what is wrong with me i have issues

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Pandy..what do you do when you want to quit drawing because no matter how hard you try you just cant get it right?

I have never felt this way and I’m going to tell you why. It’s not because I had some innate talent or something. Or was just “naturally good” because I was not. Not at all. If you were around to see me go through my old art, you’d know what I mean. But, the reason I have never felt this way is because I loved drawing. I loved immersing myself in the my own world, in my own head, seeing the characters interact and appear on paper. They were crappy, everything was wrong, but I didn’t care, because I had fun. Honestly, I didn’t really share my art or compared my art with others until much later, until I had already ingrained my loved for drawing within me. I think this is where the issue lies. We get so caught up in “wanting to be that artist” that we forget to enjoy drawing. That path is going to suck and you’re work is going to be crap for a long time, but if you really love it, if you really enjoy drawing and want to keep going, improvement and success will come to you. 

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I kinda have an issue when I try to develop a story: I have no problems to create characters, but it's way more difficult for me to focus on plot structure and events that happen in my story. Do you have any advices to develop a storyline ?

Give your character a goal.  What are they trying to achieve?  Whether it’s becoming the best at something, saving the world from a great evil, getting revenge on someone who did them wrong, or just getting all the ingredients to make a great sandwich, pick something and make that their focus.  

Then, give your character some obstacles to overcome to reach their goal.  Maybe they have to defeat 8 grand masters to become the best at something, or the great evil is all the way on the other side of the land and the protagonist needs 3 items to defeat them once and for all.  Maybe murder is fucking illegal so the protagonist either has to do it stealthily without getting caught and or they have to figure out how to get revenge on them another way.  Maybe the store is closed on Wednesday and son of a gun it’s Wednesday, so the protagonist has to go around bartering items and favors with others to get ingredients.

Lastly, while not as important for a video game with a silent protagonist or a heavy focus on gameplay, figure out how your character changes from the start of the story to the end (if at all).  You know, give them some character development.  Maybe the person who’s trying to be the very best learns that they have to value themselves before they truly master their art, and gains more confidence from their experience.  Maybe the protagonist trying to defeat the great evil is a big coward and has to learn how to be brave even when they’re scared.  Maybe the person trying to get revenge grows more obsessed with getting it over the story - so obsessed that they push away their loved ones and end up bitter and lonely even after they get their revenge.  Maybe the protagonist who gets the sandwich gets a better appreciation of their neighbors after they get help from their neighbors.  Oh, and don’t forget to give some development to your sidecharacters & antagonist as well if your story allows it.

This is a basic way of creating a plot.  @referenceforwriters has a good tag on plots you can check out to get some more in-depth tips on how to create a plot & develop a storyline.

Oh, and whatever you do, make sure the plot interest you.  The more it interest you, the more likely you are to stick with it & refine it until you’re happy with it.  If you just like making characters interact with each other, make a plot that allows your characters to have interesting conversations with each other.  If you like the lore of stories and love worldbuilding, create a story that centers around traveling around the world you created or focuses on a specific element you find interesting within your world.

Remember - no story is perfect.  Don’t worry about perfection, especially if it’s one of your first stories. c:

I hope this help! :)

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yo man I feel for Lapis but I know what it is like to be restrained against my will and unable to move because someone else thought that was the "right" thing to do, so yah Lapis reminds me of my abuser as well you are not alone.

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong - I feel for Lapis as well. I feel for the BOTH of them, which I think was the intention. Tbh, I think the reason the fandom is having such an issue with the episode is because of Steven’s reaction to the situation is such a…bad one. He puts 110% of the blame on Jasper because “oh no Lapis is a precious bby angel who can do no wrong” while Jasper is “that big bad one that does big bad things” which is such…a black and white view of things, which seems out of place in a show with as much depth as Steven Universe, so I hope that they will address it in future episodes.

At the very same time, people that like/relate to Jasper’s character are being attacked right now for understanding/relating to Jasper’s character because they took after Steven and have such a one-sided view of things. They need to get over the fact that Lapis isn’t innocent - far from it. People that like Jasper KNOW that she’s not innocent because it’s shoved down our throats by the people that “”“want to protect the Real Victims™”“”, but the second we bring up any of Lapis’s faults (either in the relationship or without) and then explain we understand Jasper’s side of things and that she was a victim was well…suddenly we’re the bad guys.

