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He Hears You Swear For The First Time || Harry Styles

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Plot: The first time he hears you swear.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 233

You were sitting on the floor in the living watching one of your favorite TV shows while Harry sat beside you on the couch. As he scrolled through his phone, his eyes would avert and land on you every now and then when he would hear you yell at the TV.

“Oh my God, you’re stupid.” You said, eyes glued to the television as Harry’s went to you again, amusement evident on his face as a wide smile started forming, “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” You continued as the scene switched to a girl in bed with a guy.

You stared at the screen then your jaw dropped when they showed who the couple was, “Are you serious?! After everything he’s done for you?! You fucking cheating slut! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” It cut to a commercial seconds later and you averted your focus.

It was then that you realized Harry was beside you the last time you knew and you hoped he had left the room or the house but as you felt eyes on you, you looked to your right to see him staring at you, his green orbs wide.

“Hi.” You smiled innocently.

“Where did that come from?” He asked, shock still written all over his face.

“My vocal chords.” You answered half sarcastically.

“Louis is a bad influence on so many levels.” He smirked.

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You know what I just noticed? I don’t even care that much about the fact that the blue water in menstrual pad commercials is the wrong color. What bothers me the most is that it isn’t even the consistency of period blood. So sure, the pad can suck up that much water, but maybe they could use something more viscous like motor oil. The blue water is good for diapers and bladder leakage products, but unless you’re habitually wetting your pants with menstrual pads on (which is a whole other issue), then a fluid that thin isn’t going to help you when it comes to actually needing to know how absorbent it’s going to be when you use it.

  • me: should I retreat to a farm?
  • also me: buk bukkawk
  • me: yeah more of my enemies now, but also less of my friends. like my friends turn pod people or fall to the juggernaut and the new people ARENT EVEN THE CAR COMMERCIAL characters anymore
  • also me:
  • me: they're not even the dancing Old Navy commercials anymore what went wrong
  • also me: they'll get their comeuppance
  • me: and me alongside. or worse, they don't.
  • also me: you could start a cult
  • me: oh I could get the leftovers of THEM
  • also me: indie pastors start with lost sheep
  • me:
  • also me: gotta show some rustle
  • me: but it is the part of the cycle to retreat to the sticks and the Romans knew this
  • also me: aNd ThE rOmAnS kNeW tHiS
  • me: man fuck you. but the hell kinda cash crop do you grow in nowhere Montana
  • also me: you should retreat to a wizard tower
  • me: what?
Better Call Saul

omg. I’m up to season 2 episode 4. Jimmy Mcgill (Saul) is so annoying. he doesn’t know what his problem is. what he did (airing a commercial without his boss’ consent) was wrong but he didn’t care. he’s like “okay, everybody got upset because of what I’ve done. how can I fix?” he truly believes the end justifies the means. I first thought Chuck was a bad guy because he pushed his brother out of his company. but then when I listened to Chuck, it made sense why he didn’t want Jimmy to work at this company. Jimmy is kind. he’s not evil. but …he’s more like a fraud. he believes it’s okay to break the law and rules to help his clients. he doesn’t acknowledge his problem and doesn’t try to amend his behavior. it’s no wonder he has his own law office in Breaking Bad. he’s helping people …by doing illegal things. in the previous episodes…Chuck brought up Jimmy’s poor education background and his problematic behavior, so I thought Chuck was being real mean to Jimmy who was trying to become a better person. but Chuck was right. Jimmy is not fit for the job. Jimmy is kind and nice, but he’s not going to be a good lawyer. (and I already know that because I’ve watched Breaking Bad)

Imagine that Kano and Shintaro were in a fight for about three weeks and nobody knows why and when everyone is in the living room watching tv and it goes on a commercial and Seto asks what was wrong between Kano and Shintaro and Shintaro just glares at Kano and says, “Kano thinks Momo is prettier than Kido.” And Momo and Kido just blush and everyone else just starts laughing.

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did you actually post that india commercial thinking that was clever? what the fuck is a guy supposed to do when he sees an attractive woman? look away? look down at the ground? close his eyes? what the fuck is wrong with you? what girl doesn't want to hear she's beautiful? that commercial is saying "if you're a guy, just look away don't talk to a girl and tell her she is pretty and you'd like to have sex with her or get to know her, just look away all men are creepy. ignorant. naive.

