what is wrong with this fandom omg

  • Ant!s: If you're a woman or straight and you like slash fanfic it means you're fetishizing gay men and are therefore homophobic.
  • Fandom: ...So you're saying we should only read and enjoy straight fic?
  • Ant!s: NO OMG if you only like straight pairings it PROVES that you must be subconsciously homophobic what is wrong with you??
  • Fandom: ...Apparently everything, no matter what we do.
KS chapter 18...
  • <p> <b>Ji Eun:</b> *Doesn't like Bum, finds him creepy, and is kinda mean to him for that. But other than being rude, has literally done nothing wrong.*<p/><b>Yoon Bum:</b> *is literally a stalker, that looks and acts extremely creepy, has committed actual crimes, even got restraining orders.*<p/><b>KS fandom:</b> OMG! Ji En is such a bitch! How dare you be mean to poor Bum uwu! He is so pure and innocent! Sangwoo better kill her, lol!<p/><b>me:</b> what the actual fuck<p/></p>
  • merlin: *insults arthur*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *makes fun of/teases arthur*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *gives arthur valuable advice/counsel that he ends up following
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *makes joke at arthur's expense*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *talks about how great gwaine is*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *complains about chores*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *is quiet*
  • arthur: omg merlin whats wrong you're not complaining or insulting me or being unexpetedly wise and you havent smiled in like 3 days (((not that i counted or anything no homo))) are you okay bb let's talk about this
  • Me: *cries*
  • Mom: *enters my room*
  • Mom: Oh honey, what's wrong?
  • Me: B...B...B-
  • Mom: B... Boys? Oh god, did a boy break your heart??
  • Me: B... Bellamy Blake loves Clarke Griffin but they aren't together.
  • Mom: ???
  • Me: *cries even harder*
  • Mom: *puts hand on my shoulder*
  • Mom: Do you still have hope?
  • Me: oMg StOop

Okay, so i’ll open my mouth for what’s happening because i’m so done with agencies right now. I know it’s not one person who decides but a whole team, and i actually thought that gathering few people would lead to connect at least the last neurons they have but i guess i was fucking wrong. What in the earth labels are thinking ?

First it was with YG, refusing to let Minzy shine and literally leaded her to the exit with doing that. Throwing hope at blackjacks with 2ne1 as three members group but finally, decided to disband 2ne1 knowing fully that CL returned to korea and the other members PREPARED SONGS FOR THEIR FUCKING COMEBACK. He « protected » taehyun by exiting him, and rejected the fault on him, like he tried to do with bommie. And i’m literally going to a quest to find yg dungeon and free forgotten-artistsTM (like gummy and lee hi omg YG wyd). And with all the problems with ikon and winner, they spread rumors about a new group, so here an advice yg : why don’t you try to keep your groups and actually, really promote them ? Not just debut them and throw them in the oubliettes months after.

Now, let’s talk about SM, it’s not a new that this agency is shit from bottom to top (not the artists tho), i’ll not talk about nct and mark because everyone knows this fact but it’s really annoying, i mean they know this kind of marketing will work and it doesn’t bother them to use the poor boys, i know they signed knowing fully but still. No offence, but also full offence @ sm but why taeyeon have more albums than f(x) ? (i’ll have some hardcore taeyeon fans on my ass with that) but it’s only the truth, let’s face it. F(x) is one of kind, they have good songs, some of them are pretty fucking lit, so WhY WHY KEEPING THEM IN YOUR DUNGEON SM ? Fans literally waited 16549 years to have a fandom name what the fuck is wrong with you ? Why can’t you spend your so worth-time doing something useful for this group ? They deserved it,but sadly you don’t deserve them. I’m so angry and on my nerves to see that our happy llama is on an emotional ride, still thinking of us, because she sees that she can’t continue like this. I just want to hug her so much because it’s because of her i like f(x), i loved her at the first sight and now .. omg SM you better catch these hands because i’ll chop mine and send it to you. A tip for you SM: before debuting groups try to remember the groups you already have.

  • Someone: *makes a completely nonsensical ship analysis post and puts it in the MAIN tag
  • Someone else: that's incorrect.
  • The original person: omg stop bullying me, why can't you leave me in PEACE, why can't you just let people enjoy themselves, like omg? fandoms are so fanDUMB, I'm leaving lol
  • The original person: *does it again a day later
  • Same thing: *happens
  • The original person: oh my god, stop bullying me-

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I've only just gotten into the transformers fandom recently, but I already ship BlitzBee thanks to your (gorgeous) art, but I was wondering, if you dont mind, what would be the size differences between Bumblebee, Blitzwing and Hummingbird (im so sorry if i got the name wrong)? Thanks so much for your beautiful art (especially the G1 comics, i was losing my shit at those omg)

Hello, Lovely Anon! Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re shipping that little crack ship :D Always glad to pull more people into this boat! 

