what isnt a ship

‘Its been a few millenia..’

I have returned with my new graphic tablet and ready to go!! Beauuutiful Huion WH1409 I love her already and I named her huge ass Goliath! Figured I’d start off with a new Bluellow Pearl Fanart~!

P.S: I totally dont have that headcannon where they fell inlove at first sight but know they can’t be together because they serve the diamonds so they’ll always be apart.

little johnny jhonny things: aggressive hand-holding

Gabriel suddenly dying - not because he’s Hawkmoth but because of something mundane like a heart attack or something - and underage Adrien having no guardian

So Nathalie and the Gorilla become his guardians (they argue they already are…) and everything is fine as everyone adjusts and copes with the loss

Then Mama Agreste comes back 

This isn’t meant to be angsty, I swear; I just wanted to lead up to imagining this:

Nathalie and Mama Agreste fighting for custody over Adrien, who is thrilled to have his mom back but also conflicted because he’s come to love Nathalie as a parent and his mom left them out of the blue and only came back because something happened to Gabriel.



Mama Agreste looking through Gabriel’s clothes and reminiscing how much he adored the lavender ascot she had gotten for his birthday once, and Nathalie doesn’t look up from her PDA as she says, “Gabriel hated lavender”, and the two of them are less-than-passive aggressive to each other about everything (only to put on a good show for Adrien’s sake).


can someone please make me do my work i need to stop 

god I hate your stupid shipwars. Sherlock is not about Johnlock, not about Sherlolly, not about Sheriarty, not about Adlock. The show is about the adventures of Sherlock and John. That’s it.
We all know that the creators lie quite often about what is going to happen, so we can not know what is going to happen until we have seen the new content.
So how about you all stop sending each other messages, telling others to kill themselves or other things. We are all in this together, until the new episodes air, so please t r y to chill a little.

Johnlock is ruining tumblr for me

I, myself am a fan of BBC Sherlock. I love the show, characters, actors etc. I am not a Johnlock shipper.
I follow a few sherlock blogs, they occasionally post Johnlock stuff. This is fine. What I’m not ok with is the giving of Johnlock down my throat. “You either ship Johnlock or you’re wrong!!” This probably isnt the mentality of many shippers but it’s the message I’m getting. You don’t see Sherlolly or Adlock or Sheriarty shippers to this. They’re happy with the slight hints they got. The “I love you”, the texts, the slight kiss. Sure they might not be happy that their ship isnt cannon, but so what?
Dear johnlockers, you say yourselves that you have ample hints. Why isn’t that enough? Why must you continue like this? Ship away, that’s fine but please stop “attacking” tumblr. Thank you.

Late night doodle of Saïx and Axel (Isa and Lea?) soon after they became Nobodies that got finished today because I got angry at my homework and because those two are just so adorable ;__;

What is that feeling?
  • Lance: What is this feeling, so sudden and new?
  • Keith: I felt the moment I laid eyes on you.
  • Lance: My pulse is rushing.
  • Keith: My head is reeling.
  • Lance: My face is flushing.
  • Both: What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame, does it have a name? Yes! Loathing. Unadulterated loathing.
  • (Pidge: It's not. You're both gay)