Oh my god

Okay I’ll explain since I keep rereading this and I feel like you genuinely don’t understand. The point of that commercial is not to not give women positive attention ever, it’s to not be a fucking disgusting douche bag. If you want to tell a woman she looks pretty or that her hair or her outfit or her eyes are nice then by all means, that is something that would make her day but most of the time, it’s not like that. Obviously you don’t have to deal with it, but most places women can’t walk down the street without being harassed. I don’t want to hear or feel like you’re looking at me because you want to fuck me, that’s gross. I wasn’t put on this earth for every man that walks past me and finds me attractive to sit and stare and fantasize about having sex with me. Keep it in your pants for 5 fucking minutes and think about me when I’m nowhere around to feel the wrath of your creepiness. It’s honestly the most uncomfortable thing in the world— when people are whistling at me or saying “hey baby” from across the street or when I can literally see you looking me up and down, it’s devastating. You think I go out in public to get that reaction from horny men? No, I don’t. I have had periods of time where I didn’t want to walk anywhere because I knew what would happen if I did. For example, one time my cousin and I were walking to get food on a really hot day, I was wearing a white t shirt and high waisted shorts, we got a few honks and whatever as we went to go eat but on our way back this guy saw us, turned around, went into the empty parking lot we were passing and stopped us to ask if he could take our pictures and that he was a “photography student”. There was nobody else around and he was the one with the advantage of being in a car, so even though we felt uncomfortable we didn’t want to upset him as we didn’t know what he was capable of. So we said yes and he took a few pictures and then asked for my phone number, I told him I had a boyfriend and his face quickly changed and he was like “oh, no, just to send you the pictures” and I was like okay I guess.. So we said bye and left and then as we were walking away he pulls up on the side of us and stops us again and says to me “can I take a few more pictures, and could you turn around? I didn’t realize how short your shorts were” and I said UM NO and walked off. It was honestly scary, humiliating, upsetting etc. like was he really a photography student? Idk. Did he really have to stop us in his car in an empty parking lot to ask if he could take our photos? Maybe, since he might’ve known we’d say no otherwise. Does he need to ask young girls walking alone if he can take their photos anyway? Absolutely not. Did he need to stop us again after he’d already taken photos (perhaps zoomed in on god knows what?) to ask if he could take pictures of my ass? Absolutely not. There are ways to go about situations where you can make people feel comfortable and happy but most of the time strange men don’t do this for women. You guys work at your own convenience no matter how distressing it may be for us. Even though that video was focused on solely looking at women, you’re a fool if you think it stops there. The harassment is very real and you’re ignorant to think otherwise.
Janet Mock Rejoins Piers Morgan video transcript

Mod Note:

There is a lot of interrupting and talking over in this video. Dashes (-) are used to indicate a sentence that was never finished. Ellipsis (…) are to show a continuation.

Piers Morgan: So Janet, I put you back on the show because, cards on the table, I have spent an infuriating 24 hours, and I want you to explain why I’ve had to go through this.

Because - let me start from this premise - I have always been 100% supportive of all gay rights, gay marriage rights, transgender rights. In fact, I want equality for everyone in America and all around the world. That’s always been my position. Anyone that’s watched this show knows that’s exactly what I’ve always stood for.

I had you on the show. I, I, you had wrote a powerful book, I did nothing but laud your courage. I said you were a fantastic person to be out there, center stage, selling the message that there’s no need to stigmatize transgender people. I, I called you a woman throughout the interview, I never disputed the fact that you’re a woman.

And yet today, I have spent literally 12 hours being viciously abused by the transgender community, egged on by your own tweeting last night that you were somehow very dismayed by the way the interview had gone.

Now, I was surprised, because you never said anything during the interview to indicate you were remotely dismayed with any of the terminology I was using. At the end of the interview you were very cordial, we shook hands, you thanked me for the interview, and off you went. And the interview was done five days ago.

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Brave Frontier Official TV Commercial appearing in various countries. Something looks really wrong with those 3D models. What do you think?

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Jay's watching this show about rescued animals, like Pitbulls and Parollees or something, and he's so touched that he turns into a crying mess on the couch. His s/o walks in when it's on commercial and is shocked, like, "Jay, what's wrong?" Jay's like, "They gave the puppy a new home. It was so beautiful." Then the show comes back on and the s/o is like, "OMG, Jay, you cinammon roll."

“jay…can you come over and help me…..JAYYYYYYY…jason are you here??” his s.o holds the baseball bat and walk slowly to the living room. they move slowly and carefully only to find jason lying in the couch crying.

“omg…jason are you ok? jason ……why are you crying, did you have a rough day?” they hold jason’s face in their hands and look closely at him. He NEVER cries.

“i-i…i’m not crying..”

“oh my bad i just mistook the river of tears on your cheeks as.. i dont know… tears?”

“it’s just this show..they gave the puppy a new home. it was beautiful. the puppy looked really happy” 

his s.o will laugh a little before making the small connection, jason relates to the puppies because he was once in the streets a stray lost boy and bruce took him in. maybe that’s the reason of his tears.

“..do you relate to these puppies because bruce took you in?”


“i just really like the happy puppies”

his s.o will begin to tear up but hold him close and play with his hair. 

“you’re the cutest cinnamon roll in this world jay”

he hugs them back and mumbles 

“shut up”