what is your backstory please tell me

I'm a smooth talking ranger who manages to get out of battles by talking

Quick backstory, I have a puppy named Chachi with me

Me: WAIT, please before we die tell us why you need to kill us?
DM as Boss: Why does everyone use that line? Listen you’re here to fight not talk
Me: if you’re so confident in your ability to kill us then you should have no problem telling us why
DM: roll persuasion
*rolls 18*
DM as Boss: okay I’ll tell you what it’s been a long time since I seen a puppy. If you let me pet your dog I’ll tell you everything.

Long story short, the boss ended up becoming our ally and we all ended up taking down a doppelgänger king together because of my high charisma and the DM letting me have my dog with me.

THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN ft. Choi Seungcheol

Words: 7,009

Genre: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with a little bit of angst to spice it up (BUT this is REALLY supposed to be full of FUN and fluff idk.)

A/N: Anyone who is an avid fan of THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN SERIES? Hahaha. This idea came from a request. This is kinda long BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH WRITING, I enjoyed it so much. Admin Hyeri is working on that request because it involves her main bias Wonu-ssi HAHA (we have this unwritten rule that we won’t write stories about the other’s bias UNLESS the other one can’t really do the story idea). Since Admin Hyeri is not really a big fan of children shows and kids in particular she’s gonna kill me for telling on her, we decided that I’d start this one and she’d basically know what to do with Wonwoo’s scenario. To whoever requested this, THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING! Please keep on following and reading our works BECAUSE YOUR FEEDBACK REALLY MEAN A LOT TO US. <3 Thank you!

P.S. I put in a little backstory to go with this scenario because I honestly didn’t know how to start off with it HAHA. Anyways, this is how I’d imagined Seungcheol’s family life to be like.

Some terms you need to know about because I included them here:

  • Ssal-mium – rice porridge
  • Orijinib – daycare
  • Yuchiwon – daycare for preschoolers


SEUNGCHEOL: Hello, everyone! My name is Choi Seungcheol, leader of KPop group SEVENTEEN, and the father of two cute babies named Soyoung and Seungjae. Soyoung-ah, Seungjae-ah, please say “Hello!” and bow like we practiced, okay? Come on.

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Pilot- Part 1

Here is it finally! After hard work, it is finally ready for your viewing pleasure! Please, feedback is always appreciated so let me know what you like about it and what you didn’t. 

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,019 (just 6,000 more to go…)

Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, angst (a lot), language, minor character death, blood, you know the usual

Summary: Saving people, hunting things, the family business. It’s always been like that when you moved in with the Winchesters. You never got a break. But now, John is missing and it’s up to you, Sam, and Dean to save him. What will you find on the way?

Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. So what you will be reading is the first episode but with the reader inserted into their lives. I did use most of the dialogue from the original episode because I wanted to make it similar to what you’ve already watched but I wanted to make it my own, in a sense. 

Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this. I am really nervous about this because much better writers than be who done this kind of thing is much different than mine. I wondering if making it much like the show as possible is a bad idea. I don’t know. Please, let me know what you think. 

I will post the next part within the hour. I wanted to keep them spread out so it wouldn’t be so crowded and jumbled together. 

So without further ado, please enjoy!

Read the backstory for this episode here

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Lovers, Not fighters 3

Request: No

plot:  Robin (Damian Wayne) fighting against a villain (you) and through your meetings you confess your feelings.

Prompt: After a moment, the villain laughed. The sincere look on their face shattered as they shook their head.

 “I’m sorry,” the villain said. “I just can’t - I tried.” The laughter cut and their expression twisted, darkened. They took a step forward. “You want a tragic backstory, really? Little bird with a broken wing that you can kiss better, oh you cute, stupid, thing. For the good of our nation, please don’t ever go on jury duty.” They turned away, wiping the tears from their cheek, and gestured to their allies. “Just kill them already, woe is me I don’t like my own voice enough to let them escape with a monologue.” 

word count: 1,101

warning(s): none?

Tagging: @loverandomness2

Part 1 Part 2 part 3

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I’m amazed at the accusations being thrown at @thefriendlytonberry​. 

I’m gonna say it now, though. I’m siding with tonberry on this one. A callout post for the way someone writes a certain aspect is completely unnecessary. @mildsoap-writes​ posts about how reader inserts are being physically described in the FFXV writing community. Her main beef is that describing reader inserts in a certain way makes certain readers feel excluded. 

