what is up with your face bro

...Team Work?

[Context: We’re playing a series of horror-themed one shots, and our team is currently hiding in a cave from a wendigo, awaiting rescue. My character, a dhampir sorcerer, crit failed a will save and started to turn into a wendigo.]

DM: You all wake up and hear a scratching sound. You look over and [sorcerer] isn’t looking so good. His face is distorting, his fangs are a lot larger, and he’s growing claws.

Gunslinger: *cocking gun* Bro, lemme know you’re still with us.

DM as sorcerer: Please….kill…me…

Gunslinger: Ok. Bang bang.

Sorcerer [OOC]: REALLY?? You couldn’t even hesitate??

Medium [OOC]: What’s your alignment again??

DM: Roll for damage….Ok he’s still up and he’s going to attack [injured medium].

Paladin: I’m so, so sorry, dear. May your soul find peace. I channel positive energy.

DM: That’ll do it. The energy burns him, and he goes down.

Gunslinger: Always double tap. Bang bang.

Sorcerer [OOC]: You could at least feel bad!

Paladin: I’ll perform last rights for him. 

DM: You suddenly hear a helicopter outside. Rescue has arrive.

Sorcerer [OOC]: OH COME ON!

Merry Christmas

Jensen sighed as he plopped down on the bench in the mall. He had been here for hours, fighting through crowds, searching and scanning for anything and everything that would make a great Christmas gift for you.
You two had only been dating for 8 months, which was really nothing, but he loved you. He loved being with you and spending time with you, learning about you. You always intrigued him.

Biting his lip, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts before finally landing on the one he was searching for. Jared’s. He had never wanted to call your brother, but he was sure he had no other choice.
“Hey brother what’s up?” Jared asked, laughing, he could Gen in the background telling Jared to stop ramming their cart into everything.
“I need help, bro..” Jensen sighed, running his hand over his face.
“Meet me at Target in 20” and then hung up, leaving Jensen in a weird and confused state.

Target wasn’t tiffany’s or Prada. You couldn’t get boots made of pure alligator skin at Target. You bough groceries at Target; but nevertheless, Jensen was at Target in 15 minutes and calling Jared.
“I’m here, man”
“Alright, we are in isle 15, better hurry before Gen moves us again” Jensen chuckled at this, knowing how impatient she could be at times.

“What the hell is this?” Jensen asked, staring into the buggy that Jared had picked out.
“This, dude, is a shopping cart filled with things your girlfriend, my sister, would love!” Jared exclaimed.
“It’s all… cheap” Jensen stared, bewildered, making Jared sigh.
“Jay, dude, come on. My sister is a pretty cheap date.”
“Yeah, I get that.. but this is.. not Christmas.” Jensen groaned, sitting across from Gen at the Starbucks.
He watched as Jared sighed and sat next to his wife.
“Dude, I know this is hard for you but..”
“Y/N isn’t like Danneel..” Gen finished, making Jared nod.
“Dannie and I are friends, and I love her still, but she is nothing like Y/N. They are on two completely different sides of the spectrum. Dannie has expensive tastes, she was born that way and she will live that way.. Y/N has never been like that.” Gen sighed, taking Jays hands in hers.
“What if she doesn’t like it? I’m terrified of losing her to some dumb Christmas present that wasn’t good enough.” Jensen admitted, his shoulders slouching.
“My sister would appreciate a waded up paper ball that has a piece of gum in it if it came from you,” Jared laughed.
“You really think she will like this stuff?” He asked, arching his eyebrow.
“I know she will, dude.”

Jensen wrapped each present nervously, scared that if he didn’t wrap it perfectly that it would cause a fight between you two. Deep down, he knew that you weren’t like that, that you couldn’t careless about how he wrapped a present, he was just conditioned to think that way over his last relationship.

