what is wrong with the eyes


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Genre: pure smut

Words: 2,115

Smiling, you looked into the mirror and admired your reflection. Your black body con dress hugged you in all the right ways and your heels gave you that extra height that you’ve always wanted, despite still being shorter than your boyfriend. Tying a diamond choker around your neck, you applied a generous amount of makeup: subtle smoky eyes, mascara, lipstick, and a dash of brown eyeliner. You looked more than beautiful, instead of going for a cute look, you unknowingly went for sexy and stunning. You weren’t ever sure if the person staring back at in the mirror was really you. Tonight, you were going out to a private celebratory dinner with the boys as a congratulations for their Billboards award. By private, you meant only the boys and you. 7 boys and 1 girl, what could possibly go wrong?

Glancing at the clock, you remembered that the boys were waiting for you downstairs. You were currently at your home, but they decided that they should go all together since it’s more convenient. You were just thankful that you didn’t have to drive and use up your gas. Checking your appearance once more, you tucked a small strand of hair out of your face, smoothed the nonexistent wrinkles on your dress, and headed down the stairs. Upon your beauteous descendant, the sound of cameras going off instantly caught your attention.

“This is going to be my new background.” V unintentionally spoke aloud.

“You know… Jungkook is to your left, right?” Jimin whispered in his ear, trying to warn him.

Eyes widening, V’s body turned stiff as his head slowly turned to face Jungkook, wincing as his eyes fell upon his cold gaze. 

“I was joking!” V tried defending himself, but it was too late.

Jungkook was possessive of you, everyone knew that. If someone were messing with you and Jungkook felt as though you were threatened, he would rush to your aid. There was a time when he almost punched Jimin because he playfully hit you, but Junkook thought it was much more. Knowing this, the boys were very cautious when Jungkook was around, but once he left, they were free to mess around with you as much as they wanted. You loved being around them, despite Jungkook being like a second mother to you. They were all so caring and fun to be around, so you enjoyed every second with them and of course, Jungkook was right besides you. He wasn’t one of those clingy boyfriends, just the ones that tend to look out for you, even when it’s unnecessary. According to him “A king should always be protective over his queen. Without a queen, there is no king.” He was a good boyfriend and you made sure he knew that by flattering him everyday. 

“Oh god, Jungkook…” You began.

“What’s wrong? Is he bothering yo-”

“You look so damn good in that suit.” you praised, smirking as you checked him out from head to toe. “All of you look very handsome tonight.”

“I think I should leave you at home.” Jungkook glared as he proposed, watching your eyes trail all over his members.

Instantly refuting, you laughed as you wrapped your arms around Jungkook, leaning in to give him a kiss, completely forgetting that you two were not the only ones in the room.

“I think we should leave both of you at home.” Namjoon scoffed, interrupting ‘the moment’.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Jin said, looking at Namjoon and shaking his head.

“Let’s go already. I’m hungry.” Yoongi whined as he pouted.

Agreeing with his complaint, you all filed out the door and transferred into the car. The car ride to the extravagant restaurant was filled with off key singing and imitations of one another.

“You guys remember how Namjoon danced during Blood Sweat and Tears, right?” V mentioned, bursting into laughter as Namjoon’s cheeks heated up in embarrassment.

“I did the same choreography you guys did!” Namjoon defended.

“No, you didn’t.” All the members said in unison, causing Namjoon to sulk in his chair.

“Leave him alone, you dorks. I believe he did just fine!” you spoke up.

“Did you just call us a dork?” Hoseok playfully questioned, “You’re the youngest one here!” 

The seven men erupted in fits of laughter upon hearing this fact. It was true, you were younger, but only by a month. Jungkook was only by a month and yet although he dislikes the word ‘oppa’, he loved the way the syllable rolled off your tongue. The members would tease him about it, but he paid them no mind, only ever keeping his attention on you and only you. Once you had arrived, you all walked into the table out by on the balcony. This was your favorite kind of spot, so they made sure to book the entire area. The horizon was plastered with lovely strokes of blue and black, the moonlight contrasting your simple yet astounding makeup. But there was a problem. The servers had miscounted the chairs and you were the only one without a seat. 

