what kind of coincidence is this

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oh man i might be wrong but the uncle theory looks just as transparent as the brogane one lmao

next is the: “shiro is keith’s mom” theory

his dad did say “your mother will be here soon” and who came running to keith right after that?? 

coincidence? i think not.

no, but honestly if i didn’t know what kind of shipping art the creators like on social media, i might have thought in that direction too. it’s not a bad theory

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Today Enty ran a blind item about a member of 1D closeting himself with girlfriends. A few hours later, we get Eleanor. The timing is not a coincidence. Syco/Sony doesn't care if this looks fake to us. That's kind of the point. This is about making it look like Louis is choosing his closet. Louis has been choosing his closet so even if BG ends, Syco isn't responsible. This is about shifting the blame onto him. It is awful.

I really really hope that’s not what they’re trying to do, but clearly they’ve convinced some people of that, so perhaps it’s their next attempt. Fuck them if that’s their goal.

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The best thing about Elsewhere U is that there is definitely a significant portion of the university that is completely ignorant to everything that's going on and chalk it up to a massive coincidence. They follow all the advice and what not but they think that it's just some strange school traditions...

Yeah there’s at least a third of the population that does everything by the rules bc it’s just kinda What You Do, isn’t it neat to have school traditions. And they study a major that by chance doesn’t attract too much attention, like maybe PoliSci, which has no real relevance to the Gentry one way or another. They know finals week people can get kind of weird, but hey there’s always jokes about that on Tumblr, this is what they expected. And their experience is totally, entirely mundane - the graduate 100% untouched by anything paranormal, with a good degree from a prestigious university, and don’t really understand any of the quiet talk at the class reunions.


Explaining James Delaney ~ some new insights via indiewire.com

~ On his madness and the fireside spells
Tom Hardy: “My interest with James Delaney was the difference between, ‘Is he shamanistic and truly has the third eye — the ability to see what’s happening? Or is he so damaged from trauma that his processing is literally the affectation and a symptom of traumatic experience, i.e. post traumatic stress disorder?”

“He’s silent on the outside because inside, he’s got a very, very busy head, which is kind of terrifying for him in some aspects. And [his thoughts are] unprocessed. He’s kind of figuring it out.”

“There’s a certain amount of serendipity and slightly odd spiritual coincidence that’s going on [in Taboo]. There’s a hint toward the supernatural, but there is none. There are certain concepts of mystical negro territories, and the concern of the abolitionists. […] His ability to instinctively smell and sense things that are going on is from having his third eye opened at a very early age.”

~ On eating human flesh
“The cannibalism — that really happened. Soldiers would have to live off their own dead during a battle.”

~ On his long-term prospects for change or redemption
“I think he’s irredeemable. I think that’s what’s interesting about it. With any irredeemable character, what’s interesting are [those questions of judgement].”

~ What are his motivations for killing, for love, for living? Are they tied up in a ever-deepening world of commerce?
“[Delaney thinks of] going back to the trees, the plants, the animals, and the natural world; so far from where we are with big business, corporations, avarice and greed, and money and power. He’s almost trying to get back there, to plug into the Earth, because he’s totally damaged by man’s desire to own and possess. So he’s that kind of figure in a black hat, of scrupulous means, who can’t really [escape]. That’s the taboo of it, if that makes sense?”

Stills: uncredited at indiewire, but probably by Robert Viglasky/FX or Olly Robinson/Scott Free Prods

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Ouch, that’s… a very harsh way to get your gem cracked.

Poor Lapis.

Holy shit that’s a lot of gems escaping.

Wait… hold on a second. Remember my theory of what caused the corruption of gems on Earth? That it was a weapon? What if it was…




Don’t believe me? Look at the colors! Blue, White and Yellow. There is absolutely no way this is a coincidence.

The question is though, what was THIS? A combined attack? A fusion between the three Diamonds?

Also can’t help but notice that Pink Diamond is not presen in this attack.

This outfit Pearl is using is very similar to that used in the flashbacks, so they couldn’t have known about Lapis for a very long time.

