet you have too. I know I’ve done and said insensitive things out of ignorance or because of the environment I was raised in. I watched my own sister grow from a spoiled “asshole” (our granddad’s words) into a total sweetheart. I’m willing to bet you’ve discovered issues of your own or will in the future. People. Aren’t. Perfect. Is our life over because we made mistakes? Should we not be allowed to learn, grow, and contribute to society regardless?

Chloe honestly isn’t even as bad as fans make her out to be. Oh don’t get be wrong, she’s a total dick, but some fans make her out to be some kind of irredeemable Hitler. She’s a 14 y/o bully with an immature perception of reality. Could you look an adult in the eyes and tell them “You can’t volunteer for charity, you can’t have a positive impact on others, you can’t contribute any good to life because you were a dick back in middle school.” That would be completely unreasonable.

Even Marinette has been nice to Chloe, assumed the best of her, and apologized to her when warranted. She also fiercely protects Chloe, seeing her as a person rather than disposable trash. Given time, I have no doubt she would forgive Chloe if she decided to change.

Middle/High school is a prime time for change. Many are jerks because they’re a product of their upbringing, because they’re finding themselves, or because they simply lack the life experience to know better. Middle/High school is when kids start developing abstract thinking, start being exposed to views they weren’t raised in, start really questioning themselves and life itself. It’s a time where their own worldview really starts being challenged and they develop their own thinking because of it.

I look at Chloe and it’s painfully obvious she’s the result of her upbringing. The way she sees the world and other people is completely warped because of it. There’s no way to justify her behavior, it’s simply a realistic outcome (btw a character’s actions are not justified because of tragedy, fans just excuse them out of sympathy).

I also look at her and see she’s experiencing the world in new ways. After all it’s likely Chloe never got much resistance but her meekest prey has become her greatest enemy. Marinette started fighting her, outshining her, and encouraging others to rise against her. Chloe is also someone who’s been protected as the Mayor’s daughter and is suddenly being attacked by a bunch of angry super villains. There’s plenty of opportunity for Chloe to learn.

Chloe could remain an immature brat. I still love her, I still think she’s hilarious, and I still appreciate she doesn’t have a pity justification. I just want more for her. I think it would be so much more interesting to show a girl who has her worldview shattered. I think it be so much more interesting if she learns to reject the negative sides of her upbringing. I think it be so much more interesting if she’s just a dumb kid who learns to grow up, develop positive relationships, and produce goodness despite her failures.

30 Day Challenge: Day 20

Prompt: where’s the best place to hide a dead body?

AN: Damian won by a staggering amount. This features him and the reader at about age 16.

Words: 470

           “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”

           Damian just kind of stares at you, over the top of his book. He has one eyebrow raised in question, and looks more than a little confused. “Excuse me?”

           You grin “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”

           This time Damian puts his book to the side, and crawls to the end of the bed to lie beside you. He props himself up on his forearms and asks “What exactly did you do? I’m going to need details if I’m going to make this go away.”

           You outright laugh this time “It’s for creative writing class. We’re in the middle of working on a short murder mystery.”

           He grins “That makes much more sense.”

           You roll on to your back to stare up at him “More sense than what exactly? Did you seriously think I killed someone?”

           He shrugs “This is Gotham, nothing surprises me. Even you, in a fit of desperation could have killed someone.”

           Your eyes narrow “What do you mean, even me?”

           He smirks “You have absolutely no body strength, you can barely do a pull up, and pushups are an absolute no. You can’t run either; you get winded after running a block. And to top it all off, your coordination is practically nonexistent. I save you from falling to your death at least twice a month.”

           “I survived ten years without you Damian Wayne I could do so again.”

           The smirk just grows “Yes you did. I would however like to remind you, that the first time we met you were covered in Band-Aids. They were on your knees, elbows, even your nose.”

           You scowl before rolling onto your stomach and burying your head in your arms. You hear Damian chuckle before an arm slides underneath your belly, curls around you, and then you’re rolling. You end up on top of Damian looking down into his eyes. He lifts his head just enough to kiss your nose. “Don’t pout, I like your clumsiness. It makes me feel useful.”

           You roll your eyes “You save Gotham on a nightly basis.”

           “Doesn’t mean I don’t like being needed by my girlfriend. You’re an independent and strong young woman, and more often than not you’re perfectly capable of saving yourself, because you’re smart. I just like being able to help you out every once in a while.”

           You sigh and admit “Your first aid is pretty good.”

           He grins “I’m much better than my brothers at it, that’s for sure.” There’s a pause before he reaches over and grabs your notebook and pen. He lies the notebook on his chest, and hands the pen to you and says “Now then, there are several different things to consider when hiding a body.”

           You just grin and start writing.

My Thoughts About FT 499 Spoilers

Please excuse me if this is horrible grammar, etc. at the moment, I’m a crying, yelling, emotional mess at the moment. Also, because some people do not want to be spoiled about what happens, my thoughts will be under the, “keep reading”

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