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‘Who do you ship Swap!Sans with?” is an ask I’ve seen more than once, so…

And, of course, bonus:

Original joke comes from Parks and Recreation: 1, 2

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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

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I've been learning how to read cyrillic, but I'm having a hard time finding resources on different fonts? Because even reading your handwriting it looks different than the text i usually see online. (also cursive cyrillic looks impossible please explain that)

OKAY SO first of all here’s the comparison of all the three fonts that work for cyrilic i have (plus italic, some letters look a bit different so i’m including it just in case):

tbh that’s about all the information i can give you on fonts, so now let’s go to cursive!!

now, that’s what russian cursive is supposed to look like: 

it’s how children are taught to write (there are a few variations of some of the letters, it depends on the educational program that schools choose, the differences are very small though, and this is the most common type), and handwriting like this usually lasts up until the end of elementary school, and then everyone decides to get creative. it means that there are no rules anymore, and kids start trying out new ways to write letters, plus most people try to write faster so some elements of cursive letters get changed. and as a result most people have handwriting that is based on the ‘traditional’ cursive but is actually a mixture of.. well. everything.

i wouldn’t say hopping straight to reading russian cursive, especially if it’s written by a regular person who really doesn’t care if others can understand their handwriting at all (like me!) is impossible, but i wouldn’t say it’s the best idea. first of all, you have to learn to write in cursive - if you understand how everything works it will be a lot easier to read. of course, the bigger your vocabulary is, the easier it is, but still, it shouldn’t stop you from trying :D

an example of text written in ‘correct’ cursive:

examples of text written in… something else:

well… hopefully that clears things out a bit! :D good luck!! <3


“It’s crazy how sometimes your life can change in a flash, and all the things you were blind to or refuse to admit are suddenly staring you right in the face. And just like that, everything suddenly falls into place… Even if it’s not the way you thought it would…

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I wanna write a story for your Oc's just like a one shot or something. but I don't know if I'm allowed to or if you'd like it. Am I aloud to? cause I really love the zacues shipping.... is that what it's called?

OOOOOO my gosh!!!! d ude that would make me so happy holy cra p asflkj

if u want to please do !! i’d literally cry and be so happy for that ohmygosh

the one thing i wish is that i posted about all the babs more often so they’d be easier to tell their personalities and stuff laksdgj

as for ship name i h ave no clue omf . but heck they cute

The Worst Thing the Boyfriends Can Hear from Aoba

To Koujaku: “You’re a monster. Get away from me.”

To Noiz: “You’re a freak. I’m done trying to help you.”

To Clear: “You’re hideous. Put your mask back on.”

To Mink: “You’re evil. I’ll never forgive you.”

To Ren: “You’re barely a person. I don’t need you.”


Some time ago I was began the Pahtfinder campaign “Rise of the Runelords.” In the beginning of the campaign, I introduced my own NPC which was a naked barbarian I once played named Hjalmar who carried a magical sword known as… Moonglum. Moonglum was a sword I had created loosely based off of Stormbringer from the Elric of Melniboné series by Michael Moorcock. Now, I had planned very early that Hjalmar was merely in the game to be a hired sword since I had a very small party, and knew that Hjalmar was very likely going to die, but before he did I wanted him to give Moonglum to one of the party members. However, introducing an awesome magic item at an early level means either you’re likely going to over-power your party/character or you’re going to put an expiration date on that magic item - neither of which I wanted to do. 

My solution was to create a magic item that “leveled” with the players. In the beginning, Moonglum was a simple +1 magic sword, but after a couple player levels when Moonglum started to lose its potency to other magical items or spells available to the players, something epic would happen (like a critical hit to kill a boss or something), and Moonglum would “level up” and upgrade itself. Instead of dealing 1d6 damage with a +1 attack bonus, it might change to 2d4 +2 atk - maybe even adding 1d6 cold damage. 

I had a whole progression for Moonglum (sadly gone now) that took it up to a pretty incredible intelligent item (once it reached so much potency its soul awakened), with the “Ominous” feature and such, but the point was to give Moonglum some STAYING POWER, which I feel is very rare in a game where certain players are constantly searching for that next piece of equipment that’s just slightly better. Not only that, but you’d be surprised how attached a player can get to a magical item that grows with them - and the lengths they’ll go to protect it.

I’m not sure if a feature like this exists in any RPG out there, but it opens up a lot of cool possibilities - like maybe a weapon that “evolves” to what it fights, like if your players are fighting a lot of demons maybe it develops a Cold-Iron skin or if you have a ranger with a favored enemy perhaps the weapon itself takes on a Bane enchantment. It’s an easy and fun thing to do and actually remarkably easy to keep balanced.

Hopefully you find this kind of thing interesting and if you ever decide to do this in your campaign, let me know! I’d love to hear about your new iconic weapons/items/armor, what its called and what it does! 

  • SecretCountry (in the chat): Have you and Bakura ever cosplayed as each other?
  • Marik: Yeah! Come on, man... and I nailed it. I nailed it! He was *giggles* he was hesitant to go the whole hog and get a tan because he hates putting effort into looking sexy.
  • Marik: ...
  • Marik: *softer* In my opinion he doesn't need to put any effort into it.
  • Marik Plays SWTOR - Live Stream - 8/23/16:

one of the greatest things about being trans and having trans friends is the Adventure of choosing a name bc like some people choose beautiful and interesting names like freyja and then theres. Dave

*slides this to yall like in those western movies where the bar tender slides a glass down the bar to his patron* h o w d y,, y a l l.,,

I understand that some people in the LGBT+ community are comfortable with reclaimed slurs, which I am with some, but others I just… I can’t handle them. Like, I know some people don’t like q*eer (is that even how you do it? I don’t know someone tell me) but I personally don’t mind it. However! F*ggot!!!! And d*ke!!!!!! I have problems with.


What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
PROMPT 8: Kinks // Blue Eyes

“The Tesseract has shown me so much. It’s more than knowledge, it’s… truth.”
“I know. It touches everyone differently.”