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do you have any head canons about seven and mc mraow?

Just general fluffy relationship stuff? Sure mraow

  • Seven totally leaves really weird porno mags in amongst his things as snoop deterrents for Vanderwood. When Seven left the agency, he kind of …forgot they were there, which coincided with MC deciding to tidy up his apartment as a favour.
  • Seven rarely goes to bed before MC, but when he does, he reaches for them as they climb into bed, even in his sleep. He’ll roll over and stretch out for them as MC gets changed into their PJs. 
  • Matching 606 and 707 mugs.
  • Smothering each other’s faces with kisses while dozing
  • Making love without ever having sex; the connection is what they crave more than anything and that’s achievable through spooning or making out on the roof of his car.
  • Every so often, as soon as they are about to kiss, one or both will blob out their tongue and start laughing.
  • Holding hands in the car *u*
  • Every so often, Seven is randomly flustered by MC’s small hands and/or feet, or how cute they look at a particular moment it comes out of nowhere and he doesn’t know what to do!!!! and MC using it to snatch a kiss to the nose which honestly flusters him even more so??? profit
  • Pointing to either really gross or really cute things on the internet, like ‘that you’
  • Kisses to the back of the neck to get one another’s attention :3
  • PRANKS. MC and Seven prank the shit out of each other…and everyone else.
  • As an addition: they compete over who can scare who the most in the apartment in the middle of the night. Seven is a dirty cheater, but MC has many tricks up their sleeve ;)
  • Seven and MC probably fake argue for shits and giggles and roleplay as these fictional personalities they worked out together, like in reality they’re going to the store to pick up condoms, but to make things interesting they’re going UNDER COVER

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do you think there are any school/club events that would coincide with the fae? Like the annual greased pig chase or something or a big bake off where all the baked goods are left in the woods on a fancy table to earn some sort of favor or just to get the fae to not bother the culinary collegiates

‘the annual greased pig chase’ is this a thing??? or is this like that one post about routinely smashing watermelons in the dark woods in summer camp and eating the innards with your hands like it’s an alien egg

In general no, I don’t think any events intentionally coincide with the Fair Folk’s movements. For the most part, students and staff just kind of live their lives as normal - it’s amazing what you get used to. But those who tend towards caution, or know more than the others, probably take extra care not to offend on days like this when you might be trespassing on something Else.

The amount of implications that Rahkeid’s magic only affects virgins had me curious, so I decided to make this list.

Mavis (What…. WHATTTTT??)

Max (Think we all guessed that one)

Laxus (slightly surprised)

Rogue (hella surprised but I kind of want to see Sting’s reaction)

Laki (meh not really that surprised)

Eileen (I don’t know what to feel with her anymore)

Sorano (Who was it? Midnight? Racer)?

Alzac and Bisca (In front of the kid? Really?)

Gildarts (Welllllll we already knew that one)

Macao (Knew that one too)

Minerva (Both Rogue and Minerva??? Coincidence?)

And Zeref….? (Damnnnn boy what have you been up to????)

Spoiler alert - but your characters in blockbuster franchises die every time. Is this your sneaky way of never having to do a sequel?

Mads Mikkelsen: It’s not really my choice, though! I guess in the Marvel world there’s always a comeback, anything is possible, but it’s just been a coincidence. I don’t mind, I haven’t done a sequel of anything and I’m kind of pleased with that. I think ‘that’s what we did, it was great, move on’. But maybe it would be great to do a sequel.

Mads, wait, you were in two Pusher films!

Mads Mikkelsen: Yes, that’s true, but it’s a different animal. It wasn’t like, ‘That was a great audience success, let’s patch something together and see if they want to see it’, it was a natural development of the characters.

[ Mads Mikkelsen – the villain that’s so easy to love - www.dazeddigital.com/]

well shit i was going through my images and these two were right next to each other.. coincidence? I THINK NOT!

