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Both @twopoppies and @xabjectlessonsx tagged me to talk about my next 5 projects.

1 - Technically still working on my big bang, the doctors AU, Do Not Go Gentle. I’m editing/rewriting/filling in scenes I was too lazy to write during the draft process. It’s publishing June 2nd, so it’s 8 days away!

2 - Working on something for the HL Summer Exchange. Have to keep this one a secret, but I can say that if you see the tag ‘island au’ floating around, that’s what it’s for! Super excited to FINALLY start this one next week when Big Bang is done. 

3 -  A fic for the HL Yearly Fic Fest that I also have not started but that @allwaswell16 kind of gently pushed me into doing. (Not like it takes much to get me to say yes.) Really excited about this one too.

4 - Cuddle AU is an idea that @thekingisawoman and I came up with based on this photo. The basic plot is Louis is the star player on his uni football team and all the pressure’s on his shoulders and he gets assigned to work on a class project with Harry. He falls asleep working on it at Harry’s flat and then eventually he ends up sleeping in Harry’s bed but they’re just friends and it’s a whole thing until surprise they’re in love. (Hey @alivingfire idk if i mentioned this one to you but I’m roping you in!)

5 - Either secret married teachers au that @bananastagram and I talked about a million weeks ago OR the college au sequel OR maybe something shorter.

Safe to say I have enough to keep me occupied for a while. Not sure who’s been tagged but I’m gonna tag @hrrytomlinson @dearly @paynner @cherrystreet if you want to :)

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Iroha for the Tumblr Ask Meme?

Their blog URL: you-know-like-nyah

What kind of posts they’d reblog: MEMES, Lily’s posts, Rion’s posts, cat pictures, cat videos, Hello Kitty, dessert recipes, rave GIFs, music videos, selfies, anime edits, funny text posts

The first person they’d follow: Lily

What kind of theme they’d have: pink and red, mega-cutesy, Hello Kitty theme and icons, music player full of Kyary Kyary Pyamu, pink background on posts, diabetes central

What kind of posts they’d make at 2am: “Mew says I can’t have doritos anymore, isn’t that funny?? how naive i’m getting some from Len”

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Is it normal for Norman to be seen and photographed by fans so little when he's in Georgia? I feel like there hasn't been fan encounters for so long! I don't keep up with the filming spoilers so I don't know if he's working lots or just not been out much. What do you think mod?

He hasn’t been seen filming but apparently it’s been hard to put a finger on who’s been filming recently. The weathers been kind of crappy in Ga so that may be why he hasn’t been out and about.

EDIT: they’re at the Atlanta location that they’ve been filming at the last couple of days and a filming stalker thinks she saw Norman. AL was also seen

Give me someone who has some fucked up tastes in fiction, but is kind and respectful to real people, over someone who only ever ships the healthiest ships and stans the purest characters, but is rude and cruel to real people, any day of the week.

Your goddamn fictional preferences don’t show what kind of person you are; your actions do.

It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

Edit: WOW this blew up like…. infinitely more than I expected or wanted it to. Honestly this was just me venting to my followers after seeing someone get harassed for liking a villainous character (so no, in response to the people claiming this is about a certain ship or type of ship, it’s a lot more general than that). I’m glad this has resonated with people but I can’t help wishing it didn’t get so big, because I hate discourse with a passion and only wish to be left alone. This wasn’t meant to target or defend anyone in particular, just a little rant about fandom hypocrisy that I really didn’t intend for a larger audience. So if this post bothers you, just know that I didn’t mean for you to be subjected to it in the first place lol. On the other hand, if you like it, I’m glad you do and I appreciate all the support. Peace to you all.

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Could you do Neru and Haku for the URL meme?


Their blog URL: absolutely-not-tsumanne

What kind of posts they’d reblog: Miku’s posts just to hate on them, Haku’s posts, Len’s posts, yellow anime edits, other people’s selfies, snarky text posts, music posts, aesthetics, dance covers, flowers

The first person they’d follow: Haku

What kind of theme they’d have: yellow, eye-popping, passive-aggressive description on the sidebar

What kinds of posts they’d make at 2am: “I had a dream about Len again. isn’t that stupid I hate him”


Their blog URL: depressed-dtm

What kind of posts they’d reblog: Neru’s posts, Miku’s posts when Neru isn’t online, minimalist paintings, music posts, cocktail recipes, aesthetic posts, depressing texts and quotes, self-deprecating jokes, advertisements

The first person they’d follow: Neru

What kind of theme they’d have: the drabbest default theme you can imagine

What kinds of posts they’d make at 2am: “being human sounds great. the alcohol actually does something besides clog your systems”




“am i a bundle of nerves? maybe i am, maybe i’m not – i can’t really tell. but what i do know is that my head is completely clear, and i am well aware of what i need to accomplish here.”

for my dear tas!