The thing is, though. Content creators sometimes create content for themselves. Shocking, I know. Sometimes writers aren’t writing with the opinions and feelings of the masses behind them, because it’s their work. Sure, they’ll post it in case people like it. But they do it because they enjoy it. 

This line from @mildsoap-writes​ really stood out to me.

“As an author in a large community, it is important to include all of your readers in all of your works.“

No, it’s not. If I’m a hobby writer who enjoys writing, then it’s not my job to cater to the entire community. It’s not my job to try and please everyone. I’m one writer. There are dozens of other content creators you can go to. 

You want something written a specific way? Then commission me. Otherwise, you have no write to try and boss me around. 

“To exclude readers by describing what they look like defeats the purpose of enjoying a self-insert. It’s a self-insert. If you wanted to describe the reader, turn the reader into an OC. Give them a name, a backstory, and make them a character. Do not tell me what I look like to fit your standards. “

Does playing as a character in a dating sim break my immersion? No. It don’t. Writers, especially hobby writers, don’t write to cater to your whims. You want a fic that has a completely nondescript reader? Write it yourself.

Don’t try to force your made-up rules onto other writers.

The past, the present... The future.  -Part 4

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 4: Who are you?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: This part is pretty dark, you’ve been warned. Mentions of abuse, torture, human experiments and panic attacks.

Word count: 1,988

A/N: I got a bit carried away writing this. Specially the beginning and the end. Please, don’t hate me! I really want to explore the reader’s backstory in detail. As always, I would love to have feedback, so don’t doubt telling me what you think!

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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“Who are you?” the voice rips me suddenly from my trance. It’s deep and menacing. I turn around slowly to face the man staring at me from across the room.

His figure is tall and strong. Pale moonlight drips along his face. His dark hair is messy and longer than I remembered, going down to his jaw, that is clenched and stubble. The moonlight reflects on his exposed left wrist made out of vibranium. But that’s not what gives him away. It’s his eyes.

I will never forget them, no mater how long I live. Those piercing blue eyes have haunted my nightmares countless times, and now, all of a sudden, they drag me back to my fourteen year old self, hiding in a corner, waiting for the monster to grab me.

It’s him.
It’s the soldier.

>>Sentences in cursive and bold are flashbacks.<<

Y/N’s POV:

“Who is her, sir?”

“Who are you?”

“This, doctor, this. This is where you are going to test the serums on.” he smiled, running a hand through my arm, secured between two leather holds. “We have others, so don’t worry about the condition it is left in. We just thought it would be an excellent place to start.”

The doctor nodded. “That’s good. I think I will need more, I don’t expect this one to be left in a good condition, but this is an excellent place to start.”

The world is spinning. Past and present mix before my eyes and absorb me with a magnetic force.

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ohsodraco  asked:

For the writer's game could you please answer 35 (for a character from Lost in Your Arms) and 50:)? Thanks! Also, I just finished Can't Get You Out of My Head and Lost in Your Arms and was absolutely blown away! <3

Thank you!!!!!! That’s super sweet of you to say! And what great asks–let me see if I can give you something good. :D

35. Tell some backstory details about one of your characters in your story

Okay, so I’m going to talk to you about Jacob Bouvier fucking Durant for a moment because I fucking goddamn love him so much oh my God. Jake started out in LIYA just as “unnamed boytoy from New York” who was going to be a minor complication in Harry and Draco’s romance, yeah? Literally, every time @noeeon and I talked about him when plotting, he was Boytoy. And then I decided he needed a name and he basically came up and said, hi, I’m Jake. And I was like, hi, Jake, you’re going to be in here for a blink and then you’re gone and he was like, cool, cool, cool, um, maybe another scene? And I was like, eh, what the hell, sure. And he was like, awesome. AND THEN THE NEXT THING I KNEW HE BECAME A POV CHARACTER AND DECIDED MAYBE HE THOUGHT BLAISE WAS HOT. Goddamn Jake. I mean really. YOU WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO GO TO THIS SCHOOL, MAN.

