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i decided to redo my family tree of firestar’s family from like a year ago
also im adding their relations to firestar since im dumb and cant remember also on tumblr it’s tiny as shit


Immediate Family

Mother: Nutmeg
Father: Jake
Step-mother: Quince
Sisters: Princess, Luna
Brothers: Filou, Tommy
Half-brothers: Socks, Scourge
Half-sister: Ruby
Mate: Sandstorm
Daughters: Squirrelflight, Leafpool

Extended Family

“Brother-In-Law”: Oliver (what do cats call in-laws)
“Son-In-Laws”: Bramblestar, Crowfeather
Nephews: Cloudtail, Zack, Taylor, Snowbush, Dewnose, Larkpaw
Nieces: Nami, Livy, Whitewing, Dovewing, Ivypool, Ambermoon, Honeypaw, Leafpaw
“Niece-In-Laws”: Brightheart, Lilyheart
“Nephew-In-Law”: Birchfall
Granddaughters: Hollyleaf, Sparkpelt
Grandsons: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Alderheart
Great-granddaughters: Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe
Great-grandson: Fernsong
“Granddaughter-In-Law”: Cinderheart

now what i have a hard time understanding is how jayfeather is blind despite not having any blind family. and i know what you’re thinking “ohh it probably came from crowfeather’s side” um no it did not i fucking Checked crowfeather’s entire history INCLUDING him being a descendant of windstar. so unless in those missing generations between windstar and crowfeather someone was blind there is absolutely no fucking way jayfeather could possibly be blind not a fucking chance

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Do you think it would be a good idea for a Chronicles of Narnia Netflix series to exist? Given how successful A Series of Unfortunate Events has turned out, I think it'd be a great idea personally. They could even do the stories in chronological order too, so that way we finally get adaptations of The Magician's Nephew & others. What do you think?

That would be wonderful actually! I’d love to see a development starting with book 1. But I’m also attached to the original cast. But sure! Since ASOUE & His Dark Materials are/are getting show remakes it’d be wonderful!

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"she could never get a pet/ she would just smush it" okay but imagine Kara really wanting a puppy or a kitten and wanting all of the cuddles but cos it's so cute she gets excited, she has to learn to control herself, asked sits her down and tells her perhaps it's not the best idea, but she really wants a pet, and that's how Krypto gets on the show as a present from Clark

YES!! i have thought about it before i just imagined puppies climbing over her licking her (like in that video) and she’s just giggling away because she’s too afraid to touch them incase she smushes them. 

If Alex and Maggie ever have a kid Kara would be way too afraid to to hold it. Sometimes she rips the door off the fridge when she’s excited to eat, she doesn’t know what she’d do if she were holding her niece/nephew.

Surprise to Kara: they adopted an alien kid so she couldn’t hurt it unless she really tried. they didn’t just get an alien kid for kara’s sake though. Alex can barely hold onto an orange juice carton could she really be trusted not to drop and break their kid?

Lance’s Family

So I’m trying to plan out Lance’s family for my story right, so I found the screencap here:

Now, my initial thought (before I properly looked this up) was 2 older brothers, and older sister, and younger twins. Clearly that’s not the case.

Now I’m thinking… grandparents, parents…. 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 1 younger sister, 1 younger brother, and a young niece and nephew??

What do other’s think? what’s your take on this? I did think that maybe the guy on the far right is his sister’s boyfriend, but it seems to be direct family so I doubt that. Plus he looks too much like the rest.

But do you think the 2 on the right are younger or older? And do you think those little ones are children of the lady in yellow/orange? or more siblings?

Obviously, we can’t know for sure yet, but I’d love to get people’s ideas! basically, I’m trying to work out how many names I’m going to need lol

Motivate people by giving them choices, even if the choices are illusory.

