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Can we take a moment to appreciate that one of my fics has a 6% feedback?

That means 6% of the people that clicked on it, read it, then left a comment. Kudos percentage is 9%.

This is considered a successful fic. That’s how low the bar is set, anything more than 3% is generally considered successful.

Tens of thousands of words go into fics, taking hours, days, weeks, months, years to write, but authors cannot expect even 10% of the people who find their work, who read and enjoy it to leave kudos or comments or something stating the effort wasn’t wasted.

I read some of my favorite fics and it is depressing to see the lack of response by others. I want to throw the book at people, “Here, omg, read this, it RUINED ME”, but the actual response that author got was meager, and that literally hurts my soul to see, because I’ve also been on the other end of it.

You question everything, what you did wrong, what you could have done better, WHY didn’t people like it? Or like it enough to have any sort of emotional response? How can you improve? Is it worth the effort or should you just quit?

Guys. Love your fanwork creators. Seriously. Love them. It can be simple and short, but you are literally breathing life back into a person after they poured themselves out to your benefit. It can feel much like being the Giving Tree, and that’s both unfair and unkind.

So ….. this happened. *looks around nervously*
I SOMEHOW ended up there…with the help of SOMEONE kicking my butt into the fandom. And … I fear I will stick around.

So.. those two are a thing now… in my art. It’s the arms and eyebrows… I s2g seriously…

(No, not a fandom switch, just an addition, don’t worry. I’m still totally in volleygay hell.. I just have a …space hell now too… oh god i have TWO space hells…)

I’ve seen a lot of posts on my dash lately that are by fanfic authors, or reblogged by fanfic authors, speaking out about readers’ hesitation to leave comments. It is one of the primary struggles of being a fanficcer: you have no idea how your story is being received if readers don’t communicate with you. It doesn’t matter how many kudos, views or bookmarks you get–at the end of the day, the whole process becomes to feel hollow. Like you’re not worthy of anyone’s time. Like your writing doesn’t have merit. Or isn’t valid.

And it makes me really sad. People write fanfiction for a variety of reasons–maybe it’s to hone their writing skills in hopes one day that they can write a novel, maybe it’s a stress reliever, maybe it’s to have fun playing in a fandom they love. There is so much joy to be had in fanfiction, and it’s really tragic to see that joy be quashed.

But I also see the other side. Commenting is hard–a lot harder than fanficcers give credit. I’ve seen a lot of posts that argue “it only takes 2 seconds of your time to comment”. And while there is truth to that statement, it only comes after a lot of practice. 

Providing any kind of feedback is nerve-wracking. When it comes to fandom, fans are used to spitballing their praises and criticisms into a void; there’s a million in one chance that they will ever actually interact, one-on-one, with the creator of something they love dearly. But with fanfiction, you have the creator on the receiving end. They will see your comments. They will be affected by it. And that is kind of scary. 

A lot of readers genuinely don’t know what to say. They might not know how to approach the author of a story they genuinely love and tell them just how much they loved it. They need time to process what they’re feeling, and by the time they’ve processed it, they’ve already clicked away from the story. That’s not their fault, that’s unfortunately how an online platform functions. It’s easier to like than to comment. It’s easier to leave kudos than to comment.

But fanfiction isn’t a one-way street where the writer creates something and the reader consumes it. It’s part of fandom, and therefore it’s part of a greater conversation. Fanfiction has something that not a lot of professional writing spaces have: the ability to directly communicate with the people who are reading, and reacting to, the story. And comments are the heart and soul of that.

If you are a reader, here are some things you can try:

  • Open another tab to the story you’re reading and scroll down to the comment box. Use it to take notes as you’re reading, so you don’t have to summarize everything once you get to the end.
  • Copy and paste a line of a fic that really gave you a huge reaction, and then write down what your reaction was (i.e. “OMG that was so funny!”, “Ahhh, noooo, I can’t believe that’s happening!”)
  • Keep track of parts that made you laugh or smile and point them out.
  • Talk about the characters and why you love them.
  • If it’s a multi-chaptered fic, speculate about where the story may be headed.
  • Don’t worry about making your comment perfect. A comment that boils down to “OMG I LOVE IT” is just as valid as a three paragraph rumination about the story as a whole.

If you’re a fanfic writer, here are some things you can try:

  • Support other writers. Read and comment on their work as much as you can.  If you want people to read your stories, you should do your fandom the courtesy of reading their stories.
  • Engage with other writers. Writing communities–both online and off–are difficult to build, but they can provide the support you need to feel good about your writing. So open the conversation. Find other writers in your fandom. If you can create a small group of fellow writers who are happy to read anything you write (and you return the favour), then you are much more likely to feel supported as a writer because you have a community that has your back.
  • Engage with your readers. Commenting isn’t as easy as it looks and, as I mentioned before, fanfiction is a two-way street. If someone leaves you a comment, you should thank them for their time and thoughtfulness.
As the Blackout ends, I want to say:

As the @Miraculousblackout comes to an end, I, a consumer of Fan-Art and Fan-Fic, want to say this to all the creators of Fan-Art and Fan-Fic out there.

You are why I came to Tumblr.  I love what you do, I appreciate what you do, I respect all the hard work that you do.

In other Social Media platforms, I can go a whole day seeing nothing but “Politics” and “Hate is Rising” and “Everything Looks Bleak” and on and on.

I do see these things on Tumblr as well, and yes–they are important.  We do need to talk about them.  

But they are not the only important thing.  

I come here to Tumblr every day, and I see your art, and your joy in creation, your inspiration, your humor, your angst, your OMG-cliffhangers, and I am reminded why those other things are important.  

Art is important.  Artists are important.   Art is vaster and more enduring than those other things, for while we may love our countries, artists created the flags, artists composed the anthems, artists memorialized the events of history in ways that mere dry texts can never fulfill.  Artists tell us about love, they show us the absurdity of life, they keep alive those who are gone.   Art is how we tell the story of being Human, and without it we are not human at all.  Humanity cannot be measured, but if it were, then Artists would be measured as the most Human of us all, for they do what no machine can yet replace, nor science reduce to numbers. 

I come to Tumblr because when Facebook has me ready to weep in rage and despair, I can see your artwork and remember that it is not all in vain.  There is still joy in the world.   As others are determined to tear down, you are still creating.

To those artists who are retiring from the field of fan-art: I am sorry.  I respect your decision, and I wish it had never been necessary.  You gifted us with the products of your practice and your toil, the software and art supplies you paid for out of your own pockets and the art lessons or the years spent teaching yourself, and you were treated like what you did was not important.  As if it was something dropped on the ground that anyone could pick up and claim as their own. That is not just an insult to the Artists, it is an insult to Art itself.  

Rest now.  You gave more than anyone can demand of you, and more was taken from you than you should ever have had to fear losing.  Rest.  

To those artists who are wading back into the fray, I stand with you.  I will continue to support you, and I will continue to document art-theft accounts when I find them. 

Thank you for all you have done for this community.  

“The arts are essen­tial to any com­plete national life. The State owes it to itself to sus­tain and encour­age them….Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the rev­er­ence and delight which are their due.”  – Winston Churchill

Dating Zach Dempsey Would Include:

Part Two!

• Him being overprotective of you.
“How do you expect me not to be overprotective when I have the most beautiful girl ever?”

•Always staring at his body when he’s shirtless.
“This is all yours.” He would state while smirking.

•Him always spoiling you with your favorite sweets.
“Here’s your monthly load of sweets, babe.” He said handing you a bag filled with candy.

•Him just being so sweet and cuddly!

•You guys always pinching each others cheeks.
“OWEEEE” You fake cried while rubbing your cheeks.

•Him always just staring at you with his eyes filled with love.
“What are you staring at?”
“Everything I’ve always wanted.”

•You telling him the cringiest stuff just to make him laugh.
“Close your eyes.”
“Okay what do you see?”


“That’s my world without you.”

•Always teasing him for being such a mamas boy,
“Cmon mamas boy!”
“Stoooppp calling me that!”

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What Hurts The Most

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: NSFW! 18+ SMUT! Swearing, angst, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!)

Request: Anon: Omg nemesis I loved your movie night stories! So well written and detailed! I have a request if you’re taking them, how about an angst filled reader after her break up with Bucky? I’ll let you decide how and why the break up happens and how they handle it. Angst, fluff and maybe a smidgen of smut? Thanks in advance!

A/N: Here you go my dear! Hopefully it is what you are looking for!

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Everything hurt.

That is the thought that rolled through your mind as you opened your eyes and squinted at the offensive sun shining through the curtains. You looked at the bedside table and saw that the clock read 7:23 a.m. You also noticed two empty bottles of wine sitting behind the clock.

Well… that explained why your head felt like it took a trip through a meat grinder.