Then he waited, he had seen you so many times before Christmas, the closer it got the more nervous he got. There had been several times that he almost blabbed about what he got you, but he wanted it to be a genuine surprise.
“So, Babe, do you want to open our presents here alone or would you rather take them to Jared’s and open them with everyone else?” You asked, munching on a carrot stick as Jensen cooked dinner.
He looked back at you and smiled, “uh let’s do it here, before hand”
“Mkay” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his abdomen as you laid your head on his back.
Jensen relaxed into your embrace, still not completely used to this kind of PDA in a relationship; this was something Danneel would never do.

That morning, Jensen woke up in your arms. His head was on your stomach, and his arms around your torso; one of this favorite positions. He felt your delicate fingers gently brushing through his hair, sending a shiver down his spine.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, smiling as he looked up at you. He watched as a small smile broke from your lips, but your eyes never lost contact with the ceiling.
“Every Christmas morning, I like to kinda lay and think about things that I’m grateful for that I wasn’t last year,”
He had never expected that to come from you, but those were the words that pushed him over the edge, and made him completely and madly in love with you.
Reaching over, he cupped you face on his hand and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
“I’m most grateful for you” you whispered, just as the kiss ended.
“I love you” he whispered, looking into your eyes.
“I love you too, Jay” nuzzling your head in his neck for a few minutes, relishing in the warmth he provided.
“You ready?” He asked, caressing your arm with his fingertips.

Jensen laughed as you handed him a giant rectangular box, poorly wrapped in newspapers.
“I thought it’d be funnier than using actual wrapping paper” you admitted, making his fears of his terrible wrapping skills diminish.
He tore open the paper and ripped the tape off the box, and laughed out loud.
“Holy shit” he laughed, gently pulling it out of the box.
“No way!”
“Do you like it?” You asked, sitting next to him.
“I love it, baby” he smiled, pulling you closer and kissing you on the head.
“How’d you know I always wanted one of these?” He asked, looking at you wit complete adoration in his eyes.
“On our first date, we stayed here and watched movies and ate really bad popcorn. During the Christmas Story, I remember you telling me that you had always wanted the leg lamp since you had first seen the movie” you admitted, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“Well now I feel bad about what I got you” he said, sheepishly.
“Jay, I’m sure it’s wonderful” you smiled, looking up at him.
“It’s not nearly as thoughtful as the leg lamp from the Christmas story!” He laughed, but you could tell he was nervous as he handed you one of your presents.
Smiling wildly, you pulled the wrapping paper off and squealed so loud he thought his ear drum burst.
“Oh my god, Jay I love it!” You smiled, tearing the cardboard piece off it it and wrapping it around you. It was a giant, pink and white cow print fuzzy blanket.
“Do you really?” He asked, amusement written all over his face.
“I really do” you smiled wrapping it around him as you sat in his lap.
“It really is soft” he smiled, kissing you.

After you had opened all of your presents, Jensen felt stupid for worrying that you wouldn’t like them. He laughed as you put on the shark onesie pajamas with the fuzzy reindeer socks and slid across the wooden floor and danced to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll.”

Jensen had loved everything you had gotten him, A membership to the Nature trail, promising him that you would hike with him for real, new boots because he had kept forgetting to buy his own and an Ugly Christmas sweater that had Rudolph on it to which you had the matching one with Clarice on it.

After you two had come back with armfuls of gifts from your friends and relatives, you collapsed on the bed next to each other.
“I almost forgot” Jensen smiled, reaching over into his bedside drawer and pulled out a small black box.
“What’s this?” You asked, smiling.
“Open it”
You gasped and looked up at him.
“Jay, they’re beautiful”
“Jared helped me with the stuff you got downstairs, I wanted to get you something that I picked.” he smiled. They were tiny blue earrings with little specs of green and white in them.
“They look like snow globes” you smiled, putting them in your ears.
“I got something else for you too” you smiled, getting up and reaching into your purse, you pulled out a small red box. Taking it from you, he pulled off the top and smiled.
“A key?” He asked, and you nodded.
“I want you to move in with me” you smiled.

