what is tumblr prom

As someone who’s only been on Tumblr for almost 2 years, I love hearing stories about what this site was like years ago before I joined. I hear people bring up things like “Dashcon”, and “Tumblr Prom” and the Superwholock/Homestuck/Onceler fandoms and I’m just like

What happened? What was it like? How did you people live?

I wanna know.

the thing is that tumblr people had been talking about meetups since 2009 or 2010. there were a series of popular posts that went around in 2010 and 2011 of tumblr university. most of the people on the website were in high school, so we talked about it like a weird boarding school/university mashup where all the weird fans would go and find community. 

people made manips about what it would look like:

they also created tumblr prom. people would ask other tumblr users out, and they’d post photos of themselves in fancy outfits. for some people, it was about connecting long distance. other people would say things like “the only prom i’m getting invited to.”

they announced the convention in 2013 (though it didn’t happen until 2014). and by that time, conventions were popular. even youtubers were having gatherings. vidcon existed. geekycon (then leakycon) did too. but a lot of the culture from that time had disappeared (look at the post i just reblogged). a lot of people had grown up. we were awkward and immature in 2010 because we so many of us were in our early to mid teens.

anyway, by the time dashcon rolled around, the people who ran it didn’t do their research and didn’t know what they were doing. i think because they saw all of these tumblr trends, they also expected turnout to be a lot higher. but, again, fandom had shifted gears, and most people who wanted to go to similar fandom cons were planning on going to the ones that already existed. it was all a mess and like the last, most disastrous remains of the culture i grew up with.

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Was that like tumblr prom? :0

I don’t know what tumblr prom was supposed to be so maybe? it was a fandom thing and it was actually kind of fun…I fucked up my sleep schedule for an entire week bc I stayed up too late and wasnt used to it at that point bahahaha

Recycles Mei-chan’s dress, because why not.

So… I heard it was tumblr prom today *coughs*

Don’t let the innocent looking face fool you, it belongs to someone who’s been sinning for the past 23 years

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