I’m sorry you had to go through what you did TnT *sends hugs your way* I hope the narrative is continued a bit, and Jasper’s character is more looked into, so as to help explain what happened to her to these assholes claiming that their abusive relationship was just one sided.

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So what would just believing there is a higher power outthere, be considered? Just not following a religion per say.

Belief in a higher power in an of itself is totally fine. I can’t prove that wrong anymore than they could prove it right and when you have a belief aside from organized religions it doesn’t hold the same weight or power to oppress others or enact laws. And if you’re spiritual beliefs don’t harm me or affect my life then I have no issue at all. More power to you

You want receipts? I got receipts. Here, have a sampler.

Aight, so obviously nothing here is exactly 100% perfectly correct, but that’s impossible without telepathic abilities. I may not have hit the bullseye every single time, but I did get it a few times and I got DANG close a few more times besides. This is what I’m talking about when I say I’m confident about broad strokes and basic plot beats but not exact details. So people can miss me with this “YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING WHY DON’T YOU DIE YOU JOKE” silliness. Read before you rant. It’s not that hard. 💛

Riley & Lucas Getting Together

“I think these writers darn well know they have to resolve it in a way that handles the ‘what if’ aspect of it all, tbh. That’s a point I trust them on quite a bit. There are a LOT of ways they could handle the ‘what if’ issue, and I think it’s a solid bet that they will.” – January 15th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/137375971736/lbr-its-fucking-stupid-and-its-gonna-damage

“Exactly. Riley and Lucas kinda HAVE to try dating for real, or at least attempt to share a *proper* kiss or SOMETHING. That ‘what if?’ has to be off the table for anything else to happen. And it’s gotta be as final and conclusive as it can possibly be at that age.” –Feb 2nd http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138584673406/i-wouldnt-even-be-upset-if-lucas-choose-riley-i

“They need to truly try to date though, to kill the question forever and drive home the nope for the people in the back. @bmgmw and I have been saying this was a distinct possibility for months now. We doubted it for a long time at first, but we were right not to 100% reject the notion just because we don’t like it.” – Feb 2 http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138578243736/im-so-over-rilucas-can-they-die-already-if-he

“Like I keep saying: they’ll probably try to date at least one more time. They almost have to, tbh.” –Feb 2 http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138577021446/someone-on-twitter-who-is-at-the-tapping-said

“How long do you think it’ll take for Riley and Lucas to finally come to terms in what kind of relationship they do have?

Not sure. I think they’ll probably try to date one or two more times and that’s when they’ll finally figure it out. No Sparks kiss or something, maybe.” –Feb 12th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/139189740996/how-long-do-you-think-itll-take-for-riley-and

“They have to give it a REAL earnest try. And Riley’s Farkle feels and her Lucas feels MUST overlap. She’s the protagonist. She’s gotta live the “how can you possibly love two people the same?” dilemma. Oh man. Rowan’s gonna kill it.” –March 9th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/140732916136/im-actually-excited-that-hell-chose-riley-not

“Yes I want them to have a real go at it, because they’re really important to each other, and they’ve both got this possibility of ‘them’ hanging over their heads.
They need to legitimately TRY it; that’s how they’ll know what it is they feel for each other and what kind of relationship works for them.
Also, first and foremost, above all, I’m a fan of THE SHOW and of all the characters.” –March 12th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/140938720036/you-sound-like-you-want-rucas-to-get-together-in

Maya Bailing

“judging by her [Maya’s] behavior in GMHS, she wants to and will bail on this ridiculousness as soon as she thinks Riley will let her get away with it. And she’s probably gonna have to have believable feelings for someone else to get the 'triangle enforcer’ to let her bail.

