what it really looks like


just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now


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So from what I know, you screenshot the following: pass-code screen, phone background, song that you’re listening to, and a selfie of yourself

1. The black smudge is me “blurring” my name and email XD
2. I like the song “Marvelous Light” and the album picture is beautiful~
3. Just a “flower tattoo” that I gave to myself
4. My trusty viola, tablet, and headphones
5. You’ve caught the wild Joey while he’s programming!
[I do wear glasses in real life, but I thought I should make myself look funny]

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Can you explain the flip video? I have a freakin bachelor's degree in fine art and I don't understand.

okay so you know when you draw something (digitally) and it looks fine, but as soon as you flip it, you can see all the mistakes?

it’s normally cause people are really good at recognizing human faces + what they should look like, but we tend to draw things on a slant. so in the video, when the drawing was flipped and wasn’t crap, it was one in a million.

and the last frame with the hallelujah was for the meme

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I'd like to see a picture of what Sh/ro would REALLY look like with eyeliner.

sadly my editing skills are utter garbage but I’m sharing this in case anyone with too much time on their hands needs inspiration


happy birthday to.. me! haha uh its kind of a birthday tradition of mine to draw whatever i feel like no matter how little sense it makes lmao anyway here are yuuri and victor in kinda matchy KotOR star wars robes!! its very late!!! this is not an au dont @ me victor would never work for the jedi he is good and i trust him okay im leaving now bed time

Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )

A loved one not lost but remembered. 


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

I see all the spelling and grammatical errors, but I can’t be bothered to do anything about it.
—  Ravenclaw, whilst reading over a very important essay.
Jack at his panel:
  • jack: sorry i can't get off the stage, its against the rules
  • a person apart of the community: *cries*
  • a person apart of the community: *is really nervous*
  • a person apart of the community: *really wants a hug*
  • a person apart of the community: *and/or just really loves him for all he's done for us and is really overwhelmed*
  • a person apart of the community: *exists*
  • jack:
  • jack:
  • jack:
  • jack: ...
  • jack: FUCK THAT
  • jack: *jumps down to hug the person*