what is wrong with pete wentz

Ok but can we talk about how emo, as a genre, defied gender roles in a big way? Like, everything about the culture, from the guys wearing makeup and womens’ skinny jeans, to the way they got unabashedly emotional in spite of the “men aren’t supposed to cry” narrative they’d obviously been socialized with, was just this complete “fuck you” to the idea that there’s a certain way to be a “man”. 

And a lot of their detractors called them “girly” or “gay”. And they didn’t give a fuck! Fall Out Boy has a whole song entitled “Gay Is Not A Synonym for Shitty”, which referenced a famous Pete Wentz quote, where he basically said that if you thought his band sucked, to just say it sucked, and not be a “homophobic asshole” about it. 

And, then, geez, My Chemical Romance took it a step further, and Gerard Way outright kissed one of his bandmates at concerts purely to infuriate homophobes who were at his shows.

 A lot of these bands were openly for LGBT rights, for womens’ rights. I remember one instance where some band MCR was touring with asked women to flash their tits in exchange for backstage passes. And Gerard was so horrified by this, and told his female fans to “spit in the faces” of misogynists in the rock scene. 

Like, god, these bands were so progressive. And they still are. Right after the Pulse tragedy, Brendon Urie literally danced around in a pride flag and told his queer fans what they meant to him. Pete Wentz said that “Uma Thurman” was meant to show his female fans that they could be “badass”, too. And Gerard pretty much admitted in an interview to somewhat identifying with the label “nonbinary”. 

That’s the most lasting impact that emo is going to have. Showing fans of all genders that there’s nothing wrong with being whoever the fuck you are, that there’s no specific way to be a man or woman. And, god, I just fucking love that. 

  • Petekey: usually fluffy. vanilla smut (if any) and lowkey kinks
  • vs
  • Frerard: you into fucking your significant other in a scubasuit while you're both drenched in ketchup? probably a frerard fic of it.
  • Patrick: [screaming]
  • Pete: Oh my God, what’s wrong?
  • Andy: There’s a spider in the kitchen!
  • Pete, sighing: Can’t you just...you know...squish it?
  • Patrick: [horrified gasp] I would nEVER kill a spider!
  • Pete: It scares you, doesn’t it?
  • Andy: Well...yeah...
  • Pete: Then there’s how you justify it.
  • Andy: Can’t you just put it in a cup and take it outside?
  • Pete: Uh...can’t you do it?
  • Patrick: Oh, is Peter Panda afraid of spiders?
  • Pete: Uh...maybe...
  • Andy: Ha!
  • Joe: I hope you know that while you all were arguing, I just stepped on the thing myself.
  • Patrick: Wh- NO!
  • Andy: How could you?!
  • Pete: Wow. If it isn’t Joe the fucking hero.

do u ever get upset about how suddenly everyone loved gabe saporta when he was much more white passing

like………….gabe is jewish and latino and has naturally curly hair and darker skin than any of his bandmates

and i see more pics of him with straightened hair than i do natural and i see pics where people have edited him to have paler skin than he actually does (dont get me wrong gabe isnt really that dark tho but HOLY FUCK WHY DO U GUYS WANT HIM TO BE WHITE SO BAD)

just because bandom uses “pete wentz is half black” as a defence mechanism against poc kids in bandom saying ur racist doesnt mean that u can pat urself on the back bc u like someone whos poc but still fits into what you have been taught to believe is “attractive”. 

  • FOB's twitter, ig, etc: Chicago, please silent your phones at 11am CST
  • Me: What the fuck is this?? What the fuck is this?? Were they hacked again?? Is this the new content?? What the fuck is this?? Did someone give Pete the passwords of their accounts??
No Matter What. (MCR/Dad!Gerard Way x Bisexual!Reader)

Note: This was requested by @emanuelnassi. I hope you like it, my love; I tried. x

Gerard had always been the exceedingly protective father type. From the moment he first held you in his arms and looked into your sparkling eyes as you smiled at him, he vowed to try as hard as possible to make sure that you were always happy until the second he took his final breath. When your mother died, the urge to protect you and make you happy increased tenfold, and kept increasing even ‘til this day. You were the centre of his whole world, and more important to him than anything had ever been.

