what jesus said about homosexuality

Here's the thing

I’m a Christian.  My parents were missionaries, I’m active in my church and my husband and I are raising our children in the faith.  Also, if it matters, I’m straight.

We believe in loving others before ourselves.  That means not shoving our beliefs on anyone else.  I’m not going to throw my faith at you, nor will I judge you if you don’t believe the way I do.  I think that A) Christianity covers a broader spectrum of beliefs than can be defined behind a pulpit in a small Baptist church and B) your faith is not what makes you a decent person worth knowing.

I support gay marriage because love is love and it doesn’t matter who you feel it for.  What isn’t love is making other people follow a standard you set for yourself.  

Here’s my problem - the Scriptures that most people refer to to support their views are outdated and have been disproven by people a lot smarter than me.  If you’re going to follow them, then you’d better not have any tattoos or wear mixed fiber clothing or have sex on your period. 

You guys…saying things like this HURTS others.  You’re telling someone that they’re not good enough, that they don’t deserve to love or be loved, that they’re horrible and will burn in hell.  That is not what Jesus taught.

Here’s what Jesus said about homosexuality:

Fascinating, isn’t it?  That this man who we believe is the Son of God had so many clearcut rules and guidelines for us and yet He never said a thing about being in a same-sex relationship.  Instead He said, “Love one another.”

I don’t know about you, but I know and love several bi, pan and gay people.  They are all wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny and so very deserving of all good things.  

You are free to believe whatever you want.  But when your beliefs start infringing on other people’s abilities to love and be loved, then we’re going to have a problem.

I know I’m going to lose followers over this.  I’m also not naming names because that’s not my style.  But I’m so disappointed that this has to be said again.  One of my dear friends is really hurt and that is not on.  

If you’d like to debate or discuss this with me you are welcome to.  I will not respond to hate though.