“Excuse me!”, Jin called out, “We reserved a table for 8, not 7.”

The waiter’s expression instantly became apologetic as he spoke, “I’m so sorry, but we’re completely booked tonight. We don’t have any more chairs to spare.”

“That’s not our fault, you -” 

“It’s okay!” you chirped, “I’m sure we can figure something out.” 

Bowing as an apology, the waiter quickly walked away, flooding the scene.

“Do they want to see my wrath? How could they miscount?” Jin scolded.

You shook your head, slightly laughing at Jin’s remarks as you crossed your arms. “Seriously, it’s oka-”

Before you could finish your sentence, Jungkook pulled you on top of his lap and wrapped his arms around the waist. The men at the table instantly praised him for his manliness while your cheeks instantly heated up.

“Jungkook! This isn’t necessary, come o-”

“Babe, it’s fine.” Jungkook interrupted, preventing any further discussion. 

Clearly defeated, you sighed and continues to sit on his lap. Momentarily after ordering, you reached over to grab your glass of water. Upon doing so, you just so happened to roughly brush your ass on his crotch, causing him to choke on his steak.

“You better not be doing that on purpose.” Jungkook warned, releasing a low growl in your ear which sent chills down your spine.

“That was an accident.” you said before returning to drinking your water.

At first, it was unintentional, but you loved the way Jungkook got aroused. He was always teasing you in bed, so it’s not unfair to do it back, now is it? Dropping your napkin on purpose, you bent over the table to reach for it, going painfully slow as you rubbed against him. He choked back a loud moan as he gripped your thigh. 

“So that’s how you want to play, huh?” You didn’t have to look back to know that he was smirking.

You pretended to not hear him as you continued to binge on the side dishes, but the moment you felt his hands slithering under the thin fabric of your dress, you knew the night was going to be agonizingly long. Acting as if his actions had not phased you, you began to talk to Yoongi about his music.

“Is it safe to suspect a second mixtape being released soon?” you playfully asked him, putting your hand over Jungkook’s as you attempted to stop his hands from sliding in your panties. But it was too late.

Softly, yet roughly, playing with your clit, you harshly swallowed a sound of pleasure as you gripped onto his wrists, unable to stop his movements.

“I would believe so. I’m working on a new track with Jimin and it’s going very well.” Yoong said,  praising the younger one in which Jimin smiled shyly in response. 

As the men talked amongst themselves, Jungkook took this as an opportunity to slip two fingers inbetween your wet folds. Eyes widening, you nearly hit the table in shock. Luckily for the both of you, you were seated at the edge of the table. Not only that, the table cloth covered his hands under your dress and Jungkook’s tailored black suit prevented anyone from seeing his movements.

“Don’t you think this is a little too far?” you said, speaking loud enough for only Jungkook to hear.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He feigned innocence as he began leaving butterfly kisses down your back.

Curling his fingers, you bit your lip painfully hard as you clenched the table. Picking up the pace, his fingers pumped in and out of you, your wetness drenching his fingers whole. When your walls began to clench around his digits, he smirked and pulled his fingers out, causing you to release a small whine as your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Lift your ass up a bit.” Jungkook softly demanded.

Obeying his orders, you heard the sound of his dressed pants slowly unzipping. Oozing with wetness, you could only think of the pleasure that was bound to follow.Two hand on your waist lowering you down, you gently grasped his erection between your hands, placing it at your entrance. Without any warning, Jungkook shoved you down on him, causing you to accidentally release a loud moan as he shut his eyes in pleasure and rested his head on your back, unable to look his members due to embarrassment.

“Are you okay?” Jin asked, concern washing over his defined features.

You profusely shook your head, “I bit my tongue really hard.” 

Laughing at your silliness, they continued carrying on with their conversation, completely oblivious about the scene that was playing right before they very own eyes. 

“You got to be quiet, baby. We don’t want them to find out, now do we?” Jungkook whispered into your ears as he played with your clit.

“N-No.” you whispered.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.” Jungkook teased, clearly enjoying how you were so sexually frustrated.

