what is wrong with the eyes

  • Yang: *Yang slammed open the door to her and Ruby's room with tears in her eyes.* Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! *yang shouted as she punched the wall repeatedly before slumping down against it onto the floor holding her hands to her face.*
  • Ruby: *Meanwhile Ruby rushed in from the bathroom in a panic.* What Happen!? I heard banging! *She then spotted her sister sitting shaking on against the wall and quickly rushed over.* Yang? Are you alright? What's wrong?
  • Yang: *Yang sniffled wiping the tears from her red eyes.* It's nothing Ruby. Just... Just go away.
  • Ruby: Yang. It's clearly not nothing. Please talk to me. I just want to help. *Ruby said moving closer to her sister placing her hand on her shoulder.*
  • Yang: *Yang was silent for a moment, trying to stop the tears from falling as her eyes slowly turn purple.* Fine... I was going to the cafe were Blake went too... I was going to go tell her how I feel about her because I just needed to get this off my chest, ya'know. *Yang sniffled wiping her eyes.* But when I got there I saw her with Sun.
  • Ruby: Okay so Blake was hanging out with Sun. That isn't out of- *Ruby started before shouted with more tears in her eyes.*
  • Yang: They were on a date Ruby!
  • Ruby: *At this Ruby looked dumbfounded with surprise.* W-what? No. they couldn't be. They are just good friend, Yang. I'm sure it was a misunderstanding.
  • Yang: *Ruby then watched as the anger in Yang's express was overwhelmed with sorrow before looking down at the ground.* That's what I was hope for, Ruby... Right up until They kissed.
  • Ruby: oh... Oh Yang. *Ruby whisper as she wrapped her arms around her sister who hugged her back burying her face into her shoulder.* I am so sorry.
  • Yang: What am I going to do Ruby? *sniffle* I love her so much. But I can never be with her. *sniffle. I can't even tell her now. *Yang cried, holding onto Ruby for dear life.*
  • Ruby: Shhhhh. It's alright. Let it all out. *Ruby whispered as she stroke Yangs head hugging her until she calmed down.* It'll be okay Yang. Why don't you go take a shower and get ready for bed. Maybe it will help you feel better.
  • Yang: *sniffle.* Yeah... Thank you Ruby.
  • Ruby: Anytime. We're sisters after all. We take care of each other. You'd do the same for me... And probably beat up the other person.
  • Yang: Hehe, Yeah I would.
  • ~Later~
  • Ruby: *Ruby walked down stair while Yang is in the shower when she hears the front door open and close.* Oh I guess Blake is back. *She thought to herself when she hear Weiss and Blake begin to talk.*
  • Weiss: Welcome back Blake.
  • Blake: Hey Weiss. Where's Yang and Ruby?
  • Weiss: Upstairs. Yang's in the shower and Ruby I think went to bed.
  • Blake: Ah I see. I'll put these left overs in the fridge then.
  • Weiss: So how did it go?
  • Blake: How did what go?
  • Weiss: Your date with Sun.
  • Blake: *Ruby then heard Blake groan as she heard her coat being thrown.* For the last time Weiss. It was not a date. We are just friends and I made that pretty clear to him as well.
  • Weiss: What do you mean?
  • Blake: Sigh, Sun kissed me.
  • Weiss: He kissed you!?
  • Blake: Yes. And then I slapped him.
  • Weiss: WHAT!? Why? I thought you liked him?
  • Blake: As. A. Friend. Honestly, If I knew he was asking me out on a date and not to hang out I would have told him no and that I only see him as a friend. Which He accepted and apologized for kissing me while I apologized for slapping him.
  • Weiss: But I don't understand! You talked you were in love with someone blonde that we know. Oh god don't tell me it's Jaune!
  • Blake: What?! No! God No!
  • Weiss: Then who? We don't know any other blonde guys and the only other person we both know who is blonde is Yang.
  • Blake: ...
  • Weiss: ... Wait.
  • Blake: Weiss. Don't.
  • Weiss: Oh. My god.
  • Blake: Weiss. I'm serious. Shut up.
  • Ruby: *It was then just as Weiss opened her mouth to speak Ruby stepped out from around the corner and nearly shouted.* YOU LOVE YANG!
  • Blake: R-RUBY!? *Blake jumped in surprise, nearly dropping the box of sweet as Weiss watched from the chair she sat in.* H-hey. Uh, I thought you were sleep. I, uh, got some sweetd from the cafe if you want any. *Blake then watched as Ruby zipped over infront of her slapping the box out of her hand to the floor, shocking both her and Weiss before Ruby took hold of her shoulder.*
  • Ruby: Yeah. Forget that. Is it true!? You Actually love my sister?!
  • Blake: I...
  • Weiss: Ruby what is wrong with-
  • Ruby: Not now Weiss! I'll example later! Blake! Do you or do you not love Yang!?
  • Blake: Well I mean... *Blake muttered shifting nervously at Ruby's gaze before finally cracking.* Okay Yes. I love Yang but you can't tell her, please.
  • Ruby: Oh thank you god!
  • Blake/Weiss: Eh?
  • Ruby: Blake You are going to go up stair to Yang right now and tell Yang how yu feel. Like right now!
  • Blake/Weiss: What? Why? *the two said together before looking at each other weirdly then back to Ruby.*
  • Ruby: Because Yang has been crying for the past hour thinks you and Sun are dating!
  • Blake: Why would Yang think that and why was she crying about it?
  • Ruby: Because she loves you and she saw Sun kissing you!
  • Blake: WHAT!? OH MY GOD! YANG!*Blake Shouted and quickly ran past Ruby and upstairs.*
  • Weiss: You think she remembers me saying Yang is in the shower? *Both Weiss and Ruby then looked as they heard a door slam open.*
  • Ruby: Yeah I'm going to go with nope. *Ruby then took a bite of a cookie from the box on the floor.*