Anyway. Jake. Jake grew up in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Poor. Like Southern white trash poor. (Which I say with an incredible amount of true, pure affection because that’s how my own daddy grew up and there’s probably a little bit of his cussedness in Jake. <3) Jake’s daddy Jasper is a charming sumbitch who came from a family that let’s just say crossed back and forth over the Dark Magic line a little more freely than most people might be comfortable with. Old Louisiana wizarding family, though, and people are a bit exasperated with them and a bit afraid of them because the Durants? Piss them off and they’ll punch back, man. 

His mama Élodie grew up in a Cajun family in Thibodaux that didn’t much like her hanging about with that wastrel Jasper Durant. But Jasper was terribly attractive and he could be sweet when he wanted to be, and Élodie fell for him, and when she found out she was pregnant with Eddie, her family just threw up their hands and said, fine, you made your bed, go lie in it, and she and Jasper got married. And Jasper loved her. He always did, and Élodie was the one person who could jerk him back when he got out of line, and for her Jasper did his best to stay on the straight and narrow and not get pulled back into his family’s bullshit. They even moved away from Thibodaux for a little while, went up to Baton Rogue and then Jackson Mississippi, and they were happy there, the two of them with Eddie. Until Élodie’s mama got sick and she wanted to come back to help take care of her because her sister Eulalie couldn’t keep coming down from Shreveport. So they did, and just before they came back, a few months before Eddie’s eighth birthday, Élodie found out she was pregnant again. It was a hard pregnancy, but it was worth it because she ended up with a little boy with golden curls and bright blue eyes, who looked so much like his daddy that she was a little worried he was going to grow up into a charming sumbitch too. 

But Jake was Élodie’s light, even as Jasper fell back in with his family, taking Eddie over with him to see them–Élodie wouldn’t let Jake go, not without her–and he kept her laughing when her mama finally went. Little Jake–just barely six at the time–was with Mamère Léonie, sitting on her bed when she died. Élodie’d been afraid to let him be there, but he’d loved his Mamère, and she’d loved him too, and Élodie couldn’t bear to separate them. And when her mama took her last breath, her hand had settled on Jake’s head, and she’d whispered something Élodie hadn’t been able to catch. She tried to pull Jake away, but he started crying and saying Mamère was still there, he could see her standing at the foot of the bed, and he wanted to go with her, please, Mama, please? And Élodie’s blood ran cold because there wasn’t anything there, of course. Her mama was on the bed, peaceful and frail. But Jake was sobbing, his whole face streaked with tears and snot, and reaching out towards something down at the end of the bed, and Élodie just picked him up and held him tight, singing the same Cajun lullaby her mama had sung her when she was little, and he settled into hiccups before resting his head on her shoulder. And then he’d whispered ‘bye’ and Élodie’s heart clenched because she felt a soft swirl of air go past them both and she knew her mama was really gone.

She never told anyone about that. Not Jasper, not Eddie, not anyone in her family. But she remembered it when Jake was twelve and he was the only one beside her when she got sick with the cancer that was eating off her neuromagical cells and the Healers couldn’t stop it. Jasper was in Oudepoort by then, and Eddie’d disappeared the way Eddie had started to do when his daddy got caught. Élodie fought the cancer as best she could, but she knew it was going to take her, so she called Eula down to look after Jake when the time came. And Jake sat with her the way he had with his Mamère, and he held her hand tightly until she breathed out the last time. When Élodie opened her eyes again, she was standing next to him, and Jake was looking at her like he could actually see her, and she just leaned in and told him she loved him, then kissed his cheek before she felt a tug on her elbow, and the room faded away.

Jake still dreams about that. His Aunt Eula’s always told him he imagined it, that it was his grief as a 12-year-old boy, and Jake’s agreed with her. But he’s not so certain now. Not since he met Barachiel Dee. 

50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.

I did an RP on Livejournal (HP Dungeons) for 10 years and we did a shit ton of weird stuff there, to be honest. Mostly because we got bored in RP chats and challenged each other to do crazy things. Like put canonical, consensual house elf/giant squid romance into a plot arc. (Yeah, I don’t know either.) But story wise? Probably Bigmouth Strikes Again, where Loki goes on a jealous rampage and pretty much destroys Hoboken because Tony Stark slept with someone else.

From the Writer’s Meme  (Still willing to take more, if anyone’s curious! I’ve answered 4, 14, 20, 23, 30, 32, 35, 36 41, 44, 50, 53, and 54.)

anonymous asked:

My friends and I are making otherkin troll accounts. Any tips on how to make them as cringey as possible?