— edit: gonna write that au👿

Other folks already said most of this a few days back, but I want to get it neatly outlined for my own reference - 

Mary is Agent Shirley Partridge  
- a single parent who traveled around with her children in a distinctive vehicle
- raising them to work together in the family business
- - a business she had put aside to raise her children, until she was widowed and kind of had to go back
- played by Shirley Jones on The Partridge Family

Dean is Agent Cassidy
- Neal Cassady
- - the real person basis for Dean Moriarty
- - TPTB named Dean, the heartthrob elder son on Supernatural, for him
- David Cassidy
- - played the heartthrob eldest son on The Partridge Family
- - is Shirley Jones’s rl stepson
- - is the father of Katie Cassidy
- - - who played the demon Ruby on SPN
- - - who, in The Kids Are Alright, set Sam to investigating his mother, which led to him finding that everyone who really knew Mary was dead
- - - - The Kids Are Alright also featured
- - - - - a monstrous little Katie, whose mother is not sure that Katie is Katie
- - - - - monster Katie won’t give her mother any space
- - - - - children kept trapped underground to feed the parent monster
- - - - - a bunch more creepy parallels, right down to Sam being the one who torches the villain
- - - - - ends with Lisa asking Dean to stay with her and the boy who’s not quite his son, but Dean says, “It’s not my life” and bails

Sam is Agent Bonaduce
- Danny Bonaduce played the smart-ass younger brother on The Partridge Family
- and is well-known for his substance abuse problems

The villain of the week is Hugo Moriarty
- see Dean Moriarty, above
- and Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis

did I miss anything?  I probably missed something

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (META)

Let’s look at a traditional English nursery rhyme, shall we?

Mistress Mary, Quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells,
Sing cuckolds all in a row.

Let me draw your attention to the word “cuckolds”

I’m sorry, what was that? Maybe I need to look a little closer. I didn’t quite catch that.

OK, but surely this can’t mean-

But don’t worry guys, I’m sure it’s all a huge coincidence.
It’s not like we’ve had any kind of foreshadowing to say that John isn’t the father of Rosamund.

Hang on…

An implication that a child has no biological connection to its father has been mentioned. But don’t worry everyone. You know this show. It’s full of coincidences. I’m sure “the baby isn’t John’s theory” is completely off the table.

I am also completely certain that John had nothing to do with Mary’s “death”. WAIT A MOMENT-

Complicit being the word I want to draw attention to. Because the exact definition of complicit is :

“Involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong.” 

In the scene where Mary’s death takes place John’s behavior is just plain weird. There are three points I want to draw attention to:

  • Doesn’t act like a doctor who knows what he’s doing. He just sort of places his hand on the wound. He doesn’t even go to phone an ambulance. Which is the first thing he did when he discovered Sherlock had been shot.
  • That cry John let out, some sort of cow/whale noise, was…well, frankly a bit of an overkill. John stays in control of situations. Even when he’s upset, he has to stay in control. When he saw Sherlock fall to his death did he break down right away? No. This to me was one of the oddest things about it.
  • In contrast to this, for a person who is dying, Mary seems to be very in control. We were shown in HLV what it is like when you get shot. Sherlock collapses, passes out, goes through shock, pain, and panic. Mary was wide on the other hand was wide awake and had time to apologise to Sherlock? I’m sorry but that just seems really inconsistent. Either that’s bad writing or we’re supposed to realise that this scene was fake.

I’m totally on board with the theory that John Watson is somehow in on the Mary’s death plan. Why?

Let me take you back to this quote:

“I will solve your murder, but it takes John Watson to save your life. Trust me on that – I should know. He’s saved mine so many times, and in so many ways.”

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but something tells me that John pushing Sherlock away is somehow saving Sherlock’s life. But what if John messes up by doing this, underestimates how much cutting himself out of Sherlock’s life will hurt Sherlock. What if in TLD John realises he’s screwed up big time? I hope that John knows what he’s doing…

In regards to John’s supposed infidelity there is this :

Sexual jealousy in evolutionary psychology, which is rooted in the idea that men specifically will react jealously to sexual infidelity on the part of their mates.