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can you write a small fic about clarke moving in to bellamy's room in arkadia? love your writing <3

a teensy little soft fic with my good friends bed sharing and cuddling

read on ao3!

They come to the realisation a mere ten minutes after breaching Arkadia’s gates.

Or, that is, Clarke comes to the realisation first, and alerts him to it when she mutters a soft, “Fuck,” under her breath.

“What? What’s wrong?” he asks, hand going straight to his rifle as his eyes immediately scan their surroundings.

She presses a hand to his shoulder. “Nothing’s wrong,” she says in an easy voice that soothes away his worries, “It’s just that I realised I no longer have a room here.”

He blinks. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” she says, flashing him a wry smile. “I used to room with my mom but that was before… everything. And I would have asked Raven, but, well…”

Raven threatened them with bodily harm before they even set foot in the lab, saying that if anyone distracted her from her work, she’d do more than just string them to a tree.

Bellamy shifts his rifle again, scruffing his toe at the dirt. They’d stopped underneath one of awnings outside on their way to the apartments.

“Well, you can always stay with me,” he says, staring hard at the line he made in the ground. He can feel her eyes on him, and it makes his ears pink.

The silence draws on long enough that he’s just about to tell her to forget about it, when Clarke says, “Actually, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea.”

“Yeah?” he asks, glancing up at her from beneath his lashes to find her gnawing on her bottom lip.

She gently nudges him with her hip. “Yeah.”

“Alright then,” he says, trying to bite a back a pleased smile.

There’s the barest hint of a smirk tugging at her lips as he leads them to his quarters, so he glances sidelong at her and says, “It’s a good thing we sorted that out quickly. You’re in dire need of a bath.”

It gets the desired result when she shoves him into the wall, and he laughs. “Fuck off, Bellamy,” she says succinctly, but she’s doing a poor job of hiding her laughter too.

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My biggest problem with Malec right now is that their intimacy level hasn't changed since 2x06. It's as if the last two episodes don't bring more depth to their relationship when they damn should. This is not the situation where we should "fill the gaps" ourselves like in the books. 😐 I still ship Malec with all my heart and soul but until they prove me wrong, I'll take everything with a grain of salt.