With a groan, you propped yourself up on an elbow and fumbled around for your cell phone. The little blue light was flashing, signaling a notification. Bringing it to life, you had three missed calls and five text messages from Steve. You missed your morning workout session. Third time this week. Yada, yada… Whatever.

You attempted to sit up on the side of the bed. “Nope,” you said to yourself before laying back down, staring at the ceiling. How much did you drink last night? Did you eat? Why were you still in your jeans? It was too bright in here.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.? Can you shut off the sun?” you asked the interface system. She was always quick to answer, her Irish accent filling the room, “I think that is a little out of my realm of expertise, but I can do this.” You jumped at the sound of the metal shutters closing over the windows. Pitch black… it suited your mood.

You picked your phone back up and pulled up the text messages. Hitting Steve’s name, you typed a quick, ‘Not feeling well,’ before checking your emails. Your thumb slid over the gallery tab before you thought better of it. You didn’t know why you were torturing yourself this way…

Bucky’s smiling face appeared. It was the last selfie you two had taken together before the break up. Your heart constricted inside of your chest. The happiness in the picture was hard to look at. “Damnit,” you whispered before throwing your phone to the floor. You felt the familiar sensation of tears forming in your eyes. On a quiet sob, you let them spill. The anguish was crippling. You missed him. His smile, his laugh, his voice… him.

It hurt.

A loud knock at the door startled you out of your reverie. You swiped your hands over your face, erasing the tears before sitting up quickly. Too quickly in fact. Your head spun so hard you almost fainted. “What?” you yelled out harshly.

“It’s Steve, may I come in?” he said through the door. Crap, it was locked. You threw your legs over the side of the bed and tried standing again. Whew, ok… so far, so good. While holding onto everything you encountered, you made it to the door. You clicked the lock and opened the door enough for Steve to walk in. You switched the lamp on and sat at the end of the bed.

You looked up at him standing in front of you. You watched as his eyes surveyed your room. You could tell he took note of the empty bottles of wine on the nightstand and the other empty liquor bottles in the trash can. He bent to pick up the broken picture frame out of the trash. He wiped the glass off the picture of you and Bucky and sighed.

“He got back from his mission late last night,” he said as he placed the picture on the desk. “Sam said it was pretty routine. No problems.”

“Good for him,” you said snidely. You knew you were being pissy, but this mission he went on was the reason behind your break up in the first place. You looked at Steve’s feet as you got lost in thought…

‘Yea doll, fuck… just like that.’ Bucky said while gripping your hips tighter. You placed your hands on his chest for leverage and rolled your hips faster against his. You were in perfect sync together, with every backward roll of your hips, he would thrust up. He was so deep that he would bump your cervix with every pump. The little sting of pain was perfect in combination with your clit hitting his pelvic bone.

‘Bucky… baby…,’ you moaned, over and over. Your nails scraped over his chest when his rough thrust jolted your pleasure up another notch. ‘Oh, my god…’ you sat up straight, placed one hand behind you on Bucky’s thigh and the other slipped between your bodies to rub your clit. Your head fell back on a moan. The sounds leaving your mouth made you sound like a wanton woman.

‘Fuck doll face, you’re so damn beautiful like this,’ Bucky grunted underneath you. His movements became sloppy as he was nearing his finish. His grip on your hips was going to leave finger shaped bruises. His metal hand slid up your body to tweak your nipple. You slammed your hips down on him one last time, screaming out your orgasm. ‘Ah, oh my…FUCK!’ Bucky shouted as he spilled himself inside you. You collapsed onto his chest and nuzzled your face into his neck. He wrapped his arms around your back while letting your heartbeats settle.

‘Do you have to go?’ you whispered after a while. You stacked your hands on his sternum and propped your chin on top to look at him. Bucky’s face was serious as he brushed the hair away from your face.

‘You know I do,’ he sighed.

‘I don’t understand why I can’t go with you,’ you thought you would argue your case one more time. ‘All I need to do is get close enough to the target to touch him. Then I can tell you any information you need to know. Seconds is all I need.’

‘That is the exact reason why I said no to you going.’ He pushed his own hair back, giving you a stern look. ‘These are dangerous people and you don’t need to be that close to them. End of discussion. Besides, you and Wanda have more training exercises to do.’

‘You’re not my keeper Bucky,’ you said while rolling off him and walking to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself up and put your robe on. When you went back into the bedroom, Bucky had sat up on the edge of the bed, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.

‘I didn’t say that I was. I just want to keep you safe damnit, and I can’t do that if I have to concentrate on the target and you at the same time.’ He looked up at you, his eyes pleading with you to understand.

‘This is always how it is going to be, isn’t it?’ you asked, leaning against the door jamb. ‘You’re never going to see me as a part of the team.’

‘With a little more training to hone your senses…’ he started to say, but you raised your hand and shook your head. You were past the point of reasoning. You rummaged around for your clothes, hastily putting them on. You opened the door to walk out.

‘We’ll talk about this when I get back,’ Bucky said, standing from the bed. He looked as lost as you felt.

‘No, we won’t,’ you stated as you walked out the door, leaving your heart behind.

You were brought back by a pair of fingers snapping in front of your face. You shook yourself and looked back up at Steve. His brow was furrowed in confusion. You looked away. You needed alcohol.

“He looks awful, if that makes you feel any better.” Steve put his hands on his hips and used his Cap voice. “Just go talk to him. I would shower first though.” With that, he turned and walked out of your room.

You were stunned, but it was effective. You sighed and trudged your way to the bathroom.


You found him down in the gym. He hadn’t noticed you yet so it gave you time to look him over. Still gorgeous as always. He had lost a little weight, but still looked delicious. Damn the man. Sweat was clinging to his back and his black running shorts were sitting low on his hips as he ran on the treadmill. He was looking straight ahead, pumping his arms, pushing himself. He hit the button to stop the machine, grabbed a towel to wipe his face and stepped down. He dropped the towel, finally noticing you standing near the doorway.

You both just stared at each other. You weren’t sure if it was because you didn’t know what to say or if he was waiting on you to start the conversation. Your question was answered when all he did was turn and head for the shower room. You sighed, rolling your eyes. You knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Bucky!” you called out. He came back through the doors and you almost lost your nerve. The man was only wearing a towel around his hips. You gulped, “I heard the mission went smoothly.”

A look you couldn’t decipher passed over his face, “That’s what you want to talk about?” He threw his hands in the air. You didn’t say anything more, at a complete loss for words.

He grabbed his gym bag from the floor and walked over to you, stopping just a breath away. He reached up and ran his thumb across your bottom lip. Then he shook his head and without another word, walked out. The haunted look in his eyes caused a broken sob to escape your throat.

Everything still hurt.

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Even though it nearly drowned us in angst, we have to appreciate how healthy that conversation actually was.

“I swear to you, I wanted to tell you, I tried. And then you found that ring and I just couldn’t bear to ruin that happiness.” 

~ he doesn’t dance around it, goes right for the truth, explains the situation and why he chose to act the way he did; that it was coming from a place of love.

“How could you do this?” 

~ she asks with shock, and hurt. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about at first - he thinks she’s talking about killing her grandpa but what she’s really talking about is burning his own memories. The way she says it with a hint of concern, like even though she’s mad, she’s hurting for him because if he’s gonna resort to such drastic measures, this must be eating him up inside.

“I’ve been asking myself the same question, and all I can say is that I was a broken man for a very long time and I did horrendous things..” 

~ THIS! LINE! IS! SO! IMPORTANT! Because he was a broken man and the fact that he recognizes that his deeds were horrendous proves how much he’s changed. And the fact that he’s sharing with her that he knows he was broken - ugh. Beautiful. 

“I’m not talking about that I’m talking about this. You were about to burn your own memories why would you do that?” 

~ Here the concern for him is even more prominent in her tone. It almost sounds like she’s going to cry. She’s so concerned that he was going to burn some part of his past, because she loves every part of him, including his wrongdoings. 

“Because I was ashamed, Emma. And scared losing you and everything that matters to me.” 

~ She is everything to him. He is terrified of losing her. Do I even need to say more like omg.

“You really think that would happen after everything we’ve been through?” 

~ this is her having 100% confidence in what they have. They have made it through darkness and DEATH, and that proved to her that together they can do anything. She’s surprised and hurt that he doesn’t feel the same way. Why doesn’t he? is what she’s she’s wondering.

“How am I supposed to sit across from your mother and father at the table and look them in the eye after what I’ve done?” 

~ He’s letting her know how guilty he feels. How he’s terrified he’ll be rejected. They’re just laying all their feelings on the table and it’s so healthy I can’t even 

“I’m not saying it would be easy. You know them, you know they would forgive you, that’s who they are.” 

~ She’s validating his feelings, saying yes, it will be a big hurdle. But then she also reassures him that he is loved so much but not just her, and that nothing he does or says will get him kicked out of their lives. Ever. 