“No.” you repeated more confidently, earning a sexy chuckle from him.

Slowly moving up and down, you had created enough friction to satisfy the both of you. With your hands over Jungkook’s, he continuously fondled you as he thrusted in and out. It was nearly impossible to be ‘quiet’ seeing as to how his thrusts were small, yet so powerful. His penetration had you completely filled, every movement was pure bliss. The night was ending and everyone was exhausted, clearly bloated from all they had eaten. Splitting the check evenly, the men started to rise from their seats, causing you both to halt your little performance. 

“You guys go first, I need to talk to her privately.” Jungkook said with respect, despite being balls deep in your pussy. 

Unaware of the situation, they quietly left you guys alone while closing the door as well as the balcony curtains. Conveniently enough, you sighed in relief which only lasted momentarily before Jungkook pulled out quickly as he stood up from his chair, bending you over the table. 

“You’ve been quite naughty tonight, haven’t you?” Jungkook said, rubbing his dick inbetween your folds, but refusing to put it in.


“You need to be punished.”

“Please, punish me.” You begged as you put both hands on your ass, giving him a better view of your exposed body. 

Without a second thought, he thrusted into you, causing you to moan. You could be as loud as you want since everybody had left and the music was being blasted in the main room. No security cameras. No waiters. Nothing. Nothing but you and Jungkook.

Grasping your boob with one hand and the other gently on your throat, Jungkook’s thrust became more and more deep which means that your moans became louder, completely filling the air of the still night. Clenching around him, he gave you one last hard penetration as you both came simultaneously. Fortunately, you were on birth control which Jungkook highly appreciated. Standing you, you sat on the table as you faced him.

“I meant to say it earlier, but you looked amazing tonight.” Jungkook said with a cheeky smile.

“So did you.” you retorted, “but I wish I had eaten more. The food was pretty good.”

Sliding a single digit between your folds, he brought his finger up to lips, seductively licking them clean.

“I’m pretty full.” 

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13. “I lost our baby.” with jordan parrish (but in a funny way, like loosing the baby in the shopping mall or so :D)

Jordan Parrish - “I lost our baby”

“Jordan…” You stared at the shopping bag in your left hand and then you stared at your empty right hand. Panic was racing through your veins and your chest was moving up and down, even though you didn’t seem to get as much oxygen as you actually needed.

“What’s wrong, honey?” He smiled at you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile back at him.

Your eyes were still staring at your empty right hand. Only a couple of minutes ago your fingers had been entwined with those small and tiny little fingers. Only a few seconds ago you had told your son that his father would return any second now. But now your hand was empty. Just empty. “He’s gone…” You held your breath and looked up, scanning the crowd. “He’s gone…” You swallowed a few times. “I lost our baby…”

Jordan placed his hands on your shoulders and he locked his glance with yours. “Don’t worry. We’ll find him. I promise.” He licked his lips and you shook your head while the tears rolled down your cheeks.

“This mall is huge! He can be anywhere!” You were almost screaming and around you people were turning their heads. You could see the judgement in their eyes. You could see the frowned and raised eyebrows. You could hear the whispers of the mothers and fathers around you, wondering how someone could lose a child, their child.

“We’ll find him.” Jordan nodded at you and then he squeezed your shoulders once more. “He’s not even two years old. He can’t be that far away.”

You took a deep breath. You weren’t too sure about that. You had seen him running through the living room. You had seen how quickly he could get somewhere or could grab something. You knew how even the smallest distraction and one second of not paying attention could change everything.

Maybe he was only two years old, but he was quicker than water and fascinated by even the smallest and barely noticeable things.

“Come with me.” Jordan grabbed your hand and he started to make his way through the crowd. He kept his eyes on the ground and you did the same, but no matter how many children you passed, not one of them was your son. Jordan eventually stood still in front of the counter. “Excuse me, miss?” He smiled a calm smile and you wondered why he was not panicking right now. Why wasn’t he even thinking about the possibility that something had happened? Why wasn’t he even wondering if maybe someone had taken him? “We lost our son. He’s two years old and he’s wearing a Disney shirt. He’s called Devon and he’s wearing a plastic sheriff pin on his chest.”