Plus, there’s a world of other boys out there. No way they aren’t gonna notice Maya, and she deserves something relatively uncomplicated for once. Maya deserves a one/two-episode wonder as much as anyone else in the history of the BMW/GMW universe.” –Feb 3, http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138638240596/how-do-you-know-what-mayas-going-to-start-liking

“(Somewhere in there Maya probably comes to a realization about Lucas. Possibly she decides she never liked him after all because what’s the point? If it goes that way, she’ll be kidding herself forrrr sure. The other option is she realizes she still feels the same about Lucas in Mayaville as she did in Rileytown. Either way, I have a sneaking suspicion she’s gonna go into denial mode, tbh, which would give Lucas a baaaad time and give us a reason to pity him once he sorts out the Riley stuff and the Maya feels hit him like a ton of bricks, probably.)” –March 17th, http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/141232952861/gm-true-maya-speculation

Josh and his “Wisdom”

“I REALLY think we may see a VERY brief Joshaya…something or other…and it’s going to rock Lucas to his core. He was so uncomfortable re: Joshaya in GM Game Night and GM First Date, although we didn’t see him at all in Tell-Tale Tot. But still, I mean…” – Oct 24, 2015 http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/131839328326/josh-is-mayas-riley-it-has-to-happen-in-order

“I’d guess Josh is gonna be a bit like Eric was in the early seasons of BMW, most likely. Older, a bit ahead of the kids, a good sounding board who is grown-ish, but not a parent/teacher, who can often be wrong himself even as his advice is valuable when he’s right.” –March 11 http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/140886510651/part-2-of-the-interview-is-up-on-the-wrap-what-do

“Come on we’re best friends and I need to know if I’m a bad kisser”

“Michael this is the third guy I’ve tried to get with this week. What the hell is wrong with me? Have I lost my mojo? Am I a bad kisser?” You’re pacing back and forth on your best friends tour bus seriously trying to figure out this issue.

“Maybe they just all had girlfriends who knows, don’t worry about it I’m sure you’ll find a much better guy than some asshole at the club.” Michael spoke with a hint of resentment, you knew he hated when you hooked up with random guys but he has no say he does the exact same with girls.

“Mikey I’m not looking for love in a great guy I just want a one time thing is that so much to ask for?” You flopped down on the couch beside Michael and swung your legs over to rest on his lap.

“You know maybe I am a bad kisser Mikey that’s the only explanation here because they’re always so into it and then at a random point they just blow me off maybe it’s my kissing oh my gosh.” You stared at Michael in horror, truely hurt at your lack of skills.

“That’s ridiculous Y/N, all of your past boyfriends seemed fine with your kissing.” He sighed and just looked done with the conversation, but you didn’t let it go.

“Michael kiss me.” You sat up out of your slouched position and moved closer to him.

“What the hell Y/N? Have you gone crazy? We’re best friends if you haven’t forgotten.” He looked at you as if you had suddenly grown a second head.

“Come on we’re best friends and I need to know if I’m a bad kisser. It’s just a kiss I honestly don’t know how we haven’t experimentally kissed before.” You said, trying to make light of the situation and convince him to help you.

“Fine, but only so you’ll stop whining about this stupid one night stand thing okay?” You squealed and hugged him before you put your face close to his and let him lean in.

The kiss was one of the best you’d ever had, you never expected Michael to be able to move his lips like that. Soon, you both got caught up and it quickly turned into a makeout session. He pulled you into his lap and your hands weaved their way into his hair. It was a great time until you pulled back when you realized what you were doing. Slightly breathless, you asked “So? Was I bad or no?”

He wouldn’t look you in the eye. “You were amazing best kisser I’ve ever experienced. But I think I might know why those boys keep leaving you, I may or may not have threatened them to stay away from you whenever you would leave to use the bathroom or get a drink. And before you start yelling at me I was just protecting you those are the kind of douchebags that will roofie you. You’re my best friend I was just worried about you I’m sorry.”

You sat there speechless and your brain refused to function. The only thing it was telling you to do was kiss Michael’s pink lips again. But he was your best friend, that was wrong. You did it anyways. You kissed Michael and he kissed you back, in fact you hardly ever stopped kissing nowadays.

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Do you think the Voltron staff would change their mind about Sheith? Since we are the minority and everybody else ships Klance ;n;

I don’t think they will change their mind about Sheith tbh. I find it odd why Sheith isn’t the really popular ship because the very first time I’ve watched Voltron, I was pretty darn sure that Sheith would be everybody’s thing. Like it’s pretty common to ship two pretty boys who care for each other a lot and make lovey-dovey eyes to each other, right? APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG??!!!! Which shocked me to be honest. O_O Here you have two boys that obviously had a history that has yet to be unlocked–a thing that’s so great about Sheith. We literally don’t know what they were back then but we know they’ve been close before the Kerberos Mission. 

