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  • Yuuri: Viktor, we lost Yurio
  • Viktor: Hold up, I got this
  • muffled screaming in the distance: <i>SAY THAT TO MY GOLD MEDAL, BITCH!!</i>
  • Viktor: found him

anonymous asked:

hey mecchi!! I was reading your post about how you make ocs and was wondering if that meant you have songs associated with your ocs?? If so, I'd love to hear them!!

hi there!! umm i have three right now!

- Fuck you by lily allen  is pretty much Hazel, in the sense that the song has harsh words but the music in itself is pretty calm and her voice is relaxed

- Moves like Jagger by Maroon5 for Fish! Not for the lyrics but more for the rhythm and energy of the song! i have a whole music video in my head featuring Fish, for this song (also, i’ve always thought the dude from maroon5 was a masochist and loves femdom, just like fish, so LMAO)

- Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne for Costa… i know it sounds weird and i have no good reason for this except the fact that i imagined a scenario involving Costa violently singing and dancing to this song…………. a long story

i’m not a native english speaker so i don’t really pay attention to the lyrics, which i why i don’t have many songs associated with my ocs….but if u have songs that make u think of my ocs then don’t hesitate to show me <3!!!

i was kinda bored and also frustrated with my art development so i made a compilation of some tobios ive drawn since i got into haikyuu to see if i improved and well 

i kinda feel like i did but maybe my style isnt rly what i wanted….ill call 2017 a more experimental year since im trying to play with my style

btw…getting obssesed with something does rly help you improve at least a little

the karamel fandom needs to chill tf out. i love y’all and i’m very much on your side but y’all are causing more drama.. if someone has made up their mind about this ship, there’s no changing it. so why waste your time trying to explain why you like kara and mon-el? just chill. why do their opinions matter so much to you? you dont know them and they dont know you. so unless they’re bullying you and/or sending you anonymous messages that is out of line, then don’t waste your time with them. if you see hate posts on the karamel tag or on the mon-el tag, the block button is your friend. spend your day doing something that is worth your time and don’t stress yourself out for this shit because its not worth it. don’t make posts about the anti’s because really you’re just fuelling the hate more. 

ronkiku  asked:

can I just say thank you for making this world better with the totonyaa you draw??? your art style is a blessing!!

that isnt really what im known for but this is still super sweet!!! thank you so much!!!

by the by…….heres a v Soft Totonyaa for you..you sweet sweet pal

what isnt harmful: turning something into a pony

what is harmful: making someone feel so bad about liking something, that theyre afraid to enjoy that thing

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Yes hello, I don't hate you, but the way you were acting was childish. I was having a bad day as well when I saw you posting. So that it was made me send those anons.

which is why u wanted to call me a cunt. told me to stop bitching when rly i was just posting how i feel on my own fucking blog

told me i would have no friends or followers bc i was expressing my emotions and ya i had negative emotions but HUNTEY!!! GUESS FUCKING WHAT!!!! MENTAL ILLNESS ISNT “OH IM SAD IM GONNA WRITE POEMS AND MAKE BLACK AND WHTE BOLD ITALIC ARIAL QUOTES” 

the way i was acting was “childish” ha ok. says the fucking child hiding behind anon and making it seem like, since u had a bad day, u were able to call me a cunt and to tell me to shut the fuck up. ya ok but im not allowed to talk alright i see how it is


My only regrets are the moments when i doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy.


Because Yuri and Otabek are the John and Chrissy of social media and i’m too tired to make legit fanart anymore 

bonus they banter on social media while sitting next one another 

For Otayuri Week Day 2 pretends i didn’t skip out on a day cus it was spent finishing my 100086423 word essay also excuse my ugly handwriting