what kind of bagel are you

vernon: bro, answer this

seungkwan: if it’s one of your lame jokes, i’m leaving

vernon: what kind of bagel can fly?

seungkwan: istg hansol

vernon: a plain bagel


vernon: get it, plain?

seungkwan: i’d slap you but that would be animal abuse



vernon: bitch

Date! SVT| Vernon

S.Coups// Jeonghan// Joshua// Jun// Hoshi// Wonwoo// Woozi// DK// Mingyu// The8// Seungkwan// Vernon// Dino

Dating Vernon would be…

  • tbh, I see him as a planned dinner and a movie date
  • “Hey (Y/n)!” He’d say excitedly as you walked inside of the diner
  • “Sorry I’m a little late,” you apologize as you sat down in front of him 
  • skip the food ordering 
  • you guys would be eating your food 
  • and he’d lowkey look up at you to see if you’re enjoying your meal
  • he’d ask a couple of times if your food is good because he wants to make sure you’re enjoying your food
  • and after eating you guys would pay the bill and he’d grab your hand before walking out of the diner 
  • and you guys would head to the movie theater
  • he’d joke around a bit like
  • “What kind of bagel can fly?”
  • “A plane(plain) bagel”
  • he’d make these dumb and adorable faces on accident when he sees something that stands out 
  • you guys would be passing by this shop 
  • and a dog pops up and barks at him
  • and he’s just amazed bc what cute pupper 
  • and he wants to go in, but he knows that if he spends an hour+ in there you guys would miss your movie
  • so he stays strong and doesn’t walk in
  • you guys get to the movie and he’d find these seats on the side
  • and when it started, he’d lowkey inch closer towards you
  • and he’d try to put his arm around you without you knowing
  • and when you noticed, you tried your hardest not to laugh, but he saw you. and he’d take his arm away awkwardly. 
  • a couple minutes into the movie, you were growing real tired of it
  • I mean it was a really boring movie 
  • but Hansol seemed to be enjoying the movie, so you dealt with it
  • and Hansol thought the exact same thing
  • like this movie was so boring, and he wanted to leave too. but he thought you were enjoying it 
  • so you both were sitting there, bored of your minds 
  • at least until Hansol grew the nerve to say that the movie was boring 
  • “Hey, uh (Y/n). This movie is really boring, do you wanna leave?” 
  • and just like that, he’d take your hand into his and practically run out of the theater
  • you guys would be back in the lobby of the building and he’d look at you
  • “what now?” you’d ask 
  • “uh, I don’t know…” he’d say and look around a bit more
  • and after a bit of thinking
  • he’d take your hand into his and start walking towards the pet shop where that little puppy barked at him
  • and once inside of the shop, the little dog that barked at him jumped on you 
  • and would whine until you picked him up
  • “Looks like this little guy loves me.” you’d say and look over to Hansol who is pouting
  • “I doubt he loves you more than I do.” He’d argue and you would laugh because
  • really Hansol, jealous of a dog? 
  • and he’d take the puppy away from you and have it scurry among the other dogs 
  • “Hansol, he is a dog” you’d say emphasizing the word he. 
  • “I still doubt it (Y/n),” he pout as he attached himself onto you
  • pulling him off of you, you pecked his lips and walked away to look at the animals
  • “Hey! You better not be going to find that puppy!” He’d say childishly
BTS reaction when they find a non-Asian fan at a fanmeeting beautiful

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“Are you hungry? I made something and I want to hear your opinion on it.”

*wants to convince you that he would be a perfect partner in crime*

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*tries to catch your attention with acting adorabe*

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“Well, I have you know that my IQ is Rapmonster and my name is 148.”

*wants to appear intelligent but messes up*


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*can’t stop staring and smiling at you*

*hoping you will notice his interest in you*

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“Are you staying in Korea for long? If yes, maybe we could…I don’t know, maybe we-we can do something? Like together I mean.”

*shy af*

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“What kind of bagel can fly?”

“Bagels can’t fly.”

“Yes! A plain bagel can!”

*he hopes you think he’s funny*

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*doesn’t know what to do*

*avoids eye contact*

thinks: “Isn’t this counterproductive?”

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✳ bullet journal ideas/prompts

⋆ what will you bring (3) if you’re stranded @ a forest ??

⋆ 3 goals for this month

⋆ what are you expecting for a boyfriend/girlfriend?

⋆ your ultimate woman crush?