I’m pretty sure Keith being kicked out of the Galaxy Garrison because of “disciplinary issues” have something to do with his boyfriend missing and prolly went “SHIRO IS NOT DEAD. IT WAS NOT SOME PILOT ERROR. WHY ARE YOU NOT SENDING A RESCUE MISSION TO KERBEROS?!!” and prolly went batshit and boom–KEITH GOT EXPELLED. Keith just wants his baby back. Shiro promised to be back and now… OTL

So yeah I honestly don’t think the Voltron staff will change their mind about Sheith. For one, they promote it so much it’s kinda crazy AND VERY SUSPICIOUS. Even Zarkon’s VA literally loves being The President of The Sheith Club–I was there when it all happened cause he answered my friend’s tweet about Sheith LMAO  Plus, I don’t see them promoting Klance at all? Sheith is pretty much the ship that is the most possible that’ll go canon soon (I mean they already are but not much people know about it which is a shame.) 


Alright boys and girls and any other gender that could be reading this get ready to read the ramblings of a sleep deprived boy. This isn’t a post saying Leafy’s a piece of shit, I wouldn’t have a tumblr account dedicated to him if I thought he was one, this is just my thoughts and opinions on shit that he’s said in his feminist videos.

I’m not going to be going into certain things such as his stance on race issues because, while im not white, I don’t think I can have a full voice on what is right and wrong within the widespread issue of racism so im not going to touch on it.

His comments on gender identity

One thing I will fully talk about and have a proper opinion on is his ‘jokes’ on trangender/gender identity stuff. Being trans I should probably get way more offended at the stuff he says because it is actually incredibly rude and insensitive but to be honest it doesn’t really affect me that much unless he said something blatantly transphobic, with no intent to be satirical. However, Calvin often says things such as ‘I don’t care if you’re a boy, girl or a fucking mailbox/fruit roll-up’ etc and to be honest, while I did laugh at first, it’s getting kind of old and not funny at all. Like, it’s one thing to make this kind of joke but when he keeps repeating it in every possible video it does get a bit annoying and just plain ignorant because he’s comparing actual transgender people who face dysphoria and constant harassment to someone identifying as a mailbox which is complete bullshit. Now that I think about it that’s actually pretty shitty of him to do lmao I mean he has 4 million subscribers and out of those 4 million I can’t even imagine how many are trans so to be watching and hearing him compare their identity to being a mailbox and making a joke out of it isn’t really okay.

Weight issues

Oh man do I have some shit to say about this but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. This section is specific to the clip he plays of the woman smashing the scales and at first yeah, it was whatever he was just putting it there to try and… prove a point I guess? But after a while it just gets repetitive and not funny at all. @leafy-intolerant has made the points that the clip has nothing to do with feminism, she is simply doing something which makes her feel at ease with her weight and honestly, I concur with the point she’s trying to make in the clip. Being overweight is something that many people struggle with and they’re pressured into losing weight in order to fit whatever standard people around them seem to have. Which is something that I don’t think Calvin fully understands and it sucks to see him making fun of someone for doing what makes them feel better with themselves.

Taking shit way too literally

He does this in any video where he commentates on a slam poetry video. He’ll take what they say in it and blow it way out of proportion and yes, this is something he always does in every video. I get that its part of his video formula and that’s fine tbh, it can be quite comedic every now and then in a video but when he makes a slam poetry video he pretty much does it to every single point they make. Im not a fan of slam poetry and in some senses he is calling them out on their bullshit but poetry is poetry and shouldn’t be taken 100% literally as it’s a form of art and the majority of art and entertainment is exaggerated to a certain extent (yes, like Calvin’s videos are exaggerated but the majority of slam poetry is pretty harmless while some things Calvin says can be taken to be offensive and hamful)

And finally, not having a clear line between opinion and satire

In Calvin’s other videos its incredibly clear when what he’s saying is either his opinion or if its satire and for that I’m super grateful because having that clear distinction dictates what the comments are going to look like and it breeds a lot of discussion on the video and we all make jokes about it. An example of this are his videos on that emo band ‘unicorns ate my girlfriend’ where it’s clear that what he’s saying isn’t all that serious at all, at least to me it’s pretty clear. Yes, he has the disclaimer saying he doesn’t hate the people he makes videos on but I think that he should still somewhat make it so that he states what his opinion is compared to what is satirical.

feel free to add your own opinion on things ive said or things i havent said but you wish to add to! 