In that moment you had never looked more beautiful to Jensen. Nodded slightly, he leaned over the bed and pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Of corse I’ll move in with you.”

A/N: No hate to Danneel at all! I think she is beautiful and her and Jensen are great together! I just had this on my mind and wanted to make a story of it :)

  • America: For the last time. I'm the united states. I'm not a colony anymore, I'm grown up!
  • England: Just last year you couldn't elect a government official.
  • America: Yeah so?
  • Canada: Hey Dad can I have my independence?
  • England: Yes, go make your old man proud.
  • England: Because he's not a little shit, that's why.
  • Percy: You know what is this?
  • Jason: Yea, that's piture of me. What are you gonna do with it?
  • Percy: Nothing, i just love to stare at your face, bro
  • Jason: But my face is not as nice as yours, bro
  • Percy: No, bro. It's completely nicer than my face, bro
  • Jason: I don't agree, bro. Your face is the nicest
  • Piper and Annabeth: Can you both shut up?!

see, the thing is, i’m not the kind of “submissive” these “daddies” on tumblr want. probably because i have some notion of my own self worth and know what i want and what i’m not willing to put up with. and then they get all butt hurt about me being “too demanding” and how that’s “not submissive behavior”.

you wanna be able to tell me what to do and have me do more than laugh in your face? earn it.


I hit 200 followers a week ago, but I waited until I was at a stable number. I’m honestly surprised a lot of people really like Lily and want to see all the crazy stuff she gets herself into. I’m blessed really so without dragging this on lets get this started.

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Today, I fucked up... by sneezing while wiping my ass

This whole sequence of events took place in less than 10 seconds. Reflexes, fuck you.

There’s a short, but in this case crucial moment, between wiping your ass and dropping the paper in the toilet bowl.

As I was wiping my ass, I sneezed. A slimy drop of snot landed on my upper lip and instinctively I put the paper I was holding, on my nose to wipe it off. My body’s way of saying “WTF bro, you put shit on your nose” was instant puking, which landed on my hands and in my lap. Now, I’m standing up, screaming out my disgust, with pants around my ankles, shit on my face and puke all over. Wife comes banging on the door, wondering what’s wrong. My instant thought is “she must never know”. In my stress, I reach for the door to ensure it’s locked, so that she can’t make any rescue attempts. Of course I trip, fall face first on the door. This doesn’t calm my wife, but leaves vomit all over the door and a hurting nose, which I instinctively grab to acknowledge the pain. It’s all a mess, like taken from a xxx-rated version of Faulty Towers

Been spending the last half hour showering, cleaning the bathroom and making up half ass explanations to my wife.

I still smell the shit in my nose.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Interviewer: What are your nicknames for each other?

Tony: [flashes grin] My nicknames for Bruce? Let’s see [counts on fingers]: Big Guy, Lima Bean, Green Giant, Buddy - that’s always a favorite - Tough Guy (more relationship-time ones?) Smoochems, Brucie-babe, Sexy, Sexy Hair, Sweetcheeks, Mr. Clever Fingers, Beautiful Man With an Even More Beautiful Dick, Doctor Fucking Machin-

Bruce: [clears throat] Baby.

Interviewer: Baby? Just baby?

Bruce: Yeah. Watch. [turns to Tony, voice soft] I love you, baby.

Tony: [mouth slams shut] [face flushes] [gets up and hurries stiffly from the room]

Interview: What?

Bruce: [holds up a finger]

Tony: [from the other room] Fuck you, Banner, I love you too, you fucking prick.

Interviewer: Oh.

Bruce: [smiles a little] Yeah.

Secret ‘jobs’

MEMBER: Shownu
- Admin Kay

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“Fuck.” Circling his hips, he pushed his dick further into your mouth, making you gag. His vice grip in your hair stopped you from pulling back, and very quickly, he was thrusting up into you, trying to reach his climax.

