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EXO Reaction You Flinching at Him [OT9]

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Xiumin: Minseok had left his clothes lying around the house for the 5th time and you were tired of always cleaning up after him. “I’m not your slave, Minseok! All I ask is that you put your dirty clothes in the hamper or at least the room wear the washer and dryer are!” He takes a deep sigh in irritation. “I get that you’re tired when you come home, but it takes 2 damn seconds to put your clothes in the correct place!” He raises his arms hands fold his arms and sees you raise your hand to protect your face as if he were going to hit you. He slowly brings his hands down to cup your face in his hands. Generally quiet anyway, Minseok just looks at you and sees how scared you are. He brings you in for a tight hug not letting you go and just letting you cry into his chest. He knew you weren’t that upset over clothes, but he knew about what happened to you before and felt guilty.

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Kai: You’d been looking forward to your third anniversary with Kai all month. He’d forgotten both of your previous anniversaries and promised to make it up to you this year. You had a great day planned out with him and expected to get mini surprises from him through out the day. After he finally woke up, you two ate and prepared to go to the beach. You’d be there 3 hours before getting tired of sand burning your feet and salt waves crashing into you every 10 seconds. You went home and washed up before heading to Lotte World to spend the day pigging out on junk food. You were afraid of heights, so Kai understood when you didn’t get on many rides. You walked around catching up on times you missed when you were busy with your schedules. 

You’d spent 5 hours together and he hadn’t given you any gifts yet. Maybe he’ll give me something at dinner, you thought. It was close to dinner when you home. As you prepared for dinner, he cluelessly asked you, “Today’s been amazing and I’m not complaining, but what’s the occasion?”

You became irritated at him for not saying something in the awkward silence he created with something to relieve your frustration. “It’s our anniversary!” you scream. 

His eyes widen. “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I’ve just been busy—”

“Obviously too busy to care about our relationship.”

“No, that’s not what I meant, Jagi, please list—” You continued to scold him and when he lifted his hand to place it on his forehead, you stepped back scared. He looked at you with worried eyes. He took your hand and pulled you in for a hug. He rubbed his hand on the back of your hair to soothe you and kissed the top of your head. “I would never hurt you, okay?” You nodded your head knowing it wasn’t a rhetorical question.

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D.O: You had been learning how to cook from Kyungsoo and after a month’s practice, you wanted to show off what you had learned. You made him a basic kimchi since you were still a beginner at cooking. When he came home you noticed he was already in a bad mood, but you thought your cooking would make him better since he’s the one who had taught you. You prepared a plate for him as he sat on the couch. You brought it over to him and extended your arms out to him, but when he rejected the food you said, “I worked really hard on this, oppa. Just have a bite to see if it’s good.”

“Jagiya, I said I’m not hungry,” he said a bit more irritated.

“Just one bite, and I’ll leave you alone, please?”

He stood up quickly to comply to your request and get a fork from the kitchen but when you tensed up and dropped the plate on the floor, shattering it. He stopped and looked at you as he saw a tear come from your eye. “J-Jagi, were you scared of me?” You didn’t answer, so he assumed it was true, which he was right about. You quickly went on your knees to pick up shards of the plate off the floor when Kyungsoo quickly walked over to you, grabbed your shoulders gently and brought you to eye level with him so he could kiss you. “Y/N, please don’t ever think you need to be scared of me. I would never do anything or let anyone hurt you.”

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Chanyeol: You never told Chanyeol about the abuse you suffered from your previous relationship. You also hadn’t planned to tell him so soon into your 2 month relationship, so when you almost fell trying to get away from as quickly as you could when he moved the slightest just to put his hands on his hips while you two were arguing, he was confused. He stopped being upset and was worried. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” he diligently asks. “Are you ok?” Other than the fact you had been upset over what you were arguing over, now not remembering because you were so scared. “Do you think I was going to hit you?” he asked as he, now, towered over you. You nodded a bit ashamed, you knew he would never hurt you. Chanyeol is just a big, cuddly, friendly giant. He brought you in for a hug, placing his chin on your head and you wrapped your arms around his back and he said, “I could never hurt you, Jagiya. I love you too much. How could you ever think that?” You sighed and sat him down on the couch telling him about how your previous boyfriend would hit you and make you feel worthless, but he wouldn’t let you leave until you had to run away and call the police on him. You also told him about the night terrors you have from remembering the two year Hell you went through with him. “Aigoo! How could he disrespect a woman like that? Especially, you! You’re beautiful. I will tell you everyday and you mean the world to me.” He once again pulled you in for a hug.

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Baekhyun: Like always, Baekhyun was being too loud for you to concentrate on your studies. “Baekhyun, oppa, please stop being so loud,” you called out to him. Obviously, he didn’t hear you because he was still singing at the top of his lungs. Flustered, you slammed your pen on your desk and stormed out of your room. You yelled at him. “Ya! I ask you all the time to please be quieter while I’m studying. Why can’t you stop yelling for 5 minutes? I need to study for my exam.” You continued to yell at him before he came walking towards you, it wasn’t a walk with force, but almost instinctively you crouched into a ball with your hands up readying your body for a blow. He looked down at you and when you didn’t feel anything, you looked back up at him. He was confused. “Jagi,” he said taking your hand helping you back up to an upright position, “what are you doing?” 

“I-I I thought.”