Infidelity is also the number one cause for divorce.


“It’s a strange thing but actually in the original stories it’s not actually said that she has died,“ said Gatiss at a screening of episode one. ”It’s heavily inferred. But it could have been a messy break up. “

OK Mark, thanks for the heads up that Mary is cheating on John, that Rosamund is just a cuckoo bird being raised by an unaware parental figure, that the “cuckold” AKA John is complicit in Mary’s death, and that Mary and John’s relationship won’t meet a death do us part kind of end but they will instead go through a messy divorce/breakup when everything comes to fruition.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here. After all I did just get all that from a nursery rhyme, a fairy tale but-

In the Mary, Mary quite contrary rhyme MARY IS THE VILLAIN.

Just saying…

Tyler Seguin Imagine - Puppies (requested)

“Do you seriously think that Marshall and Cash need another friend?” Jamie asked me as we pulled up to the animal shelter. “I mean, Tyler is basically a puppy himself. You really want another one to take care of?” He continued.

“Oh stop. He’s a great dog dad, he talks about getting another puppy all the time!” I explained.

“Seriously, what are you going to do when you guys have kids?” Jamie asked.

“That’s a good question. We’ll need a bigger house and he’ll need a bigger contract with the Stars I think.” I said with a laugh.

“Alright, what kind of dog do you think you want?” Jamie asked as we walked into the shelter.

“Preferably a lab or a german shepherd. Something big for sure.” I told him.

“Looking for a lab?” A woman asked us. We both nodded. “What a coincidence. Those puppies down there at the end just got here last night. They were left in a trailer in Tennessee. They are 12 weeks old, and our vet here said they are full bread Labrador retrievers.”

“Oh my goodness. They are perfect!” I exclaimed as I walked over to their cage.

“Are you looking for a boy or a girl?” The woman asked.

“What do you think Jamie? Should I change it up?” I asked him.

“I feel like Marshall and Cash would be really protective over a little sister. That would be kind of cute. Get a girl!” He suggested.

“Okay, girl, please!” I told the woman in an excited tone.

“There’s only two girls in this litter. We haven’t even had time to name them!” The woman told me as she handed me two very tiny, sleepy, puppies.

I looked at both of them and completely fell in love.

“Oh no. I know that look! You’re not going to be able to pick one.” Jamie said with a laugh.

“I think you’re right. I mean, we can’t separate them. They’ve been through a lot together and they’re the only girls. I don’t want to just leave one of them here.” I explained.

“Both of them?” The woman asked.

“Please!” I said.

Jamie held both of the puppies as I filled out the paperwork and made my donation for them.


“Alright, we’re good to go. Let’s think of some names!” I said as we got into the car with the dogs.

“I know they’re girls, but Tyler is not going to be cool with them being named something super girly and fem. They need some badass names. They are going to get pretty big, too, so it wouldn’t be that weird.” Jamie began.

“What about Bombshell and Stitch?” I asked. “Those are cool names.”

“Damn, that was fast! Yeah those are some cool names. I like it. Do you know what time Tyler will be back?”

“Yeah, like an hour.” I told him. “So we have to be quick at the pet store.”

Jamie and I quickly ran through the pet store, picking up pink collars, pink beds, puppy food and some new toys.


“Alright, good luck. He’ll be back soon! Bye, babies!” Jamie said as he got out of the car in the driveway.

“Thanks for all the help Jamie!” I called after him as he climbed into his car.

“Alright let’s go girls!” I said to the dogs. I placed them both in the backyard and let Marshall and Cash outside so they could get used to each other. They all seemed to be having a great time when I heard the garage door open. Tyler was home!

I quickly ran inside to greet him. “Hey, baby!” I said as I saw him in the kitchen. “How’s your birthday so far?” I asked.

“Better now that I’m home with you.” He said as he pulled me in for a deep kiss.

“Well good. I have two surprises for you.” I told him.  “Come with me.” I said as I grabbed his hand and lead him outside.

“I’m so excited!” Tyler said.