At this point I would go back to 2x01 in the blink of an eye when Malec weren’t together but had this beautiful, beautiful balcony scene where they reconciled and Alec blushed and smiled like a dork when Magnus fixed his collar.

Michael Reisz, where have you been? What happened? Come back and fix this!

My lovely new mutual @gouguruheddo prompted me to write an Eruri drabble! The prompt was “lying.”

Erwin is lying. Levi knows this as he looks into his eyes.

“You really think,” Levi says dubiously, “that we can be friends? Just…friends?”

“Yes,” Erwin says. He refuses to break eye contact with Levi. That is what gives him away.

“Well. I’ll tell you the truth. If you want it. If you’re capable of hearing it.”

“Levi…” Erwin begins.

“No,” Levi says. “No. I want you. Erwin. I want all of you. I want your highs and lows. I want your safeties. I want your danger. For us to just be friends…that’s worse than ridiculous. That’s wrong.”

“Okay,” Erwin says, seeming to decide something right then and there.

“Did you really—“ Erwin cuts him off, kissing him hard. It is a kiss Levi can only describe later as sharp. Something that cuts him to the core, even when he thinks about it hours later, tangled in the sheets with his new lover. Because that’s the word for it, isn’t it? Lover. It is a word that breathes and bleeds truth. A word that Levi and Erwin carry under their ribcages. A word that beats. Erwin and Levi are lovers. And that is the only truth of the matter.

“I tentatively reached out
for Celeste’s hand,
fingers brushing against hers.
The second she felt them, she took hold,
looking into my eyes with concern.
‘What’s wrong?’ she mouthed. I shrugged.
And so she just held my hand. After a minute,
she seemed to get a little sad, too. While the
men in suits prattled on, she stretched out, reaching for Kriss’s hand.
Kriss didn’t question it,
and it took her only seconds to extend her hand for Elise’s.
And there we were, in the background of it all, holding on to one another. The Perfectionist,
the Sweetheart, the Diva……
and me.”

America Singer week

Day 3: Wednesday, February 22 - America and friends

The groan has Naruto’s eyes snapping open, shifting so he can look at the culprit sleeping next to him. There’s a frown that pulls down Naruto’s lips as Sasuke tugs at the covers, trying to get them adjusted correctly as he tosses around.

Naruto reaches a hand out, watching as Sasuke stops suddenly, turning to look at Naruto with guilty eyes. He probably feels bad for waking Naruto up at two in the morning. “What’s wrong?” he asks quietly, his throat a little hoarse with sleep.

Sasuke shifts one final time, moving so Naruto’s hand is resting on his waist and he’s lying on his side to face Naruto. “It’s nothing,” Sasuke mutters, shuffling a little closer, allowing Naruto’s hand to slip around his back.

“I know you don’t usually sleep well, but this is a bit more extreme than usual. I’m not that stupid. I know something’s bothering you,” Naruto says, hand moving to brush a few strands of hair from Sasuke’s eyes.

Naruto can barely make out dark eyes darting to look away from Naruto, a frown tugging down Sasuke’s lips. “It’s just-” he starts, a sigh leaving his lips. Naruto doesn’t push, simply allows him to take his time finding the right words. “It’s today,” he finally mutters, like Naruto is supposed to know what that means.

“What’s today?” he asks, glancing at the clock over Sasuke’s shoulder.

“It’s the anniversary of my parent’s death,” he explains after a deep breath. Naruto only knows minor details about the night three years ago. They hadn’t known each other at the time and Sasuke wasn’t one to talk about that night. Naruto has broken down many of his walls, but that hasn’t been one.

He isn’t exactly sure what to say to that. Naruto lost his own parent’s when he was five and has few memories of them, but Sasuke only lost his own parent’s recently, 22 year’s worth of memories still swirling around his head.

“I was with them when they died,” Sasuke reveals. Naruto can hear the pain in his voice, wishing he could take it away. “They were dropping me off back at my dorm after the long weekend. I was pulling my bag out of the back when the car came. It was so fast. It barreled into the side of the car. My dad was killed on impact and my mother died in the hospital.”