“This isn’t just about them, this is about me. I already destroyed my own family once and that was hard enough but knowing that I destroyed yours too, I just…I didn’t know how I could live with that.” 

~ YESSSSSS Killian. This is about you. And that is perfectly okay like it is 1000000% okay for you to worry about yourself instead of everyone else (including Emma) for once. You need to heal and this is the way to start, by telling the woman that you love that this is how you feel and where your head is at. Good job precious pirate good job! 

“You come to me Hook, and you lean on me, and you trust ME!” 

~ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the knife-in-the-gut line. The most beautiful line in my opinion. Cause it came from the mouth of Emma Swan, who spent her life leaning on no one. Who, after Neal, had a necklace that she wore to remind her never to trust ANYONE. And now she has a life partner that she trusts so completely and has leaned on countless, countless times (When she was watching her mother die, when she almost froze to death, when she was confused about Lily, when she was mad at her parents, all throughout Camelot, when she admitted she wanted a future but was scared, when she was in the underworld and had a scary vision, like a million bazillion times she’s gone to him and leaned on him) and now all she wants is to return the favour for him. And frankly she’s devastated that he doesn’t feel like he can lean on her. Like he is my rock, why aren’t I his? is what is going through her mind. ASDFGHJKL.

“We have to stop hiding things from each other.” 

~ She doesn’t just blame him, she knows she’s hid things from him before too and might some day do it again. They both need to stop in order for this to work.

“The man I fell in love with would know that. You would know that we would do things together.” 

~ Telling him that this together thing all originated from him. She fell in love with him because he earned her trust, but never took the lead from her; they always worked together as a team. Together. And all she wants is for them to be doing that now (and for the rest of their lives)


~ the way he splutters it. He’s so in love with her and wants to kiss her for saying these soulful things. She’s opening up to him and pouring out her soul and telling him she loves him in a poetic, wordy way, which is NOT her specialty. But at the same time his heart is aching. He’s done the last thing he wants to do in life. He’s hurt her. Fuck. 

“That is what I agreed to marry. That is what I thought we were together.”

 ~ Again, emphasis on the together, two halves of a whole. And telling him the reason she wanted to marry him so badly - because she feels safe with him. She can trust him. She can lean on him. And she thought she was that for him, too. And if she’s not? Well, they need to fix that before they can move forward.

“Until you’re ready for that..” *removes ring* “Then we can talk.” 

~ A bit of tough love, but it’s for his own good. She is NOT rejecting him or breaking up with him or some bullshit like that. Their love means more than that. She’s just telling him “Hey. I love you. And I am so, so ready to marry you. But I want our engagement to be happy and pure. And it is anything but happy and pure right now. So until we figure this out, take this back. And work through your feelings. And if you need me, I will be right here.” 



BTS Reacting to You Calling Them Attractive During Tutoring - Vocal Line

Note: Based on what I wrote for Jimin, I will definitely be writing a fanfic, because Jimin is a smol bean and I love him with everything I have. Be prepared.


As the class president, he took it upon himself to assist those who simply, “weren’t as blessed with beauty”. He had instructed you to read about genetics, deciding cell division was too complicated for you. Once you finished the last paragraph, you looked up at him.

“So, basically, this is the reason you’re so perfect?”



It wasn’t that you were bad with literature, it was actually a very interesting concept to you, but pronunciation was a different thing, especially now that the new unit consisted of foreign pieces. So, you had asked one of your classmates for help. You definitely asked Jimin because he was smart, and definitely NOT because he had the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen, or a perfect nose that he had a habit of scrunching while he read his books, or the way he would cutely rub his fingers on the corners of the book pages when he was called upon to speak, or the way he would play with his lip while looking amongst the shelves for a new book. Nope, not at all. So when he shyly agreed to meet at the library after school and help you, those thoughts were definitely not filling your head.

“So, the letter “I” would be read like a double “e”, make sense?”

He looked at you expectantly with his innocent wide eyes, and you couldn’t help but stare.

“I-Is there something on my face?” He would ask, covering his mouth shyly with his hand, fingers curled and pushing his nose up slightly.

“No,” you answered. “You’re just beautiful.”


Taehyung was a drama junkie, and with that came history, which happened to be your worst subject, so your friend suggested(to Taehyung) that the two of you should work on this week’s assignment together. So, needless to say, it was quite surprising when you looked up from your laptop to see his bright, boxy smile on the opposite end of the library desk.

Once he had explained the situation, you agreed to his offer, and soon found yourself lost in conversation about how history has influenced theater.

“Wait, is that why we always want attractive people like you to play the main roles?”

He would simply nod, to busy giggling to answer you properly.


This poor little bean wouldn’t know what to do. He had been paired up with you for an assignment in art. You had to draw the sun rising/setting on the horizon, and each of you had to do half, however, the day it was assigned, you had been absent, so he offered to meet up with you at the library to finish it.
“Y/N? You know this is due tomorrow, right? It looks fine, you don’t have to keep erasing it.”
You held your face in your hands for a moment before speaking aloud, “God, Jungkook, why do you have to be prettier than everything I draw?”


anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do like a hc for the RFA + others asking MC out in high school? Idk why but I think it would be pretty cute :) Thanks, and I love your account!!

Omg, a high school AU ^^
In Saeyoung and Saeran’s case, just imagine they were taken from their mom and adopted by somebody else when they were young so EVERYTHING IS HAPPY.
Also, in Zen’s case, he didn’t drop out, obviously.
These turned out WAY longer than I had planned lol

-You knew Yoosung got lots of secret admirers and date offers. It made you… jealous.
-You wanted to ask Yoosung out too, but you weren’t ready. You were too nervous. What if he just denied you like he denied everyone else? Would it ruin the friendship you’ve built over so many years?
-Because of that, you decided you wouldn’t ask him out. You didn’t want to put your friendship at risk.
-Yoosung, however, was going through the same kind of doubt.
-He has had a crush on you for years but he doubted you felt the same way. Sure, girls were on their hands and knees begging for him to date them, so he shouldn’t have such low confidence, right?
-Nope. Even though people would fuss over him, he knew in his heart you didn’t love him back.
-So, sadly, it’s a while before he actually asks you out.
-He’s tired of wondering “what if” and imagining a future with you he might not even have.
-He asks you out on a normal day. You were eating lunch together in the school’s picnic area outside. There weren’t many other people, so it was perfect.
-You sat on opposite sides of the table. As you chatted over lunch, Yoosung grew nervous.
-It’s now or never.
-“So, um, _____, I have something to tell you.”
-You swallowed some food. “Okay, what’s up?”
-You were obviously a bit nervous about what he was going to say, but he was ten times more scared. His heart was hammering away as he took a deep breath.
-“I hope this doesn’t change anything, but, _____… I really like you. As in… I was wondering if you’d like to be my boy/girlfriend…?”
-You swear you almost choke on your food.
-“What? Me?”
-Yoosung nods. He looked so terrified, like he was preparing for you to laugh at his feelings and call him names. He’s scared that you’ll never want to see him again or that he creeped you out, really, his mind is playing worse case scenarios.
-“…Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I’d love that. I didn’t think you’d ever ask… I’ve actually… had a crush on you for a while.”
-You nervously scratch the back of your neck and mumble that last part.
-Yoosung shoots up from where he sat. “Really?! You’ll be mine?!”
-You chuckled. “Yes, Yoosung. I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.”
-He’s blushing like mad.
-He runs over to your side of the table and engulfs you in a really tight, loving hug.
-He is so relieved.
-This is the best day ever. His dreams are all coming true. He can’t stop smiling for weeks.
-At school, he doesn’t like too much PDA. Just hand holding and occasional kisses on the cheek, forehead, or temple are enough for him.
-You help him with his studies, and he helps you with yours. Both of your grades benefit.
-He loves taking you out to parks for dates. It’s his favorite. You go there very very often.
-Everybody that knew him, even just a little bit, notices that he is so much happier now that the two of you are dating.
-Cutest couple in the yearbooks will likely be the two of you, as long as the kids that had crushes on him before don’t hold a grudge.