⋆ will you sacrifice something (very meaningful and cute and you just cant help but hug it every night) for example a bear, photo, etc for fame/money? explain why. 

⋆ what kind of person are you like? describe yourself using an object (e.g a rose, flashlight, etc) 

⋆ draw 6 donuts/bagels/cupcakes/muffins/anything on a box and describe their flavors and why. 

⋆ if you are stuck in a room forever, would you bring either your parents or your boyfriend/bestfriend/brother/someone you really love other than your parents and why?

⋆ list 5 promises you’ve made last year. have you accomplished them? 

⋆ when did you start bulletjournalling and why? what have motivated you to do it?

⋆ 5 things that calm you down.

⋆ you are stranded on a beach. you can go out after 1 year. and you can grab 1 person but you have to choose between 3:

1. Your dad: he brings water and clothes

2. Your mom: she brings food (ur fav) and blankets

3. Your sibling/your bestfriend/your boyfriend: he/she brings a tent with blankets pillow and all and food you dont rly like but u feel ‘ok’ w/ it. 

⋆ make a burn list (some kind of a burn book)

⋆ make a playlist or write down your favorite playlists @ 8tracks or smth

⋆ if you can meet someone that is already dead, who will you choose? it can’t be someone you know.

⋆ if you can have three kind of food and three kind of drinks in your storage forever (unlimited) what will you choose? why?

⋆ when was the last time you broke down? why? explain what happen and just pour your heart on it. 

⋆ grab an old toothbrush and prepare a paint of your 3 fav colours. spray each colour on one side of page and name your masterpiece. explain and describe each colour and why did u choose that name. the name has to be related to your toothbrush painting kinda thing

⋆ list names for your future baby/ies

⋆ stick flower petals and explain what you think of it.

The signs as horrible jokes

Aries: My sister bet me a 100 dollars I couldn’t build a car of spaghetti. You should have seen her face when I drove pasta.

Taurus: What kind of bagel can fly? A plain bagel.

Gemini: Where do animals go when their tails fall of? The retail store.

Cancer: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Because the “P” is silent.

Leo: How does a train eat? It goes chew chew.

Virgo: What’s Forrest Gump’s password? 1Forrest1.

Libra: What do you call a cow without legs? Ground beef.

Scorpio: What’s the best thing about living in Switzerland? I don’t know but the flag is a big plus.

Sagittarius: What does Batman get in his drink? Just ice.

Capricorn: What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison.

Aquarius: What’s brown and sticky? A stick.

Pisces: Where did Napoleon hide his armies? In his sleevies.

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What're your 5 favorite things about your best friend, if you have one.

ahhh my best friend is @tragicpoems !!!

ok mare here we go

  1. literally the funniest person i have ever met, you make me laugh every single day
  2. so kind :’(
  3. you are literally adorable punch me mom
  4. doesn’t make me feel pressured to do anything or guilty ever bc she is genuinely such a good person
  5. u give me half u bagel everyday :)

to the baeger to my baechou erenbaegerr. because baeger sounds like bagel and so i drew this in my study notes. what happens when i’m in a crack mood on twitter, talking to erenbaegerr, milujuamaluju, no-other-words.

“ha…a-aah!” bagel baeger wails when baechou spreads his cream all over him. baechou makes sure to thoroughly cover every inch of him in thick layers, so much so that with just a little push, his hole is overflowing, cream seeping out at the brim.


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I lost my mojo a little bit last week and I’m kind of in a funk  now.  Like…I had an onion bagel and Dr Pepper for breakfast kind of funk lol. A sleep through 7 alarms and miss the work out 3 days in a row kind of funk.  

Anyone got any tips on how to re-motivate yourself?  What do you do when you’re on that slippery delicious slope of sleep and cheat food??  HeLPPPP

ASTRO on a Lazy Day

Sorry for the long wait, anon! I hope you like it~ <3<3<3


  • he’d join you on the couch
  • and stay there next to you
  • and cuddle next to you so adorably
  • he’d kinda say weird things at times
  • “i can feel your heartbeat”
  • “your breathing is so peaceful”
  • “why is your stomach flatter than mine?”
  • he’d also tell really lame jokes
  • just imagine the both of you laughing hysterically
  • him: what kind of bagel can fly?
  • you: myungjun–
  • him: just say what
  • you: what
  • him: a plain bagel
  • you: hehe
  • him: hehe


  • “let’s do something”
  • but you guys would never end up doing anything
  • you’d sit at opposite ends of the couch
  • and just play with each other’s feet
  • you’d have occasional derp-offs
  • where you try to see who has the ugliest faces
  • he’d act all dramatic
  • in the end he’d just crawl over to you
  • and give you a peck on the nose
  • he’d tell you random facts
  • him: you know I have the nickname “Angelic Smile”
  • you: oh really now?
  • him: yeah. I need to tell you a secret. *leans toward you*
  • you: *leans toward him*
  • him: *whispers* they call me that because I am an angel.