People feel more valued or in control if they get to make choices about the task ahead. I learned from taking care of my nephew that if I ask him “What do you want for lunch?” It can turn into an endless thing about why I don’t have his favourite food or why we can’t go to McDonalds. Instead I say “Do you want pasta or toasted sandwiches for lunch?” He makes a choice and feels some measure of control even though I have maintained control over what I have to make.

This can be manipulative but if you’re managing a team of people with a lot less experience than you it can be tempting to map out every aspect of how they do a job. Some jobs are highly complex and time-sensitive and have to be done a certain way. Wherever possible find areas where people working under you can make choices or use initiative safely. They are more likely to take pride in what they’re doing and take ownership of the task if they have some measure of input.



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IwaOi Week, Day 6: Historical Setting

“I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable… and strangely easy to mistake for loathing.” (Stardust)

Trying new things! Different style, different line art, different coloring. This was really fun to do. Plus, I got to reuse a patchwork design I spent hours making for something I had drawn for my nephew. Will be turned into a 11x17 print! 

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this topic has more multiple questions I apologize in advance. It's said that Viserys bedded Doreah at Illyrio's manse (and presumably again during the journey to Vaes Dothrak) if she got pregnant how would how Viserys and Daenerys react? if she has a son how it affect Varys and Illyrio's plans? and after Viserys dies what would Daenerys do with her nephew? p.s. I hope you answer I'm a big fan of yours stay awesome.

Assuming that Viserys even recognized/kept around a bastard (no guarantees of that - Viserys was hardly the sort to make real emotional connections with others by that point in his life), the child would have had absolutely no claim to the throne. Bastardborn, unlegitimized, and the son of a Lysene prostitute to boot, this child would have been at best another doted-upon illegitimate royal offspring. Daenerys might have kept him around - he would have been only a baby, after all, and family, even bastard family, was in short supply for her - but she would never have recognized him as king over her.

- NFriel


“Bow your head.” Lifting the skin, his uncle pulled the cork and directed a thin stream of seawater down upon Theon’s head. It drenched his hair and ran over his forehead into his eyes. Sheets washed down his cheeks, and a finger crept under his cloak and doublet and down his back, a cold rivulet along his spine. The salt made his eyes burn, until it was all he could do not to cry out. He could taste the ocean on his lips. “Let Theon your servant be born again from the sea, as you were,” Aeron Greyjoy intoned. “Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel. Nephew, do you still know the words?”

What is dead may never die,” Theon said, remembering.

What is dead may never die,” his uncle echoed, “but rises again, harder and stronger. Stand.”

Theon stood, blinking back tears from the salt in his eyes. ― Theon I, A Clash of Kings.

Friday! March 10, 2017

Moon in Leo, void of course 10:06 am MST

Before this, we’re very much into our own “authority,” and will either blithely ignore or actively combat people telling us what to do. As my Leo nephew put it 30+ years ago, “You’re not the boss of me!” Five hours of void is a long time; try to have as much fun as you can.

Moon enters Virgo, 3:07 pm MST

This is exactly 13 minutes before Ms M is off the fricking clock - arrgh! Just watch while The Boss plops down a pile of work on our desks. Until about 18:00 UT tomorrow (Saturday), it’s good for Ceres/Virgo types of activity: domesticity, taking care of business, poking around in the garden.

Mercury/Pisces conjunct Pallas/Pisces, 1:04 am MST;
Mercury/Pisces conjunct Chiron/Pisces, 6:35 pm MST

Next Tuesday/Wednesday, the Sun, Pallas, and Chiron form a triple conjunction in Pisces. Today we get Mercury in the place of the Sun, and my hypothesis is that at some point today we’ll receive information which is crucial to making the best use of next week’s trifecta. “It” may involve healing, artistic creativity, and/or politics, Be alert!