As he was nearing, the door opened up, but since his back was facing the door, nobody could see what was going on. Quickly, he pushed you under the table and pushed his chair in. Unfortunately, the action meant that his dick was still in your mouth and you had no way to remove it without alerting the staff that someone was under the table.

“Shownu! Hey bro,” you heard his stylist say, with Shownu replying a shaky, “Hey,”in return.

“Are you okay? You look a bit red,” you could hear the stylist fumbling around with stuff on the table. 

“I think I might be coming down with something,” Shownu replied, coming up with an excuse on the spot. You couldn’t help but snicker at his excuse, which sent vibrations down his core, making him give a slight moan and shove his hand under the table to stop you.

Deciding to use this as revenge for all the times he made you feel hot, you started to bob your head up and down, at a slow pace. Instantly, Shownu’s hands reached for your face to stop you, but instead, you quickened your pace. 

You could hear how his breath got slightly heavier and you knew that he was hoping the stylist hyung didn’t hear it. 

“Ah, shit,” you heard him say. Stopping your actions, you waited for the stylist hyung to speak.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… My head just hurts, I probably haven’t had enough water.” 

You could feel him reach for the water, and as he put the bottle to his mouth, you started to bob your head back up and down, which made him reach his free hand to you, winding them into your hair. 

Very slowly, he thrusted his hips up, trying to get you to take all of him. Hearing the blowdryer turn on, you decided to let your boyfriend have his release. Increasing your pace and swallowing even more of him, you used your free hands to play with his balls. Almost instantly, Shownu cummed into your mouth, his hips stopping completely, whilst you slowed yourself down. 

As you released his dick from your mouth, you prayed the stylist didn’t see the slight jerk of the table, but it seemed as though the blowdryer had blocked out the sound of the door, because the next moment, you were cowering right towards the back of the wall.

“Shownu, stop shaking your leg, you’re making the whole table move!” You heard Changkyun say. 

“I’m no- oh yeah mate, sorry,” You heard Shownu, as his hands fumbled around, trying to put his dick away. 

Looking to your right, you saw someone leaning under the table, continuing to try to hide yourself, you looked again, hoping they’d gone.

But lo and behold, you were staring into the eyes of Wonho. Your eyes looking terrified whilst his held a glint of mischief. Holding your index finger up to your lips, you begged him - through actions - to keep quiet.

Giving you a cheeky smirk, he pulled out his phone, before writing a quick message and sliding it over to you, ‘I won’t tell the boys, but you owe me ;)’

You looked up and realised that he’d come out from under the table, and was now trying to get your boyfriend’s attention.

“Shownu, I dropped my phone under the table and it slid to your side, can you get it for me?” He asked. You heard him give a slight laugh as Shownu’s eyes met yours. 

“He saw me,” you whispered, as you gave him Wonho’s phone. 


I want to meet them

Eaurgh. I felt bad for breaking my promise so I finished this in the car and now I’m car sick lol.
Anyway, Chapter 3 of Your Voice
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

