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so you are asking for donations because your parents are sending you to a therapist that thinks you're okay the way you are and that you can accept yourself? ok

actually im asking for donations because my parents tried to send me to a conversion therapist, who would tell me my identity is incorrect, as well as use outdated and harmful methods that have pushed many lgbt kids to suicide to do so :) ! but i guess that doesnt matter to ugly ass transphobes! anyways every dollar u send to me at paypal.me/theartofdestruction will make this disgusting anon even more bitter!

yo it is one thing to not like a character or a ship

but to take that dislike or hatred out on the ACTOR HIMSELF is a new level of fucked up I didn’t realize antis were capable of

Adam Driver is not Kylo Ren.

Adam Driver does not get to decide when and where he promotes Kylo - the character is a walking spoiler, and as much as he is awkward or maybe shy, I’m sure he wants to promote the character he’s worked SO hard for as anyone would. He’s talked about this character being his most important and personal role to him yet. BUT, that does not make him a villainous guy who killed his own father, like - the leaps in logic that takes!

It is so weird to me that people are accusing him of not “caring” about SW or his own fandom, and using that as further justification to push your weird SUPER hatred of fictional characters into this way-too-real-world perspective you have of fiction.

Adam CLEARLY doesn’t get to make these choices about promotion or appearances, because he’s under a *contract.*

You may hate a character, you may hate a ship. But y’all take it to a REAL level I cannot understand… Adam Driver is a perfectly nice guy who ain’t done shit to any of y’all.

Please keep some perspective, fandom. Please separate the world of fiction from the real world. Hating fictional characters does little to no damage.

Hating real people who like or portray the fictional character leads to some messed up behavior and consequences.

my sense8 fics on ao3 so far! (will update as needed)

and you got me like, oh, what you want from me? (Part 1 of someday is tonight (and every night from here) ) - Completed June 16, 2017 // 1,649 Words // Explicit // Wolfgang distracts Kala on the phone

A Light in the Room, It Was You Who Was Standing There (Part 1 of stringing together memories for you and i look over someday) - Completed June 19, 2017 // 16,288 Words // 11 Chapters // Teen & Up // Kalagang Neighbour AU

that’s what i like (Part 2 of someday is tonight (and every night from here) ) - Completed June 23, 2017 // 3,115 Words // 2 Chapters // Explicit // Kala and Wolfgang react to each other being dressed up…or down ;)

Last Call, Place Your Bets - Updated June 26, 2017 // 1,961 Words // ? Chapters // General // Ocean’s 11 cluster AU ONGOING i promise to update this one guys…one day lmao

took forty-five minutes to get all dressed up (but we ain’t gonna make it to this club) (Part 3 of someday is tonight (and every night from here) ) - Completed June 28, 2017 // 3,462 Words // Explicit // Kalagang smut in a public space prompted by @kala-wolfgang-trash ;)

Hold My Hand, And Don’t Let Go (Part 2 of stringing together memories for you and i to look over someday) - Updated July 15, 2017 // 14,839 Words // 6 Chapters // Teen & Up // Kalagang Fake Date AU ONGOING

holy smokes, i’ve written almost 40K words for this fandom! the power of sense8 *cries* i can’t wait to expand this list, y’all! more fics are coming! although the updates will be slower because of uni, so i apologise in advance for that. 

NOTE: you guys are awesome! thank you for the support both here on tumblr and ao3! hugs and kisses to all xoxo

My Post: I’m not doing a Mellow Frames on Concrete anymore. They apologized and I don’t think they were intentionally racist.

 A Commenter: God stop it! I’m sick and tired of people saying they were intentionally racist! You should think before you write! 


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Idk but please be okay. If not today, I hope soon. One day, you are going to get the love and happiness that you deserve, and please be patient because the world has so much love to offer than your sufferings rn. Wherever or whatever you are doing now and you’re hurting, please be okay and please be okay soon.

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Unpopular opinion: I hate Nesta. I am someone who knew people like that and was taken advantage by them and treated poorly so even with her character development arc she's still my least favorite character. The abuse of her sisters (escpically Feyre) I also feel is ignored or glossed over by fans who love her.