what is trigender

If you're multigendered,

If you happen to be bigender, trigender, polygender, pangender, omnigender, genderfluid, or any gender that is more than just one: Describing your attraction can be hard. I know. But hey, it’s okay. It’s okay if you don’t know if you are gay or straight or none of the above. It’s okay if you can’t define your attraction by conventional means. It’s okay (although it might not feel like it) if you feel excluded and alienated from any community that you might try to enter, but that doesn’t make you any less valid. Only you can decide what labels are best for you.

Your attraction is valid.
You are valid.

What is Trigender?

Picture with trigender flag (Purple, green & white) showing the title “Trigender” and the following explanation:

Trigenderism is a non-binary gender identity in which one shifts between or amongst all genders (including but not limited to: genderless, a mix of female/male or any other variety of genderqueer identities). The genders may include any particular gender on or outside of the gender spectrum. Some trigender individuals switch genders (Gender Switching), sometimes using different personas for the genders to feel comfortable in at any given time.

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Hey there! I’m Tess/Terez and I’ve never submitted here before haha. My pronouns are he/him and she/her. I’m questioning and I have no idea what my gender is (genderfluid? trigender? mixed gender? genderflux?) I consider myself a lesbian and just made a year with my girlfriend :) my blog name is scathingsanity if anyone would like to message or anything I love to make new friends c: