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If you, as a parent, have ever told your kids that they’re stupid, that they’re fat, that they need to lose weight, that they look pregnant in a certain outfit, that their make up looks horrible, that their haircut is crappy, that they’re not smart enough for certain things, and you purposefully drag your children down, even if you think you’re “just joking” then you are what’s wrong with society and you are the cause of your child’s insecurities.

Feyre: “My time at the Night Court was just awful!”


Feyre: “I am so happy to be back with you Tamlin!”


Feyre: “Let me help in any way I can, Tamlin. What is the plan?”



Feyre: “I really miss my sisters Nesta and….ELAIN”


Feyre: “I think my sister ELAIN would love all the flowers that grow here. She LOVES flowers.”



Tamlin: “What’s wrong Lucien?”


if you’re gonna shit on ginny because she was a mary sue / “overrated” at least acknowledge that we saw her from the perspective of an incredibly biased person (aka the inventor of denial), of course she’s not actually perfect but there’s a reason she goes from ~ron’s little sister that i do like but isn’t rly relevant to my life i’m sorry also i’m actively ignoring her crush on me so it’s a tiny bit awkward~ to !!! good god what an angel?? like ginny’s beautiful?? and plays quidditch!!! and she’s popular and so funny holy fuck ron would KILL me but.. worth it tbh is this.. … what some people call love??? and that reason is called harry potter who spent a good portion of the final books internally combusting whenever ginny did anything what a nerd

I’m trying to wrap my head around what Mofftiss though everyone was doing wrong in their Sherlock Holmes adaptations and they got right……

In other stories

-Was there not enough queerbaiting?

-Were other stories just not quite misogynistic for them?

-Not enough babies?

-Not enough Mary…I mean Rosemund Mary?

-Was John just not good enough to narrate his own stories anymore?

-Not enough crazy murder/rapist secret sisters?

-Lack of mind control powers?

-Lack of Mycroft/Gatiss face all over the finale?

-John Watson needed a little character assassination?

-Lack of no right choice murder room mysteries?

-Not enough violin duets with crazy murderer sisters?

-Too much Holmes/Watson interaction in other stories?

-Too much John Watson in general in other stories?

-Too much time spent in 221B in other stories?

Someone help me, I’m at a loss here.


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 IT IS DONE!! I didn’t know what to draw so I doodled every human Bonnie I could think of, from either friends/mutuals or just really rad people in general

i was going to include mine but it looks like tumblr only lets you upload ten photos at a time! but who needs him tbh

 bonnies, starting from the top left, belong to @coulsart, @fazbearsquad, @blasticheart, @holioca, @ak-tastic, @chica–the–chicken, @condesky, @fnafcrew–askcrew, @wheatu, aaaand my sister @puddin-draws

 if i got anythign wrong fell free to kick me lmao

also sorry for the quality i dont have a scanner and it is dark

The curtain rises

Thank you, Sherlock cast and crew.

Thank you, Messrs. Moffat and Gatiss. 

Thank you, Sherlock fandom.

Thank you, friends who have believed in me, or at least respected my right to be wrong about a television show on the internet.

Thank you, @mywatson. For everything, for always, and forever. You’re the best secret evil sister a girl could ask for. ;)

No matter what happens, it was a great game.

  • Kara: Help me!
  • Lucy: What's wrong?
  • Kara: Maggie clearly likes Alex, I mean who doesn't Alex, my wonderful sister, is an amazing person and she's so cool and Maggie would be an idiot if she doesn't like her but Maggie is not an idiot which means she likes Alex
  • Alex: You do know this is a groupchat right? and please don't try anything Kara, last time you tried to set me up, I ended up receiving a lap dance from a 60 year old lady in a little bo peep costume
Things I noticed from my many viewings of FBAWTFT:

- In the customs scene at the beginning, Newt pats his pocket and smooths it down…the pocket that Pickett the bowtruckle usually sits in. Perhaps he was doing that to keep him calm or to keep him from coming up?

- “Hot dog again?” “Don’t read my mind.” “Not a very wholesome meal” (YES I’m an idiot it took me this long to notice)

- When Jacob says to Queenie “could you not read my mind…don’t get me wrong I love it” (or whatever it was), Tina looks up at him with the tiniest hint of a pissed off glare - like over protective sister, “what did you just say, don’t upset my lil sis” kind of thing.

- When Graves is questioning Newt, there are moments that he looks at Tina, as if talking to her: like he says Newt endangered a student’s life “with a beast” and he glances at Tina. It’s as if he’s trying to turn her against Newt (and failing of course)

- We see the Goldstein family in the death potion and learn that Tina has her father’s dark hair and Queenie has their mother’s blonde curls. (Random but I thought that was cool)

- Tina smiles when she sees the Occamy; right after the shot of Dougal feeding it a sweet, there’s a shot of her smiling like “oh wow”, totally amazed and awed.

- This one is obvious but still: Newt and Tina both crying at Queenie and Jacob’s goodbye/kiss.

- That ending scene at the docks: Tina actually lets a tear go. It’s a single tear - up until that point she holds it in. I think it’s when Newt says “would you mind if I gave you your copy in person?” that a tear falls down her face - a happy tear, like “yes I would love that, I’m so happy he’ll come back”. (Kudos to Katherine on her acting in that scene OMG)

Beyonce put on her journalist hat and sat down with Solange for Interview magazine, and it’s wonderful.

