what is your face sir

Waves (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Summary: Jungkook visits you late at night while you´re working at the café

Genre: Smut, beach sex, childhood friends.

Author´s note: I laughed so hard while writing the first part, but that´s just me, I guess.

Word count: 9.8k

Saturday could be your favorite day of the week if not for the restless hours you stayed at the café, scribbling endless orders in your notepad or washing plates full of sticky and stubborn sauce. It seemed like tourists took interest in traditional places – or maybe it was because the place was by the sea that so many people visited it. The old diner was recognized all over not only for the spicy food or the famous milkshakes but for the forty five years it had been opened.

It was only five months ago, though, that you started your shifts there, looking forward to earning enough money to pay your studies. Often did you feel embarrassed when you told people you had a part time job, most times avoiding the question in hopes of not being judged.  Truth is it was difficult since you went to an expensive college which happened to be near the café, countless students going there for a break or to hang out meeting you in surprise when you took their orders. Your parents had so many debts even after you graduated high school they could barely pay rent, let alone all the costs of sending their daughter to a good university. Money had always been a problem as you grew up, and it was only a matter of luck that you had been gifted a sports scholarship from the swimming team. Still, you had to work to make it to the end of the month.

The owner of the café was an old lady, tanned skin and a couple of wrinkles around her face welcoming you every morning and wishing you a good night after closing up for the day. Two more waiters worked with you, both older than you but friendly enough to spend your breaks with them and have a good chat about politics, life, or whatever was comfortable enough as you munched on your daily cheese sandwiches. Clients were usually nice people, mostly families or young married couples enjoying their honey moons. Sometimes you had trouble if they spoke a different language but, apart from that and the short and itchy uniform you had to wear, there were no complaints important enough to say anything bad about the place.

That Saturday night it was packed, the sunset illuminating the tables with strokes of orange lightning before you decided to turn on the rest of the lights placed all over the walls. Most weekends you had someone coming to sing and put extra effort in the decorations, dim fairy leds and flowers making the establishment look like an oasis in the middle of all the other modern locals around the area.

“Hey, noon´! You still aren´t dressed? Go get your uniform and hurry because they´re eating us alive”

Even if the request was urgent you smiled at your co worker with sufficiency heading to the back room as soon as possible. You had missed the bus and you were almost late to work, getting surprised at the sight of so many people gathered around the entrance waiting to get a free table. You quickly got rid of your sweatpants and t-shirt fumbling with the flimsy fabric of the iconic flowery two pieces you wore during work hours. It took you a while to find the flower clip between all the items in your bag, but when you finally did and vaguely topped your hair  with it you quickly kept everything in your locker, notepad in hand and pen behind your ear as you came out to the main room again. You couldn´t even hear your workmate over the conversations and the music, so you got closer nodding at how many unattended tables needed of your presence, already getting tired just by the sight.

But being used to it, you soon caught a quick pace delivering the food to the clients and notes with new orders to the kitchen, almost three plates in each of your hands as you came and went. At least the temperature was nice, not too hot to bother you as you moved at the speed of lightning. And then, just then, as you shifted between bodies, glasses colliding against each other in celebration and food being chewed, you caught him staring at you.

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“Excuse me,” you knew that voice, “may I talk to the manager?” His tone was serious and probably caused the poor sales associate he was talking too a slight panic attack. You saw him walk in, dressed in his normal attire of a vacation dad shirt and skinny jeans and his worn out brown boots. You weren’t expecting him to stop by today, he had informed you earlier that morning at breakfast that he was swamped with meetings.

“I’m the manager,” you couldn’t help but smile as you made your way over to him and your newest employee. “What seems to be your issue sir?” Your voice was sweet and professional and the poor girl he was talking to before looked relieved when you stood next to her.

“Well ya see my lovely girlfriend wondered out tha house this mornin without giving me my goodbye kiss.” You couldn’t even stop yourself from rolling your eyes as he spoke. The sales associate standing next to you went wide eyed as she looked from him too you.

“Well sir, I’m sorry what is your name?” His face went into a smirk as you went on to act as if you didn’t know him.

“Harry, my name is Harry.” He couldn’t help but laugh a little as you extended you hand and when he reached out you expect him to shake it, instead he just grabbed it and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

“Well Harry,” you snatched your hand from his hold and turned to face your employee that was now in total shock. “Thank you Erica I will take care of Mr. Harry here, you can go on break.” She looked relived as she quickly turned and walked away from the two of you.

“Oh so ya gonna take care of me yeah?” You felt his arms slide around your waist as he spoke. You just shook your head as you turned and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“This is a surprise,” you told him before you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “A very pleasant surprise.” You added causing him to smile and show off his dimple.

“I do love ta surprise ya every now and then petal,” his voice was soft and sweet in your ear causing you to just smile. “Got ta keep ya on your toes.” You felt him give your waist a squeeze.

You unwrapped your arms from around his neck as he reluctantly removed his from your waist. You grabbed his hand and lead him towards a corner of the store that was a little more private.

“Ah look mugs! We need more mugs don’t we love?” You laughed as you watched Harry look at the shelves lined with rows of tea cups and mugs, “they got ones with cats on em, we need those.” He reached for a mug that had two cats sleeping on it and you just rolled your eyes.

“Came all this way for a cat mug Harry?” You teased and he shot you a playful glare as he put the mug back on the shelf.

“Came all the way cos someone,” his voice was low and deep as he stood in front of you. “Didn’t give me my goodbye kiss this mornin.” His voice was now a whisper as he leaned in closer to you. You just placed your arms loosely around his neck as his nose started to touch yours.

“Oh silly me,” you teased as you felt him place his hands on your hips. “How could I forget your goodbye kiss?” With that you pulled him closer to you so you could place a sweet kiss to his lips. You felt him smile into the kiss before he pulled away.

“Now that we got that outta tha way,” he gave you a smile as he looked up at the shelf above your head. “We really do need these cat mugs lovey.” You just laughed at him causing him to laugh as well. You kissed his cheek quickly before letting go of him.

You loved when he would come and see you at work, most of the time it was a scheduled visit that mainly involved him brining you lunch. But it was the surprise visits like this that made your heart burst because you knew he was a busy man, and the fact he would squeeze in time to come by a ceramic shop all the way on the opposite side of town from the house you two shared meant the world to you. It was just another little thing that made you love Harry even more.