“We will make an announcement for you, Sir.” The lady behind the counter smiled politely and Jordan squeezed your hand. “Attention, attention…”

You could barely focus on the announcement. A thousand ideas, fears and worries were going through your mind and you were sweating all over your body. You should have held his hand tighter. Maybe you shouldn’t have allowed him to walk at all. Maybe you should have put him in the carrier. Maybe you should have bought one of those leashes, even though you had been so against them. Everything was better than the horrible feeling you were feeling right now because you had lost him.


You looked up when you heard a small sharp voice and you let out a relieved sigh when you saw Devon in the arms of a stranger. “Devon! There you are! Where have you been?” You pulled your hand back and wrapped your arms around your baby boy to press him to your chest.


“Did you see a dog?” You forced yourself to smile and you pressed at least ten kisses to Devon’s forehead.

“You can’t just let mommy’s hand go to pet a dog!” Jordan wrapped his arms around the two of you, a bright smile on his face. “Come, I’ll get the two of you ice cream.”

“O yes, of course, let’s reward him for running away.” You rolled your eyes, but once again you tightened your grip around the little boy in your arms.

“He didn’t run away. He saw a dog.” Jordan pressed a soft kiss on your head.

“I know who’s holding his hand the next time we go to the mall.”

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I don't mean this in a rude way, just genuinely curious: what's a tiefling?

In D&D terms they’re essentially a people whos bloodline was cursed to make them all look like demons with big horns, skin of various red tones, and solid-colored eyes (that tbh id rather ignore when i draw them bc thats too creepy for me)

in the lore of d&d theyre generally treated like shit because they look creepy and untrustworthy even if theyve never done anything wrong

Daryl calming you down when you're having a Nightmare would include:


Originally posted by ella-alice1990

• Him coming back from a run or hunting trip and stepping into your bedroom just to find you laying whimpering and trembling in bed

• Him thinking at first, through not being able to see more in the faint Moonlight, that you’re awake and crying

• Him having thousands of thoughts shooting through his mind, while he would ask himself what or who made you feel this way and who he had to threaten for hurting you

• Him then directly sitting down on the bed asking you concerned what’s wrong while stroking over your arm before he would realize that you’re dreaming

• Him laying down next to you and pulling you over to him while trying to calm you down in your sleep through holding you tightly and rubbing gently over your back

• Him not being able to see you this messed up anymore and beginning to try to slowly wake you up

• Him seeing you open your eyes and making you look at him, telling you that it was just a nightmare and that he’s with you and won’t leave your side until you tell him to do so 

• As he’d feel you still trembling and still being stuck in the nightmare, him pulling you closer, making you rest your head onto his chest while beginning to stroke over your hair

• Him telling you that in case you need or want to get it off your chest, you can tell him about the nightmare and he’ll listen to it, doesn’t matter if it takes the whole night or longer

• Him feeling you huddling up closer to him while he’d listen to everything you say and feeling concerned when he hears what awful things you saw in your nightmare

• You asking him if he can tell you about his run just to have something else on your mind

• Him telling you that it’s gonna be awfully boring but if it can cheer you up or at least distract you he’s gonna tell you every little bit of it

• Him finishing his story and kissing the top of your head, telling you that you don’t have to worry to go back to sleep because he’s right there

• Him seeing you dozing off again and even though it wouldn’t seem like the nightmare was coming back, him staying awake until he’s completely sure that it’s gone

• Him not being able to sleep without waking up a few times to see if you’re alright 

• Him not caring about that he’s not getting that much sleep as long as you can sleep through the night. while he would realize once again how deep his feelings for you are and how much your happiness means to him

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“STOP STANDING THERE AND HELP ME!!!” Tayrn quickly turned her gaze towards us. “Come on!!! He’s breathing, but he’s unconscious!! Help me!! Help me lift Soren!!”

She was panicking… did… did she remember what she just said? Regardless, she wasn’t wrong. We needed to take action and pray that we could make it back to the lighthouse before dark. 

