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BTS REACTS TO: Catching them using your beauty products.

Anon Asked: bts reacts to s/o catching them using their skin care/beauty products? please and thank you~

I’ve been speeding through requests man, I’m having an identity crisis. Am I Sonic the Hedgehog???? - Admin Dayna


Jin didn’t smell like himself lately. You’d catch a whiff of him as he’d walk past you after taking a shower, and noticed he didn’t smell like his usual body wash. The scent wasn’t foreign either. It was familiar, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. One night you had walked into the bathroom as Jin was showering to pee. He hadn’t closed the shower curtains all the way, so you could see the collection of shampoo, conditioners, and body washes on the shower rack. You caught a Jin grabbing your bar of Black African Soap and it finally clicked - he had been using your soap to wash himself! 

“Wait - Jin are you washing with my African Soap?”

“Yeah! My skin feel so soft afterwards Jag-”

“Jin-ah! I use that on my face!”

*5 seconds of silence before he starts laughing*

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note: inspired by this hilarious art by @kirakurapon. takes place post-war before sasuke leaves.

when sasuke first returns, he develops a tendency of giving in to whatever whim sakura or naruto might have. he’s fortunate that naruto’s only really ever involved food and that he didn’t catch on to this change, but sakura’s interests vary and he has a feeling she’s aware of his newfound willingness to, well, spend time with them.

that’s how he finds himself sprawled sitting on sakura’s couch, his neck resting on the back of it, as he stares up at the ceiling. his face mostly just feels wet and strange and every time he opens his mouth to say something, the material touches his lips and he tastes some of the weird fluid seeping into his skin.

he would sigh if that didn’t mean ingesting more of this stuff.

“sakura-chan?” sasuke hears from the other end of the couch.


“are we…are we done yet?”

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*・ 。roommate!au ✧*゚

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pairing; seventeen jeonghan x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!jeonghan, humor, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

✎a/n; back with a roommate!au !! i’ve received a lot more requests for this series in my inbox, and i promise i’m getting to them! @kpop–fics is helping me with the main points so tysm for that