Oh dear, you remember Hummingbird! It’s been so long! I always have a bit of a struggle to decide her size, because I’d love her to be either smaller than Bee because mini-tank or around the same height as Blitzwing because tall girls are good shit. I’m leaning towards the latter though, so that Bee is the shortest out of the three! 

Aww thank you! The G1 comics are some of my favorites to make, I hope I can make the next one very soon (still need to finish the making of for the last episode, then I can do the next one!) because I’m just having so much fun with them, and I’m very happy you enjoyed them! Thank you for your lovely message, Anon! I wish you the Best!

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omg! What the fuck is wrong with this fandom?! why people hating so much?! Why they are hating @altaircolin?! She is the most talented person in this fucking fandom! No one paint like her! Like NO ONE!!! How ppl can be so cruel!! Like would they do the better painting?? They wanted for her to paint a porn?! wtf?!?! I wanted to say to her how much I like it but she already turned off anons and I don't have a blog. Just imagine what she got in her inbox! And now she will never paint more for us ;(

@altaircolin this anon is for you, be strong, ignore the haters and keep up he good job. We love you! ❤️

  • guzma constantly self-deprecating, expressing disapproval of himself (typical behavior of an abuse victim) 
  • guzma’s dad mentions “but i was the one who got beat” (subtext hinting he attempted/initiated confrontation first) 
  • guzma ran away from home
  • his favorite pokemon has the ability “emergency exit” 
  • there’s bent and broken golf clubs in his house
  • game follows direct themes of parenting (neglect, abandonment, abuse, etc.)

pokemon fandom: “OMG, guzma must really like golfing!” or “guzma beat up his dad bc he’s a thug”

like where tf do you guys get this from?

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omg?? what is this unrequited confession arc??

ok so idk how accurate this is so if im wrong someone plz correct me

basically, its a pretty accepted in the fandom that teru canonly has some sort of feelings for mob that go beyond friendship and that mob is too oblivious/paying attention to his own crush to notice

so while a lot of us love terumob and would love for it to happen, its safe to say thats not happening in a million years, however it would nice to at least have some sort of confirmation that teru has genuine romantic feelings for mob even if that means he’ll get completely turned down

heres where the unrequited confession arc comes in

its an idea that hopefully, ONE can write a small arc that acknowledges this and at least gives us a little more friendship development between the two (especially since the brocoli arc had a perfect set up for that but unfortunately took teru out of the scene entirely at the last moment) so that as sad and heart-wrenching it would be to see teru getting rejected by the person he cares about and idolizes most, it would still be great character development and representation.


Especially now with the latest art from ONE hinting at the possibility of it, it would be amazing to have it happen, hope this helps!

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And if I think it can't get any worse, they create hashtags like #anyonecanseethatgirlisessentiallyawhore and say that Mackenzie is paid to stir up this drama so that the Samzie relationship gets pushed and Sam can hide whatever it he's hiding. That's why she's not turning off the comments or deletes them. Can this fandom get any more riduclous? The excuses for standing up against the IG yesterday painful and embarrassing and cast a very bad light on some people, IMO.

OMG what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck. I can’t. WHY DOES THIS FANDOM HATE WOMEN???

This fandom is subscribing so hard to the Mary Magdalene mindset: women are either whores or virgins/saints. Cait is clearly the perfect virgin who can do no wrong, MM is the whore. But women aren’t that simple. They can’t be melted down like that. And this is soooooooooo wrong and I feel so sick. And honestly I lost respect for people yesterday. People I always respected before.

So I just thought of something this morning that really scares me.


You know how scary and dark our lives would be? Every day we would wake up and wonder why we are still living and are alive on this Earth. What the purpose of our lives would be and what and whom we are protecting. None of us would even know the meaning of love is, and there would be countless wars with no winners. Also, Victuuri would never exist and we still wouldn’t have that one ship we can all agree on, and we would have no podium family, or angry Russian kittens. Also, no LGBT representation in an anime that respects and gives some realisim to a homosexual couple.

The biggest one for me is Yuuri Katsuki. A world without him would be meaningless and not worth living. I’m soo happy he exists and that Yuri on ice exists. Bless.

