what jack was really thinking

i noticed an adorable parallel

Vernon seems so cute and flabbergasted and Jack seems so nonchalant like

does this remind you of anything

“i fuckin love that guy”

“*gasp* REALLY?!”

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Internal Monologues of that awkward Christmas Family photo:

Mr Butler:  Smile.

Bert:  Toffs.

Hugh: If I can just convince Dot to not work, I’ll be set.

Dot: Work. Work.  I want to work.

Phryne:  This is bullshit.  Damn you Aunt P.

Jack:  This is bullshit.  Damn you Prudence.

Cec:  I feel really good today.

Jane: Smile.  Two more seconds and you can work on your next plan to hook those two up.

Prudence Stanley:  I am Queen.

Mac:  Straight people.  *rolls eyes*

you know what I think about a lot?

Jack’s face when he hears that Bitty got unsolicited dibs.

Like, at this point it is spring of freshmen year; Jack likes Bitty by this point, he can’t be that angry about the fact that it’s Bitty so…

What did you have to do to get your room, Jack Zimmermann? Like, I thought that because he was Jack Zimmermann who would go on to be the captain, he just got a room semi-automatically but that… that is not the face of a man who was just given a free pass to Haushood. That is the face of a man who has been forced to work his way up, the face of a man who has seen things and maybe done things and–

What did you do for your dibs, Captain Jack? WHAT?

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I’m really excited for what Jack’s been doing with Anti this Halloween. I think it’s so cool that he’d take something that the community built and actually implement it into the videos he makes. And that’s how you can really tell that Jack cares and listens to the community. He could’ve completely ignored all the Anti stuff, but he’s embracing it!

I don’t know, I just think it’s really coll what Jack’s doing for tomorrow and all of the build up for it. (And cheers to Robin for all the awesome editing!)

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What do you think of the Samurai Jack? Anything you really enjoyed or didn't like?

it was really awesome!!! i thoroughly enjoyed it. the animation was beautiful and the overall style (especially the background art, damn) was gorgeous. the scene with the robot playing the flute & summoning the stone construct to fight jack was probably my fave moment, that looked so fucking cool

i can’t think of anything negative to say?? it’s everything i wanted from samurai jack– dark and violent, but not to the point where it’s gratuitous or distasteful. it’s not taking advantage of its more mature rating, and it only includes disturbing material when the moment calls for it. (i also appreciate that there wasn’t/probably isnt going to be anything sexual.) in the wrong hands this reboot could have been a disaster, but i have a feeling it’s going to be really great!

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Totally agree with what you said below, I used to really like Jack and Elizabeth;I think mostly because Dan and Erin have such natural chemistry but they really need to get engaged/married asap or this show is going to lose a lot of viewers as people are getting bored now!

There are still a lot of diehard fans, of course, but there is a lot of annoyance being expressed now from fans who used to be invested.  I think everyone would still be okay if there was progress at least.  They have cute moments but it’s rare for them to have a serious talk about their relationship or their future these days.

When Jack’s lips touch Bitty’s for the first time– lord, it’s heaven. It’s sweet apple pie on a warm summer day, the rush after a celly, long walks home past faber in the middle of the night. Jack pulls away for a moment, stares at Bitty’s face, at the tear tracks down his cheeks and thinks, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Bitty keeps his eyes eyes closed in equal parts wonder and disbelief. It’s something Bitty never thought he’d have, and part of him thinks that it isn’t real, it’s some kind of terrible dream, because this kind of thing just doesn’t happen to him. 

But then Jack’s kissing him again, all soft and slow and dizzying, and it’s just about the best moment of Bitty’s life.

They break apart when Jack’s phone starts to ring. That’s… uh. That’s my phone. I should… Jack starts to say, though he doesn’t stop looking at the deep brown of Bitty’s eyes, the soft pink blush on his cheeks, the light dusting of freckles over the bridge of his nose. …Oh, Bitty whispers, eyes still half-closed.

I gotta go, Jack says again, finally reading the urgent texts from both his father and George. 


Then suddenly Bitty’s hands are on his chest again, soft like they’re not sure if they should really be there. I gotta go, but I’ll text you, okay? Jack promises, weakly holding onto Bitty’s arms. They’re so small compared to him, and he can nearly wrap a hand around each bicep– Christ, but Bitty’s small.

Okay, Bitty repeats.

Jack takes another step back but can’t bring himself to let go of Bitty quite yet, the warm weight of his hands in Jack’s both too much and not enough. They move at the same time, Bitty reaching up on his toes and Jack ducking his head. They kiss again, and somehow it’s even better than the last one, their lips moving together as easy as breathing.

I’ll text you, Jack tells Bitty again, moving towards the door.


Jack’s gone then, and Bitty can hear his heavy footsteps all the way out the door and into the yard of the Haus. He blinks once, twice, tries to shake himself of whatever dream he’s caught up in. Bitty takes a deep breath, feels the way his lips still tingle from where Jack had pressed against them just moments ago.

He sits down on the chair hard, eyes wide in shock. His phone is buzzing not a minute later– and sure enough, it’s a text from Jack, just like he’d promised.

I love you, Bitty reads, and suddenly he’s crying and laughing all at once. Then, I’ve loved you for a long time.

Bitty brings his phone to his chest and sighs. This boy.

from a personal point of view, i think that the fact that the start of bitty&jack’s relationship was mostly shared over skype is actually really good

i mean, bitty obviously has strong issues with physicality and maybe having that non-contact time really helped to adjust. because despite them being friends, the most common type of physical contact he had had with jack before canon zimbits happened was checking practice. and having to adjust from ‘uncomfortable yet necessary touching’ to ‘touching that is actually welcomed’ takes time

and that time is better when there are no constant tests on where in the scale he is. so yeah, having time to discuss their relationship and get more comfortable with it before seeing each other again was probably for the best

I’m always looking for quality new Holsom fics, and since I found this on AO3 yesterday, I figured I’d share here:

someone as good for me as you by ninjee

Basically, future fic in which Ransom & Holster come to some realizations and finally get it together. It’s super awwwwww.

Summary: “So tell me,” Justin’s mother says, all business, “is your boy going to propose?”

“What, Jack?” Justin says, and doesn’t really think much of it, because his mother eats up the details of Jack and Bitty and JackandBitty like Holster eats up rom-coms.

His mother sighs, and he can practically hear her rolling her eyes. “No, baby, I meant Adam.”