BEYONCÉ: I remember thinking, “My little sister is going to be something super special,” because you always seemed to know what you wanted. And I’m just curious, where did that come from?

SOLANGE: I have no idea, to be honest! I always knew what I wanted. We damn sure know that I wasn’t always right. [both laugh] But I’d sit firm, whether I was right or wrong. I guess a part of that was being the baby of the family and being adamant that, in a house of five, my voice was being heard. Another part is that I remember being really young and having this voice inside that told me to trust my gut. And my gut has been really, really strong in my life. It’s pretty vocal and it leads me. Sometimes I haven’t listened, and those times didn’t end up very well for me. I think all of our family—you and mom—we’re all very intuitive people. A lot of that comes through our mother, her always following her gut, and I think that spoke to me really loudly at a young age and encouraged me to do the same.


29.Dec.16 // Studying at the breakfast table for a change of scenery. Some things I’ve discovered: 1) trust your gut when choosing answers, 2) pick an answer and move on, don’t linger, 3) when you can’t pick which is right, look for what is wrong. Also, my brother and sister-in-law got me an aromatherapy diffuser and it is magical. 


All this time i knew sherrinford was their sister, and yet everyone told me i was wrong, “no its their uncle” or anything else they told me that they wanted her to be, i.e; a love interest, but all this time i knew it was their sister, and all this time i was right!

I wanna know what happend to john too at the end of the episode! 😱

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It's Dark Inside

Title: It’s Dark Inside

Imagine: Discovering you have a deep, dark ability.

Pairing: Winchester brothers X sister!reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Minor language.

Note: Requests will be out soon. Not much deatil in this one. There will be a part two to this.

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Hope you enjoy it!

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What was going on? Ever since the events of yesterday, nothing made sense. Something in the air was different, but you couldn’t tell what. You felt like something was watching you, waiting for you to make the wrong move.

You looked around. Recognizing your room at the bunker, you leaned up. A pain shot through your side and your hands reached for the bandaged injury. You were still in your clothes from yesterday, but a few blood stains caught your eyes.

The only question was: was it your blood?

You slowly reached for your phone on the nightstand, careful not to disturb your wounds. You successfully grabbed it and checked the time. 11:37 AM… Damn. Had you really been out that long? You removed the blanket from above you and set it beside your pillow. You stood up. Bad idea.

The events of yesterday came rushing back to you.

You remember the hunt. You remember the demon. You remember the blood.

You turned the corner and saw what was supposed to be the demon. No. This was something else… something worse. It’s twisted face went in every direction. It’s body wasn’t even a figure, just a twisted maze of bones, blood, and shadows.

And its eyes, dark empty black holes that went on forever. They held the lives of innocents screaming for help. People who were eternally damned. You saw it all. This was the demon. The real demon. The monster behind the ‘meat suit’.

It knew. The look on your face fueled it and its mouth of teeth shifted into a sinister grin. The creature leaped at you. Talons growing longer by the second, you got a full view of what hunters would never see about what they actually hunted. The dark aura around the beast grew larger.

Time almost seemed to slow down. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t breathe.

The next thing you saw was Sam and Dean above your body. It wasn’t you looking at them from below though, like you were behind them, watching from afar.

You wanted to run to them. You wanted to tell them it was going to be okay, but you couldn’t move. It was like there was an invisible wall. They held your lifeless body and you watched the blood pour out of the wounds all across your body, but the main spot was the one on your side. The one that was bandaged up… There was no stitching all of that up. Realization hit you as the pain shot through your side again.

You struggled to move through the bunker to the library. There were too many questions in your head at the moment and every time you thought back to what you remembered, there seemed to be other voices telling you the opposite of what you wanted to hear. There were so many of them. It was driving you crazy.

After what felt like hours, you finally limped your way to the library. You stick your head around the corner first, you noticed Sam with his head buried deeply into one of the lore books and Dean was nowhere to be found.

You were about to walk in when your body stopped. No! Don’t go in there! They’re not trustworthy! A voice in your head yelled. There was something about this one, it stuck out. What was going on? This wasn’t like Lucifer with Sam. No, according to Sam, he could see Lucifer. You couldn’t see this.

Ignoring the thing, you walked in the library. You blocked out its growls and opened your mouth.

“S-Sam?” You watched his head shoot up and like that he was at your side.

“(Y/N)! You shouldn’t be out of bed! Wait until Dean gets back!“ He yelled and he tried to escort you back to your room. As soon as he touched your arm, the voices got louder. Arguing, almost…

“Sammy! I’m back!” Dean’s voice traveled through the bunker as his footsteps grew louder. The voices quieted down as soon as Sam let go. You both turned towards the spot where Dean would appear in a moment.

You still hadn’t thought of what you were actually going to say to the both of them. In the few seconds you had, one thing made its way through your mind: the truth.

You took a step back as soon as Dean appeared. His eyes met yours and everything was still for a moment.

“(Y/N)!” Dean hugged you. You felt pressure on your back and realized Sam had joined too. You wiggled out of their grips and stood in front of them. They both had tears in their eyes. Something wasn’t right…

“What happened?” You asked. Your eyes were as hard as stone, you needed answers. The voices got louder as Sam and Dean’s got quieter. They didn’t speak.

They shared a glance, so there was a secret. Something did happen. Sam opened his mouth, but nothing came out. You felt tears of your own coming. For the first time, everything was silent…

“Did I die?”