“Hey, MC.”
“Hi, there.”
“What’s up?”
Saeran covered his face with his hands, embarrassed and sighed. He was finally supposed to call MC that day, and he was practicing how he was going to talk to them in the mirror. It wasn’t going well.
“Hiya!” He tried again, but quickly turned the mirror away. “This is embarrassing.”
“Hiya, Saeran!” Saeyoung greeted, which made him jump.
“Damn it, idiot! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”
“Sorry, bro.” He laughed. “Who are you talking to, anyway?”
“None of your business now get out.” Saeran said, shoving him through the door and slamming it.
“So, this is cool, right?” He tried again, but was just getting frustrated.
He then heard his brother laugh from the other room. He was obviously talking to MC again. Saeyoung seemed much happier since he started calling them, and Saeran couldn’t help but be jealous.
Saeran wanted his brother to be happy. He really did. But when he found out that Saeyoung had feelings for this MC, he didn’t know how to react. Of all the MC’s he could’ve called, it had to be this one. He didn’t stand a chance.
It wasn’t fair. He’s wanted to talk to MC for so long. He was in love with them, and he found it so unfair that he didn’t even get a route with them. That he’d never know what it would be like to be loved by them.
He’s been working for months on a way to make it to the other side of the screen, to get in touch with them, just so he could get to know them. He never told anyone, and he was surprised when he found out that Saeyoung made it before he did.
Saeyoung never told anyone either, and Saeran only found out when he overheard them talking to each other. He then worked as fast as he could to cut the connection, but he could only drop the calls once every few hours.
That didn’t stop me from doing it though. He thought, pressing the button again.
“Damn it, not again!” He heard his brother say.
I’m not gonna give up, Saeyoung. He thought. I’m going to at least meet them.
Saeran picked up the phone.


“What is that kid doing?” your friend practically screamed at the sight of a young man doing flips down the stairs. 

“Woah, bro he’s back at it again!” some teenagers practically knocked you over and rushed past in awe. 

You shook it off and continued walking to the refreshment table but a figure jumped in front of you. A face squared away by shadows stared up at you, eyes glowing, sending a shiver down your spine. It slowly stood up to meet you. 

“Hi, I’m Derek!” the man said trying to catch a breath. 

“Oh, you’re Mr. Stuntman,” you nodded, realizing you were in front of the long staircase.

“Oh that, that was nothing,” he shrugged, “how bout I get you a drink.” 

What actually happened in Teiko Arc
  • Akashi: I need someone. *finds Kuroko* Good.
  • Aomine: Tetsu you my bruh
  • Kuroko: I will try my best to stay your bruh
  • Nijimura: I cannot captain. Akashi you captain.
  • Akashi: Ok.
  • Teiko team: We won again aaaaaaay
  • Murasakibara: Aka-chin weak
  • Akashi: Say that to my face you fucking tree
  • Aomine: Tetsu I'm too strong for you. We not bros no more.
  • Kuroko: ...bruh.
  • Akashi: Tetsuya. Shintarou. Daiki. Ryouta. Atsushi.
  • Ogiwara: Kurokooooo
  • Kuroko: Hello childhood friend. I wish to battle you.
  • Kuroko: *gets injured* Fuck.
  • Akashi: Don't worry Tetsuya, we will battle him for you.
  • Teiko team: 111-11
  • Kuroko: What...is victory..?
  • Akashi: We've already kicked too many asses. Lets split up into different teams so that we can kick each other's asses. How's that sound?
  • GoM: Cool.
Face to Face Part II - Nate Maloley Imagine



After ten minutes of peaceful unpacking I feel two hands on my waist.

“Nate?’ I ask, as I turn around to find Derek with a smirk on his face and Nate behind him shooting us a glare. 

This is not good.

“What the hell are you doing Derek?” Nate asks with clenched fists.

“Relax bro, Im just checking up on Y/n, I just wanted to see if she needed any help unpacking?” Derek says as he turns to look at Nate with a smirk plastered across his face. 

“You know you can do that without putting your hands on her.” Nate says through gritted teeth.

I don’t know what is going on but i know if i don’t get Nate away from Derek he might attack him and i don’t want to have one of my new roommates in the hospital on the first day i get here.

“Why don’t we take a walk Nate we can clear our heads and talk?” I say trying to break the awkward tension in the room. 

Nate and I grab the keys to the apartment and walk out the door not before Nate slams it. 

“What has gotten into you?” I ask softly looking Nate directly in the eyes. 

“I just get overprotective I don’t want you to get hurt by someone like him. Especially since you just got here and plus you’re my friend and i don’t want to lose you.” Nate says looking down at the ground with his hands in his pockets.