Oh fuck yes. If you want to just be obvious troll just say you’re any sort of foodkin or random inanimate object cause if you aren’t every Gary Stu anime character or pretty flower you’re not really an otherkin. Concepts like freedom, melody, the common cold, alchemy, and mental illness are also available. There really isn’t anything off limits as long as you justify anything potentially triggering or offensive as past life trauma. And you have to either be a wolfkin or dragonkin along with anything else. (I don’t make the rules) But if you’re wanting to go for gold and really blend in to the point people aren’t sure you’re a real kin blog or a troll i’d say make sure you have kin types to keep up with every current and mainstream thing in the media. Like April the Giraffe kin. Make sure to add your own canon to all your kin backstories cause no one will know better about that character’s life then you so if you say you were trans Thor who was romantically involved with Loki it’ll be perfectly valid and canon. No one can argue with you. Try being really creative about it. Make up your own creature with a disgusting amount of detail in your bio. Really world build that shit. Use fantasy name generators and even try to draw “yourself” no matter how bad. (without purposely making it look bad cause then thats obvious troll)((don’t forget those neopronouns in your bio as well)) And then just keep constantly adding more and more detail to it and just always talking about it and whining how you’re alone with no one from your original life, how you feel astral pains, how you wish it were acceptable for you to act out cringy animal-like actions like sniffing people, howling, or showing teeth and any of the other shit they whine about. And if your friends are involved maybe get one to be like “omg i read your bio and it triggered my memories of you in a past life! I finally found my mate! I can remember all this stuff we did together!” If that doesn’t help then take a look at what not to do here: vampyking(dot)deviantart(dot)com/art/Backstory-173521131 It’s a story i wrote with my friends back in high school. It’s a prime example of how to be an obvious troll and what not to do. (If anyone reads this please tell me you’re Vampy king Raul Edwardo Ricardao Armando kin)

anonymous asked:

give me all the headcanons about the band au. why are dick and tim verified on twitter? what does bruce think about the band's music? i need to know everything

Please I’m a slut for musician!Jason, tell me more about rhato

any chance you’d tell us a little bit more about the band au? stuff you think might not make it into graphics & edits?? <33

Tell me about your band!rhato AU please? 

okay folks… im finally delivering. im making up this au as i go, so sorry if there isnt a solid backstory yet. Some rhato band au facts! 

  • their music style is similar to Haim’s, but i originally also thought their debut album would be more like Zayn’s
  • said album is actually named OUTLAWS.
  • Lian exists on this au and is their biggest fan. According to Jason, shes the inspiration for most of their “““romantic”””songs.
  • the Wayne family is still famous here, that’s why Tim, Cass and Dick have verified accounts
  • Jason had a fallout with Bruce, but they’re slowly building back their father/son relationship because in every world they love each other a lot
  • Cass was the first person to successfully reach out for Jason. She went to every single one of his concerts in Gotham and near cities, and eventually even bought backstage passes to talk w him (Steph went with her for moral support) (aka to kick Jasons ass if he was a douche w Cass)
  • Dick tried to do the same thing when he saw pictures of Cass, Steph, Jason, Kori and Roy having lunch together all over twitter and instagram. He got kicked out of the place, bc Jason is a little shit like that
  • (Eventually he accepted the dinner invitation, though. He’s in p good terms w the batfam now, as you can see here)
  • Their first album got actually nominated for a grammy
  • (and they won. Jason promised Roy to punch Justin Bieber if that happened, which, well. Their management is still riding their asses for that one)
  • (Dick thinks it was the best thing ever, though)
  • The joker still exists on this au and yes, he has fucked jason over. Im working in an edit w some info about it 
  • Kori dated Dick for a while, which is how she met Jason back when he was p young. 
  • Talia was Jason’s original manager, but she stepped out when he formed Rhato. They’re in good terms and he still calls her every now and then to ask for advice when hes about to do something Extra™ bc he values her opinion more than anything else in the world
  • (Like that time he posted a picture of him kissing Roy when some homophobic fans were being nasty) (which actually hasnt happened yet but it will okay)
  • there are a handful of songs that every single rhato stan agree are Bruce & Oliver diss songs. None of them commented on it, but Jason smirks like the knife cat everytime he gets asked about it
  • they have parties w one direction every now and then byeeeeee
  • bruce has a room full of rhato merch. Hes a proud father okay, even when he wasnt talking w jason, he still bought every single item that had rhato written on it or jasons face
  • sometimes they have themed concerts. 
  • Their star wars themed one was legendary, RhatoGoesStarWars trended for days. Jason dressed up as a sith, kori as an alien, and Roy… as han solo jhdgsh. They played star wars songs, made their instruments star wars themed, and even had some people from the cast play w them. It was awesome.
  • they formed the band as a coping mechanism. All of them went through some heavy stuff that lead them to turn to music. 
  • Talia was the one to point Jason to the music direction btw
  • Stephcass and KoriJasonRoy are a thing on this universe. Timkon might be too… not sure
  • Clark is a facebook mom and always comments on their videos and instagram pictures
  • According to Roy, the first song they ever played was Wannabe by the spice girls. Jason says it was What makes you beautiful, and Kori You belong with me. Nobody knows whos telling the truth.
  • They started w a youtube channel where they played covers
  • (they still have it btw)
  • and idk those are some that come to my mind now
Meet Your Patient

