what it feels like to be a girl

It’s funny. I still feel like a little girl . I’m still looking around to check and see what other people are doing to make sure I’m not completely different; I’m still looking around for help, hoping for a quick nudge and a whisper of advice. But I can’t seem to be able to catch anybody’s eye. Nobody else around me seems to be looking around and wondering what to do. Why is it that I feel like I’m the only person who is confused and concerned about the choices I’ve made and where I’m headed?
—  Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie

i feel like every time i’m single my mind goes back to that one line in the song “clumsy” that i used to bump to in the skating rink when i was 10?? “a girl like me don’t stay single for long” and i’m like you know what fergie, you’re right, who’s fucking my life up next it’s only a matter of time

Chaos Walking - Tom Holland (Zombie Apocalypse Au) Part 3

Summary: The worst had yet to come. An uprising apocalypse practically wiped out the human population. Those that managed to survive joined together make us larger in numbers. Creating offspring’s or recruiting survivors, at least those that weren’t bitten. The apocalypse brought most together or tore them apart. Just like you and Tom’s relationship. You disagreed on many terms, yet you never really minded going on supply runs together. You never really bonded, but what happens when you come across an abandoned little girl

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of dying

Word Count: 1,346

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/n: Enjoy! Feed back is always welcomed

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“Y/n, hey wake up.” You were startled by the feeling of someone shaking your shoulder gently. 

You let out a groan to let them know you weren’t going to get up anytime soon. You felt at peace again when the voice stopped. However, that didn’t last very long.

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You don’t have to give attention to people who don’t respect you, or people who don’t believe in what you’re saying. You don’t. You always feel like you owe people something, or you owe them an explanation, but you don’t. And I think that’s really important to learn as a girl, is that you don’t have to explain everything. – Rowan Blanchard for NET-A-PORTER 

lesbians in barbie movies
  • Liana and Alexa in Diamond Castle who sang duets and lived together for no reason and tended to their garden in peace
  • Erica in Princess and the Pauper (her and dominick’s marriage was wlw/mlm solidarity)
  • The Fairy Queen in Swan Lake, along with her little lesbian apprentice, that skunk girl
  • the intellectual girl who was supposed to marry the prince in Island Princess
  • the sister/pegasus in Magic of the Pegasus
  • Azura in Fairytopia, she was like the lesbian mother, she had the haircut and everything
  • SUNBURST in Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow damn what a lesbian queen
  • that other fairy with the purple hair who was really into plants
  • Literally all four girls in Three Musketeers (renée and corinne were in love)
  • probably at least 6 of the 12 dancing princesses
    • feel free to add more

One couldn’t understand what it was about him that made the nerves of my skin stand at its highest at the slightest caress of his hand. How in the night while I laid my head on his chest I could feel the synchronicity of his heartbeat mimic that of mine, as if he intentionally mimicked my murmurs and turned it into an intricate pattern made especially for us. How, when, he looked into my eyes,  his eyes smoldering like a fresh brew of coffee, I could sense the sincerity, I could hear the songs his soul sang for me, I could feel the love. I could feel it travel through my bloodstream and nestle itself on the nape of my neck.

He was my drug, and I willingly sat in the bathtub and looked in his eyes with a drunken smile as he shot me up once more.

‘I love you’ I would murmur as the objects around me blurred as he came into my line of sight.

'I know.’ he would say, and the tickling of his beard felt similar to black silk as our lips danced once more.

'I know.’

—  a. h. eun / dirty pleated skirts

Hi lovely people

Update!!! *sounds from heaven*

What’s going on inside Qiu Tong head, honest words i don’t know, she run away ( 0 __ 0 ) so fast… but leaven a rainbow behind her like this

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A thing I couldn’t stop thinking is

their reactions:

  • I knew Sun Jing was going to be a giant dork, a sunshine of happiness, a explosion of love
  • But I didn’t expect Qiu Tong have a confusion abt her own actions and feelings, like I thought you have your sh*t together girl!!! What did just happen?!?!

