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when you’re home alone so sing at the top of your lungs and don’t realise that little kids are running around in the garden a few houses down and after the song’s over one shouts “whoever was just singing, can you come and sing at my birthday party?” and another shouts “you’re really good!”


im not tried.. but am i not tired enough to go in game????

pretty over that story everyone in the creative industries seem to have about how theyve Always Known that X was their Goal, and how they always had a Big Passion for it and they were doing X before they could walk! like, that is fine and great and of course a valid and genuine story, BUT the myth thats gone up around that being the only path for creatives has basically invalidated everyone who didnt grow up making home movies or painting every week or whatever. it makes me afraid and ashamed to say ‘nah i wasnt really into movies as a kid’ or ‘haha ive actually never used this technique before uni’ or whatever bc i just KNOW people are gonna give me That Look and think less of me and its like, whats it matter though?? how does what i was into or what i was doing when i was 10 years old affect the legitimacy of my work and my passion now as a grown professional?? sorry that i grew as a person and it took me time to find myself, and sorry that u havent changed since u were in second grade i guess??

BTS REACTION: you pulling a number of someone they wanted

*Okay, so I’m going to make this just like they’re all friends, no one is dating lol!*


You all watched as Jin helplessly flirted with the waitress. She was stunning, and the guys literally wouldn’t shut up about her. 

“What color is a burger?” he asked

“what color?” she asked, smiling at him.

“burgundy.” he said, erupting into a fit of laughter. She giggled, shaking her head and walking away.

“ya, I’m pulling her” he said.

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Suga rolled his eyes. 

“No way, she’s eyeing me.” he said. She returned with your drinks, and he smiled at her.

“Do you know BTS?” he asked, giving her seductive eyes. She smiled, shaking her head. 

“Well, you should check us out” he said smiling. She smiled, returning to the kitchen. He face palmed.

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J Hope

“Smooooothhhhhhh” he teased.

“Like you could do better” suga fired back. 

“I could” he said. He walked over to the radio station, and put on Don’t wanna fall in love, and started doing subtle dance moves. She watched him as he walked back to the table smoothly. 

“Watch, she’ll want me” he said.

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Rap Monster

She returned to the table, filling our cups up.

“Your hair is dope” he said, earning a smile from her.

“Thank you” she said.

“And you have a beautiful smile..” he said, smiling and showing the signature dimples. That’s what usually got the girls. She blushed, thanking him again and walking away.

“I got her.” he teased.

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Jimin was the KING of flirting. He was just too cute not to get a girl. He knew how to make them laugh, and smile. He flirted subtly with her, and she smiled, walking away. He frowned. Feeling defeated.

“She must be broken or something.” he said. The boys started dying, and you smiled.

“Or she likes taller guys” Jungkook teased.

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V would just compliment her politely. He would start a conversation about what she was doing with her life.

“I’m in uni, but I’m working to pay my debt.. I don’t wanna burden my family” she said. He nodded.

“I get that, that’s kind of you..” he said. She smiled, thanking him. When she walked away, he winked at everyone. 

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T;his poor boy would be shook. He just sat there, looking the opposite way everytime she came over. He was attracted to her, but terrified to speak up. 

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After the meal was finished, and the guys gave up, she slid you a paper, with a smile on her face. When she walked away you opened it, revealing a phone number,

“Um, looks like I got her number” you said. The boys all huddled around, shocked at the turn out.

“But she liked tall guys right Kookie?” Jimin teased. 

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What are your thoughts about the ~adult~ humour Phil had in the slime video?

someone asking me for my opinion on a video?? i never thought this day would come (i’m gonna suck at this i apologise for not being a discourse blog)

his slime video may be my favourite ap video of 2017 because there is so much to love about it! it gave me massive old school phil vibes and i absolutely loved seeing him branch out of his ‘PG’ branding because phil is a 30 year old man who is allowed to have a mature sense of humour. i hate how he’s trapped in the innocent branding that causes people to lose their shit every time he says the word shit. it’s refreshing to see him cater to his older audience (i guess it counts as catering) by openly referencing cocaine, cum stains and unicorn semen (oh gosh that sounded so weird when reading that out loud).

it’s 2017, it’s time to stop forcing an innocent branding onto a 30-year-old.

also this video made me realise i have a slime kink and i will literally give phil my life savings of $20 to see another slime video.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 1: First Meeting

It’s not in the morgue, the way everyone would expect. It’s not in the Path Lab either; in fact, it’s not at Bart’s at all.