“Okay, babe… please don’t be mad that I did this, okay?” I said as we reached the back door.

“I won’t… I think?” He said hesitantly.

“Alright. Go take a look at who Marshall and Cash are playing with.” I said as I opened the door.

Tyler quickly ran over to his large labs. “More puppies?” He shouted excitedly as he picked up both of the girls!

“Not just puppies, girls.” I said.

“No way!” He said with a smile. “Have you named them yet?”

“Yes, Bombshell and Stitch.” I told him, taking Bombshell from his arms.

“Best surprise ever. We needed more girls in the house, I think!” Tyler said with a smile. “Thank you so much babe.”


I just realised that Greg Universe is a long haired rock star:

Who falls in love with a kind and adorkable, pink haired princess:

Then gives her a t-shirts:

And they get together:

Reminds me a lot about a couple which has a long haired rock star:

Who falls in love with a kind and adorkable, pink haired princess:

Then gives her a t-shirts:

And they get together:




Attack On Titan Chapter 88 Thoughts

Hmm. So, where do I start here? For some reason it’s this chapter that has given me the most difficulty for my writeup in a while, eventhough I think the previous two were much more dense and took more time to dissect. I get what all of it is and means, but putting it down is another thing entirely. Maybe it’s because Yuri!! On Ice had a great episode this week, too, and the spoiler releases coincided with the episode release of that anime and I’m distracted by it (go watch it if you haven’t already, it’s the best), but I can’t find a hook where to start. I guess the beginning then?

Kruger’s Titan forms’ face looks like Nina Tucker’s chimera form. Those eyes. Okay, that’s kind of a random observation, but it is actually interesting little detail when compared to our Advancing Titan (it’s clever language usage and super cool in Japanese, but I think Rogue Titan is still my favorite name for Eren’s Titan).

(Chapter 88/75)

His eyes look gentle - his design in general more “subdued” compared Eren’s and it fits with his character. I don’t feel like their similar appearance has much other meaning, but I guess it could be a possibility.

Kruger fought with patience and smarts compared to Grisha’s fury and hatred - sometimes morals have to be put aside to get something done and he did just that after his own lesson about fighting with revenge and blind hatred in mind. He was ultimately someone with probably not as much bravery as Grisha, but he supported the Eldians from the side. He probably would’ve continued to fight that way, if his life wouldn’t have been ending soon because of the 13-year lifespan. 

He manipulated the Restorationists themselves with information to motivate them. He hardened his heart to all the torture he was forced to commit and witness. He let the people be turned into Titans because otherwise they would’ve died on the island, eaten by Titans. He didn’t save Dina instead of Grisha because Dina would’ve been in a far more bigger danger and in general “a” bigger danger to Eldians were she captured because she probably would be forced to have children and of course, Grisha consuming the voice of reason is symbolic in itself - he becomes a similar figure to the Owl afterwards, also getting a character arc with it, which is rare when it comes to parents in anime. Rather than pushing his own mission on Eren, Grisha gives the power to him because he feels he’s the most fitting because of his bravery and willingness to act, as seen in Mikasa’s flashback. He is no longer screaming in hatred and wishing to show how much better the Eldians are. He’s learned his lesson like Kruger has. Looks like I was somewhat right about my estimation about Grisha.

It’s still somewhat of a gray situation because this is still all without Eren knowing and in the end he steals away Eren’s chance to live a long life, but at least to some extent it does align with Eren’s wishes and him having to pass it down is because he has no other choice because his time was running out, just like Kruger’s had - I will be coming back to this later.

All of this serves the thematic point of not letting your worst get the best of you. Grisha stands up and accepts his responsibility, no longer feels hatred and ultimately decides to fight for the sake of his people’s freedom and making the lost lives mean something (including his family’s). Neither Grisha’s father’s passivity nor Grisha’s own desire to prove the Eldians better than Marleyans lead to anything.

Moving on, among the several other things I like about this chapter one of them is that how it’s confirmed that neither the Eldians nor the Marleyans are right.