Look at this poor girl, all sad face

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I can even see this anymore 😭

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I'm not quiet sure what's happening on your blog but I see people confessing what I assume is their "queer awakening" crushes and naming stuff like the new Ghostbusters and Steven Universe and I feel SO OLD. My first girlcrush was early 2000s Keira Knightley. Like Pirates of the Caribbean or Bend it like Beckham (!!!!!) Keira. Followed shortly after by Natalie Portman. I had those two and Orlando Bloom (as both Legolas and himself) plastered all over my pre-teen girl bedroom walls.

those are QUINTESSENTIAL early 2000s gay awakening culture

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I’m wondering why you feel ‘Steve Harrington – teen mom’ is such a bad thing? Girls take on that role all the time, both in fiction & real life, and are often treated badly because of it, while Steve is getting lots of love. It’s still rare to see boys (men too) in caregiver roles and people get overexcited about it to the point of exaggeration. Yeah, teen boys mightn’t like being characterised as maternal, but what’s so wrong with them taking on that kind of role? It needs to be de-stigmatised.

Steve anon (pt 2/2) I understand why you’re uncomfortable with fandom feminising male characters, and good on you for expressing your opinion, but there’s often a point to it that encourages you to flip your perspective. It’s saying ‘how is this thing actually feminine? What’s wrong with a man/boy taking on this role?’ Teen boys need to get over the idea that ‘female’ things are shameful, or avoidable. Sexism hurts everyone, but girls get the sharp end of the stick, and often FROM those boys.

So first let me just say - I don’t think that meme is a bad thing. It’s made for fun, so I’m not mad about it and I don’t think it reflects any greater truth. What I do see on tumblr, however, day in and day out, is an alarmingly naive contrast between girls (so pure, so wholesome, so perfect, drunk girls are the cutest) and boys (fuckboys, not all men, bitching about the friendzone, will probably hurt you), and, whatever - maybe some people here live in rotten countries where that’s actually a thing, but to me, it’s complete rubbish. Boys and and girls (men and women) aren’t inherently different in that one is bad and the other one good. So this new thing of calling Steve a mother - that’s not bad because mothers are bad, that’s bad because we keep insisting that every time a guy does something good it’s because he ‘got in touch with his feminine side’. It’s like we’re saying that being compassionate, kind and having a moral compass and a parenting instinct is genetically what women are about, and not men? Jesus. The fact Steve actually gave a damn whether a bunch of kids lived or die doesn’t make him ‘maternal’. Men are capable of having those feelings, and are capable of being decent, and it saddens me that the world’s apparently so fucked up so many people can’t see that. Because I remember that same kind of ‘mom comments’ being made about Benny, the guy who got Eleven a free breakfast and was all concerned about her and what she was doing out there on her own - some people were actually speculating he might be gay, and apparently their reasoning was that straight men, what?, can’t worry about kids?   

So, you know, I feel like we’re saying the same thing here. I’m not arguing Steve should be called a mom because being a mom is bad, or because guys shouldn’t take on feminine roles - I’m saying giving a damn about other people is not a feminine trait. It’s a human trait. Women get shit when they’re ‘just moms’ and men drown in excited gushing when they’re ‘good dads’ for the exact same reason: because we still haven’t learned to tell apart gender and gender roles.

That said, I loved Stranger Things’ portrayal of all his characters, including the male characters. And if making and spreading Steve memes encourages more people to think of what he does as normal, well - I’m all for that. 