-Zen was an obvious bad boy in high school. (ALSO A THEATER NERD). It wasn’t uncommon to hear girls whisper about him either.
-It’s surprising he wasn’t reprimanded for his gang activities. Somehow he was still here.
-You didn’t drool and lust over him like some girls did. You had more innocent intentions.
-You had dreams of going on dates and holding hands with him. Sometimes, you would imagine what it would be like to marry him.
-Your own daydreams would fluster you.
-For the longest time, you doubted he even knew you existed. But, one day, he saw you sitting alone outside the school on a bench, reading a book from the library.
-He sat next to you.
-Such a simple, two letter word, but it made you question if this was reality or a dream.
-“Hi,” you said back.
-“I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Hyun,” he held his hand out. A handshake would have normally seemed formal, but now, with him offering it, it felt gentlemanly.
-Your heart caught in your throat as you put your hand in his. Your hands fit so perfectly together like you had imagined they would.
-“I know. I’m _____.”
-“I know,” he smiled and gently shook your hand. “I’ve seen you around, but, why are you out here all alone? A lovely girl/boy such as yourself shouldn’t be left alone like that. You never know what kind of bad people might show up.”
-“…Like you?”
-His eyes widened
-“Uh, that’s not what I meant. I’m harmless, really! I just meant a creep might start talking to you.”
-You raised an eyebrow.
-“I’m not a creep though! Definitely not!” you suppressed a giggle at how flustered he was. “Ah… I’m not really helping my case, am I?”
-After his rambling of ensuring that he was not a bad person (which you never thought he was, you were just messing with him), you both talk for what feels like hours.
-After that, you guys talk more often during school. You become a bit flustered anytime he compliments you, which he does pretty often.
-You both quickly become best friends and your crush on him only grows. You had a good influence on him, too. He didn’t do nearly as much gang activities as you two became close.
-Time goes on and you’ve been best friends for three months.
-He finally gathers up courage to confess his feelings to you.
-He meets you on the same bench he introduced himself to you on after school one day.
-Nobody else was around, so it was perfect.
-You sat together and carried a normal conversation before Hyun spoke up and told you “I have a question for you, _____.”
-You grew nervous. “Okay, what is it?”
-He took a deep breath. He was surprisingly nervous because he really wants this to go well. The patient but slightly worried expression on your face made his cheeks turn warm. You looked adorable. His heart picked up speed.“Don’t think I’m weird, but… I’ve had a, uh… a crush on you since I first saw you. A-and it’s only gotten bigger since we became friends. So, _____… will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-You were frozen and staring at him with wide eyes. “Really?”
-Hyun nodded. “Yes, but you don’t have to say yes. I understand if you don’t-”
-“I do.”
-“I’d love to be your boy/girlfriend, Hyun.”
-His heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Seriously?”
-You laugh. “Yes, you dork.”
-He smiles the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and gives you a giant hug. “You’ve made me the happiest guy ever, _____. Thank you so much.”
-You were both hugging, smiling, blushing messes, but you were also the happiest people on earth.
-After that, at school, lots of PDA.
-Kisses, hand holding, hugging, cute nicknames, longing stares, all of it.
-You’ve caught the attention of many less than satisfied staff members that always yell at you.
-Hyun’s gotten written up so many times for kissing you during school.
-The girls are jealous of you, which makes him very protective over you. He would hate if you compared yourself to them.
-He quits his gang and lives a much quieter life. Like I said, you have a good impact on him. His grades improve with your help and you cheer him on at every theater performance. You bring him flowers every time and he keeps them until they are practically disintegrated.
-You bring him lunch everyday, or you pay to buy him lunch, because he never eats lunch.
-He takes you on so many dates. Any location you can think of around town, he’s taken you there.
-It’s likely you’d be voted for cutest couple when year books are released if it wasn’t for the jealous girls.

-She was such a quiet kid, but she wasn’t necessarily shy.
-She quietly completed all of her assignments on time and didn’t let conversing with her classmates distract her. She was a very hard working kid. Everyone knew she was, too. Sometimes they’d take advantage of that when they had to work in groups. They’d make Jaehee do all of the work. It, frankly, pissed you off.
-Out of class, however, you and her talked for hours.
-You had both been best friends since the beginning of your freshman year when you asked her for directions. It turned out you had some classes together, so you hung out often, including at lunch.
-You both had the same group of friends and they all knew that you both had crushes on each other.
-They would constantly tell the both of you to make the first move, but you both denied every time.
-“You should totally ask out Jaehee.”
-“But what if she doesn’t like me?”
-*everyone collectively face palms*
-With a lot of convincing, they finally get Jaehee to confess to you.
-She’s never been more nervous in her life. As your friends suggested, she was going to meet you before school in the back of the library and confess to you. It’s the most secluded place in the school, so you were guaranteed privacy.
-So, you met her there first thing in the morning.
-You could tell she was on edge when she stumbled over her words while trying to say “good morning”.
-“Jaehee, are you alright? Is something bothering you?”
-“No, everything is okay,” she smiled. “I’m alright. I just… wanted to talk to you about something.”
-Anxiety bubbled up in your chest. “Okay, sure, what’s on your mind?”
-She guided you to sit down on one of the chairs and then took the seat next to you.
-“Listen, _____… this is really hard to say. I, um… I’ve…”
-She has rehearsed over and over again in the mirror last night, why is she struggling to get the words out now?
-“_____… I…”
-You put your hand on hers and gently said “Jaehee, whatever it is, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want-”
-“I really like you, _____!” she blurted out.
-She immediately turned red and stared at your hand on hers. The sudden contact and the way that you spoke to her… it kind of forced the words out of her.
-“You do?”
-She nodded. It’s too late to turn back now. Her heart was going faster than ever as she waited for you to respond.
-“That’s a relief.”
-She looked up at you. “Huh?”
-“I’ve always wanted to be your boy/girlfriend.”
-She took a minute to process what you had confessed. Then a huge smile spread across her face. “So, you’ll be my boy/girlfriend?!”
-“Yes, of course,” you giggle at her.
-She hugs you tightly. “I’m so happy I could cry.”
-“Let’s meet up after school and go out, okay?”
-Her heart sped up even more. Not only did you just accept to being her lover, but you just asked her out on a date. You.
-Her poor heart can’t take it.
-She agrees. You both have an amazing first date that you will remember quite literally forever.
-At school, she is scared to hold your hand or show any PDA because she’s afraid of being judged.
-Eventually, she can’t stand not being able to hold hands in the hallways or sneak kisses when the teachers aren’t looking, so she gives in and does it anyway (with your consent).
-The other kids, thankfully, don’t pay any attention to you both as you happily walk hand in hand to class together.
-The only kids that do pay attention to you are your group of friends that aggressively ship you two.
-As you’re walking, you’ll sometimes hear “AW YOU GUYS ARE GOALS” or “(SHIPNAME) IS CANON" from across the hallway.
-Or whenever they see you and Jaehee even near each other, they awe and do heart hands to you two.
-You get peace when you’re away from them, though. That’s Jaehee’s favorite; getting to be alone with you.
-Also, study buddies!!!
-You guys do homework together everyday.

-Relationships were never something Jumin thought about in high school.
-Well… at least we wasn’t supposed to…
-He ever thought of relationships as anything necessary. They seemed pointless and he had no interest in them.
-But, when he looked at you, he understood the fuss about being in a romantic relationship.
-You seemed to have some affect on him that nobody else did.
-You gave him feelings he never knew were possible. He was very confused.
-You and Jumin had been friends for years and over that time, he developed feelings for you.
-Jihyun was actually the one who asked Jumin about you. He saw how Jumin acted around you and asked him about it. In response, Jumin asked him about what his strange emotions are. He had a feeling they were romantic, but he had no previous experiences to confirm or deny it.
-Jihyun, thankfully, cleared things up.
-In high school, he only ever hung out with Jihyun and you. You got along with the both of them perfectly.
-Jumin was often cold, even as a teen. But, when he was with you, he was warm. He showed a weakness and vulnerability to you he didn’t show anyone else. You were one of the only people he would share his worries and personal issues with without hesitation.
-There was something about you that drove him insane. He wanted to be able to call you his. He was a bit perplexed by those kinds of thoughts, but he had them so often, he got used to it.
-He eventually accepted that he can’t be satisfied with only being in a platonic relationship with you.
-With Jihyun’s encouragement, Jumin decided to confess to you.
-It was unlike him to give in to such personal emotions, but he couldn’t stand not being able to tell you he loved you, or kiss you, or hold your hand, or protect you, or hold you in his arms…
-Yeah, he was a hopelessly in love mess because of you.
-But he had a ginormous crush on you.
-He told you to meet him at a park near your school after school one day. You assumed he just wanted to hang out, which also meant you assumed Jihyun would be there too.
-When you got there, you were surprised that it was only Jumin.
-“Hey, Jumin,” you greeted him. “Is Jihyun coming?”
-“No, actually. I wanted to talk to you.”
-You became visibly worried and took a seat next to him on the bench he was resting on. “Okay, what about?”
-Honestly, you had also fallen desperately for the cold, unpopular Jumin Han. Everyone saw him as an unlovable robot, but you could see who he truly is. You can see his threads.
-That was another thing he loved about you; you could see the real him that nobody else saw.
-“I just have something I wanted to get off my chest.”
-You nodded cautiously for him to continue.
-“______, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it…”
-You nodded again. Your eyes were wide and the nervous expression on your face made Jumin even more flustered.
-“_____… I love you.”
-He watched as your eyes almost popped out of your head.
-“I want you to be my boy/girlfriend.”
-It was like him to be so straightforward, but he actually had a crush on you too?
-“Are you serious?”
-“Why would I lie to you?”
-You smiled and hugged him. “I would love to be your boy/girlfriend, Jumin. I… I love you too. I have for as long as I can remember.”
-Your words and actions made him stiffen. Though he was calm and collected on the outside since you arrived at the park, he’s been a nervous wreck on the inside, and the fact that you actually accepted his feelings and reciprocated them makes the world stop spinning.
-“Why would I lie to you?” you mimicked him.
-He chuckled. Jumin Han chuckled.
-He hugged you back. “Thank you…” he said in a whisper.
-From then on, at school, kids were surprised to hear that Jumin of all people got a boy/girlfriend.
-The most emotionless kid in school has a date? How?
-He holds your hand a lot, which is how kids figured out you two were dating in the first place.
-If anyone ever picks on him about it, you stand up for him, of course.
-He sends you good morning and good night texts every day, even if he sees you at school too.
-He’s also a fan of long phone calls with you if you’re up for it.
-He keeps your relationship secret from his father for a while, but he eventually finds out.
-He doesn’t approve of it because Jumin is supposed to have an arranged wedding when he’s older.
-However, Jumin will not let you go even if it costs him everything he has.
-His father can’t change that he is going to spend the rest of his life with you.
-Rebellious teen Jumin, yes?