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omg! What the fuck is wrong with this fandom?! why people hating so much?! Why they are hating @altaircolin?! She is the most talented person in this fucking fandom! No one paint like her! Like NO ONE!!! How ppl can be so cruel!! Like would they do the better painting?? They wanted for her to paint a porn?! wtf?!?! I wanted to say to her how much I like it but she already turned off anons and I don't have a blog. Just imagine what she got in her inbox! And now she will never paint more for us ;(

@altaircolin is crazy talented. Her paintings are awesome❤

And I hope she knows that there are more people who appreciate her than there are haters/cowards coming to her inbox.

If it wasn’t so sad and pathetic I would find it funny that so many keep talking about the WE book and those principles and having other women’s backs but to the exact opposite of what that book and feminism is about… makes you wonder if people really read the book…

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the equivalence w/ nazis is so wrong!! open a history book :/ ? do you know what muggles did to witches? do you realize wizards are the ones who had to go into exile in their OWN country? Voldemort might be similar to Hitler, on his side, but eh, HE was raised in muggle society. And he used nationalists’ anger. Dont call ppl disgusting w/o even trying to understand their pov? you’d be surprised as just how much draco is FAR from being a nazi. this is abberant, sadly.

@chochang | @ginvraweasleys | @snowscharming,  i’m screaming lmfao.

@ star wars fandom

i know i’ve already said this before but i just miss star wars before tfa. now sw fandom is full of sjw who are just bitter teens that want to make a drama of everything. like now if you don’t think everyone is gay or ace just are just a homophobic bitch. if you still enjoy the old canon you’re just a fake fan. you can’t even enjoy the fandom. omg just chill…. just let people like whatever they want. what’s wrong with shipping lukemara and not sk*slo?. IT’S JUST A FICTIONAL SHIP. why do y’all feel so offended if we don’t ship sk*slo lmfao. just ship and let ship. just let people enjoy the fandom as their way and stop sending death threats and harassment cos you’re disagree with someone!!!!!!!!!!!!. first of all that’s not only really disgusting but also childish af…… why do y’all take everything too seriously?. IT’S NOT REAL….NOTHING OF THIS IS REAL. WHAT’S THE MATTER IF WE SHIP THIS OR THAT?. lmfao chillll 

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this is completely the wrong post but omg, non stop for 8 years??? again: what? are you?????

lmao I mean, I’ve had off-periods? But uh, yeah I started posting fanfic when I was 13. I’ve pretty much always had at least one project on the table, as a result of bouncing from fandom to fandom.

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My question is, why do you like kageyama/oikawa so much? Well so much to the point that you hate characters like hinata who are similar but different. I think they are really cool characters but they are a dime a dozen in anime/manga. If you watch kuroko no basuke every character is a kageyama/ oikawa. I'm assuming is that you enjoy fawning over cool guys. And there's nothing wrong with that.

omg anon what a message is this?? it’s like?? i wanna drag each sentence with its own specific novel of satire??

i love kageyama and oikawa so much bc they have both interesting characters and they’re hot. I don’t like characters that easily tbh they tend to hit specific notes and im the last person to be blamed by “liking chars only bc they’re hot” lmao god this level of not knowing your audience honestly?? i hate unnecessary hypes and shallow characters lmao i literally drag people over that, don’t come to me with that bullshit please.


i haven’t watched knb but i know most of them are like overpowered villains so excuse me for not taking your word for it and honestly??? lol i would never trust the judgment of someone who thinks hinata is similar to kageyama or oikawa lmaoooo

So.. ok.. yeah I fawn over cool guys.. and yeah, there isn’t anything wrong with liking cool characters, that’s how that’s supposed to go LMAO. What I don’t enjoy is self-inserting mediocre ones to ship them with the cool ones and I’m assuming that’s why I get hate. And yeah, there is something wrong with that.

I saw so many posts lately about how shipping in Kuroshitsuji is abusive, or how Sebastian raped Beast, or that Kuro was supposed to be yaoi (seriously stop this), never-ending reminders that Grell is a woman (everyone knows, you don´t need to say it hundred times per month) some people even say that Nina is pedophile (????), how terrible that asthma scene with Ciel and Sebastian was and some people are so upset that I´m wondering why the hell do they even read this manga AND I´M SO TIRED OF SEEING THIS IN THE TAGS, IT´S THE SAME SHIT FOR YEARS, this fandom is so embarassing seriously