They meet for the first time at NSY. He’s consulting on a case for DI Lestrade, whom Molly has only known for a week, whereas Sherlock’s known him for almost two years. Molly’s briefing Greg on some evidence she’ll be giving at an upcoming murder trial, when an unfamiliar - but absolutely dazzling - stranger pokes his head into the detective inspector’s office. “Lestrade,”  he says in a peremptory tone, “when you’re done with your anatomy and physiology lesson, I’ve solved that petty little case you asked me to help you with.” He flashes Molly an insincere smile. “Do yourself a favor and don’t let him flirt with you, miss; he and his wife are sure to reconcile within a month, if their past is anything to go by. Congratulations on your recent promotion, Lestrade probably already said that and if he didn’t, well…” He gives a brief shrug, starts to duck out, then pops back in again. “Oh, and you might consider changing your cat’s diet; clearly the canned stuff you’re feeding him now is making his hairballs worse, not better.”

Molly just stares at him, the barrage of rapid-fire words washing over her while she tries to gather her scattered thoughts. By the time she’s opened her mouth to say something, he’s already gone, the door closed firmly behind him. She blinks, opens and closes her mouth a few times, then turns back to stare at Greg in utter bemusement.

“Yeah, he’s always like that,” he says with a wry grin. “Sherlock Holmes, Consulting git, the one and only.” The grin fades into a hint of a scowl as he adds, “As for me and the wife…” He shakes his head and lets out a sigh. “He’s probably right. Which is the only reason I’m not asking you out for coffee when we’re done.”

“Right, that’s fine, it’s okay,” Molly replies distractedly. She’s far too busy wondering how Sherlock Holmes had known about her problems with Toby’s diet and her promotion. Maybe Greg told him?

But when she starts to ask, Greg just raises a hand and shakes his head. “No, I didn’t tell him a bloody thing about you, Molly. He did all that on his own. Next time you see him - and I’m positive you’ll see him again - you can ask him about it.”

“Wh-what makes you think I’ll see him again?” Molly asks, feeling a blush rising and cursing herself for it.

Greg gives her a friendly - but pitying - smile. “Because he didn’t deduce anything negative about you, cat puke notwithstanding. And he didn’t just ignore you, pretend you weren’t even here. Which means he’s either interested in you as a person - not likely, sorry, he’s not actually interested in anyone as a person - or he’s interested in you because of your skills. By now he’ll have looked up your uni records and work history and God knows what else and decided if he’s going to grace you with his presence at some unknown time in the future.” 

That ‘unknown time’ turns out to be exactly three days later, when Sherlock barges into the St. Bart’s morgue for the first time, dark coat flaring dramatically behind him, scarf fluttering at his throat, black leather gloves covering his hands. “Doctor Hooper,” he announces with a wide grin, “I understand you recently completed the autopsy on one Myrtle Bainbridge. Might I have a look at the results?” His grin widens. “It’s for a case, Lestrade will confirm it if you call him.”

She calls it love at first sight when she blogs about it later that night, but it’s so much more than that - it’s a hopeless, lifelong adoration of him based as much on his dazzling intellect as his gorgeous face, fit body and to-die-for head of dark curls.

It may take seven long years and the manipulations of a madwoman before they declare their love for one another, but Molly always contends that it was well worth the wait.

And Sherlock, holding her close their first night together, gives his complete agreement.

Just letting everyone know that I’ve added a bit to the top of each claim list (Awakening and Fates) showing which supports are currently in the queue, since I know it can be worrying sending them off into the ether hehe <3 The exact order they’re posted in might change (I try not to double up the same writer twice in a row) but if it’s listed there, it’s been safely received! 


countdown to series four // day 14 - favourite otp

Diabolik Lovers Tweets: Tsukinami Shin (170213)

[From bottom to top]

Shin: Since earlier one of the Sakamaki vampires has been loitering around the mansion

Shin: Is that….Laito?

Shin: Why does a mere vampire have a photo of nii-san smiling!?

Shin: If such a photo was to leak out then, the first blood name would…

Shin: It was expensive to buy but….somehow we came to a deal what a relief

my mental health is shit lately and I’m so anxious about uni starting in a month, I seriously considered suspending my studies for a year but I can’t imagine a year living at home either… I love my mum but I don’t think we can live together anymore it’s just bad for our relationship tbh

*grumbles in Ichimatsu*

Hate // Maynard Brothers

Word Count: 1725

Summary- You are Jack’s twin sister, and the fans hate you, though Jack and Conor have no idea.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; I’ll be starting a new series of imagines, where the Reader is a Maynard sibling. This is the first one, Tell me what you think.