Being Gerard’s little girl, it was only natural that the other MCR guys loved you to pieces and treated you as their own.

Mikey was more of a second dad to you than an uncle; when your mom passed, he stepped in immediately to help Gerard raise you and was always there for you in times when Gerard was unable to do so. You couldn’t wish for a better godfather.

Frank – obviously – was the totally awesome, anything-goes, extremely hilarious uncle who you’d turn to whenever you needed to let off some steam - which he was more than willing to help you do; he even gave you your first cup of alcohol when you were thirteen (which your dad still knows nothing about. And that’s a very good thing, considering he’d kill the both of you if he found out).

Ray, being the most reserved out of the four guys, was like your own personal life coach. Whenever you needed advice on something, or needed help making a decision, he was the one you’d turn to.  

Which is why he was the first one you came out to.

“So, bisexual, huh?”

“Yup,” you replied, popping the ‘p’ and nodding, “That okay?”

“Of course, (Y/N)! You’re still you; it’s not like anything’s changed. I don’t care what your sexuality is, as long as you’re happy with yourself.”

“Thanks, Uncle Ray,” you hugged him.

“No problem, sugar,” he hugged you back, “What did your dad say?”

“I, uh, haven’t told him yet. You’re the only one who knows.”

Ray pulled away from you hastily. “What? (Y/N), as honored as I am that you would come to me first, I really think your dad should’ve been the first one you told.”

“That’s why I’m here! Or more specifically, why I told you,” you ran a hand through your hair and sighed in frustration, “I have no idea how to tell him.”

“You had quite an easy time telling me,” Ray pointed out.

“Yeah, but, he’s my dad. And I’m just scared that this isn’t what he’d want, and I can’t handle him being disappointed in me,” you said softly.

“(Y/N), are you crazy? There’s nothing in this world that Gerard loves more than you and if you think that you being bi is going to change that or make him feel any different towards you, you’re seriously wrong.”

“Woah, you’re bi?” Frank walked into the tour bus, eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Yes,” you said slowly, not knowing how he’d react.

“Huh, who would’ve thought,” he responded while dropping onto the sofa, “Like father, like daughter.”


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” Frank raised both hands in defence as he giggled, “Mostly.”

You shot him a glare and gave him a light smack across the head, making him laugh even more.

“Who else knows?” he questioned after his laughter stopped.

“Other than you and Uncle Ray, no one.”

“Who else knows what?” Mikey asked confusedly, entering the bus with a pack of beers in his hand.

“Oh, for fuuu- UGH, this is not how I planned this would happen,” you plopped onto the sofa and let out a loud groan as you hung your head in defeat.

“(Y/N) has something important she’d like to tell you. She hasn’t told Gerard yet, ‘cause she’s scared about how he’ll react, but I told her it won’t change anything,” Ray attempted to explain; yet this only made Mikey a million times more anxious.

“I’m bisexual,” you confessed rather easily; not sure whether the newfound comfortableness stemmed from the fact that you’d already come out twice in the last five minutes to two of the most important people in your life, or whether it was just because Mikey looked so scared.

“Oh, thank god!” Mikey exclaimed, relieved; you and the other two sharing perplexed glances.

“Er, that’s not exactly the reaction I was exp- hey,” Mikey had rushed over and cradled you into his arms, planting a kiss on top of your head.

“Fucking hell, I thought you were gonna say that you’re pregnant!”

“Who’s pregnant?” Gerard strolled through the door, looking every bit as confused as Mikey had a few minutes ago.

The bus went silent as everyone looked everywhere except at Gerard.

“Hello? Is anyone gonna answer me?”

You broke free from Mikey’s embrace and took a few steps towards your dad. “Dad, I-“

“Oh, fuck, (Y/N), didn’t I tell you to always-“

“Dad, relax! I’m not pregnant.”