TL;DR Calvin shouldn’t make feminist videos tbh i love him with all my cold black heart but please im on my knees begging for him to stop

If you’re a hater, first make sure you understand what you’re saying.
You’re argument is invalid unless it’s a fact. How many issues have already passed and we’re still here. (Swifties)

Trust me, I’ve already seen much worse comments that doomed me & I do the raging part when badly needed.
Well, I accept facts, wise judgement and unbiased opinions.
I’m not saying Taylor is right and the other is wrong. Obviously I’m with Taylor like how she’s with me through tough times.

If it came from her that she’s a b**ch or a liar, then she is. I have nothing to argue. But she’s fighting for something. So demmm, feels.

Zakiyah Everette

My heart really breaks for Zakiyah because I can tell she has a lot of deep rooted issues regarding family and her relationships with men. She’s a very beautiful girl but is very insecure. Everybody has insecurities, it’s a natural thing but Zakiyah’s insecurities are far beyond that. I think she stated that she was bullied when she was younger for having a speech impediment and that men always cheat on her when she is in relationships, which I think has affected her emotionally and psychologically. I despise her relationship with Paulie because it is very obvious that he is exploiting her, and she is too naive to see this. It’s clear that Zakiyah has issues with communication and talking about her feelings, she is also very passive aggressive and never states what’s wrong, so her feelings always get glossed over to push past a situation. The guys laughing at her for their own entertainment makes me so mad. I hate how they talk about the girls as if they are objects or are inferior to them; they truly have no respect for any of them. It annoys me that the girls haven’t been their for each other and have constantly bitched behind one another’s backs. I hate that people will tease them for being desperate when honestly the truth is they are desperate for comfort and love because they have probably been screwed around a lot by men in the past. I can’t honestly imagine what type of emotionally abusive relationships Zakiyah has been in, if she doesn’t see her relationship with Paulie as a problem. Even though Da'vonne’s head is in the game,I appreciate that she was able to call out Paulie and remind him that Zak’s feelings shouldn’t be used for entertainment . It’s going to be sad when she goes back home and watches this season but I honestly hope this will help her reflect on herself.

I know I, as well as other studyblrs, try to provide productivity-related solutions to issues like procrastination. And those are typically functional solutions. But they’re only temporary, because they don’t actually address the underlying psychological issue that’s causing the behavior in the first place.

Logically, I know what’s going wrong. But I really can’t fix it with just logic. This is a problem that runs too deep psychologically.

Yeah, my exam got postponed a day. Lucky break. But did I study all day yesterday? No. My natural reasoning would be, “Because I’m an idiot.” But, you know, I’m not. It’s because I have deep psychological issues related to procrastination that I still need to solve.

Today I just feel so anxious. Because I’m watching these things pile up around me. Time I could have taken here and there, if not in one big chunk. Time I have wasted. Time I can’t get back. All these things I know I should have done. Some of which I’m amazed at how it doesn’t get done.

The other day I sat down to watch some lectures. I had maybe 2-3 hours worth of lectures to watch. After sitting down for about 6 hours I only got through one or two videos (which range between 5-20 minutes in length). And that was a day where I finally looked up at the clock, realized the time, and honestly did not even notice I was that distracted all that time.

So I sat there. So confused. And so angry at myself. Because how could I let all that time pass and not even notice?

I have my own high ambitions, sure. But a lot of people also expect a lot out of me. I feel so much pressure, from myself and from others, that it’s moments like today where it all crashes down on me. And I crumble. People tell me I’m doing fine. But it’s only a matter of time before I crumble again.

I’m really not thriving. I’m just surviving. And to me, that’s the worst feeling. Because I know I’m capable of so much more.