I lifted Soren up in my arms, Tayrn kept close by, keeping a hand on him at all times. She didn’t speak much on the way back, her eyes seemed almost… glossed over. With luck, we spotted the lighthouse peeking through the trees. Aubrey took the lead and cleared us a path to get back. My arms were growing tired of carrying Soren. But he was alive… that’s all that mattered… we just needed to get him inside.

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What if Fox!Hux beings to worry if Kylo will be leaving alot more because the assignment isn't about his type of fox?

what if Hux thinks that Kylo may stumble upon another kitsune whilst out photographing other foxes, for example, a fennec kitsune maybe as opposed to a red kitsune like hux?

so Hux makes an effort with Kylo before he leaves, telling him how much he loves him, how much his children look up to him, and how Hux will do anything for his mate

Kylo knows something is off: Hux’s ears are drooped, sad. He asks Hux what’s wrong and Hux can’t help but come out with everything, telling Kylo how much he misses him when he’s away on assignments, how he’s worried that another someone may catch his eye; a kitsune, a human, anything

Kylo drops his bags and holds his fox closely, kissing him, telling him that nothing could ever tear them apart, and if Hux wants Kylo to stop accepting these assignments then he will

Hux says no; he trusts him 💕

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Chase biting his lip before his eyes turn black and the power goes out. "Chase I swear to god-AHHH" "What's wrong babe?" "Let go of my ass!!" "Only if you agree to kiss me"

I imagine him wanting to play in the dark, “babe, come find me” “Chase, turn the power back on!”

Fluffy Friday™ 


He made a big exaggerated gesture as he was yawning and suddenly wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Wow smooth.” she chuckled.
“Well I am a ladies man.” he grinned.
“Okay if I agree to go to the wedding with you…” she said “IF.”
“Yeah?” he said, raising an eyebrow.
She could smell his cologne and lost track of her thoughts for a second “Will you get rid of the douchey bleached hair?” she frowned.
“Fine.” he rolled his eyes “Missing my brown locks I see?” he smirked.
“It looked much better on you, you look like all of the other mindless zombies in that.” she sighed.
“Well I liked your red hair a lot better too but I’m not gonna force you to dye yours.” he grinned.
“As if…” she rolled her eyes “It just made me look like my mom.”
“And what was wrong with that?” Jesse said.
“You know what was wrong with that J.” her face fell.
“Okay, okay, let’s not talk about her.”
“Yeah, let’s not.” Evie said.
“Come on, I’ll buy you something to eat okay?” Jesse said and patted her arm.
“Okay.” she agreed.

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“Don’t look at me like that; like you’re afraid of me.” With 1p Yandere Russia, please?

“Don’t look at me like that; like you’re afraid of me.”

He looked at her with disgust of her reaction , it just ticked him that every time she will try to avoid him . That time he was just passing by her and she back away from him and avoid eye contact , he thought it will just pass but by his looks , it hasn’t and it’s getting on his nerves.He had enough , and her actions led to this , he was glaring at her coldly as she was sitting on a sofa as he sat on the other side of the room in a sofa chair.When he spoke only that sentence, the room went quiet , she just looked at him nervously.He started tapping his fingers in the sofa chairs arm as he leans his head on his other arm. “What’s wrong , cat got your tongue”, he said , but she didn’t give him no answer .He sighed as he look at the ground , “Why are you scared of me?”,he just waited for an answer and heard a bit of mumbling.

    He looked up and to see her trying to force a smile , “I I I-m n-not scared”, she said smiling.He smirked , finding it cute for her to lie , he chuckled catching (s/o)’s attention more. “Why do you lie to me (s/o)?Why do you lie?You know I don’t like when people lie to me”, he said as he stood up.”I once lied to someone, and I needed to pay the price for it~”, he smiled as he looked at her. “I don’t think you want that ,da?”(S/o) swallowed hard as she tried to keep her expression ok as she tries not to break down in front of him. She try to speak but she froze as she felt a tear fall down her cheek, she knew she couldn’t hold it in , as more tears came out her eyes.Ivan stood there smiling, that innocent smile he always have , he just stares at (s/o). “Sunflower~ I’m going to ask you one last time ~ why do you lie to me ~?”, he said  as he walked slowly towards her.(S/o) panicked and she wiped her tears as she spoke up , “I’m not scared Ivan , please , I’m not scared…” Ivan threw himself on top of her , trapping her in the sofa as he stare at her eye to eye .