-Being best friends with this kid never had a dull moment.
-He had a sense of adventure you’d never seen before. You’d often get random texts from him to come meet him at various places without any context other than “I have an idea.”
-It’s wild.
-He was also the most understanding when you would vent your problems to him, no matter what they were.
-He would always defend you if you ever got picked on and vise versa.
-So, obviously, you developed a crush on him quickly.
-Saeyoung, too, has an undying love for you, but has always been too doubtful of himself to confess to you.
-He truly wants to be able to take you on dates and do typical teenage couple things with you.
-He never thought it would be possible for someone as amazing as you to see him as anything more than a friend, so he took a romantic relationship out of the question.
-a little birdie told him that you have a crush on him too.
-(the little birdie was Saeran lol)
-So, with the spark of hope the only thing on his mind, he sucks it up and decided to finally make a move.
-He told you to meet him in the school’s courtyard during the lunch break because he wanted to talk to you.
-Anxiety ate you up the entire day. What could he want to talk about? Did you do something bad? Did something bad happen to him? Is something wrong in his family life? Does he want you to leave him alone?
-Luckily, when you meet him, he’s smiling at you.
-“Hey, glad you made it.”
-“Yeah,” you replied, obviously nervous. “What did you want to talk about?”
-“Oh, I just wanted to test a theory.”
-You assumed it was another ‘I have an idea’ type of thing again so you calmed down.
-“Oh? What’s your ‘theory’?”
-Saeyoung holds your hand and doesn’t say anything.
-You can feel your face growing warm. “What are you doing?”
-“Hm… judging by your embarrassment and red face, my theory is more than likely correct…”
-“What are you talking about?”
-“_____, do you have a crush on me~?”
-“What?!” you practically screamed. “I do not!”
-He put his hand over his heart and you could see tears in his eyes. “I’m… I’m hurt… how could you say that, _____?”
-You panicked. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I do! I really do like you, Saeyoung!”
-Now it’s his turn to turn red. He smirked. “So I was right!”
-“Yeah…” you avoided his eyes.
-He smiled gently at you and held your shoulders. When you met his eyes, he continued.
-“_____, will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-“Will you?”
-“You mean, you like me too..?”
-“Well duh. Why else would I ask you out?”
-You were overjoyed. You gave him a huge smile and tackled him in a hug. “Of course I’ll be your boy/girlfriend!”
-At school, Saeyoung likes to give you kisses on the cheek. He also refuses to walk through the hallway without holding your hand, unless, of course, it makes you uncomfortable.
-He still invites you out places saying he has an idea, but they usually turn into dates, and are surprisingly romantic, at least to you.
-One time you made a date out of visiting a gas station at one in the morning to buy snacks, then sitting in the parking lot of a closed shop nearby, chatting, cuddling, and eating snacks.
-Honestly, the most fun you’ve ever had.
-He gives you corny, punny pick up lines often.
-“Did you get those jeans on sale?”
-“Uh, no.”
-“That’s too bad. They’re a hundred percent off at my place.”
-(my best friend used that on me once and it’s been an inside joke ever since, I’m sorry)
-Probably the goofiest couple on the whole school.

V: (this one is a bit cheesy whoops)
-Of course you had a crush on Jihyun. He was only the nicest, most generous boy in your entire school, or maybe even your entire town.
-Oblivious to you, he also has a hopeless crush on you.
-The only person that knows is Jumin. Jumin helped him rationalize his thoughts because he was so hopelessly in love with you he wanted to drop everything and ask you out.
-He sees no point in waiting to ask you out. If you don’t like him back, he’ll understand and back off. It’s better he get this out of the way. Nothing’s going to change if you’re both just waiting for the other to confess, so it’s better he just do it and get it over with.
-That being said… he’s really nervous.
-He wants to be with you forever so he’s scared you’ll reject him and he’ll never see you again.
-But, its better to take the chance than to never bring it up and let somebody else take you from him.
-He arranges for you to meet him first thing after school in the front of the school.
-When you go there, you assume he just wanted to hang out, but he’s holding flowers.
-You walk over to him. “Jihyun, why do you have flowers?”
-“Oh, they’re for you.”
-Your eyes widen slightly and he hands them to you. “Why..?”
-“Because… I wanted to ask if you’d be my date to the dance coming up…”
-You had completely forgotten about the school dance. I guess you forgot about it because you didn’t plan on anyone, especially Jihyun, asking you to it.
-“Oh…” you mutter while you stare at the flowers.
-“You don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured. I’ve had really special feelings for you for a while now and it would be an honor to take you to the dance.”
-“Jihyun…” you can’t think straight. You’re too busy trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming. “This is so sudden…”
-“You don’t-”
-“I would love to go with you.”
-He gasps and smiles. “Woah, really?”
-“Yeah, I’ve… liked you for a really long time too. I just never imagined you would feel the same.”
-The night of the dance was something that will stay with you forever. You wore matching formal attire and spent the whole night with each other, laughing and chatting the night away.
-Afterward, he took you out to get ice cream.
-“So, Jihyun,” you said, “does this mean we’re officially boyfriend and boy/girlfriend?”
-He laughed and nodded. “Yes, dummy.”
-At school, Jihyun loves holding your hand. Once he was even caught holding your hand during class and got yelled at. The whole time you tried so hard not to laugh.
-He takes so many photos of you.
-You like to make dates out of driving around looking for places to take amazing photos together.
-Did I mention he gets you into photography too? (Unless you’re already into that like me lol)
-Your photos together might even end up in the school year book if you’re lucky.
-Photography dates always end with going out to eat, or sometimes just driving through a fast food joint and sipping on slurpies while watching the sun set.
-He makes it a necessity to tell you he loves you everyday. Also, he loves kissing your forehead or the tip of your nose.
-It’s common for him to kiss both of your cheeks before finally pecking your lips, then pulling back and giving you a loving smile.
-He feels so lucky to have you.
-His parents aren’t very in the picture of Jihyun’s life, so you don’t have to worry about that.
-His sister loves you though.

-He didn’t talk much at school. A lot of the kids didn’t even know what he sounded like.
-But, you were his best friend, so whenever he was with you, he talked endlessly.
-You both had a habit of rambling to each other. It happened so often that you were both positive you knew every single detail about each other.
-And Saeran was in love with every detail about you.
-You even helped him through when his anxiety or depression became too much for him to handle on his own.
-He’s never thought much about relationships but hormones do strange things.
-Whenever he’s with you, he gets such a warm feeling in his chest.
-He denies it and distances himself from you when he gets shy and flustered because he’s a tsundere.
-You notice he gets uncomfortable around you and you think he doesn’t like you, which hurts a lot because you’ve developed feelings for the sweet guy.
-You back off and don’t initiate hugs or give him lots of compliments like before.
-Saeran is actually really sad about it.
-Do you not like him anymore?
-His brother notices him looking glum one day and asks him about it.
-He sighs. “_____ hates me.”
-“What makes you say that?”
-“She doesn’t act as affectionate as she used to.”
-“Well, didn’t you use to get angry when she did before…?”
-“Yeah, but…” he stops. “Wait, is that why? Does she think I don’t like her?
-“I think she does. She asked me about you the other day. She wanted to know if everything was okay because she said you’ve been acting strange.”
-Saeran face palms so hard at himself.
-“God, I’m an IDIOT!”
-So he texts you and asks you to meet him outside near his house. (You live close).
-To his surprise, you actually show up.
-He stands from the sidewalk he had previous been resting on while he waited from you and stands in front of you.
-“_____, I wanted to apologize.”
-“Hm?” you tilted your head slightly. “What for?”
-“I hurt your feelings, didn’t I? I know I used to yell at you to get off of me when you hugged me or I would tell you to shut up when you said something nice to me, but I didn’t mean anything by it. I really like you a lot and when you were nice to me, it made me nervous and it confused me.”
-“…You like me?”
-Saeran froze. “Did I say that..?”
-“Yeah, you did.”
-“U-uh…” his face flushed with embarrassment. There was an awkward silence before Saeran spoke up again. Now is as good a time as any, isn’t it? He can’t really turn back now…
-“_____, will you date me?”
-Shocked, your eyes flew open. “What?”
-He didn’t repeat himself. He was surprised he managed to say it the first time.
-“You really mean that?”
-Saeran shot his eyes up from the ground and stared at you in disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You… you like me too..?”
-“Uh, yeah. I’ve liked you for a long time now. Thanks for noticing.”
-Saeran smiled and laughed before hugging you tightly.
-Your cheeks heated up because his smile and his laugh are the cutest things in the universe.
-He starts rambling about where you should go on your first date, when and where your next dates should be, etc. relationship things etc.
-You’ve never seen him this happy. Not even Saeyoung has seen him this happy.
-During school, even though he’s not a fan of PDA, he plays with your hair a lot.
-Teachers get onto him about keeping his hands to himself. He stops messing with your hair just long enough for the teacher to leave, then continues what he was doing.
-After school, he always walks you home and gives you a goodbye kiss on your forehead.
-Also, everyday he tells you he loves you.
-Even if it can only be over text message or phone call, not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind you you’re the most important thing in his life.