Hey guys! So this is my first imagine ever! I’m so excited! I hope you guys enjoy it because I absolutely love the Batfamily! The prompt is loosely based off of an OC I was writing for a fanfiction, but I changed it up to match the reader’s POV
If you have any requests, I will do it if I’m part of the fandom. If you have any constructive criticisms, please tell me what I can do (just please don’t be mean! It breaks my heart! I love doing this)!
A little backstory is that you are a psychologist contracted by Arkham Asylum when Bruce Wayne contacts you—he wants you to help his son, Jason, whose… been through a lot.
Hope you enjoy!


You knocked on the door of Wayne Manor, waiting patiently for the door to open. Jason had missed the every scheduled meeting with you, and it wasn’t going to happen anymore. If he wouldn’t come to you, you were going to him.

The door opened, and you looked up with (e/c) eyes to see a formally dressed man with a receding hairline at the door.

“Hello, sir,” you said with a polite smile. “I’m here for Jason Todd. He had missed multiple scheduled appointments made by Mister Wayne, so I thought I would talk to him in a more comfortable environment for him.”

“Of course,” the man at the door said, stepping aside to allow you inside. “You must be Doctor (y/l/n), Master Todd’s psychiatrist. I am Alfred Pennyworth. I help take care of the manor and the Wayne family. If you need anything while you’re here, please don’t hesitate to call for me.”

“Thank you, Mister Pennyworth,” you said with another kind smile.

“Oh, please,” he said with a small chuckle. “Call me Alfred.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Alfred turned toward the stairs. “I’ll fetch Master Todd for you. There is a sitting room just off to the right of the stairs. I’ll show you the way.”

“Oh, no, that’s alright,” you assured him with a small smile. “I can find my way.”

“Very well,” Alfred said with a small smile of his own.

You strolled calmly into the sitting room where you would wait on Jason, to talk to him like you were hired to do, to help him like you wanted to do. You weren’t sure why he was so against getting the help he must’ve known he needed the help, how much easier it was to get through what he was going through when he could share it with someone. The only explanation that you could fathom was that he was just too stubborn to accept help.

You heard something down the hall that sounded like a frustrated young man being pushed down the hallway with no lack of resistance

“No, I don’t want to—! Alfred, I’m not talking to this crotchety old—!”

Jason stumbled through the doorway, or at least you assumed it was Jason. He was young, looking to be in his early or mid twenties at the oldest. His black hair was messy, and had a strange white piece at his forehead. His blue eyes shined with a light of defiance at being forced into his situation before they seemed to widen in surprise at the sight of you.

Apparently he wasn’t expecting someone so close to his age.

But the defiance alight in his gaze never faded. He wasn’t planning on making this easy.

Luckily, you were just as stubborn. You worked at Arkham Asylum with some of the most dangerous people in the country, nevertheless in Gotham. You could get things out of people in ways that made them think they weren’t telling a thing.

“Hello, Jason,” you said in your most polite and professional tone. “I’m Doctor (y/l/n). You were missing all of our scheduled appointments at my office, so I determined that it wasn’t the right place for us to meet. A home visit was the best conclusion, rather than continuing to waste my time and Mister Wayne’s money.”