Looking ahead to Saturday: it’s the weekend, gosh darn it, what should we be doing? All these options……………

Michael was terrified when you told him you were pregnant. He was excited of course because holy shit, you were carrying his kid inside of you and that’s amazing but he doesn’t know how to take care of a child. He never had brothers or sisters or any nieces or nephews. He’s never had to learn what to do with a baby and they are so breakable and fuck, someone is just going to hand him a kid in nine months and make him figure it out. When the two of you told the other boys, like went out and bought him a parenting for dummies book and you thought it was just luke finally returning the gesture of making fun of mikey. You didn’t realize how serious michael was about this until you found him studying the book intensely. He jumped up when he heard you and tried to hide the book but he knew he had been caught. “Babe, I’m just trying to figure this out. We are going to have a fucking baby and I don’t know how to take care of a kid! I’m going to break it. I’m the worst father” you took him into your arms and tried to soothe him. “You know how I know that you are the best father to this child? They are still the size of a peanut inside me and you are already doing everything you can for them. We have a long time to prepare for our baby and no, neither one of us are going to be perfect all the time. No one is. But we are both here for this baby and that’s all that will ever really matter to them.” He nods and kisses your shoulder before moving away. “I read that the baby can hear us inside your belly. Can I talk to them?” You nod to him and he moves to pull up your shirt. He kisses your tiny bump. “Hey peanut. It’s your daddy. I’m so excited to meet you. I already know you are going to be the second best thing in my life. But you are only second to your mommy. She is amazing and beautiful and she’s giving me you. She’s going to be the best mommy because she’s been taking care of me and your uncles for years. You are so lucky to have a mommy like her.” You wipe away the tears from your eyes and remind him that this baby has the best daddy in the world too. “You hear that peanut? Mommy thinks I’m the best. I hope you think that one day too. But I’m not going to screw this up because I love you so much peanut.”

Saeran As An Uncle....This Is Going To Be Interesting.
  • Saeyoung: You have a nephew, Saeran! Here, hold him! *shoves newborn at Saeran* (Don't shove new babies anywhere, Saeyoung! Sheesh!)
  • Saeran: *freezes* *looks down at the...baby?...in his arms* Ummm....what do I do with it? Does it do tricks?
  • MC: .....
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Nephew: Happy Birthday, Uncle Saeran!!!! I love you!!! *holds out flowers*
  • Saeran: Uhhh...th-well...th-umm...I lo-ehhh...do you want chocolate?
  • Nephew: YES!
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeran: Where's your dad? Isn't he supposed to be watching you? *Nephew looks up from where he was sitting in his walker*
  • Nephew: DADDY!
  • Saeran: *sighs*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Nephew: *being held by Saeyoung as toddler* *looks at Saeran* DADDY!
  • Saeran: *takes the child awkwardly as Nephew reaches for him* *child looks back at Saeyoung* DADDY!
  • Saeyoung: *takes child while laughing* *child looks back at Saeran with head tilted* DADDY!
  • Saeran: I'm dying my hair some other color.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Nephew: Uncle Saeran, can you help me with my computer class?
  • Saeran: Ask your father for help.
  • Nephew: Really? You want me to ask dad for help? Do you remember what happened when I asked him to help me build a volcano for class? It was weeks before we could come home.
  • Saeran: What do you need?
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: What's with that big bar of chocolate? What are Zen and Yoosung doing here?!
  • Saeran: I couldn't carry it by myself.
  • Zen: This thing is heavy! Where are we taking it?
  • Saeran: *evil grin* To Nephew's room!
  • Saeyoung: WHAT?! WAIT, NO! MC, HELP!
  • MC and Jaehee: *laying happily on a beach courtesy of Saeran*
  • Nephew: what are you doing?
  • Me: reading.
  • Nephew: on your phone?
  • Me: yup.
  • Nephew: what are you reading about?
  • Me: uh... It's a story about espionage.
  • Nephew: ...?
  • Me: spies and stuff.
  • Nephew: aw cool! Can you read some to me?
  • Me: uh... Nah. Sorry.
  • Nephew: aww why not?
  • Me: it's... not for kids.
  • Nephew: do they fight lots or is there lots of blood or something?
  • Me: ...yes. That's exactly why. Yup. Sorry.