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favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.


Happy Birthday Kwon Jaehwan  04031987

❝ My name is J.Heart, real name is Kwon Jaehwan. Jae (宰) meaning “premier” and Hwan (煥) meaning “shining”, so it means someone who shines from a high place. It suits a leader? J.Heart comes from the initials of my real name. The intended meaning is someone who treats others with a sincere heart.


“You know what? I’m getting another fantastic idea. Skirmish. Let’s have a war.


Sarah Kane | Crave | Complete Plays

Doris Lessing | The Golden Notebook

Natalie Eilbert | Conversation with the Stone Wife

Sarah Kane | Crave | Complete Plays

Alice Notley | Love Song

Alice Notley | Negativity’s Kiss

Natalie Eilbert | Conversation with the Stone Wife

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I'm the newbie and am I the only one that finds it odd that what's his face that Hayley married deliberately leaves out Taylor when complimenting the Pmore? Like what's his face knows that Taylor and Hayley have been making music together since they were 12 and 13 yrs old and Taylor has been by her side for 16 yrs why wouldn't what's his face think the world of T or at least have enough respect to acknowledge Taylor works his ass off for this band too?

oh no you aren’t alone, many people hated this for after laughter and actually commented on his photo and everything and he replied to one comment like “she’s my wife” and kept deleting all the rest of them…… funny because, no disrespect to hayley she works really hard, but taylor did the majority of everything on that album (lyrics & lead vocals and probs some melodies aside) but he deserved credit and loooooool What’s His Face was p much like “idk a taylor york????? sounds made up!!!!!!” he might as well have said that


so, what went wrong then?
there was evidence against him. the gun … the glass from the stolen vase.


Rin looks like he wanted a kiss