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Had an old man come in drive thru and order 2 burritos and a coffee. I read it back, he comes to the window and I charge him. He then says he only ordered one burrito. I void the one burrito give him his order and he leaves. Manager got mad cause we already got a lot voids and I got written up. Then the guy comes back and says "I wanted the burrito after all. Isn't that funny?" I told him what happened and his face just dropped. Yes, sir. Your actions do effect the employees. Fuck you

Took you Long Enough- Sebastian Aho

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Congrats! You guys get three today! I love Sepe. SO MUCH! He’s so shy I just want to wrap him in blankets and bake him cookies! Anyway… sidetracked! Ok! So this turned out cute I thought! Enjoy!

Warning: None!

Anon Request: a Sebastian aho imagine where you guys have your first kiss? Thanks:)


              You knew Sepe was shy, like super shy, when you asked him out, but you didn’t imagine it would take this long for him to make his move.

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Five minute ficlet

“I notice, you know.” The voice came from behind you, but you didn’t need to lift your head from your hands to know it was Doctor McCoy. You were sitting in the supply room in MedBay, head in your hands, rubbing your temples. You just needed a moment of quiet to regroup and face the rest of your shift.

“Notice what, sir?” You asked, pushing the hair off your face and gathering it back into a ponytail. There was a laundry list of what it could be that he’d observed about you. You wanted to have an idea of what it was before you admitted he was right.

“All the extra work you’ve picked up since Christine went back to school,” he explained, plopping down on the other stool, facing you. “The new head nurse isn’t working out, is she?”

“She’s lovely -” you didn’t want to say anything negative.

“I agree that she is a kind person, and her empathy makes her an excellent bedside nurse. There’s no question there,” he interrupted. “But she lacks the ability to prioritize care, her triage skills are lacking, and she’s not capable of the kind of difficult decisions a manager makes.”

“She lacks experience, Leonard. That’s all. Time will take care of that,” you offered.

“And in the meantime, the nurse best suited to the job is doing it without the recognition and remuneration,” he countered. “I’ve requested your promotion. She’ll get a lateral promotion to another ship.”

“Leonard, I -” you paused, sighing. “I would have liked to avoid the appearance of favouritism.”

“But you’re my favourite because you’re the most competent,” he shrugged. You quirked an eyebrow. “Has nothing to do with anything else.”

“We’re sleep-”

“I happen to admire your fine mind both in and out of the work environment but this is about your abilities as a nurse. Not your abilities as my lover, darlin’. Jim’s aware. He’s approved my request and forwarded it on,” he interrupted, leaning over to kiss your forehead. “By they way, don’t call me sir again, it creeps me out.”

“Yes sir,” you winked.

“You’ll pay for that later.”