“You-you’re not?”

“No, I’m not,” you took a deep breath and closed your eyes, trying to gather your thoughts, “But, I am bi.”

“Bi as in-“

“Bisexual? Yes.”

“Oh. Okay.”

You were a bit taken aback at your dad’s almost non-existent response, having expected something completely different. “Okay? That’s it? You’re not mad or…”

“Mad? Why would I be mad? There’s nothing wrong with being bi, babygirl. Besides, when someone has a child, it is – or at least it should be – unconditional love. If I can love you with your room looking like it does, I’m pretty sure I can love you being happy.”

“Thank you,” you smiled a teary smile and flung yourself into his arms, “I love you.”

“I love you too. No matter what.”


Thank you for reading x

pete vs. patrick on peterick
  • pete: i mean.. i'm not saying it /could/ happen but.. i'm not saying it couldn't either ;)
  • patrick: what the fuck? you fucking scum of the earth, don't fucking mention that to me what the fuck is wrong with you? don't ever even fucking /suggest/ that concept to me, what the hell is wrong with y

Fall Out (Pete Wentz)

Word Count: 1,319


You were sat around the dining room table at your parents having a Sunday lunch, It was very rare that you got to attend family meals because two months ago you made the move from London to LA to be with your boyfriend of six months Pete Wentz. Yes Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy was yours, you were a fan who nearly got trampled by teenagers but Pete saved you and fell in love with you, the British accent also helped.

He was also in London but had to attend a meeting about signing a new artist to his record label so was popping around to your parents after lunch, you were both staying here while in London. The fact Pete was absent only added fuel to your parents fire as they didn’t approve of you dating a musician.

They wanted you to come back to England, find a nice stable job because promotion for gigs/festivals wasn’t considered a proper job in their eyes. And most importantly snag a guy who could provide for me and give them grandchildren in the next couple of years.

Your sister and brother were the favoured children, they both had successful jobs and nice clean cut partners. Who didn’t make a living jumping around stages playing guitar as your parents called Pete’s job. You were the youngest child at 27 and they expected you to grow up, but you were happy making your own decisions.

‘So y/n your sister was telling me she knows a cute guy at her office she’s willing to set you up with.’

You couldn’t believe what was coming out of your mums mouth, she knew you were in a happy relationship with Pete. You place down your knife and fork quite loudly which gets her attention.

‘Excuse me mother but I already have a boyfriend. No offence y/s/n but Pete makes me happy, I love him.’

Your mum scoffs.

‘You don’t know what love is y/n.’

‘I’m 27 mum, just because I don’t want to be a robot like y/s/n and y/b/n doesn’t mean I’m clueless.’

‘Just listen to your mum y/n she’s right. Your boyfriend is gone over 200 days of the year touring, he has plenty of women to see to his needs while he’s away.’

You stand up and slam your hands on the table, how could your dad think Pete would cheat on you. He didn’t know Pete like you did.

‘Dad I promoted their tours, I even went on the road with them the last two times so I know he’s loyal. How dare you accuse him of sleeping around with other girls.’

‘Sit down y/n, you’re making a fool of yourself. We don’t want you going back to LA, I want you to stay here.’

Your mum always tried to play it like you started the argument, well not any more because enough was enough.

‘Not this time mum, this is my life and I’ll love who I want to love. I’m leaving.’

You storm out of the dining room and up the stairs to the bedroom you and Pete were sharing while you stayed here. Luckily the two of you hadn’t really unpacked which made it easier throwing things back into the suitcases. Tears threatened to spill as you thought about the mean things your family had said about your relationship over the last several months. Parents were suppose to support their children but mine couldn’t see my happiness over their own.

You meant to text Pete to tell him not to come back to the house but you must have forgotten because as you finished packing the doorbell sounded. Pete was back and your parents were most likely going to blow up on him.

You curse and drag both the suitcases downstairs, you can already hear raised voices of your parents in the hallway as Pete tries to remain cool and calm.