Naruto can see the tears glistening in Sasuke’s eyes, using his thumb to brush the few stray one’s away. “It was horrible. The car was crushed against the light post and my mom was hanging half out the window.”

He doesn’t say anything else after that, simply shifting closer to Naruto and allowing Naruto to engulf him in warmth. The room is quick as Sasuke catches his breath, curling into Naruto.

“I want you to come with me,” he mumbles into Naruto’s shift. Naruto has a hard time understanding, but he gets the gist of it.

“You want to me come?” he asks for clarification. Naruto wasn’t expecting an invitation to the cemetery as this was the first time Sasuke was even sharing the details of the story with Naruto.

“Yes. I want to introduce you,” he explains, pulling away to look at Naruto. He still looks sad, but his eyes show just how sure of this decision he is. Naruto isn’t going to fight him on this.

“Of course, I’ll go. I’d love to meet your parent’s,” Naruto says, a smile pulling up his lips. Sasuke gives him a small one of his own, leaning forward to press a kiss to his lips.

“I want to go in the morning,” he explains, shifting again so he can rest his head in Naruto’s neck, arm slinging across his middle.

“I think I can arrange that,” Naruto replies, holding Sasuke tighter.

It doesn’t take him long to fall asleep in Naruto’s arms after that.

Come Back to Me

Originally posted by supernaturaldemondean

You couldn’t bear to be down in the dungeon where Sam had Dean tied up, giving him injections of human blood. You couldn’t bear to listen to his screams mixed with roars that displayed how much pain he was in. You couldn’t bear to consider the fact that the cure might not work, and your husband would be a demon forever. You couldn’t bear to think about how Sam would go on with having to kill his brother. 

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for some reason i remember reading griffin saying that the suffering zone was the last true arc and now im like……………… doubting everything. are my eyes real. did i read wrong. whats a venture zone

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Mochi with shy fem reader fluff

“Come out already…” Mochi said, nudging you with his hands.

You refused to reveal yourself from the blankets, too embarrassed to look at Ain in the eyes. You had just confessed to this beautiful man in the worst way possible, being so quiet Mochi had to ask you to repeat said confession numerous times before having to take back your words.

You couldn’t face him, not properly anyway. Hiding in the warm, soft blankets was your only chance to vent out your humiliation at the thought of the event.

“Hey… come on now… you didn’t say anything wrong, I think…” Mochi reassured, patting your blanket covered head. “Just be a little louder with what you’re going to say next time…”

From the looks of it, Mochi didn’t seem to have heard your confession properly. You huff at him, both disappointed and relieved. Relieved you could have a second, proper chance at confessing to him next time, but also disappointed. You also wanted him to answer to your feelings as soon as possible.

Not that you’d bother to repeat your confession again after what just happened.

It took Mochi another 30 minutes to convince you to come out of the blankets. Or moreso, having to force you out as he eventually stole your source of warm protection away from you.  

Anxiety/Morality headcanon

Morality and Anxiety are home alone one day.

They’re both just doing there thing in the living room, Anxiety reading and Morality alternating from playing with Anxiety’s hair and watching whatever’s on TV.

Anxiety sighs suddenly, drops his book on the ground and drops his head back against Morality’s chest.

Morality can tell something’s wrong, and ask what’s up

He’s surprised when Anxiety comes completely clean, no hesitance and no avoiding the question.

“I’m tired,” Anxiety tells him. His voice is flat, his facial expression remains neutral, yet there’s obvious tears in the corner of his eyes, “I’m so tired. Everything is just-” He has to squeeze his eyes shut, but tears still fall “-It’s all too much. I can’t keep pretending everything’s okay. I’m not okay.”

Morality is amazed, hurt, and sad all at once, and he pulls the other to him while his own tears begin to form.

“I don’t know what to always do,” Morality says, “But, I know it sometimes like the world is too big for oneself. But you have to remember it’s not just you. Maybe you can’t get help for everything, some things you have to face alone. but, know that if those things ever become to strong, you can always come back to us, and we will help you where we can. And we will bring you back to you, and we will be there for you no matter the outcome. Just remember, whenever you think you’re alone, we’re standing next to you.”

