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i just watched 6x21, where lisa and ben are taken and lisa is possessed and stabbed and theres a scene where theyre in a car and sam is driving to a hospital with ben in shotgun and lisa bleeding out in deans lap in the back. and all i could think of is (1, this is so sad bc imo lisa and ben were really good to and for dean and now they dont even remember him) and how i want a scene like this with deancas in 13x01 where theyre driving to maybe the bunker or SOMEWHERE safe and ugh im a sadist

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actually halsey is getting hated on bc she has bad unoriginal (stolen) music and kissed a 15 year old without her consent

she gets hated on for that all the time and i refuse to properly go back into this like i disagree that her music is bad and unoriginal but ofc i do im a fan u can think her music is bad an unoriginal but like,,, v few artists r being original nowadays like one of katy perry’s new songs straight up stole the beats from truffle butter and girls like by zara larsson and imo halsey’s lyrics r soo much more original than a lot out there rn 

also im like 80% sure that girl did give her consent and so did everyone else she kissed, bc she kissed them bc they ASKED her to, shes already apologised/talked abt this so like ,,, idk what else u want her to do tbh

ANYWAYS rn shes getting hated on bc straight ppl just love to tell lgbt ppl whats offensive and whats not and that’s the tea

watched wonder woman one week ago and i’ve only just registered how amazing it is, and just… wow. what a film. 😌💗

I want to marry Diana

there’s nothing worse than getting into two things at the same time because i can’t decide if i want to watch the x files or read the nightrunner series so i’ve just been scrolling through tumblr and watching makeup videos on youtube for the past hour