Vader: [text] u fool 
Vader: SERIOUSLY????
Obi-Wan: Ah. The package arrived then, I take it. 
Vader: yes
Vader: this was a stupid move, old man. im SURE ill find a way to trace it back to wherever it is ur hiding. ill have my revenge soon. 
Obi-Wan: I’m not losing sleep over it given what I know about your detective skills, but if you say so. 
Obi-Wan: So do you like it?
Vader: no its awful 
Obi-Wan: Ah, I suppose the Emperor gives you very lavish birthday gifts. It must seem a pathetic offering compared to what the great Lord Vader is used to by now. 
Vader: if he did itd be way better stuff than a stupid blanket
Obi-Wan: Well, my apologies then, for wasting your time. I am going to retire for the evening now. 
Vader: why would u possibly do this. i knew you were hopeless but not this hopeless. 
Vader: like did u think after all these years id be like ‘ooooh obiwan remembered my birthday and sent me a really soft blanket in my favorite color OMG MAYBE I WAS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING AND I MISS HIM SO MUCH’ and that like all i really want is to find you because im so lonely????? thats honestly SO laughable kenobi omg
Vader: we dont even celebrate my birthday here btw
Vader: which is fine bc i dont even CARE about birthdays anymore. or anything. or anyone. 
Obi-Wan: I believe the parcel should have arrived with a return slip if you wish to send it back and get store credit. 
Vader: pfft i wouldnt waste my time so i guess ill probably just keep it 
Obi-Wan: All right.
Obi-Wan: Good night, Anakin. 
Vader: gn obiwan

Am I crying?

If you’ve watched the last clip/episode of Skam, you already know the answer.

The clip started and I was so happy watching the characters sing Imagine by John Lennon, a dream come true.

All of them looked truly happy and everything seemed fine.

(Why is Henrik’s voice so deep, OMG, I loved every second of it.)

But I was, oh, so naïve…

Everything went down with the boys fight, which left me like… Why?

But, that wasn’t enough drama for 10 minutes, so we got this.


I feel so bad. I can’t believe all of this is happening to Sana, she deserves better.

And two additional things:

  1. Yousef, dude, what were you thinking? If you like someone, you don’t go shoving your tongue down your crush friends throat.
  2. And Noora??? Hello??? I didn’t see her the type who makes out with someone out of revenge. Either because of William or to hurt Sana.

In conclusion, this clip has been such a rollercoaster of emotions that I just

While all my mind thinks is

anonymous asked:

hiii, what are your favorite things jikook said to e/o?

OMG! So many, let’s face it, almost everything they say to each other instantly becomes my favorite LMAO, but I do remember some nice ones:

Jungkook to Jimin

  • “Jimin hyung eyes are pretty.”
  • “You’re handsome”
  • “Jimin hyung looks sexy”
  • “So freaking cute!”
  • “Can’t you hear my heartbeat?”
  • “Arrest me! Arrest me!” (Or catch me?)
  • “My mo…my mochi.”
  • “I want you.” (x3)
  • “Let’s go baby, let’s go.”
  • “Princess.”

Jimin to Jungkook

  • “Why do I like you so much?”
  • “Jungkook is cute and innocent. He is mine”
  • “Are you happy because of me?”

I just realized I can’t think of anything else atm, I’M SHOOK, but I guess for Jimin is more the way he acts towards Jungkook that stands out to me rather than what he says… and DAMN Jungkook is whipped, ‘cause as I’m writing this I’m remembering a lot more things!!! Anyway nonie, if you want more of these moments check this babe @thejiminsmolder ‘jikook things’ tag, it’s amazing and it just makes you fall more in love with jikook, just not more than they love each other ofc, that’s impossible!

Bad Day

gifs are not mine

Summary: you are Barry’s girlfriend and you had a terrible day at work, so you decided to go for a walk around the city. Barry was concerned about you because he thought you were kidnapped

This day was definitely terrible, first thing: your boss almost fired you because you made a mistake at your job, second thing: you lost you cellphone and your boyfriend didn’t know that and third thing: when you left your work it started to raining and you didn’t have a umbrella and couldn’t wait to the rain stop, you had to go to home, but instead you decided to go for a walk.

Your Boyfriend, Barry Allen, was waiting for you at home, you were late, so he called you without knowing that you lost your cellphone “Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger”  “Babe, its me, where are you? You were supposed to be home by now, I’m worried, call me. I love you” he left a voicemall

He waited but you didn’t called he back then he called you again but still didn’t get an answer from you “Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger" "Honey, I’m really worried, please call me back”

5 minutes later

“Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger" "I’m not kidding (y/n), call me back or I will run around the city looking for you

7 minutes later

"Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger”  “Alright, that’s enough” he turn off the call and sent a messenger to the team flash 

“everyone, meet me at the lab, we have a code red”

At the S.T.A.R Labs

“I thought that ‘code red’ was only for super important matters, like somebody is about to going to die” Cisco said looking at Barry

“(y/n) is missing” Barry said with a very serious face

“What?” Everyone asked in shock

“What do you mean?” Caitlin asked “she isn’t at work?”

"She was already supposed to be at home” Barry answerd

“Maybe she’s doing extra shift” Iris replied

“She would tell me” Barry said “I called her thousand times but she didn’t answer”

“Okay, everyone, let’s keep the calm,right? we gonna find her” said H.R. 

“Say this to Barry, it looks like he is getting a heartache” said Wally

“I will look for her around the city” Barry said already with his suit

“No Bar, I think you should go home, wait for her there, I’ll go to CCPD, I’ll report her missing” said Joe already making his way to the police

“Barry, your cellphone is ringing” said Iris point to Barry’s cellphone on the desk “its a call from your home" 

Barry hurried up to answer


“Bar? Where are you?

”(y/n)?“ He said in shock "where are you?”

“I just got Home. Is everything okay?”

“Why didn’t you answered my calls?”

“I lost my cellphone, I forgot to tell you, i’m sorry”

“Omg, I can’t believe babe” he said putting his hand at his face “I’m going home, wait for me” he turn off

“It looks like she wasn’t kidnapped” he said looking to the team

“What do you mean?“ Cisco said

"It was her, she said she just got home” Barry said

“You scared all of us for nothing? I’m a little pissed off right now” Cisco replied

“Sorry about that guys. i’m going home to see what happened” said Barry already running of the building

At home

“Babe?” Barry screamed

“I’m in the kitchen” you answered

He entered in the kitchen and made his way over you

“God, I love you so much” he said hugging you

“I love you too speedo” you replied

“Where were you? Are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?” He asked Putting his hands at your face

“I’m fine my love, nobody hurt me, I just had a bad day at work and went out for a walk to clean my mind, I’m sorry for didn’t advised you

"Just don’t do that anymore, you scared a hell out of me”


“I just- I-I don’t know what to do without you.You are my life” he said pushing your face next to his

“I love you so much” you said

“I love you too” he said kissing you


Requested By Anon.

Pairings: Bucky x F!reader

Sam has created a chatroom: GOODBYE, U LIL 💩

Sam has invited Steve, Y/N, Nat, Wanda.

Y/N: What’s up with the name of the chatroom?




Y/N: Is it your birthday?

Steve: I didn’t know you could name the chatroom…

Steve: Sam who are you saying goodbye to? Are you calling us 💩 ?!