‘Why did you have to corrupt our daughter? She had a future until she went to that damn concert of yours.’

You roll your eyes at your mums attempt to guilt Pete into dumping you. You clear your throat and all the eyes turn to look at you. Pete lets out a sigh of relief and comes to your side and takes the suitcases off you.

‘Hey babe, I was having a lovely conversation with your parents.’

He leans over and kisses you on the cheek, over his shoulder you see your mums face turn red so you kiss Pete back to annoy her.

‘I think we should stay at a hotel for the rest of the trip Pete. I don’t think either of us are welcome here anymore.’

Pete nods and goes to open the front door, your dad stands in your way.

‘If you leave with him then don’t come running back to us when he finds someone younger and prettier.’

Pete clears his throat and you can see anger on his face at what your dad said about him.

‘Sir I love your daughter, I would never cheat on her because she’s perfect. If you can’t accept us then I guess I don’t need to ask for your blessing in marrying your beautiful daughter.’

You gasp, was Pete being serious? Your dad opens his mouth to protest but you push past him.

‘What are you saying Pete?’

He chuckles and scratches the back of his head.

‘I wasn’t signing an artist today, I was picking out an engagement ring with Patrick’s help over Skype. I wanted to ask you surrounded by your family but I guess the timings wrong.’

He gets down on one knee in your parents hallway and pulls out a small black box. You cover your mouth at the diamond ring in the box.

‘y/n y/l/n will you marry me?’

Tears spill as you nod your head.

‘Of course I’ll marry you Wentz.’

He slides the ring onto your finger and picks you up around the waist before kissing you passionately. This visit had taken a turn for the better, hell you weren’t expecting a proposal.

‘Pete I have something to tell you as well.’

Pete puts you down and looks at you with concern in his eyes. You hoped he took your news well.

‘Pete I’m pregnant.’

Pete’s eyes light up as he kisses you before placing his hands on your stomach.

‘I’m going to be a dad, god I love you y/n.’

Behind you your mum clears her throat, you and Pete turn to face her with Pete keeping his arms around your waist. Your mum’s eyes light up but you weren’t going to let her win that easily.

‘Mum, dad before you congratulate me. I want you to be a part of my wedding and child’s life but you don’t get let in easily. Six months of hate Pete and I have had to put up with, if you can’t get on board then I don’t want you in my life. Think it over.’

You grab Pete’s hand and drag him out of the front door, he picks up the suitcases and lets you guide him towards the taxi you booked while you were upstairs packing.

‘Are you sure you want to freeze your family out like that y/n?’

You shrug your shoulders as Pete slides into the taxi after you. Through the window you notice that your parents have closed the front door, had they made their mind up? You rest your head on Pete’s shoulder and sigh as he gives the driver directions.

‘The ball is in their court Pete, I hope they get over their hate and see the positives. But if they can’t then I’ll always have my LA family.’

Pete chuckles and wraps an arm around your shoulder as the taxi pulls away into the London traffic.

‘Well this is a story we’ll need to tell the children when their older.’

Me: *Walks outside and takes a deep breath*

Me: What a wonderful day to remind the Fall Out Boy fandom that the original name of “Our lawyers made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued” wasn’t “ I Liked You A Lot Better Before You Became A Fucking Myspace Whore ” and was in fact “My name is David Ruffin and these are the Temptations.” And that in an interview with Pete and Patrick they confirmed that Myspace Whore was never finished.

the side of chrissy costanza the media doesn't show you

once after chrissy had finished a show, she was hanging out outside the venue when she saw a little boy crying. when she asked him what was wrong, he replied, “i’ll never be as talented or good at eyeliner as you.” chrissy told him that all he had to do was believe in himself and gave him $600 so he could afford quality eyeliner.

that little boy grew up to be pete wentz, lead singer of my chemical romance.

anonymous asked:


  • Blowing up social media with your ADORABLE FUCKING SELFIES
  • The phrase “God dammit, Pete” will be used on a regular basis 
  • If you don’t think Pete is a spanker, then you are wrong 
  • Lying next to him in bed and tracing over his tattoos with your fingers
  • and maybe tongue
  • Him creating a subtle signal to do onstage as a way of saying he loves you
  • Wearing Fall Out Boy shirts all the time because you are proud af of your boyfriend and everything he has accomplished 
  • Supporting one another when you’re struggling
  • Game of Thrones marathons
  • Waking up to dorky “I miss you” texts when he’s on the road
  • Low key reading Pete fanfics to see how accurate they are
  • But he catches you and tbh has probably read that one before
  • Being generally dorky together
  • And god dammit, you couldn’t ask for anything better
The Dangers of Shipping Real People

Am I a little too late to the party with this? I mean, shipping has been a part of fandom culture for years now but I suppose it’s still technically relevant so there’s no harm in adding to the millions of text posts out there addressing it. 

Here is the definition of shipping according to Wikipedia (because that’s obviously a completely reliable source):

To add further detail, the first notable ship unsurprisingly derived from Star Trek and its two main characters Kirk and Spock. There was no quirky ship name for these two; they were simply referred to as Kirk/Spock, and later as K/S. I guess people started getting more lazy. 

Originally posted by georgetakei

Supposedly the term “shipping” itself wasn’t used until fans of The X Files became more vocal about their hopes for Mulder and Scully to be in a relationship. 

But this isn’t a history lesson. I’m more interested in talking about what shipping has become and particularly my experiences with it in my main fandom, which *cough* totally isn’t obvious by my profile picture and endless reblogging….

I am totally for shipping and am an avid shipper myself throughout my various fandoms. I think that the passion directed towards the relationship of two characters or people can make your interest (or obsession) all the more…interesting. Wow I worded that well didn’t I? 

Anyway, now that most fandom members are wasting their lives on the internet (the only way to live imo) running blogs and fan accounts, reading and writing fanfiction, creating fan art and videos and basically striving for their Senpais to notice them, shipping has intensified into something globally popular over the past few years. Except it’s not only fictional characters now. 

Originally posted by plumkat

(Excuse my use of a Katy Perry gif, somehow it fitted the situation perfectly)

No, shipping has now exceeded to….


Originally posted by traeresiaeutopia

Now, that may sound a little weird to some but trust me, it’s perfectly normal.

…nothing weird at all.

…completely ordinary.

…pffft I can’t think why anyone would find this strange.

All jokes aside, I have very little opposition to shipping real people-my OTP happen to be very real people after all (or so I am told). Nor do I have a problem with the…beautiful photos above that I just had to save on my phone for this *sigh*. There are times when people take things a little too far though.

Before I go on my mini ramble, I’d like to make it clear that in no way am I slamming anyone for ALL of the following things mentioned for I too am guilty of some of these. Now that’s over…

Some things I dislike about shipping:

1) Over exaggerating EVERYTHING:

Sometimes, when in a fandom where the ship isn’t confirmed to be canon and where most of the romantic action is portrayed through fanart or fanfiction, people need to turn every little thing they see the members of the ship do into proof to justify their need for the relationship to be GODAMN CANON ALREADY OKAY JUST ANNOUNCE IT YOU’RE FOOLING NO ONE!!!

Ahem….assuming that’s how people react of course.

Don’t get me wrong, watching two guys make some intense eye contact can be oddly fulfilling, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re “gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes”. Of course, I happen to be one of many people who have taken several screenshots of these moments and hyperventilated over them, so I guess what we can all learn about this is that I’m basically just a huge hypocrite. 

There’s also the matter of people freaking out when even the tiniest physical contact is made. I have literally seen comments going “OMFG HE JUST TOUCHED HIS SHOULDER JFC I CANT EVEN I AM UNABLE TO EVEN WHAT IS LIFE ASDFGHJKL”. 