(Oh, and also - personally, I found Steve’s relationship with Dustin and his handling of Nancy’s feelings much more worthy of some commentary than his role of babysitter in chief, and I’m slightly frustrated by the fact we’re so obsessed by one thing and ignoring the other. Like - Steve’s not in a good place this season: Nancy dumped him, the whole school knows about it, his classmates openly make fun of him because Nancy chose ‘weird’ Jonathan Byers over him, plus Billy’s basically out-alphing him at everything, and as far as we know, he’s got no friends at all. That’s a situation that could easily make anyone act like an asshole, and instead, not only does Steve manage the break-up like a pro - and that’s not an easy thing to do when you’re still in love with the other person, whatever your age - but he actually chooses to make himself vulnerable to Dustin, a kid he barely knows, can barely stand, and has no reason to like or trust. The fact Steve’s able to move beyond Dustin’s superficial bravado and understand that this Max business - and the deeper worry that no girl will ever find him attractive - is something Dustin is truly struggling with - the fact Steve’s able to put Dustin’s problems above everything else (and specifically the fact Dustin’s never been all that nice to him) - the fact he helps Dustin by opening up and revealing scary and intimate things about himself and his view of relationships - that shows real maturity, and that whole dynamic was a joy to watch.)  

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ok so i realized i was bi when i went on this trip to australia and this girl there was cute and adorable and hot all at the same time and she loved photography and took pictures of me and she was passionate about the environment and always put her hair up in a big bun and she was really tall like she could scoop me up and i was like hmm why do i keep looking at her all of the time what is this and then i realized all of the repressed feelings i'd had for girl in my childhood lol

I Went to Australia and it Made Me Gay

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So, I'm still not over Nancy dancing with Dustin at the Snow Ball to make him feel better. How about you? ~HC Anon


but also like realest talk nancy going up to the dance with him made my heart BREAK that was the cutest thing and it made me so happy :’) the smile on his face when she said he was always her favorite out of mike’s friend group !!! what kind of PURITY !! 

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Hello there, it's me again bothering you with questions lol (sorry), so since the next episode is coming soon... Do you have any speculations?

Nah man, I love getting asks! But yes, of course I do!

  • I think the title is definitely misleading (as I’m sure we can all figure out). In my mind I see “Chloe Does Lucifer” as Chloe having to act like Lucifer, expensive tastes, parties, the whole nine yards. Sort of like “What Would Lucifer Do?”
  • And who better to help her with that than the man himself? I do agree with other speculations that they’re going undercover and I think Chloe is going to use it to her advantage. Oh yeah that girl is gonna walk all over Lucifer (with those nice heels we saw in the promo) and that boy’s not gonna be able to do anything. I can feel the fun s1 deckerstar in my bones and you’re going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
  • But while we’re on the topic of deckerstar, I don’t think we’ll get any “action” so-to-speak. It’s still super early in the season, not to mention Chloe’s still in the dark, so I don’t think there’s any possibility of their little masquerade developing their romantic relationship at the moment.
  • BUT on the other hand, I firmly believe it will strengthen their trust with one another.
  • Linda will open up a little about her past. Since Reese’s death last episode, Linda has gotta be a mess. Like Lucifer, there’s been so much that’s happened to her in these past episodes that something’s gotta give. Linda’s been silent for far too long, and I think Reese’s death has just popped the cork off of the champagne bottle of feels she’s been keeping under wraps.
  • Maze will get a new story line. According to SpoilerTV, Lesley is supposed to return to Lucifer in 3x08. Because she’s been out for seven weeks, I think the Writers are gonna have to make up a new story and/or mold her into the running Sinnerman one to go along with her disappearance.

i genuinely never know what to do with myself in the evenings?? i try and work up until 5pm but idk what to do with myself at all after that so i just sit and look at social media and watch gilmore girls until 10pm which is so weird and gross !?

but i never feel like i can do anything productive after the sun goes down like drawing so idk wtf to do with myself

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What really happened is before their interview was filmed the interviewer asked "Ok before we start who are your celebrity crushes" & he hears "Tinashe! Rihanna! Normani! Bey-" & the ppl are like "Wait wait I don't think any of those girls were invited & since this is the 'CMAs part 2 pop music edition' we're gonna need you to name some other people so we don't feel left out so here pick a name out of this hat" 1 of the boys is like "but idk who th-" but he's "AND WE'RE ON IN 3 2 1!" Lol jkjkjk!