Requested; Kinda. I got a request for a twin imagine but I had already written like 70% of this. I’ll still write the other one, whoever requested.


The “untalented one”, The “Forgotten Maynard”, the “undeserving child”. These were a few of the names you’d been called online; multiple times. You were Jack’s twin sister, him being older by mere minutes. All in these minutes however, he received the titles of good looking and talented Jack, (though it didn’t really make sense, since you looked identical), and you were just Y/N. Just Y/N. Not Anna, the ‘Mini Maynard’, not Conor, the ‘next Justin Bieber’, or Jack; the ‘DJing hottie’. Just Y/N.

Your family knew nothing about this, of course. Jack and Conor didn’t even live with you anymore. The two moved for their careers. Of course, you’d been offered a place in the Maynard/Pieters household multiple times, and you frequently visited, but the less you were in their videos the less hate you got; the better you felt.

Everyone (besides the haters) in the ‘Mayniac’ fanbase seemed to simply think you were camera shy; that you didn’t like showing yourself in their videos, and they sent you reassuring comments saying how photogenic you were and how natural you were in front of a camera. Truth was, you absolutely adored being in front of the camera. You were the one to get Jack and Conor into videos and YouTube, after showing them how to work, edit and upload onto YouTube, they found a passion for it and you were left in the dust with the haters. Of course you supported them in everything they did, but you sometimes wished you could be up there with them.

Due to the immense requesting for sibling challenge videos, you always made excuses to dodge the filming of these; the fans didn’t miss you in the slightest, anyways. You were hurt, you were quite sad Conor and Jack’s fans weren’t fond of you, they loved Anna and you didn’t get why it wasn’t the same with you. None of the other Maynard’s seemed to notice your feelings, though. Or so you thought.  

After dismissing yourself from the 4th sibling challenge video, Anna spoke up immediately after you left the room. “I’m not the only one noticing her behavior, right?” The two boys look at their little sister, confused. “What do you mean?” Jack asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “Seriously? Have you not noticed Y/N leaving EVERY video? Her refusing to be in any sibling challenges?” The boys gave each other confused glances. “Oh my god, I am the only one who noticed..” Anna muttered, storming off.

“She couldn’t be serious, right? Y/N would’ve told us, if not me, if something was wrong.” Jack said, though he didn’t even sound convincing enough to pretend he believed his words. “Man, we’re shit older brothers.” Conor said, pulling out his phone. “What are you doing?” Jack asked, a bit worried of his brother’s actions. “I’m going to find out why the hell our sister is so uncomfortable in videos.”

After clicking an old video of the four Maynard siblings, Conor pulled up the comment section. “Oh my..” He said, eyes widening as he scanned through the comments. “What?” Jack said, looking over Conor’s shoulder. His eyes watered at the hateful things being said about his other half. It wasn’t why he was crying though; he was mad at himself. He wasn’t there for you, his little sister, his twin no less, and he didn’t even know this was happening. It was his and Conor’s fans saying the hateful things, how had they never seen this?

You were sat in your room, Conor’s music playing in your headphones. You were writing an essay for your Uni assignment, when your bedroom door slammed open and a scared Anna, a furious Jack and an upset Conor walked in. “Haven’t you heard of knocking?” You said, pausing the music and taking your headphones off, calmly. “How long has this been going on?” Jack said, getting straight to the point. “Has what been going on? I’m just doing my Uni work.” You said, furrowing your brows and gesturing to your open assignment on the screen.

“No, Y/N. How long have our fans been harassing and bullying you?” Conor interrupted, looking hurt. You froze. “W-what?” You said, very unconvincingly. Anna ran over, attacking you in a hug. “Why didn’t you tell us?” She said, alarmed. “Didn’t care.” You shrugged, trying to act like it didn’t bother you. They all knew it did.

“Y/N, you’re our sister. How could you not tell us?” Conor said, sadly. “I didn’t want to burden you or your fans with me. It’s fine, they don’t like me. It’s just life; I’ll stay behind the camera. Seriously, it’s fine.” “Stop saying it’s fine, Y/n!” Jack yelled, scaring all 3 of you. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me, Y/N! You’re my twin sister!” “You say this like you’ve actually noticed I’ve been upset.” You said, upset. “You don’t think I know Anna knew before you two?” You asked, tearing up. Conor and Jack looked guiltily at one another.