Imagine if someone tapped your shoulder in order to get your attention and someone else started freaking out as they claim that “IT’S TOTALLY CANON” and “THE SHIP HAS SAILED”. Wouldn’t you find that a little strange? Terrifying even? 

Or I don’t know, maybe you’d just heavily relate to that person.

2) People who can’t accept other people’s views:

This may be news to some people, but funnily enough there is such thing as an opinion.

Originally posted by hunilikafa

Yes, somehow there are still people on the internet that don’t know the difference between fact and opinion. While we’d all like to believe that our OTP is the best ship of them all, people happen to be obliged to oppose this view. 

There is nothing wrong with someone saying that they don’t ship the same people as you do and there is absolutely no need to get defensive over such things. Honestly, the amount of people I have seen throwing hate towards non-shippers is ridiculous. It seems that some people are very one sided and aren’t willing to be open to other’s persepctives. Is directing such cruel, hateful language over such a thing as shipping really neccessary? 

Of course, it can be argued that everyone is entitled to sharing their opinion, as long as you’re not an asshole about it. Here is a tweet from Patrick Stump who articulated this much better than I ever could:

3) The Fanfiction:

As someone who loves creative writing, I absolutely adore fanfiction when it’s well written. And while I’m not saying that the following are all awful examples of literature…

Here is a summary of a couple of the most scarring fanfics out there on the interwebs. This may trigger some bad memories for those who have read any of these.

The Hat Fic: YouTube stars Dan and Phil have fun with a hamster. And apparently buy a new one every month.

The Milk Fic: Brendon and Ryan from Panic! At The Disco experiment with milk.

The Lung Fic: I’ve honestly no idea what the hell this is. Let’s just say that Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy defy all logic and we’ll leave it at that shall we?

4) Reality vs Fiction- where people can overstep the line:

Okay, here’s a warning. This could get dangerously close to a 500 word paragraph so if you want to skip this ramble I’ll post a summary at the end.

I understand that it is very easy to get incredibly obsessive over a ship but a lot of fans need to realise -particularly if they are shipping real people- that how we imagine the relationship to be is not necessarily how it actually is. 

These people have actual lives beyond what they portray to their audience; we only get a glimpse of them as people and there will be a lot of things that we will never know about them. We can fantasize all we want, but we may never know the reality of these ships, as difficult as that can be to accept. When fiction blurs reality, that’s when people can overstep the line and where the members of the ship can be personally effected by this seemingly harmless act. 

This happened recently with youtuber Ian Hecox. Ian and his friend Anthony Padilla have been making sketches on YouTube for years under the name Smosh and have even gone on to make their own movie, but the close friendship between the two has lead many to believe that their relationship is something more (we all know where this is going). 

Ianthony has been a huge ship for years among the fandom, but things have gotten out of hand, so much so that Ian himself has had to address the issue:

What baffles me most is how some people can sit there and think that it’s acceptable to harass another person over such a thing as shipping. Why has it become so serious? Shipping should be fun and harmless and the fact that in some instances it surpasses the “fanfiction realm” to such an extent that other people are hurt personally by it is ridiculous. Once again, this is an example of shippers going to great lengths to justify their ship being canon and to ensure it stays that way.

TL;DR, it is unlikely we will ever know the full truth about our favourite ships as these relationships are incredibly personal to them and we do not have the right to know such details. That doesn’t give us the excuse to be hateful or rude to those who we believe will “threaten” the relationship. Harassment is not okay. We as fans do not control their lives and we certainly do not determine who they pursue a relationship with. 

So I guess we’ve finally reached the conclusion of this text post. If you’ve reached this point, congratulations. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to spend their time reading a ton of words splurged messily onto a page but thank you anyway. 

I’m sure there are many others out there who have written on this subject much better than I have, but I felt it was important to address some of these issues, particularly the last one. For the most part, I don’t see anything wrong with shipping real people but there are limits to how far you should go and all too often I have seen people pushing these limits and crossing the line. 

Either way, what we can all agree on is that shipping isn’t likely to die away any time soon and I certainly don’t see any of us stopping in the near future.