     “You’re lying~”, Ivan said as tilted his head a bit .”Answer me one last time , honestly , if not , their will be consequences~”, he said as (s/o) could feel his breathing in her neck.She trembled and she burst out again in tears , “I’M SCARED! I’M SCARED IVAN!PLEASE STOP!”, she cried and looked away as she couldn’t stop crying, Ivan smiled and lifted up one of his hand as he grabbed her cheek and made her look at him. “Now that wasn’t too hard to say sunflower~”, he said as he kissed her forehead and got off her and stood up and left the room, leaving her to cry alone.


A few days after the boys were born, Briella came home from school in a bad mood and went straight upstairs to do her homework without saying a word to either Asher or Elena. Knowing her daughter needed to talk about whatever was bothering her, Elena asked Asher to keep an eye on the twins while she went upstairs to talk to her.

“Briella, what’s wrong?” Elena asked as she entered the room. “Did you have a bad day?”


“Then let’s talk about it. Come sit with me on the bed and we’ll figure something out, okay?”

“Okay,” Briella replied as she joined her on the bed. “But there’s nothing you can do, Mom.”

“Well, maybe not. But at least tell me what’s wrong and we’ll see if we can make things right again.”

“Tommy Parker at school said that now that the babies are here, Asher doesn’t love me anymore because he’s not really my Dad. He said Asher is just my fake Dad and it doesn’t count.”

Immediately disturbed by her daughter’s words, Elena sat a moment trying to find the right words to comfort her, “First of all, Tommy Parker is a jerk and you shouldn’t listen to what people like that say. And secondly, Asher loves you just as much as he loves the boys.”

“Even though he’s not my real Dad?”

“Do you love him any less because he’s not your real Dad?”

“No,” she replied, her eyes wet with held back tears. “But he’s their Dad and not mine and so he MUST love them more.”

“Sweetheart, that just isn’t true. Asher loves you and the boys just the same. Nothing has changed with your relationship, I promise.”

“How can you know for sure?”

“Because I do. And haven’t I always told you the truth?”


“Then you should trust me on this,” she replied, wrapping her arm around her daughter. “Asher loves you just as much you as love him and that will never change.”

“Not ever?”


“Okay,” Briella said, smiling. “Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. Do you feel a little better now.”


“Good. So how about you finish up your homework and then come downstairs for dinner when you’re done?”


After giving Briella a quick hug and getting her set back up at her desk, Elena left her to finish her homework and went back downstairs to check on the rest of her family. ♥

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"Dr. Flug,do you know any way a hero could become evil without others noticing?" She seemed a bit nervous.((My Villainous oc,a different form of my profile oc is asking this. She's a girl hero wanting to become a villain because after so long,it felt wrong for her to be a hero.))

“Um, well… I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask this… Frankly, if you’re still a hero in the eyes of everyone else, I’m technically supposed to attack you. But if you want to become a villain…”

He furrowed his brows and thought for a moment, tapping his foot to keep him focused.

“It sounds like a tall order,” He finally said, looking back up. “But… The only real idea coming to my mind is faking your death? Let people assume you’re gone for good, then lay low for a while and get a makeover. Then you can start a new life as a villain!”

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On 4/20, Dylans parents said they were going to address his bad mood when he 'came home'. How do you think Dylan would handle these types of confrontations about his mood?

Minimize things basically… 

“Nah, I’m fine. I was just annoyed; I had to pick up so-and-so earlier cuz their car is messed up.” 

 “I’m just tired.  I’ve got to work a double shift tonight plus, I have a lot of homework”

“nothing is wrong…*imperceptible eye roll*”  yeah, a’right, I’ll feed the cats.”
 *stomps upstairs to his room*   

Basically, just kinda displace his mood on things or happenings as the excuse so he could completely side-step and avoid confrontation with mom and dad and talking about himself, and what is really affecting him emotionally deep inside.   