I joined westpark the end of 2014 as I had put on a lot of weight while on medication and I really wanted to lose it. I love westpark. The staff are fab. The gym is lovely, clean, bright and very welcoming. I started training with Marcin in April 2015. I had been going to the Westpark for four months before starting with Marcin and I was working hard but gaining weight. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

After the first month I had not only dropped over a stone, but my inches were dropping too. And even better with his encouragement and support I started liking my workouts instead of dreading them. Working out was fun, he helped me push myself and I was seeing more strength and results. This really drove me to keep going.

My food had been a huge issue. I was fooling myself about what I eat and how bad it was. Like a lot of people I suppose.

I have been training with Marcin for over a year now. I’ve dropped 4 stone and over half of my body fat. Fitness is part of my life and I love it. I am now the person I always wanted to be. Strong. Confident. Happy. And I like my body. It’s not perfect. But I am finally happy. Marcin helped me in so many ways. I couldn’t thank him or the wonderful staff in westpark enough.

the only guaranteed way to make your life easier in school is by making friends with the staff. i don’t mean kissing up to them, i mean talking to them, i mean cracking jokes, i mean treating them like people. teachers have connections, principals have connections, everyone knows someone or can help you with something, even if that can’t be the assigned curriculum. 

i made my way through most of high school unmedicated for all of my issues because i didn’t know what was wrong with me but i knew i would panic over little things and freak out and not be able to do things. i made friends with all of my teachers first semester, it made the second one filled with so much less anxiety and self-hatred because i could ask for changed deadlines when i absolutely needed it, i could come into class whenever something happened and just talk.

all of my teachers remember me by name because i would come to class 5 minutes early, or just tell them a story, some of my teachers have retired 3+ years ago and still fondly remember me and volunteer to give recommendations for me. the first teacher i ever came out to as non-straight is now my next-door neighbor and he came to my graduation with some of my past teachers to scream my real name when i couldn’t have them say it over the mic because my mom was there. 

and if you can, get a job working at the office as an office aide, running passes or being a counselor’s TA. i know every single counselor. i was on a first name basis with everyone up there. principal, every cop that came by, all the attendance people, before my dog was certified i was able to take her on the campus because a teacher i knew wanted to take pictures of her and nobody cared. she ran around the office for like an entire hour. almost all of them know someone at the college i’m going to now so i’m never going to be alone and i have people who will protect me and who genuinely care about my welfare. 

like, not even in a ‘make friends with these people so you can take advantage of them’ kind of way. teachers aren’t going to fall for anything like that, seriously. make friends, everyone wins, it’s one less source of stress in your life at LEAST, and i can guarantee you it brightens up their day to have someone come to them and talk and like, i’ve gotten so much free food from staff members. holy shit. i didn’t bring lunch once all senior year because i was ass-deep in bagels. 

You know what really gets to me?

A lot of these art thieves follow the people they steal from. I think I’ve been fairly vocal about the issue and so have all the other artists that I follow. If you follow me, you should know my stance on reposting. If not, I’ve created a page specifically for my sharing policy. To think that these people know that it’s wrong and know that the artist doesn’t like it and still proceeds to steal is just mind blowing.

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I just wanted to say that people who write posts about cheating should know not to generalise everyone in the same context due to different situation/mental health state wise. Im not supporting people that cheat trust me i’ve been cheated on too, obviously people that cheat on their partners who’s been nothing but loyal and caring are insensitive pricks. This post might seem odd because i dont have a standard opinion about cheating because for me it depends on everything. However, i know that cheating in the first place is wrong because A) You decided as a grown man/woman to be commited to this person and be in this relationship (and dont say “but i didnt know what i got myself into”) B) Relationship means being loyal and honest to the person you love (if you say you werent sure about your feelings for that person then its not a real relationship) and C) If you later on find some unhealthy issues in your relationship and can’t handle it anymore or your feelings for that person has diminished then tell them that reason for why you dont want to continue anymore. In other posts about cheating some people commented “What if i had a reason to cheat? The person i was with was abusive and i had no other way but to cheat”, the thing is if you were in that situation you should instantly break up with them, if your abusive partner (psychically or emotionally abusive) doesn’t understand then just leave. After that you can go and find your peace or be with someone else intimately without it being called cheating. I wouldn’t call it cheating anyway even if that happend during your relationship tbh because if he/she treated you nothing but crap and abused you either psychically/mentally or emotionally then the person deserve to know why you decided to be with someone else. Your relationship with that person was already doomed and very unhealthy to continue. If we readjusted this situation for example, if you two have been inlove and decided to be in relationship, during it going on cute dates and you know very well he/she loves you but yet, you get drunk with your friends or just find someone attractive and decide to have either intimacy with them is completely wrong. You’re breaking the loyalty you should have for your partner and she/he has the right to know this and not to trust you anymore. This post was really long but i just wanted to state how i really felt about this whole cheating subject, my opinion about cheating depends mostly on the situation, i know damn well cheating in general is wrong but you can’t define EVERYONE in the same line for the same reason, thats why i put several examples in my post to show you what i thought about them.