So for now there is no “truth” here and the series chooses to not give us a simple answer to a complicated struggle.

The most surprising element in this chapter to me was the reveal that the Titan powers actually don’t disappear and instead are eventually reborn inside another Eldian child through a invisible “path”. I’ve said it before that I don’t really care whether the mystery behind the Titans is related to science or magic and this shows why. The thing that matters to me in stories the most is what they want to say and the fact that the 9 Titans keep being reborn - the Titans can’t ever be killed is another thematic element. In the words of Erwin, humanity will only stop fighting when it’s down to one person or less. The Titans will always be there to fight, and when defeated, not gone, but sealed away to appear once more. There will always be evil beside good in the world as long as humanity exists.

Taking in terms of plot, though, it feels a lot like the deal with the instrumentality project in Evangelion to me - all people are connected, so technically when reaching full power with the Coordinate, perhaps all of humanity inside the walls could be turned into Titans, maybe even a single hivemind since they are already easy to brainwash. It’s kind of a cliché possibility to me, but I’ll wait and see what comes of it - it’s interesting because I wasn’t expecting something like that and since Kruger brought a research foundation into this, I do think it might at least have a partially scientific explanation if some people are worried about that. In any case I wasn’t expecting something like that.

Finally, in terms of longer discussion points, I’ll discuss the 13-year lifespan.

The reason why I like this, as I said here, is because it shows you can’t cheat death. In the end the Titan power isn’t this limitless ability that grants the one possessing it immortality. It’s not this “cool” power, but a curse. If Eren or Armin didn’t have it, they would be dead. Eren would be dead back at Trost and Armin would’ve died on that rooftop in Shiganshina.

So, Mikasa will have to move forward. I’ve always admired characters with inner strength a lot. Many of the characters in Attack On Titan are this way and I think Mikasa will be perhaps be one of the strongest of all the characters if her heart remains human after Eren and Armin are gone - once again bringing us back to the series’ theme of moving forward and surviving (in spirit most strongly) despite how cruel the world is. Mikasa promised to keep on fighting when Eren was gone. It will be tragic if she’ll turn into a cold and empty monster, but if she survives, I think she will be one of the strongest characters and honestly an inspiration because it’s really hard to move forward if you’ve lost everyone you have. This is the struggle she has. I’ve always disliked people looking down on her caring for the people she loves. What I mean by character development for Mikasa when I talk about it is not that she would have to stop caring, but that she would be able to heal from the wounds that the loss of her family has left her and be able to connect with people again and be happy because it’s powerful and it’s a wonderful thing to say to people that despite everything you’ve seen and everything you’ve lost you can move forward. It’s what Sasha said in chapter 36:

For other details, I don’t think it’s literally 13 years, just around that, which is why Grisha survived for 15.

It makes the Fritz being the informal royal family make sense - it would be strange to see a new king every 13 years or so. It doesn’t explain whether the Reiss family is the actual Fritz family (making Historia and Ymir possibly distant relatives) or whether the Reiss are just another of the 9 Titan families and ended up taking the Coordinate. We do know that the Coordinate is most likely one ability, though, so there’s most likely no separate memory manipulation ability. That makes two unknown shifters - one I think which is most likely the Horse Titan and the other a truly unknown one (maybe it’s the Reiss Titan which was stolen from the Reiss family and the reason why the Reiss could inherit the Fritz’s founding Titan).

As for more general notes, I’ve been enjoying the pacing a lot and I have no problem with 3 chapters being dedicated to Grisha’s story because it all has offered some solid info. So, I don’t have a problem with the story taking multiple chapters to unravel the secrets in the basement. This has been built up to for 85 chapters. I care because all of this has to do with the rest of the characters. It’s not just about Grisha, it’s about many of the characters in the cast. What I would criticize in this chapter specifically is that it’s an info dump - I feel like that takes some of the weight away from the powerful things the chapter’s saying and I still really look forward to all of this being applied to all our main characters specifically (again, very happy with the bits with them this and last chapter) and it being shown on a character level. In general, I think this was another solid chapter.