what is your face doing kind sir

jealous of you

“he isn’t the jealous type, he swears.”


Once I parked, got out of my car and walked into school, I felt someone jump on my back. I caught her immediately, knowing who it was.

“I wonder who this is…” I thought out loud.

“Hi!” Her head popped out beside my face where my peripheral vision could catch her smiling, radiating face.

“Mornin’, city girl, what’s it like up there?”

“Nice and high. Very comfortable as well, thank you.” I chuckled a bit and kept walking to her locker.

“We’ve arrived at your destination, ma'am.” I said as I let her get off by her locker.

“Thank you, kind sir.” She smiled.

“Since when have I been your personal taxi?”

“Since Maya decided to get sick and won’t let me stay home with her, and Farkle is away in Hawaii, doing God knows what, and I had to wait for you to park your car late this morning while I was standing out there alone.” She ranted with her arms crossed at her chest.

I put my hands up in surrender. “Alright, I’m sorry. I didn’t know Maya was sick until you texted me halfway through my extra half an hour nap. You should’ve told me sooner so I could have picked you up.”

“Nah, my dad drove this morning and let me go with him. And you really need to wake up on time, what’s the point in having an alarm if you’re not going to wake up?” We stood outside of her chemistry class that she is almost late to.

“There is none. I’ll see you at lunch?” I said as I started to walk to my class.

“How will I do this without Maya?” She pouted.

“You’re a strong, independent woman, Riles. You can do it!” I encouraged.

“Thanks. See you at lunch, Lucas!”

I smiled as I walked, knowing I was late but it was all worth it.

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