When you look in the mirror

people look in the mirror

and don’t like what they see

I’m ugly they say

I’m so damn ugly I want to die

why would you want to die

from that thing you call ugly

you aren’t ugly

people look in the mirror

and get sad and mad when they see

those eyes that look back at them

I wish I were skinny they say

I wish I had better looking legs they say

why would you want to change anything

you aren’t ugly

people look in the mirror

the wrong mirror

all the time

and they see everything that’s not real

you aren’t ugly

your legs are beautiful

your weight is perfect

you are beautiful


shouldn’t worry about what other people see


should worry about how you feel about yourself

because a beautiful thing

has to be taken care of

and you my dear

are the most beautiful human being

I have ever seen

because you are you

and that’s something no one else can be

something you can’t change

and shouldn’t change

I look in the mirror

and dear I don’t see just arms just legs just a waist

I see all of them because they are mine

they are the only one’s I have got

and in those eyes of mine

i see myself

i see myself

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APEE and AThEE please~ Arme and Apo are jealous at Nell (that nasod servant) because Mochi likes to call him and being carried~ thank you~

“Nell~ Come here!”

The nasod servant followed the order and swept up Mochi in his arms. At this point he has gotten used to the experience, and he even enjoyed being carried around. He reached out to touch the stoic nasod’s face. Cold, but at least he’s cute.

“What, suddenly you can’t use your legs anymore?”

Arme stood in front of them with folded arms, eyes focused on Nell with a disapproving scowl. The nasod servant shrugged, “It’s his orders, not mine.”

“What’s wrong?” Mochi asked, about Arme’s unkind look. “It’s fun. Don’t tell me you’re jealous?”

“I am not jealous,” Arme insisted, but Mochi just smirked, he didn’t believe that at all. He thought funny how a Celestial can get jealous over a nasod. Mochi replied;

“So I guess you don’t mind we go our separate ways then?”

Arme realized he meant he was going and taking Nell with him. With nasod’s back facing him, Arme fumed, he was jealous but he would never admit that to himself. He reasoned the nasod was a dangerous enemy that would harm Mochi one day (but he knew it wasn’t true). It was also why he would team up with a glowering Sia.

He’d been watching behind Arme the whole time.

“That nasod… will regret taking away Mochi. I’ll take him down.”

“Just for his safety… I’ll help you,” Arme agreed.

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Hey babe, couldn't tell if you're request were open but if they are, I have one :) so I'm heading out on a very long trip soon and I'm getting kinda nervous about it. How about something with Pharah or 76 where they're welcoming home a crush who's been a way for a several months on a Mission. Maybe they've changed some- as people do.

I wanted to write for both but it’d be pretty much the same when I’d write for Pharah. if anyone really wants it, I’ll write it for her but for now, I’m not sure

Soldier 76:

He was relieved. You were finally coming home! He finally got the courage to ask you out (privately, though). But the second he saw you, he knew something was wrong. You were different.

He didn’t know what it was, but the smile he loved was different. It was smaller and more forced.

The way you fought - during practice - changed as well, you hit more critical points before doing smaller hits.

Your eyes looked empty. You looked exhausted.

He was worried about you. But when he asked you, you just told him ‘you changed’.

But he grew to accept you - and who knows, maybe he fell in love with the new you.

Jack the Giant

A #microfiction about big mistakes and bigger hearts…

In another world - a world ever so slightly different to that which birthed Jack the Giantkiller - Jack did not throw the magic beans in the garden at all.

Instead, having thrown away the family cow for such meagre fair, Jack decided to get what little recompense out of the beans that they could. The stew they made was humble, even by their family’s impoverished standards, but Jack found it surprisingly filling and they went to bed satisfied for the first time in a long time.

When they awoke the next morning, Jack knew that something was wrong. Their feet were cold for starters. And their bed felt oddly cramped. Admittedly, they had begun to outgrow their childhood bed, but this was ridiculous!