Jason seemed startled at the amount of sass you had concealed in your polite and professional tone. “I… You’re kidding, right? I don’t want this. I don’t want to talk to you. I am fine.”

You nodded slowly. “That’s alright. We don’t have to talk about you right away.”

He grumbled under his breath before he finally dropped across from you on the couch, making himself comfortable in the most vulgar way possible. One leg was tossed over the arm of the couch and the other on the coffee table between you, his arms thrown over the back.

You looked up from neatening your notes to see his sitting position with a frown. “Could you please close your legs? I’d rather not look at your crotch the entire hour we’re here.”

Jason’s eyebrows raised before he could stop them. He wasn’t sure he remember any woman ever telling him something like that, telling him no. He slowly lifted his leg off of the couch arm and crossed his ankles on the coffee table. He was still frowning, careful not to answer any questions that might lead into a conversation about him.

He didn’t need this. He wanted to get under her skin, scare her off. She wasn’t going to be able to get in his head that easy.

Just you wait, Doc, Jason swore to himself. You’ll be gone in a week.

“So,” you said, crossing your ankles neatly when you looked back up to Jason. “Is there anything you’d like to ask me? I’m open to anything.”

“Why are you here?” He grumbled unapologetically.

“At the mansion or in a session with you?”


“I’m at the manor because you never came to our scheduled appointments together at my office, and I do have patients that could need me more than you, so I needed you to stop wasting the time allotted for us. I haven’t dropped you as a patient yet because the moment I leave this room, I will me handed a check with several zeroes.”

Jason snorted, his blue eyes meeting your (e/c) gaze. “Ah, so you became a doctor for the same reason as everyone else—the money.”

You knew what he was trying to do. Throw you off, make you so uncomfortable that you didn’t want to return. “Actually,” you replied patiently. “I became a doctor because I’ve always been fascinated by the mind, and I wanted to help people understand their own so they could work through their problems in the most healthy way.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “Why the hell would you want to go and do something like that?”

Your answer was simple. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people. And I’ve always been in touch with my emotions, and been able to help the people around me with theirs. I want to help people be the best they can be, and I want to understand what influences different minds to react how they do—it’s why I took my job at Arkham.”

He nodded slowly. “And you think I need help?”

“I think you need to decide if you want to be helped.”

@kiahexploration replied to your post:

I’m just starting my very first campaign! Tell about how you made your first character and if you have any tips!

@blackinkedfeather replied to your post:

Tell us about your d&d character, Rachel! What do they look like? What’s their name? Do they have a story? Show/Tell us, please! :0

I would like thank both of you for enabling me.

Here they are! This is Kali, short for Kaliyah, my tiefling. Their last name is [REDACTED], they’re a rogue! Chaotic neutral, bounty hunter for the most part, they can and will do anything if you have gold to offer, and slit your throat if they find someone with as much as one more gold piece than you to ask for it. I’m honestly still working on their backstory and them in general… One draft involved them hunting down contractor’s souls for their demonic parent, souls of people who asked for power and never gave the required payment. In Kali’s case, they were their parent’s payment. Everyone was pretty cool with it, they sort of grew up with three parents. Part of the money they earn goes to their biological parents as well. I’m trying to avoid the tragic backstory here, pray for me.

Seeing how the campaign is going to go, with me in France and the rest of the party in the US (and maybe one in Malaysia!), they’re mostly going to show up from time to time and disappear again. I doubt i can be a regular player with university lurking behind my procrastinating ass and the timezones on top of it…

I honestly made them because i wanted to play a rogue, and tieflings 1) looked cool and 2) seemed to be a good fit for the class. And have pretty neat variants, though i decided against the winged one.

They have some ridiculously high stats compared to some other members of our party, and as an inexperienced player ironically blessed by the dice gods they will all go to waste.

And- @kiahexploration, i’m sorry, this is also my first campaign as well as my first time playing so i don’t have any tips to give you yet. One thing, though. Don’t trust your DM. Never trust your DM. You never know when they’re going to give you a campaign that’s really a D&D version of the Shrek plot.

saintvivec replied to your post “im still just annoyed that the strangers 2 is even a thing and i know…”

time to explain the backstory of the strangers! XD (please tell me that’s not what they’re doing)


it’s bad enough that they had an exchange in the trailer that was like

victim: leave us alone!!!!

stranger: but we’ve only just begun (:



the first movie is infamously praised for having its antagonists barely talk at all except for that one famous line and you put a stupid cliche line like that in the trailer

Hello! Writing Commissions Available!