“Nate you’re not going to lose me. Derek is just a flirty nature I’m guessing?” I question trying to lighten the mood.

“Yeah, if you say so.” Nate says finally looking up into my eyes.

(Nate’s P.O.V) 

“Yeah if you say so.” I say finally getting the courage to look her straight in the yes. God damn she has the most beautiful eyes. 

Y/n giggles and grabs my arm as we walk  the sidewalk towards my favorite bar.

“Do you want to stop and grab a drink?” I ask hoping she’ll say yes.

“You know what a drink sounds pretty good right now.” Y/n says smiling.

As we walk into the crowded bar i hear a lot of commotion coming over from the karaoke station. Drunk singing obviously making its way to my ears. 

(Y/n’s P.O.V )

We walked into the bar the be greeted by this awful singing but then everything stops and the voice on the microphone booms. “NATE MALOLEY AND HIS 2 YEAR CRUSH Y/N EVERYBODY.” an oddly familiar voice says over the speaker system.

Nate’s face instantly turns red, at first just a blush pigment but then a darker shade of red when he sees Derek up on the stage wobbling and pointing right at us.

“Whats he doing here I thought he was back at the apartment?” I question Nate clutching his arm tighter just so he wouldn’t jump at Derek.

“I don’t know…. but he sure needs to get off that god damn stage.” Nate mumbles and walks towards Derek grabbing him by the collar and pulling him down off the stage. 

“Hey whats the big deal you still mad at me for trying to make a move on your precious girl friend.” Derek slurs as he is dangling by the collar of his shirt.

Im so confused, does Nate like me? I mean we have always been flirty but thats just the way we are its a comfortable flirty. Do I have feelings for Nate?

Nate drops Derek and storms out of the bar in the opposite direction of our apartment. I pick up Derek and put his arm over my shoulder and take him home.

“You know y/n you’re really pretty too bad Nate won’t let me hit that. You’re all he talks about ever since you guys started messaging.” Derek says as he starts to drift off to sleep and slowly becoming heavier on my body.

Nate has to like me, otherwise Derek wouldn’t be rambling on like this. 

“Okay Derek I think its time for you to go to bed you’re going to regret this in the morning”, i say trying to get Derek into bed.

In one instant Derek grabs my face and smashes his lips into mine. I can’t deny it felt good his lips were just so perfect but there was no spark. 


I turn around to see Nate holding a bouquet of flowers but those soon drop to the floor as he walks away. 

I run after Nate but he’s already in his car reversing out of the driveway. 

Why the hell does this keep happening. I need to find Nate.

anonymous asked:

bro are you asian because if not you shouldnt be cosplaying kubo thats yellowfacing

I’m full Chinese? So. Yeah!! 

Evidence here!! ^^^ Check my face tag for more if you don’t believe me, haha,

But I think that’s not yellowface? Because as I understand it, yellowfacing is when you’re a non-Asian actively trying to look “Asian” by appropriating offensive stereotypes, such as pulling the corners of your eyes up/taping your eyes, wearing a qipao/kimono/ other traditional dress/etc.  inappropriately  in order to look “Asian”, since these are the stereotypical cues for  an “Asian” person. More under the cut since I don’t want to clog up dashes! 

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House Animals
  • Godric: Ok we need to come up with animals to represent the four houses.
  • Salazar: But why?
  • Godric: School spirit bro.
  • Rowena: Well I'm going to go with an eagle. Raven is a bit TOO obvious really.
  • Helga: True. I'm going to say badger. Because they're all cute and furry until they eat your face.
  • Salazar: Helga you're insane. I choose snake. They do my bidding. Plus I promised the secret serpent I hid in the castle to kill every mudblood that I'd do this.
  • Godric: Salazar stop talking, no one ever listens to you. Now what should the Gryffindor animal be. Hmmm Gryffindor. Gryffindor. Griffin...door. Got it! I choose a lion!