When everyone comes home, they find the lights out, TV static a hum in the background

And Morality and Anxiety asleep on the couch, together.


embarrassing first name + digging yourself deeper + the face + old money + stepford smiler + princely young man + that came out wrong + screw the rules, i have connections! + bunny-ears lawyer + conspiracy theorist + determinator + the insomniac + seeker archetype // he lays back amongst the leaves and the gravel, his eyes—as always—directed above in constant search. he lives between the known and unknown, a precipice he wants more than anything to bridge. sometimes, when he finds himself gazing amongst the stars for traveling beams of light, he wonders what he might say to them. he hasn’t ever gotten anywhere further than, “i am here. i am alive.”

once upon a time, perhaps beau—yes, beau not reuben bc his parents named him after a sandwich—had it in himself to be a “normal” child. as one of Those beauforts, he comes from enough means to pursue some normal activities and perhaps he could have even gone to college. he’s certainly bright enough. and he very well might have… were it not for the aliens. one night as a kid, wandering around with a friend, beau falls down a hill near west erie. he’s taken to the emergency room, where he proclaims that he saw a ufo. and, despite all evidence to the contrary—he suffered a concussion in the fall—beau’s story has never changed. “concussions don’t cause hallucinations,” he might say, “and they don’t cause time loss.” at the time of the fall—and the time of the sighting—beau’s watch stopped. some might argue that it was damaged in the fall, but when he had it checked out no damage could be found that would have caused it to stop. from then on, beau found himself at ufo sights around the country, financed by his parents’ wealth. he’d never miss a day of school—education is important, “stay in school kids!”—but the rest of his time he spent on his search. nowadays, beau felt the need to do something else with his days now that he’s an “adult” and all that grossness, so he’s working as a haunted tour guide for human hauntings, inc., hopefully?? tdlr; he’s basically a mix of richard gansey iii and fox mulder so throw everything at him!!

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Not a hate message. More of a "why are you defending what is clearly art theft" message. As an artist, I would expect you to understand how it might feel to have your idea taken, tweaked 5 degrees and re branded. Because that's what soda fizzy did, and it's wrong. Literally all they have to do is give credit where it's due. It's. Not. Hard.

Hold on. Why are you coming to me??? All I know is that Tobi drew the characters based off of his own views. Also take a good look at the characters you assume he’s “copying” and look at his characters. You need evidence before you make claims. If they have similarities, such as skin tones, or possibly eye color, or hair color, that’s nothing. But if it’s like same face, same everything except the name that’s copying. Anymore questions can be directed towards Tobi. But please just stop sending asks in general.

Saeran reacts to MC losing a friend-hurt/comfort

(Hello everyone, this is a gift for @xsynchxyz​ who has been struggling with some tough stress due to struggles with social situations and is fearful that they’ve lost a close friend. As an attempt to help this is a little headcanon just for them~)