Sam: No. and NO. Y/N, I thought you knew when my birthday was?

Y/N: … I do.

Y/N:  bird man #2, what’s going on?

Nat: Lol, I’m changing Clint’s name in my phone to Bird Man #1.

Sam: I have lost someone on this day.

Sam: I never thought the day would come that I’d never seem them again.

Sam: I could cry.

Wanda: Who…?

Steve: They died?!


Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: Um guys

Nat: So who is it?!

Sam: He was an old man.

Bruce: Where’s Barnes?

Sam: He was kinda ugly too.

Bruce: Seriously, his stuff is here, but I can’t find him.

Sam: He had poor hygiene.



Y/N: What do you mean he’s missing?!


Nat: Clint says,“Leave a trail of plums leading into one of the cells. You will catch him.”

Wanda: lol

Y/N: lol

Sam: lol

Bruce: lol


Y/N: I’m worried too! He’s my boyfriend!  But he probably just went out for a walk or something.

Steve: Last time he “went for a walk or something” he became the most wanted man alive.

Nat: Good point… I’d really prefer to not have a repeat of that.


Steve has changed the chatroom name: MISSION: FIND BUCKY

Sam: No.

Sam has left the chat.

Nat: Are we really sure he could be in trouble?

Wanda: Maybe he was kidnapped?

Bruce: Why would he leave everything except for his wallet and leave, without telling Y/N? I checked the cameras and he WENT OUT THE WINDOW! If he was just going shopping, why not leave like a normal person? Who uses the window?! Also, it’s 9pm. Who does shopping at this hour?

Bruce: Either he’s back to being the Winter Soldier, or he’s hiding something.

Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: I use the window to leave.

Y/N: Because you can fly. Bucky cannot.

Vision: lolololol sucks to be him

Vision has left the chat.

Wanda: what.

Y/N: Omg Vision…

Nat: Vision had a mission with just Clint and Tony.

Steve: That makes sense now…

Y/N: I can’t explain it, but I have a feeling Bucky is okay. But why would he go out at this time? With only his wallet? Tony has everything stocked up so what could Bucky possibly need to buy? And the window as an exit? Bruce, I think you’re right.

Bruce: Isn’t it your 3 year anniversary tomorrow?

Y/N: Yes… Why?

Bruce: Oh. Nothing. Excuse me while I go make some tea.

Y/N: Bruce

Y/N: You’re not saying he would run away because it’s a big moment in our relationship and he’s scared…?


Wanda: Y/N, calm down. Your thoughts are very loud.


Steve: This is a very delayed reaction from you… Also. Out. The. Window. Willingly. So not kidnapped.

Wanda: Did he climb out or throw himself out?

Bruce: He jumped out and landed like a cat.

Wanda: Assassins. Always showing off!

Nat: True. We can just get Tony to scan for him. I’ll contact Tony now.

Y/N has added Thor.


Thor: Of course! We shall search for him together! I will get my brother to join us.

Thor has left the chat.


Steve has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Bruce: Sigh. Better go help them.

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda has added Pietro.

Wanda: Brother! Bucky is missing. Let’s go help the others find him.


Wanda has left the chat.

Pietro has left the chat.

Nat has added Clint.

Nat: Found Barnes?

Clint: No. The plums have not been touched yet.

Nat: Okay Bird Man #1.


Nat has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.


Scott has joined the chat.

Scott: Where’s everyone?

Tony: Out looking for our beloved senile hobo.

Scott: Right. Them! How do you spell their name again…?


Tony: They’re looking for Bucky.

Scott: Oh no! Steve must be so upset. I must go to him!

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Tony has cleared the chat.

Tony has changed the chatroom name: EVERYTHING IS NORMAL

Tony: Oh you’re back.

Bucky: Did I miss anything? Where’s Y/N? And Steve? And everyone else? I can’t find them.

Tony: Who?

Bucky: My girlfriend! Our teammates! Our friends!

Tony: What are you talking about? It’s just been the two of us this whole time.

Bucky: Stop it, Tony! Where are they? Everyone was here an hour ago, before I went to get a gift for Y/N. It’s our anniversary tomorrow. I got her the best gift ever! I can’t wait to give it to her. I could only pick it up at this time which is why I had to leave so suddenly. Can’t have Y/N finding out.

Tony: I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony has invited Peter, Wade.


Peter: Why?

Tony: We’re going to pull the biggest prank ever on Bucky and everyone else. Hurry! We have at least 10 hours until the others return. I faked Bucky sightings all over the world to keep them busy.

Wade: … I’m keeping all of their stuff.

Tony: Okay…

Tony: So uh… You go do that and I’ll keep Bucky busy.

Tony has left the chat.

Wade: Do you think Loki’s helmet would fit me?

Peter has left the chat.

Loki has joined the chat.


Wade: Who are you, mortal?



Loki: You reside in the Stark - Avengers Tower?

Wade: Don’t tell Tony.

Wade has left the chat.

Loki has left the chat.

oh geezas fandom. geezas CRUST. unFUCKINGbelievable.

  • “bwuh they kept this major personal decision in their lives a secret from their frieNDS OHNO OMG THAT’S SUCH A BETRAYAL THEY’RE GONNA END UP HURTING THE PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT THEM UGH HOW SELFISH BWAAAAH” literally grow the fuck up. if that’s the kind of friendship u think VM has, some flimsy, weak-ass shit that’s gonna get ripped in twine simply by a fucking secret then we c l e a r l y have not been watching the same-ass show
  • “that was so inSENSITIVE OF THEM TO TALK ABOUT BEING MARRIED IN FRONT OF SOMEONE WHO THINKS SHE’S NOT GONNA GET MARRIED ANYMORE OMG HOW AWFUL THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T KEEP SECRETS OHMYGOD” again, literally grow the fuck up. just coz they’re a family doesn’t mean they need to talk about fucking everything that they do or say or decide. hell, how much of your personal life is secret from your own flesh and blood as opposed to how much they actually know of you? it’s their fucking decision, it’s their fucking prerogative. besides, the thing with vax didn’t even happen until like 2 in-game days ago, which is WAAAAAY after what percy and vex did which obviously happened in the year they had off, when they were all mostly doing their own separate things. and if you think keyleth is mad at them for getting married then maaaaan do i have news for you.
  • “keyleth is such a buzzkill omg why can’t she just be happy for her friends she’s so selFISH UGH GROSS” one more time, literally grow the fuck up. people are capable of feeling more than one thing at any one time about and because of several different things. she’s not even mad at percy and vex per se, she’s upset that she’s not gonna get something she probably wanted that means a lot to her. even if that was, say, pike and scanlan, she’d STILL be fucking upset. AND SHE HAS THE FUCKING RIGHT TO BE.
  • “oh god keyleth is super upset OHNO her emotions are all over the place thIS SHIT COULD BREAK HER OHGOD” look, i love that you’re worried about her, that’s great, buT OHMYGOD DO NOT FUCKING DEMONIZE EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY LIKE THIS. this is not the thing that’s going to break her. everyone fucking grieves when they lose someone, it’s probably even worse getting them back only to find out that there’s a very definite period at the end of that sentence. she’s upset not about everyone’s mortality but her own long life, she thinks it’s a curse, but she’s always known that shit to be true no matter what happens, she was always going to most likely be the one to outlive them all if they survive. plus, she’s been through so much and come out stronger, and i just don’t even know what to tell you if you think this whole deal is going to be the final nail in the coffin. it almost feels like a disservice to her strength to even THINK that something like this would finally take her down.
  • also someone told me that at least one person is saying that percy made vex keep it a secret and legit i have no fucking clue what even makes you think that but if you think that that’s the kind of relationship that percy and vex have then hONESTLY IS IT STILL CRITICAL ROLE YOU’RE WATCHING COZ IT DOESN’T FUCKING SOUND LIKE IT. also, how the fuck is percy the one who made anyone keep shit a secret when a) WHITESTONE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CALLING THEM “THE DE ROLOS” FOR A WHILE NOW and b) HE WAS THE ONE WHO BLURTED IT OUT WHEN PANICKED ABOUT VEX’S LIFE, AND HE’S THE ONE SLIGHTLY PANICKED THAT HE PANICKED LIKE THAT. 
  • oh and this is unrelated but someone told me that someone straight up called Tary “abusive” of Vex for dangling money over her head and GEEZAS SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK. Tary didn’t even fucking know that Vex had a thing about money when they first met. plus, vex straight up TOLD tary to pay an exorbitant amount for VM’s services when they first met. and hoLY SHIT Tary throwing his money around was never to show Vex up, it was just to prove to anyone watching, including himself, that he could deal with shit on his own. if you think that’s abuse you’re gonna need to re-consider how you define that term coZ OHMYGOD

geezas crUST, critrole fandom. geezas himiny crUST.