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what does it mean if i sometimes feel like a girl and some days feel like no gender?

Well there a few labels that could fit that! I suggest reading more up on the following if you want to see if they fit you:

-Demigirl (this one i think fits most with what you described)



there are probably more but those are the ones I can think of rn

every girl should be a hoe at least once in her life and here are ten reasons why:

1. It’s a total boost to your self esteem. Why shouldn’t you feel like that bitch every day???

2. It helps you determine what you like and dislike in bed and how to verbalize your needs and wants (makes you better in bed in general)

3. You’re never quite “alone” and therefore you have a stronger sense of self and it gives you a better appreciation for true alone time.

4. Who said networking only happens in college? Suck a dick and get yourself a nice letter of recommendation and some jobs sis. Secure the bag.

5. You’re hip to game. No man will ever be able to play you or treat you like shit ever again bc you learn not only to think but also move like a man.

6. Desensitization: in layman’s terms, you can finally get the fuck out of your feelings. Being a hoe is art because you learn to not take shit personally and therefore very few things bother you.

7. Your presence will intimidate others. Idk about you girls but I love to walk into rooms and watch how shook bitches and niggas get.

8. This one is for all of the girls dealing with heart break. Suck a dick into your next chapter sis. The fastest way to get over one is to just get another one.

9. It is an adventure and you get to learn about yourself through your hoesperience. Every day with yourself is a surprise filled with new shit. You get to learn your tolerance and limits.

10. Your future husband will thank you! “I did I️t for us, honey.” 😘


I feel like Midge and Sweet Pea would make a good couple.

Yes, I know I’m probably the only person that’s ever thought of them being together, and since Midge has practically been killed off from the series (not literally, thank god. Also WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?!?), it probably won’t happen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love the thought of Midge maybe getting with Reggie (also seems unlikely cause they aren’t talking about bringing our girl back any time soon 🙄 and Josie seems to be set up as Reggie’s new love interest) but I feel like Midge and Sweet Pea would spice things up a bit more then it already is on Riverdale. If that makes sense 😂

I feel like she would be good at helping him calm down and then just being cute together. She’s also quite quirky and cute, something I feel would bring out the sweet side, of sweet pea.


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DMMd Clear bad end with Promptis

You are either a mind reader playing a dangerous game or Lex playing a very dangerous game!

This isn’t great, I just kinda quickly typed up what I remembered from Clear’s bad end and tweaked it to fit the context, but I still feel like it’s a little off. But I suppose that’s the point of BE!Clear? 

CW: Mind break, Yandere Prompto and mentions of surgical removal of eyes.

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Perhaps a Steve headcanon with a chubby girl? Like idk his favorite thing to do to them? Or his favorite part on them? Idk just thinking

I actually really love this!! I’m going by what I think it would be like, being a chubby girl myself lol! I honestly think that she wouldn’t really trust Steve at first, mostly because the dude’s past reputation, most of the girls he’d gone out with her skinny, slender girls. It probably took him a long time to earn her trust, and soon like she learns how much Steve really, really likes her. God just imagine him standing outside of her house with flowers, or slipping notes in your locker. She got this guy whipped! He shows his love for her through any possible way he could. He loves to hold her, any part of her really, when he kisses her, and he’s always telling her how beautiful she is. His favorite thing to do to her?? Hmmm, I think he just likes to hold her honestly, and his favorite part on his would probably be her thighs because that’s where he’s always grabbing her lovingly when pulling her towards him or something you know?? He’s very protective of her too, and doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable doing things with him! Of course there are going to be those assholes who are just envious of her and think their entitled to Steve or something because their thin while she’s not, but leave it to Steve to shut that shit down. (wdiasmksm get it cause he and negan have killer bats)

Send me some Steve HCs!!