-Saeran catches your gaze from across the room
-Almost immediately he can tell somethings wrong
-His first thought is that he maybe did something wrong
-So he nervously rushes over to ask you whats going on
-He sits down beside you and asks to take your hand, tightly holding it for dear life
-You can feel his pulse beating through his grip as he feels you shake gently
-The look on his face is almost complete panic 
-When your eyes meet you can see the sadness in his gaze
-He can’t stand the sight of you upset
-He loves how much you usually smile, so when you aren’t it’s always such a shock to him
-His voice shakes a bit when he asks if you’re alright, slowly moving a hand to wrap around you
-His breath his hot on your ear as he pulls you against his chest
-You can hear how uneven his breath is while he worries about
-This boy cares so much about you and he has no idea what to do
-He whispers how important you are to him in your ear
-Every little detail about you that he’s observed
-Somethings so small you hadn’t even noticed
-You let out a small smile and reassure him it’s not his fault as it becomes apparent that he’s scared that’s the truth
-You can see and feel him relax, but the amount of worry only grows
-He sits back on the couch and invites you to come lay down on his chest
-His hand comes into your hair as he strokes it softly and invites you to tell him everything
-I’m sure he would have begged you to tell him if he had to
-As you talk he’s silent, hands holding you tighter when he feels you start to choke up, reassuring you he’s got you
-He’s really not sure if he’s helping, but knew holding you usually did help a great deal from what you’d told him
-When you’re done he pauses to think about what you said
-He didn’t completely understand, but he knew what it was like to have someone cut you off when you needed them, someone close
-He swallowed thickly and looked you in the eyes
-”You’re stronger then them, you don’t need to rely on them being in your life to be happy. You’re amazing and have people who actually care about you, people who wont leave even if you mess up. Don’t waste your energy, they aren’t worth it, not when you’re the beautiful person you are, I won’t allow it.”
You blinked and just stare at him for a few minutes, a bit stunned by his words before being dragged up into a kiss
-It was soft, warm and slow, pushing his emotion into the kiss as he got carried away, trying to show what words couldn’t
-He suddenly jerked away and his eyes shifted away from yours, a deep blushing coming to his face
-He coughed, realizing he forgot to ask before kissing you
-You let out a laugh and you could almost see his heart pound seeing you smile again
-You tug him into a kiss before flicking on a movie together
-You both didn’t move for the rest of the evening, just enjoying being in his arms
-He’s always mindful of being extra reassuring after that
-Telling you he’ll never leave no matter what
-Telling you he’s just as bad socially as you so there’s nothing to be ashamed of
-And of course, making sure you know you’ll always have someone who loves you 
-He probably spends the next week trying to make you smile as much as he can too
-He has to make up for all the time you were upset
-It’s adorable, this boy thinks you’re amazing so you should too~

Harass my daughter on Minecraft? You can't hide from me.

So, my daughter, who was about 8 at the time, was REALLY into Minecraft (as most kids are these days). Also desperately wanting to join the Youtube/Let’s Play culture, I had installed some screen recording software that would let her make videos of the games she was playing so she could later upload them to Youtube.

Anyways, one day I’m minding my own business when I hear her quietly sniffling over on the computer. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t want to tell me so I let it go, but decided to keep on eye on her. A few minutes later I discovered what was happening; someone was harassing not only her, but also all the other kids playing on whatever server she was on. This kid (we’ll call him Little Sh*thead, or LS) was saying sh*t about how he was going to rape my 8 year old daughter (she told him how old she was hoping he would stop), how he was going to hack into her IP and steal all her info, swearing profusely (remember, this is a game for kids), etc etc. By this time I had gotten my fiance involved, and she was also obviously quite upset at what a little sh*t this kid was being. We realized that our daughter had been recording the entire incident, and a plan began to form.

I started by googling LS’s username. There were several hits immediately, the most interesting of which involved a page where he was publicly applying to be a mod for a server on Minecraft. I was able to learn a lot about this little POS: he claimed to be 15, likes hockey, used to live in Toronto but now lives in Florida. But the bombshell was easily his skype contact info; it was literally firstname.lastname. I know your name now, you little sh*t.

So I head over to Facebook and search for the name. Nothing. Hmmmm. On a hunch I searched for just the last name, while narrowing my results to only the state of Florida. Several dozen hits. Hmmm. So I have to start combing through each one, until I find what I was looking for: a middle aged man with the same last name, whose profile indicates he was born in Toronto and now lives in Florida. I FOUND YOUR DAD, YOU LITTLE SH*T.

So I sent him a message on Facebook, asking if he had a son named firstname who goes by his username on Minecraft. Dad confirmed I had the right guy. So my wife begins telling the dad everything that LS was saying to my daughter, and we sent him the recorded video as proof. Radio silence for a few days.

Then we got the message back: LS had his computer taken away from him for the entire summer, and had also been lying about his age (he was only 11, I think). His parents were f*cking livid with him, and he surely hated the next few months of his life.

No one f*cks with my daughter.


Tiger’s Eye vs Sailor Uranus
Hawk’s Eye vs Sailor Neptune