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i don’t usually get political but this has all the world to do with my blog and yours.

if you’re an american, please read this. even if you’re not, please read this and signal boost it. 

america has laws on something called net neutrality. this keeps internet service providers from regulating media. without it, they could 

  • block whatever websites they please
  • charge extra for websites
  • charge extra for different categories like social media or research
  • make competitor websites run slower

and our government is voting to repeal it. 

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This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.

“‘It’s very important for Luke to feel grounded and feel like he has a family. I think he loves [Leia] dearly,’ Hamill says. ‘I mean, I can’t separate Leia from Carrie and Mark from Luke in that regard because we were like real siblings. We had these huge rows and we blew hot and cold, but months even years would go by and then you’d see them again and it’s like…’

He doesn’t finish the sentence. But you know what he means.” [source]


Monster of the Deep VR—Vintage Posters

I really miss Lena, is she doing okay?

Last time we saw her: 

Edge blamed her for poisoning children.

Everyone believed him and blamed her too, including herself.

Had to step down from her two companies.

She was shot at and she didn’t get physically hurt but someone did, because of her.

Had to stay at Sam’s.

Got drunk and had an emotional meltdown.

Her self-loathing and guilt increased. 

Got pushed to her limits and almost killed someone who deserved it

Got hit in the head, for the third time in less than a year and got put on an plane destined to crash. Let’s remember she’s afraid of flying.

Almost dies again.

And yeah, her last scene was super cute. Her two friends showered her with love for a second…

But after that:

One of her friends became a villain. And the other got her ex back just to get her heart broken again

And we haven’t seen Lena since then…

I just want to know! How is she doing after all of that? What happened after that hellish nightmare? Is she doing okay now? Is she back at Catco and L-Corp? Is she eating well? Is she staying hydrated? Does she know what’s going on with Kara and Sam? Is she sleeping okay? Is she having nightmares? Is she finally seeing a therapist? Is she still homeless? Has someone apologized to her for judging her once again?

It’s been two weeks and we probably won’t see her next week and I just need to know that she’s okay and hear her voice and see her beautiful face in my screen at least just once. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a tiny scene of Lena taking on the phone I just miss her

Andy Serkis says pain and greed drive Supreme Leader Snoke in The Last Jedi

Entertainment Weekly

Some people absorb unspeakable pain, then vow to spend the rest of their lives working and fighting to make sure no one else has to suffer as they did. Others endure the same agony but deal with it by magnifying that pain — and blasting it back upon the world.

Supreme Leader Snoke is one of the latter.

The enigmatic ruler of the First Order finally emerges from the darkness in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and actor Andy Serkis is revealing a little more about the villain’s origin and creation.

“This time you get to see him, as in his real presence,” says Serkis, who plays the towering Snoke via performance capture. “In the previous movie we saw him as this huge hologram and tele-presence, and you get to meet him in the flesh this time.”

Serkis describes a cruel master, a 9-foot-tall alien humanoid who disparages and dominates his two lieutenants: Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) and General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson.) He’s a predator who identifies weakness and exploits it, drawing the young and promising to his side with promises of power, then using and discarding his protégés when they are no longer of use.

He is seen here in hologram form in The Last Jedi, looking very Wizard of Oz as he bellows at Hux over some unspecified failure or disappointment. Serkis says much of that unhappiness will be directed at the former Ben Solo, however.

“His training of Kylo Ren is not yielding what he wants,” Serkis says. “Therefore his anger towards Kylo Ren is intensified because he can’t bear weakness in others. Part of the manipulation is goading him with Hux and playing them off against each other.”

Maybe the effect of that pairing has worn off, however. Snoke may need to start goading Kylo Ren with another disciple. (Watch yourself, Rey.)

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