“You thought I was going to hit you?” He furrowed his eyebrow at you. He took your hand a bit tighter. You looked down at the floor but he took you by the chin and made you look him in the eye. “Did you think I was going to hit you?” he asked. You looked away not being able to tell him the truth. “Y/N, you’re breaking my heart to think that. I would never.” A tear slipped from your eye as you see him hurt as to see you so scared of him. “I promise to be more conscious of my noise when you’re studying.” You looked back at him and he kissed your nose and wiped your tear.

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Chen: You and Jongdae could not decide on what you wanted for dinner. You had been arguing for the past 20 minutes over whether to get chinese or thai food. You want thai, while he wanted chinese. It was stupid that you two were arguing over food, but you always ate whatever he wanted and just wanted to finally eat something you were actually interested in having. “Jongdae we eat chinese food almost everyday, we always eat what you want to. Why can’t we change it? Why can’t I have a turn?”

“No we don’t, stop overreacting,” he snapped.

“I’m not overreacting! I’m just tired of you never taking into consideration of what I want.”

“What do you mean?! We always do whatever you want! Why are you being like this?!” he shouts. You look at him scared and as he continued yelling, you backed away slowly, though he never got closer to you. When he finally calmed down a bit, he noticed how far away you had gotten. He slowly walked over to you and reached his arms out and even though you were still were a bit scared still, you knew Jongdae had calmed down so you went into his embrace and rested your head on his chest. “I’m sorry if you felt like I was going to hit you. I know I hit a lot of things, but you will never be one of them.” You nodded your head. “Let’s get Thai.”

*the hug he gives you*

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Lay: A guy came onto you as you were in the grocery shopping for the house and Yixing went back to the previous isle to grab the paper towels that you had forgotten. While he was gone, you tried everything in your authority to kindly tell him to fuck off, but he wouldn’t leave. You relentlessly tried to tell him that you had a boyfriend and to please leave before he comes over and makes a scene, but when he started to get physical with you and as you struggled to get away from his grip, your boyfriend, thankfully, came back from getting the paper towels. When he saw you being grabbed by a strange man, he immediately ran to you and pushed him off you. “Don’t touch my girlfriend!” He stood in front of you with his back towards you and a puffed up chest. You had never seen Yixing so mad before. The man scurried away before things got anymore serious than it already was. 

“I told him to leave me alone,” you said in a low voice as he you placed your hand on his shoulder. 

He quickly whipped around at your touch and you quickly stepped back scared that he might take out his anger on you as well. When he noticed you were frightened, he turned back to his sweet, gentle self and raised his eyebrows saying. “No, no, don’t be afraid, Y/N. I’m sorry if I scared you.” You pulled him in for a hug and it took him a few seconds to adjust to your short body hugging him but after 5 seconds he hugged you back.

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Sehun: Sehun was always fussing at you about things such as school work and working harder as an idol. He thought since he was the maknae of EXO and finally found someone a bit younger than him that he’d get to tell you what to do. He’d always help you practice your dancing since you weren’t as good as the other members in your group. You were learning the choreography to one of their songs, Call Me Baby, and you had been putting in all of your effort, but Sehun didn’t believe you were. You already weren’t the best dance and you didn’t know what he expected from you. “Again, Y/N. This is so simple I don’t understand why you can’t get it,” he scolded you.

“I’m not you, Sehun! I can’t pick up on things like you can. Why are you teaching me this anyway?! It’s too hard!”

“It’s not you’re just not trying hard enough! You keep dazing off too, pay attention.” He frowned at you and turned to face the mirror so you could go over the same 8-count for the seventh or eighth time.

“No, I’m not! You’ve been working me to death all day! I need a break.” 

You could tell he was getting irritated. He walked over to you and as he raised his hand wipe the sweat from his forehead, you jumped. He looked at you and furrowed his eyebrow. He took a step back and examined the situation to see why you were scared. Once he realized that you thought he was going to hit you, he sighed and pulled you into him by your waist and said “I’m sorry, Jagiya,” he kissed your sweaty forehead, “I’m not trying to hurt you. You’re right we need to take a break.” He grabs your hand and you walk out of the dance room and you two go grab a quick snack.

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Suho: Suho had been under a lot of stress lately with writing songs and learning choreography for their comeback. As a result, he’d been getting agitated at you more easily and you’d been fighting more often. You would argue at least twice a day over simple tasks like whose turn was it to wash the dishes, cook, or what to have for dinner. Often he would just walk away to calm down the tension in the room, but today was different. It was your third argument in the two hours he had been home. The first was as soon as he walked through the door and sat his dirty, gym bag at the door and you asked him to take it to the utilities room where the washer and dryer are and he argued that he was too tired. The second was over what you were having for dinner, going out or staying in. He wanted to stay in while you wanted to go out and pick something up. After the 10 minute argument of why you should go out and him rebutting your every sentence, you decided to stay in and cook ramyeon for both of you. Then you had begun arguing over what tv show to watch. He wanted to watch Running Man, but you wanted to watch The Return of Superman. “We watch The Return of Superman every day! You have to be sick of always watching those kids!”

“Well, aren’t you sick of Running Man by now? You have to have seen EVERY episode by now.” By now you two were having a screaming match over which tv show is better and Suho had enough and slammed the empty bowl of ramyeon on the coffee table in front of you. You jumped and already mad, and now upset, you jumped from his force. 

There was a silence as he looked up at your worried face. He sighed and slouched over in his seat. “I’m sorry if I scared you, my love. I’ve just been so stressed with everything.” You scooted towards him little by little seeing that he’s calmed down a bit as he rants to you and finally are right next to him and pull him in as he lays his head on your chest as if it were a pillow. You let him rant to you as he laid on you and just played in his hair.

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