  • would have no idea what to do
  • but then he’d bring out his phone
  • “you wanna prank call the other members? }:)”
  • he’d then plan out the whole script and everything
  • and he’d tell you exactly how to say it
  • “you gotta be GANGSTA you know?”
  • he’d be super scared
  • cause of his hyungs, of course
  • but he’d do it anyway
  • cause it’d seem to be the only thing that made you not bored
  • would be super giggly that almost every call would fail
  • but you’d still have fun cause you love him
  • mj: yes?
  • eunwoo: where the money at boi???
  • mj: dongmin?
  • eunwoo: oh sh–


  • so you’d watch movies
  • and go on a movie marathon
  • would literally go out and buy so much snacks
  • and then place them all on the table
  • from ice cream to chips to biscuits
  • he’d get super feelsy with you
  • would comfort you when you’d cry
  • and would scream in kissing scenes
  • and would gasp really loud whenever something unexpected happens
  • would become bored after a while
  • but he’d see that you were into the movie
  • so he’d just rest his head on your lap
  • and watch you watch the movie ^^


  • would probably take off his shirt out of boredom
  • this would make you blush HARDCORE
  • but he’d only do this if he was super comfortable with you
  • which of course he would be by now
  • he’d look in the fridge
  • and he’d calculate how many ingredients he’d need to make something
  • and then he’d ask you to help him bake a small snack
  • he’d notice that you’re still super red
  • so he’d put on an apron xD
  • would be super playful while baking
  • he’d make you taste everything with his pinky
  • and he’d do that cliché thing
  • where he puts some batter on your face
  • “aw you’re super cute like this Y/N <3<3<3″


  • would try to make it not a lazy day
  • and hype up the mood
  • he’d jump everywhere
  • while playing super catchy music
  • he’d be dancing and singing so weirdly
  • but he’d get tired and he’d just sit next to you
  • you: ew don’t touch me you’re sweaty…
  • sanha: *throws his entire body over you*
  • you: aaaaAAAAGGHHHHH
  • “i think i have some board games somewhere…”
  • and you guys would be super competitive
  • if you won, he’d do an embarrassing dare while being videoed
  • if he won, you’d legitimately have to give him a hundred kisses
  • you lost


“Hey Nat, listen to this joke. What do you call an alligator that reads map? A navigator.” Most of the time, you told the team extremely bad jokes that lost the humor because you kept laughing as you tried to tell the joke because your jokes were “funny”.

This time however, you did not laugh and Natasha did. Your joke was incredibly lame that she couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Come on Nat, the first time I ever heard you laugh and you laugh over one of Y/N’S jokes,”Tony exclaimed, astonished at her actions. Tony too is now determined to make her laugh so he told her a joke too.”Here is an actually funny joke. What kind of bagel can fly? A plain bagel!”

You and Natasha stare at him with blank expressions and he groaned, determining to make Natasha laugh. 

Thank you for the tag @woozydroozy <3

1. Who are you named after? My Grandmother 

2. Last time you cried? Yesterday

3. Do you like your handwriting? Yes

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? The quorn ham… on a bagel mmmm

5. Do you have kids? No

6. Do you use sarcasm? Nooooooo….

7. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes

8. Would you bungee jump? No, REALLY not my idea of fun

9. What is your favorite kind of cereal? Coco Pops!

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Yes :)

11. Do you think you’re strong? Haaaa obvs

12. What is your favorite ice cream? I dont like ice cream…

13. What is the first thing you notice about someone? Their face as a whole? Idk

14. Football or baseball? Baseball

15. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? My feet

16. What color pants are you wearing? I’m not wearing any 

17. Favorite smell? I dont really have one soz

18. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My friend called to see how I’m feeling earlier :)