So. I’m litteraly going d o w n with this ship and I can’t sleep and @spideyxchelle blog (check it out is amazing) inspired me so much so here we go.

Spideychelle + trans Peter (don’t get me even start with your transphobic shit, this is an hc ok? I know he’s not canonically trans. You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it) pt. 1


  • Peter is such a soft boy. Like, the kind of good soft boy your parents would like to have for dinner. So pure and precious. (At least apparently)
  • Michelle is not soft.
  • Really, secretly she /is/, but she doesn’t like to show it.
  • Not that she is a bad person or something, but years of people making fun of her made her hide her feelings and softnees
  • So, she just hide. Like. A lot. She doesn’t show pain, but anger. Doesn’t show that she is hurt, but sarcasm and fierceness.
  • At the end, it’s not fun anymore to try to make her cry or piss her off.
  • Now she passes unobserved and she is fine with it.
  • But even if she doesn’t know why, even if she can take everything they say behind her back, she can’t take Peter doing nothing when Flash bullies him.
  • Like, she’s so. Damn. Pissed.
  • But she let it go too because not of her business, and Peter needs to learn to defends himself and she couldn’t care less like it’s Peter damn Parker right who cares right?
  • (Spoiler: she does)
  • However, Flash teases are usually just him throwing tiny paper balls at him, giving him the i-am-gonna-destroy-you-parker face and just being an asshole around him
  • Expect that sometimes he calls him penis Parker and a part of Michelle is really screaming PUNCH HIM out loud in her mind.
  • But she doesn’t, because, come on Parker, just do something already!!!
  • But Peter just takes his shit silently
  • Which makes her even more angry
  • However don’t you dare bullshitting me she feels bad for him when during the penis Parker “joke” she can see his face, because he always seems on the verge of tears
  • Ofc she does know that Peter is trans. Not that he ever came out or something, he always presented himself as Peter and it seems that nobody at school question that.
  • But she knows that Flash knows Peter since they were like 5, and he’s the only one being an asshole about that and even if most of the kids find the “penis Parker” jokes just a stupid thing because the sounds of the words are similar, Peter seems to be a bit too sensitive about it.
  • And it doesn’t take long to her to understand. I mean, she’s clever /and/ very observant (especially when it comes to Peter parker)
  • So after she joins the decathlon team and she starts sharing moments with him is easy to connect the dots and find out.
  • But she never mentions it because she couldn’t care less like ok so what he’s still the soft cute boy he has always been (DID SHE JUST CALL HIM CUTE?! SHIT)
  • She’s a bit sensitive to the subject: she is an activist, she is a feminist, and she is a black queer woman. Of course she is touchy about it.
  • And like, trans community has to take so much shit from the people outside the LGBT+ community and the community itself, it’s so damn unfair.
  • Like, they are people, actually human beings, suffering and being discriminated every damn day.
  • No wonder she doesn’t like Flash
  • Also we are talking about Peter and this makes her even angrier
  • Not that she likes him, let’s be clear (spoiler: she does)
  • Until one day Flash crosses the line. He’s been Peter schoolmate for years and so he knows his deadname
  • And he uses it. And Michelle know it is his deadname because actually Peter gets so pale and he stops himself right where he is in the middle of the hallway and he looks totally like he’s gonna have a panic attack.
  • And he’s crying. Actually /crying/. Well it’s just a single tear but fuck he’s CRYING
  • And Flash is laughing.
  • And she can’t take it anymore.
  • She gets up and just thrown her shoes to him, before pushing him back with a loud “You are disgusting!” Coming out from her lips.
  • He just looks at her like “what the shit Jones?!”
  • “Shut up, idiot!” and she is like touching Peter’s shoulder so gently “are you ok Parker?”
  • And Flash is just… An idiot.
  • “there she is, Michelle Jones herself, coming to rescue her girlfriend”
  • And she just punches him. Like… Litteraly crushing her fist against his face.
  • And it’s damn satisfying if she has to be honest.
  • “I said, SHUT UP, you and your stupid gross ass”
  • And then she just takes Peter by his hand, running before finnally pushing him into an empty classrooms
  • So Peter looks at her and he looks shocked and kinda horrified and… in admiration?
  • “you…you just…punched him” “yes. I did”
  • And they just stay there for like a minute and it seems like he’s trying so hard to not makes a fool of himself in front of her
  • And that just breaks her heart so she is like “let go Parker. It’s fine. I’m not gonna tease you if you cry. Boys can cry, you know”
  • and he just collapses. He crumbles in front of her, crying, big tears coming down his cheeks and sobbing
  • First thought “shit I fucked up. What am I suppose to do now shit” second thought “…what the hell?!” Because he’s hugging her in such a desperate way and she just….
  • Goes soft. And hugs him back.
  • After five minutes of it’s fine Parker come on it’s ok now sch you’re fine and rubbing his back gently he stops and steps back
  • “sorry. Thanks Michelle. I’m so so-” “cut it off. It’s ok. It’s not your fault if he’s an idiot, Peter”
  • AND OMG she just called him PETER and not PARKER
  • “anyway. Thanks. For… Everything”
  • And she smiles and his heart goes like /crazy/ in his chest
  • But then she crosses her arms and she looks at him raising an eyebrow “why do you let him tease you. Damnit Peter, just say to him to shut the fuck up!”
  • “I… Don’t want any trouble” “well, duh, it’s not really working”
  • And he just looks so mortified and his fingers are tormenting the hem of his shirt and he’s looking at his shoes
  • “Peter. Look at me. Why? You don’t deserve to be treated like that!”
  • And he’s sobbing quietly again
  • “because… He knows. He knows…a thing…and… I’m afraid he’ll tell everyone and I don’t…want to”
  • And MJ is like “what does he know? Have you killed someone, Parker?”
  • She’s a bit sarcastic but that makes him chuckle a little and he’s so. Damn. Cute. Damnit.
  • And finnally he takes a deep breath and he looks at her and just “I’m… I’m trans”
  • Like what the shiiiit Peter he didn’t meant to tell her just like that, he and his stupid mouth and brain and emotions and
  • She raise an eyebrow again “I know”
  • WHAT THE SHIT MJ???? is he so obvious? Doesn’t he look like a boy? Shit shit shit. He’s panicking now.
  • “how do you…” “I’m very observant”
  • And then she touch his hand gently “Peter, don’t worry. It’s not obvious or something. I’m just…” And she stops because what can she says? I am good at observing you? Very interested in your life? Creepy. But he’s breathing again so it’s fine anyway. Better don’t mess up.
  • “I’m queer, by the way. Like… Not straight” she just says that, like ok he’s been honest with her so why not at least they can be queer together can’t they?
  • And she needed something to say lol
  • He just looks at her “thanks for telling me”
  • She smiles. Actually smiles. A tiny smile. But it /is/ a smile and daaaaaaaamn she looks so cute.
  • But better not tell her I mean she is being kind with him and he doesn’t want her to go away and anyway it’s not like he likes like MJ lol nope totally not
  • “Pride is next week. Want to join?” She asks him, opening to the door
  • And damn she could totally be more soft with him if this means seeing that light in his eyes
  • “Yeah, sure” “cool. See you later”
  • And then just like that they start to be really friends, not the we are friend but we are not they’ve always been, and maybe, maybe this can be the beginning of something.
  • (Spoiler: it is)

Feel free to send me prompt or request I’m really into this fandom, ask me whatever you want I need to write about Peter and the others so damn much.

anonymous asked:

you mentioned the mama video being sketchy in one of your tags, why? would you mind sharing your thoughts? it's perfectly fine if you prefer not to though!!

Well, it’s another one of those videos that I watch religiously so..

Just a disclaimer, everything I personally find sketchy is things I see at face value and things that everyone sees so it probably not that interesting. I don’t really squint at the background and be like “OMG THERE’S A WRAPPER. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. CONDOM.”, because that just takes so much effort and idk how some of you guys do it XD

Anyways, I just keep watching this because it’s cute it just makes me think things lol. First of all, JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK ARE ACTUALLY IN A HOTEL ROOM TOGETHER *gasp* irrefutable evidence this time, js. And it’s just the two of them no one else ^^ 

And then I started asking questions like: why is jimin’s voice like that? why are they in the washroom ‘practicing’? were they practicing that hard? what were they practicing? WHERE DID JUNGKOOK’S SHIRT GO (AND WHY)? why did they even start filming in there? who was at the door? why was it cut? why is just the two of them in the first place?

and why. why did he have to look at him like that:

too soft for my cold heart plz

anyways, when they both ran to the big window window and jungkook was being all cute and shiet and they were like “Wow, the Hong Kong view is so nice…” “…yeah” and then Jungkook just sat down on the bed seeming quite pleased with himself and idk it just felt like something I would write in my fanfics and it just felt so warm and intimate ^///o///^

tl;dr jimin and jungkook are in a hotel room together. that’s it. that’s the sketchy. lol