Okay….so I just watched the new UnREAL episode and I have no idea what to do with what I just watched.

Then there was the whole Rachel and Coleman called the cops on two black guys without ID and two drunk white woman in the car and then Rachel escalated the situation by screaming. That made me angry. You NEVER call the cops on two black guys who have done NOTHING wrong. I don’t care if you want to make good TV. Dead people is NOT good TV. And then Coleman tried to make himself the good guy because he’s bringing attention “An important issue in America.” Like no Coleman. You’re not the good guy. You got a guy shot. That was your fault. And he knew was a horrible idea he knew. “Call the cops on two black guys in this neighborhood? That won’t end well”
So don’t even pretend you didn’t know that would happen or that you’re some sort of hero because you’re bringing attention to the issue. Guess what Coleman? You did a bad thing. Accept it. You did the wrong thing. You got an innocent man shot. You can bring attention to the issue without getting an innocent black man killed. And it’s just as much Rachel’s fault as it is Coleman’s

Plus they already killed someone accidentally last season and now here they are doing it again.

Like…Adam came back. And is obviously a much better person. And he didn’t run away like last time he left the truck but he stayed on those steps. He sat there and he waited. And while she was having her break down he just held her arms and legs and kept her from hurting him or herself and just let her scream for awhile. Do I think it was the most appropriate time to bring up how he loves her? No. But I think he handled her breakdown amazingly well.

But then…….Rachel called her mom and her mom put her in a psychiatric hospital and I don’t know what to do with that.

And there’s the whole Yael recording Jeremy talking about the murder that was committed last season and I can’t tell why she’s doing that or what’s gonna come of it.

ok here’s the deal: biphobia is real. it’s different than homophobia. bi people in heterosexual relationships still have het passing privilege but biphobia is so so real. I dont think the “”“"LGBT community”“”“ is really a big perpetrator of it because from what I’ve seen bi and pan and queer and whatever else sexual people actually dominate those spaces usually. but like there is a very specific set of issues bi people face and there’s a lot of overlap with homophobia and much of it comes from the same root but it’s a different experience. like people not believing bisexuality is real is oppressive and it’s a really scarily common thing! and usually those people are homophobic too but that’s an added layer. and there SO is a stigma of bisexuals as faking it for attention or being ”“"sluts”“” and I know because I’ve perpetuated it. a few years ago I literally told my female bisexual friend that I didn’t believe she was bi bc she had only dated men and made out w me a couple times when she was drunk but I didn’t think she was really attracted to girls and now I’m like why the fuck would I say that? why wouldn’t I believe her? it’s misogyny and biphobia, that’s what it is. and as someone who isn’t bi I can’t fully extrapolate everything that is or isn’t biphobia but like it’s real. it’s not like worse than homophobia or anything like that but saying it’s not real at all is super offensive.

Seriously Sasha always impresses me. When she released her first statement awhile back I found it moving but also so heartbreaking that she had to explain her weight. In my opinion, nobody deserves an explanation bc if that’s all you see then maybe you need to work on yourself and it’s disappointing we live in a world where someone has to explain their weight. She shouldn’t have to explain or apologize for the way she looks (especially bc she’s freaking gorgeous). I admire her strength and the way she carries herself bc I know as a girl it’s never easy. No matter how you look most of the time you already have that inner voice telling you something is wrong but then to hear it from strangers who don’t even know you, fuck that would be hard. I hope if you struggle with body image issues that you can look to what she wrote (posted below) and find her words to be inspiring and true bc they are. She may be younger than me but I look up to her bc of the person she is and how she portrays both inner and outer beauty.

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