19. Favorite sport to watch on TV? Rugby

20. Hair color? Dark brown

21. Eye color? Blue

22. Favorite food to eat? Fajitas!

23. Scary or funny movies? Funny

24. Last movie you watched? The Theory of Everything

25. What color shirt are you wearing? Red

26. Favorite holiday? Halloween 

27. Wine or beer? Wine

I tag… pretty much anyone thats as bored as me ^_^

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Nickname: uhh Wadely, Bagel, Void-Boy, Little Void, StrawBebby
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5′4″
Favorite music artist: I have a ton a favs, I honestly hate picking just one
Last TV show you watched: UUUUUHMMMM probably Property Brothers or Chopped
What kind of stuff do you post?: I am a shitposter p much but i mostly reblog things
Do you have other blogs: A good few. OC blog, OC rp blog, some themed side blogs. ya know.
Why did you choose your url: Because I love Dante, and I love white crows. Bam. Url. Also if Dante was birb, he’s be a white crow
Hogwarts House: (slytherin) I’d refuse to go to hogwarts, I’d tell the hat to put me in the kitchen or some shit lmao. 
Pokemon Team: Team Stop-Telling-Me-To-Play-PokeGo (Green is our color)
Favorite color: I love all colors to an extent. I’m anti-fav color
How many blankets do you sleep with: 3 b/c i am a literal infant and will steal them from Soren, then get over heated and throw it off, then get cold and need a blanket again. It’s a miserable cycle.
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Scenes from Ubering, Part 7
  • Me: *picks up young couple from downtown restaurant at 930 pm on a Friday night*
  • Couple: *chats about Adele's vocal surgery as we get on our way*
  • Me: *seeing their destination* Oh, are you guys going to *brewpub* or to that apartment complex behind it?
  • Woman: *laughs* Oh no, we're going to the Giant Eagle to get groceries! OMG what a Friday night.
  • Me: Oh, cool!
  • Woman: We're so hip, sitting here arguing about bagels and what kind are the best.
  • Me: I mean, I don't know why they make any other kind besides everything bagels.
  • Man: *laughs* SEE?
  • Woman: Nooo, I need someone else on my team! Blueberry all the way.
  • Me: Blueberry are also good.
  • Woman: See with a blueberry bagel, it's good with cream cheese but it's also good with peanut butter. Any other kind of bagel, you're locked into cream cheese.
  • Me: That is a good point.
  • Woman: It's all about the OPTIONS.
  • Man: *is quietly cracking up*
  • Me: You've made me think of blueberry bagels in a whole new light.
  • Woman: GOOD!

You know that feeling a few minutes after you’ve eaten a bagel where you can still kind of taste the bagel in your mouth but there’s no more bagel left for your mouth to actually experience… That’s pain. That’s what death will taste like I think

Hometown Glory (a Sugar on the Asphalt drabble)

Hiiiiii! Sorry this is so late and kind of roughly edited! It wasn’t supposed to be 5k, but alas, it is! Hope you enjoy! Can’t wait to hear what you think! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Tennessee Teacakes


October 26, 2013

Harry’s parked in front of the Morton (and Ainsworth) residence in a tiny little sports car that Grace knows belongs to Niall. When he told her an hour ago that he had a surprise, she thought he meant he picked up bagels from her favorite shop down the road. Already nervous enough, she has no desire to sit in a car for three hours with the top down.

“What’s that look for?” A grin sweeps over Harry’s face as he opens the door and steps out. He’s bundled up in a brown jacket and a navy beanie, sunglasses shielding his eyes despite the absence of sun. He looks soft and warm and safe. Grace has to resist the urge to run straight into his arms.

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eliizabethx asked:

I really can’t stop thinking about this now. xD | Solas would be the boring regular ‘ol bagel with nothing on it, just this sad looking little thing until you try to bite into it and chip a tooth because he’s actually Not At All what he appears. Than Lavellan would be the really beautiful bagel, with like cream cheese/jam/jelly, and she’d be whole wheat, but not that gross bland kind, she’d be the kind where you can Really taste everything that’s SO GOOD about natural food stuff.

feynites answered:

Two bagels, not meant to be together, and yet, they perfectly balance one another.

Solas, trying to work up the courage to admit that he’s a plastic bagel.

Lavellan, wondering why everything thinks he’s boring, when he’s the most interesting bagel she’s ever met.

And above them, a clock - ticking down.



“Lavellan, I- … I am Fen'Plastic, I am the Bread Wolf.”


“I know. I figured it out when you fell on the floor and they just put you back on the table.”

“Then… you should know, I was the one who created the bread box.”

“But you love the kitchen! Why would you do such a thing?!”

“It was war. Kitchen war…”


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