Requested by: Anon ( Can you please do the Murphy one were the reader is a grounder and fights an other grounder to help him )

A/N: lol this story is a joke yo but really, this is my attempt at a two part story and i’m kinda okay with it but not really. It’s corny af, but I mean what stuff that I write isn’t? Any who, enjoy!

Warning: Graphic violence, bro.

“What you’re doing is wrong!” You screamed at, Olen, who had been torturing the sky person all day.

“You know how it is, (y/n),” he said getting too close for comfort, “blood must have blood!”

“He hasn’t shed any blood,” you yelled back, “he’s done nothing wrong, but his people have!”

“Listen, little girl, if you speak one more word your blood will run with his.”

You removed your face out of his and backed away with your hands up. You sure as hell weren’t going to accept defeat, but they needed to think you did. When the sun went down you would help the boy you’d grown a strange attraction to.

Night fell and everyone but the guards had fallen asleep. You made your way out of your makeshift hut and surveyed your surroundings. This wasn’t going to be easy, but with the help of your best friend you had somewhat of a chance. You nodded to her across the camp as she walked into the surrounding trees.

You scanned once more and locked eyes on your target. You quietly made your way to the cage that held the boy. He was huddled into the corner of the cage and appeared motionless. You prayed that he was only sleeping and you weren’t too late. You crouched behind the cage and spoke softly.

“Wake up,” you whispered as you shook him.

His eyes immediately opened and he quickly back pedaled to the other side of the cage.

“Listen, I don’t have any fingernails left, ok?!” He squinted his eyes trying to focus on the grounder that startled him.

“It’s ok,” you said as you mentioned him to come closer.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he spat.

“I’m here to help you,” you whispered.

“Oh yeah? How do you plan on doing that?” he said as he tried to run his hand through his knotted hair.

“If you give me about a minute, you’ll find out.”

He returned your statement with a look of confusion. The moon was just bright enough to light up your faces. His hair was notted and a mix of blood and dirt caked his face. Seeing the pain and exhaustion in his face made your heart hurt, but your thoughts were interrupted by a blood curdling scream echoing through the woods.

The guards on duty rushed into the trees to find the source of the screaming. You didn’t have very long and you knew if you got caught neither of you would make it out alive. You reached for the lock on the cage and yanked as hard as you could. The lock didn’t budge and panic filled your body. Searching for anything around that could break the lock, you saw a large boulder. You picked it up with a huff, and dropped it onto the lock.

It shattered into several pieces and the cage door flew open. The boy didn’t move at first, but he soon realized this was the only chance he’d had to break free. He’d never killed anyone, but after the past few days he wasn’t scared to. He stumbled getting up and made his way towards you.

“Follow me and whatever you do, don’t make a sound.”

He nodded silently and you turned to make your way out of camp. You could still hear your people making their way through the woods still trying to find your friend.

You moved a few logs away from the fence and uncovered an exit.You motioned for him to lead the way, replaced the logs, and began following the boy.

You only made it a few feet before a deep voice stopped you both in your tracks.

“One more step, little girl, and this arrow goes through your skull.”

You turned around slowly to see Olen holding his bow and arrow. Every hair stood on end and you felt a familiar rush of adrenaline. You held your arm out and pushed the boy behind you and reached for you knife with your other hand. He responded by pulling his arrow further back.

“Olen, you don’t want to do this,” you said as you tightened the grip on your knife.

“I warned you, little girl, and now your blood will run.”

You saw his arm pull back and before you had even realized, your knife left your hand and harshly plunged into Olen’s neck. He fell off the stoop he was perched on and gasped for air. You made your way to him and looked down without an ounce of remorse. Blood spilled as you removed the knife and wiped the blood.

You turned around to see the boy with a blank face but you were quickly turned as you heard people running your way.

“Run, now!” You yelled as you still stood over Olen.