My tablet broke. 

Long story short, Im really sad about it and already miss what I could do with it, so I’m saving up to buy a new one.

So! Onto the prices.

Normal Prices:

1 Word = 1 Cent

My minimum is 200 words.

Please feel free to limit the word count according to your budget!


Chapters are 12-14 pages long. That’s around 3,000+ words in the program I use. Now, I get that that’s kind of expensive, so if you want a chapter they’ll have a set price of 20 US Dollars. The limit on one chapter is 4,000 words.

!! If your chapter goes over 4,000 and you only want one chapter I will start charging by the cent, but at this point I’ll be wrapping up so it shouldnt add too much, just a disclaimer. !!


Collections are small stories in a little pack. The word count depends on how much inspiration I have for the thing you want me to write, but I will write a minimum of 100 words. 

Each story is 50 cents, but my minimum amount is four stories.


Smut. I’ll do light stuff like makeouts or things like that, but if you want their clothes to come off the characters, my fingers are off the keyboard.

Real people. Like, unless its you or a friend who are ok with me writing about them, I will say no.

Its best to ask me about the concept you have in mind first though.

Extra Things:

If your story is about characters from a show or book or something that I dont know about, it will take a bit longer. It wont cost extra, but I want to make the story I write for you the best it can be, so I’ll need a little research time.

I really love writing OCs! If you can provide stuff like backstory, bio, if they have any relationships, and what world they live in I would be absolutely overjoyed to write for your OC!

My payment process is that I will write and edit the story, then I will tell you the word count and the price based on it. Once I receive payment I will give you the story.

If you want me to post the commission on any website please tell me.

Writing Sample:

This is my most recent writing project and what I believe to be the best representation of my writing.



Please either contact me by e-mail or by Tumblr’s messaging system.

My e-mail is onilinksgal@gmail.com

Im sorry this is so long, but thank you for looking over it! I hope to hear from one of y’all soon!

MMFD Fanfic Challenge

Challenge: Choose a song, play it twice and you can only write within that period of time. NO EDITING ALLOWED UNLESS THERE IS STILL TIME LEFT.

A/N: IDK IDK IDK what this is. I just- I don’t know. I’m sad about this. Also, you guys can make up your own theories or backstories to this and tell them to me. In fact, I want you guys to do that. Please.


Song: This Time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Finn kicks a rock around with the toe of his shoe, stuffing his hands into his pockets. There’s a cool breeze that brushes softly against his face, causing a shiver to creep up his spine.

“Remember what I told you?” he asks, tilting his head slightly to look Rae in the eye. The moon casts a cold light over her face and she smiles sadly, her eyes illuminated.

“Of course I do,” her voice is forceably easy, like she’s known for quite some time. “Gotta grow up eventually, haven’t we?”

Finn nods slightly, itches for a smoke; for a distraction of any kind, really. In the distance, past the rolling hills and elder trees, he can just see the city, the skyscrpaers that touch the clouds. His dreams and his wishes wait for him to go back to them, calling upon him like a whisper.

“You realize why I’m doing this, don’t you?” Finn sniffles, looks up at Rae through his fringe. She’s got a smile on her face, watery and heartbreaking and Finn takes her face in his hands for the last time, touches their foreheads together. “It’s always been for you. All of it. But this-”

“I know,” Rae nods, her fingers finding his belt loops and pulling him against her, feeling the warmth of the other like a blanket in the still of night. “Maybe I’ll see you again someday.”

“Maybe,” but Finn knows.

He wipes away Rae’s tears, kisses her cherry stained lips once more, just so he doesn’t lose her sooner than he has to; so he can cherish the taste of her sweet kiss, to burn it into his memory.

“You better go,” Rae pulls apart from Finn, taking a deep breath as if to steady her heart. “You’ll miss your train.”

Finn presses a kiss to the corner of Rae’s mouth, his heart raw and bleeding as she throws her arms around his shoulders, says, “I love you, Finn.”

He squeezes Rae around the middle and buries his face into the crook of her neck, bunching her jumper up into his fist.

“I love you, too, Rae.”

It feels like leaving home, he thinks.

Only, this is much worse.