“Look, it’s not like you can do anything about it. Like I said, I’m fine not being in your videos and whatnot.” You said, a tear falling from your eye. You wiped it quickly, trying to hide it from your brothers, but failed miserably as they both ran over and crushed you in what you three used to call a ‘Maynard Sandwich.’ You always did them when you were younger, whenever one of you was upset, you’d get a Maynard Sandwich. You hadn’t had one in years; your brothers hadn’t been around a lot. It felt good, you didn’t realize how much you missed having your brothers around.

“Now come on, clean up. We have a video to film.” Conor demanding, releasing you and guiding Anna out of the room. “B-but.” You stuttered, unsure. “No buts, Y/N. We’re sorting this out, right now.” Conor said, and you couldn’t argue. He and Anna left the room, leaving you and Jack alone. “I’m sorry.” You both said, in sync. You smiled, and hugged each other tightly. “I just don’t get why you didn’t tell me.” You heard his voice crack, he was crying. “I didn’t want to bother you, or ruin the bond you have with your fans.” You said, crying as well. “Y/N, you mean so much more to me than that. You’re not only my little sister,” “By 3 minutes.” You interrupted, making him shake his head. “Let me be sappy!” He whined, you smiled. “Alright, Jackie.” You teased, making him glare.

“ANYWAYS, as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted, you’re not only my little sister, you’re my twin. My other half, Y/N. You mean so, so much to me and I feel like a terrible brother for not seeing this sooner. It’s not okay, stop saying it is. You can’t fool me, you and I are basically the same person. I know you love being in front of the camera as much as I do, as much as Conor loves singing.” You stayed quiet, knowing he was right. “I’m sorry.” You whispered, hiding your head in the crook of his neck.

He pulled back, wiping your tears then his own. He laughed. “We’re a right mess, aren’t we?” He said, making you laugh. “Oh shit, Conor and Anna are waiting for us, aren’t they?” You asked, and Jack pulled a face before getting up. You quickly put on some makeup to hide your puffy red eyes, and when you were satisfied, follow Jack (who hadn’t been crying enough to have red eyes), into the other room, where Conor and Anna were waiting. “Finally!” Conor whined, earning a smack from Anna to the head. “Ouch.” He muttered, pouting.

The four of you situated yourself in front of the camera, and you took a deep breath, nervousness practically radiating off of you. Jack wrapped an arm around you, you smiling at him gratefully. “Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re going to be doing a #AskTheMaynards. First off, though, we need to address something. So, as most of you know, this is my twin sister, Y/N.” Jack started, you waved nervously.

“Some of you have been saying some not-so-nice things to Y/N recently. Conor and I love you guys, we really do, but you can’t attack our little sister like that. It’s not okay. We realize that everyone gets hate, but at least 90% of the comments regarding Y/N are negative. She’s received so much, that she’s been making up excuses to avoid filming with us, because she’s scared of not only getting hate, but ‘ruining our videos’ as you guys have been telling her she is. This needs to stop; we’re asking you, as our fans, to stop.” Jack said, seriously.

“Yeah, Mayniacs. If you’re doing this, please know it hurts us too. Seeing our sisters in pain is one of the worst things. They both mean so much to us, and to see you guys constantly attacking them doing is really disappointing.” Conor added, hugging Anna as Jack hugged you. “She hasn’t done anything wrong, and from now on, she’s going to be in all of our sibling challenge videos because she’s our sister, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.” Jack said, protectively.

“Now that that’s over, let’s get on with the videooo!” Conor said, lightening the mood. You guys messed around the whole video, it took you a few minutes to get comfortable, but you were in your element. You loved being in front of the camera, and you were with your siblings, so you didn’t care about what people said. You didn’t nearly spend enough time with them, so you were going to enjoy the time you had together.

After the video went live, you stopped receiving hate. Not altogether of course, but the amount was cut down significantly, and the amount was maintainable now. You got a ton of apologies, from people admitting their jealousy to your relations to the boys, or people who just felt terrible for their actions. You were happy, and thanked many viewers who began supporting you. Your social medias blew up with positive comments and followers, and you finally were no longer ‘Just Y/N.’ You were Y/N Maynard, and finally, people accepted that.