“Not without you,” he shook his head and stayed in place.  

“Don’t be stupid, just go.”

“If we’ve made it this far, we’ll make it further,” he ran to you, grabbed your hand, and pulled you with him.

You both ran until you lungs felt like they were on fire and the sound of trailing grounders ended. You both laid on your backs and looked up at the sky gasping for air.

“Murphy,” his voice startled you.


“Murphy,” he looked over at you, “my name is John Murphy.”

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you want to know what’s toxic?

women saying a woman looks unattractive without make-up and that a woman SHOULD be wearing more make-up because she looks ‘dead’ without it.

you know how dangerous that is? telling a fandom, mostly filled with young women, that someone is UGLY without make-up and fake eyelashes?! that without that ‘airbrushed look’ you basically shouldn’t be showing your face and you look like an abuse victim?

as someone who ALSO doesn’t like wearing a lot of make-up. I take GREAT offense to that. people who say this crap remind me of those dude-bros who go on and on about how women “trick” them because they think women look good with make-up but bad without it 

the choice to not wear so much make-up was jen’s… Emma went through a lot of trauma this past season… excuse her for not wanting to curl fake eyelashes and put on lip gloss. 

Emma Swan is beautiful without make-up
I am beautiful without make-up
EVERY WOMAN is still beautiful without make-up

please stop spreading bullshit arguments that a woman looks LESS without it.

Thoughts on the Season 1 Finale
  • there’s so much to recap because of the double episode oh boy here we go
  • I can’t believe it’s over already :( this season went so fast!
  • But seriously that finale was amazing and I loved the way they tied up all the loose ends (shout out to Intro Theme Song Guy, your shameless breaking of the fourth wall was much appreciated ;))
  • also shout out to the Budget-Writing-Is-An-Artform Guy for being awesome
  • also shout out to Luke for actually making good life choices, keep doing what you’re doing bro, I’m sure you’ll do great on Wall Street
  • guys there is a bug flying around my face right now IT KNOWS
  • yeah Daddy Healy kinda deserves to suffer for a bit for everything he did
  • screw you Director Director Guy, screw. you.
  • so Ella’s dead. anyway.
  • Is that I’m A Tree And I’m Not Moving song a common thing at protests in America or did they just make it up for the show?
  • Rochelle has a boyfriend???
  • well I guess that makes sense, he seems like the kind of guy with hidden awesomeness (pro tip: if you’re going to do something shady, bring along a friend who’s a fed)
  • that was so cute when he asked her out though and also when they were hugging as the cherry blossoms rained down awww
  • I wonder how much all that salt cost
  • I love how shame was the key to getting rid of the bugs
  • I also love that Gary was the one that saved the day but he had no idea, finally an intern that hasn’t met a horrific, head-exploding end! hooray!
  • I also love how everything went back to normal and politicians were still missing half their brain, but hey America will be totally fine
  • ooohhhh so that’s why he keeps calling her Lana
  • Gareth pushing Red away from Laurel was so freaking heroic
  • and also him helping her onto the table first despite having a stab wound, a true gentleman
  • *looks at giant pile of bugs* “that’s kind of gross” yep
  • I’m so glad Gareth didn’t get shot because he’s already been stabbed and poor Aaron has played enough roles where he gets severely wounded multiple times (coughMikeWarrencough) (at least the hospital scene went better for him on this show heh)
  • AND THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL WAS SO RANDOM BUT ALSO FUNNY AND SWEET (and Laurel was secretly disappointed when Gareth said he was joking ;)) ALSO LAUREL WANTING 0 KIDS AND GARETH WANTING 5-6 WAS SO THEM
  • I just really love Laureth ok?
  • welp I think that’s pretty much everything
  • This season has been a wild, crazy, wonderful ride and you guys are all awesome, so thanks for all the discussions (and shout out to all you gifmakers!! you guys rock!!!) and here’s hoping for a Season 2!!!