Jack stretched out their arms and they felt the walls give way like twigs and heard the house creak in distress. They opened their eyes to find they were looking up at the sky. They looked down and they saw their house closed around their body like a turtle’s shell - it seemed to have shrunk overnight.

Jack began to wriggle and writhe and eventually managed to squirm their way out of the house without doing too much more damage to the exterior. Peering in through a window, the inside looked quite a state though, with all the walls and furniture smashed like kindling. Bemused and covered in splinters, Jack gave out a low howl that echoed loudly across the rolling hills.

“Monster! Fiend!” Jack heard a shrill yell from below them and saw a tiny woman who looked suspiciously like their mother. “What have you done to my house?!?”

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This I don't want: the promo that comes with Louis album cause BG and E? This is gonna be just wrong and yikes :(

So…I understand where you’re coming from, and I’ve definitely seen that sentiment quite often on my dash.  You’re not alone in feeling that way.  However, I gotta disagree. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT it, but it’s something I can deal with.

Did you see that huge smile on his face in those photos yesterday?  His eye crinkles?  Did you see how exhilarated he looked when he last performed JHO in Miami?  How full of pure and utter joy?  That man loves performing.  He loves making music.  He loves sharing it with people.  That’s what makes him come alive.  We’ve seen it with our own two eyes. 

If he has to be photographed holding hands with Eleanor or awkwardly mention a baby in an interview or two in order to get those moments that bring that kind of elation to him?  Who the hell am I to take that away from him.  

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Who did that to you. For either Erin and Harry or Izzy and Harry you pick xx

Lets do Izzy and Harry, because I love their friendship and they have pure bants

4. “Who did that to you?”

“Harryyyyy!!!” Izzy called out as soon as she stepped foot in the Styles household. She didn’t bother knocking anymore, she’d been welcomed into that house for as long as she could remember, she might as well have had her own key. 

Harry came bounding down the stairs as soon as he heard his name, nearly tripping over his own feet. “What!? What’s wrong!?” He quizzed with wide eyes. Her call had sounded as though she was hurt, so Harry came running, but when he saw Izzy, she looked exactly as normal except she had her hood up, inside the house and wasn’t looking up at him properly.

“Cancel all plans we have for the next year.” She stated, kicking off her shoes, but making sure when she stood back up her hood didn’t fall down, keeping her chin slightly tilted down.

“What? Why?” Harry asked, getting more confused by the second. “And why’ve you got your hood up? We haven’t got a leak you know.”

“Just, because.” She said, gripping tight to the drawstrings, dangling near her chin from her hoodie. But Harry wasn’t buying it, so he just stood and gave her the look of ‘if you don’t tell me now, I’ll just ask Sam’. There was a moments silence that passed between them, and Harry could see that Izzy was having trouble deciding whether to tell him her reasons or not.

“Fine.” She huffed. “But you better not laugh.” 

And well, Harry was already having trouble keeping down the giggles that were rising, as she pulled her hood anyway from her face. He could feel the corners of his mouth twitching, just aching to turn up and show off his dimple. But he restrained himself, because he knew she’d get offended. 

For as long as Harry had known Izzy, she’d had long, brown, wavy hair, that all the girls, and some boys at school were jealous of. She was naturally pretty, but not boring or conventional. She had something. But Izzy stood in front of him now, was something else. 

“I fancied a change, but I hate it.” She whined, pulling at the now short pieces of hair that fell in front of her forehead. 

“Who did that to you?” He quizzed, a slight teasing tone creeping it’s way in, as he surveyed the hack job that was an attempt at a full fringe. 

The grimace she sported told Harry everything he needed to know, and he was rolling his eyes before she’d finished telling him how her and Sam had decided it couldn’t be that hard to cut a few strands of hair into a fringe. 

“You’ve only got yourself to blame for this one kiddo.” Harry said, pulling her in for a comforting hug, and placing a soft kiss to the top of her head to try and make her feel better, her arms squeezed him tighter in thanks. 

“You’re still gorgeous though.” He commented, and he felt her cheeks pull up, as she smiled against him. “You’re just gonna have to wear a hat for a while.” he teased cheekily, and the punch in the stomach he received was totally worth the smile that was now spread across her face.