  • the ultimate chill roommate 
  • like 
  • you arrived at your dorm later than he did and he was just,,, sleeping
  • very soundly, if i might add
  • and the first thing you noticed was
  • !! nice hair !!!
  • for a guy.
  • you thought it would be kinda impolite ?? and creepy ?? to just enter the room so you’re just like
  • “…hello?” 
  • guESS WHAT
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • no reaction 
  • he didn’t even stir
  • is this boy even alive smh
  • that boy was probably deeeEEp in his dreamlamd
  • dreaming about vacation or something
  • who knows?
  • so you left him an introduction letter for when he woke up since you had to go to class and was gonna just leave your stuff in the room
  • the introduction letter was really short tbh
  • it just stated that you’re his new roommate and you had classes till 5 and those random luggage was yours
  • he woke up at like 4.30 and didn’t even see the note but that’s okay bc he didn’t do anything to your belongings lolol
  • but that also meant that
  • he was vvvv unprepared for your arrival 
  • so when you came back to the dorm he was so confused like
  • who are u
  • and why are you in my room
  • anddd you quickly guessed that he hasn’t seen your note so
  • “i’m y/n,, your roommate. those bags over there are mine and i already came here just now but you were sleeping so i left you a note but i guess you didn’t see it?”
  • wow such a long sentence for a first conversation
  • and he was just like
  • oh
  • his ears got a little red when he heard that you came in while he was sleeping lmao
  • “i’m jeonghan,, sorry about earlier. i was really tired.”
  • jeonghan rubbed the nape of his neck and was visibly embarrassed ?
  • you smiled at how polite he was and shook your head. 
  • “it’s fine.”
  • ngl he looked perfectly peaceful while he was sleeping and it was ;;; angelic
  • ok enough of that
  • so yeah that’s your first official meeting i guess?
  • tbh when is he not sleeping 
  • he seems lazy but is actually really active in household 
  • he helps out quite a lot and like cleans the room every once in a while
  • sometimes you just come back from a hella tiring day and when you see the spotless dorm 
  • you become so happy like 
  • it’s just ,,, really ,,,, pleasant
  • ya’know?
  • he takes care of you really well and he cooks sometimes (really simple dishes tho,, but it’s still nice so you wouldn’t complain)
  • but heh he’s also a clean freak 
  • not extreme but still a clean freak
  • “y/n! thERE’S STUFF ON THE FLOOR” 
  • and when you’re busy you just
  • “clean it yourself then, i thought you liked cleaning?”
  • jeonghan just stares at you with a hurt expression and you just laugh and 
  • “ok fine”
  • bc u know u have to do your part in cleaning too
  • andddd
  • he also owns more beauty products than you 
  • sometimes you don’t even know what it is 
  • “Toner Revolution Radically Melon? what’s that even supposed to be” 
  • “leave me and my beauty products alONE” 
  • like okAY THEN 
  • but honestly you know where he keeps his little basket of beauty products
  • and you always use them lolol
  • he never knew until one day ,,,,
  • he realized ,,,,,
  • why is my toner running out so sUsPiCiOUsLy fast
  • and he looks at you and you just 
  • “,,,,i don’t know what you’re talking about?¿??
  • he just smiles very sarcastically like yeah right you lil’ ass
  • also
  • your mom calls you a lot through facetime 
  • since she’s from your home country and you moved to korea for your studies and you two are always separated so facetimes are a way to catch up with each other
  • and every. single. time.
  • jeonghan thinks it’s necessary to pop up too
  • like wow, such a great idea !1!1!!!
  • so now he’s your mom’s favourite
  • he just casually grabs a chair to sit beside you in front of the laptop screen
  • “hey ma’am !!” 
  • and your mum just
  • “oh, jeonghan! how is it going with my number one child?”
  • and you just stare at her like
  • “MOM your child is literally riGhT hErE GDI” 
  • and both jeonghan and your mum would laugh at how kiddish you were acting
  • it was adorable to jeonghan ngl 
  • you were just so pouty whenever that happens HAHA
  • your mum would easily strike a convo with jeonghan
  • “how’s it like with my daughter as a roommate?”
  • “she’s so messy! i have a hard time cleaning up the dormm”
  • and your mum actUALLY agrees with him
  • “isn’t she? she’s always like that back home too! leaving her stuff all over the house.”
  • and your eyes just widen like
  • i’m- ,,,,,
  • and jeonghan laughs really loud and smiles really wide and just hugs you while you’re still in shock 
  • and your mother laughs along
  • so that’s that
  • and jeonghan as a cuddle buddy
  • woW
  • like jeonghan has a kind of ,,, scent ??? 
  • i dont even know
  • he just smells good all the time
  • so you can imagine when he just comes out of the shower it’s like
  • the whole dorm smells like a flower shop
  • but yeah when you guys cuddle it’s holy comfy bc his height and your height is pretty perfect
  • so typically
  • your head would be around his shoulders or chest area
  • and he just wraps his arms around you
  • and he sometimes just mumbles a few words before you two fall asleep
  • and his voice is like a lullaby 
  • and he’s just really pretty up close too
  • so
  • yep so that’s jeonghan as your roommate :”)

Assassination Classroom characters as my mother calls them

Karma: Deranged George Weasley

Nagisa: Blueberry it. Is it a boy or a girl???

Kayano: I don’t know, green bell pepper?

Isogai: Your father in high school when he grew out his hair

Maehara: Umm looks like he dyed his hair to match our dog’s spots. Let’s call him Skippy

Takaoka: Old man masterchief

Korosensei: Emoji octopus???

Irina: Your father’s step sister after she got a boob job and bleached her hair. Thank god no one blood related to us has gotten a boob job

Sugino: Uh baseball??????Or was this the artsy one???

Kanzaki: Why does this look like a better version of you before you cut your hair to a normal length?

Kimura: Neville Longbottom in anime

Nakamura: Edgy Luna Lovegood

Okuda: Cho Chang

Chiba: Essence of emo

Hayami: This one is pretty

Mimura: A meme? I dunno…

Okano: Who names their child opener?

Terasaka: Drug dealer

Toka Yada: Uhhhhh ponytail

Hinano: Strawberry lemonade bugs

Ritsu: Water color

Takebayashi: Take it back yoshi???

Yoshida: Afro circus

Itona: Eye toner??? What is it with Japanese names???

Okajima: Those eyebrows

Kataoka: Looks like my bitch of a boss.

Murmatsu: Jujitsu with an M

Sugaya: I thought his name was Stein? (Soul eater)

Sumira Hara: Summit of art

Kirara Hazama: I thought Durarara was an anime????

Karasuma: Your dad after he cut his hair. Let’s call this one Spike.

Hood Night – Benji Applebaum x Swanson!Reader

Author’s Note: i couldn’t quite match the protective because idk that’s not the vibe big bro jesse gives me. i think this would be more like him, but i’m sorry this probably sucks;

Pairing: Benji Applebaum x Swanson!Reader;

Request: “could i request a benji x reader where reader is Jesse’s younger sister so he gets really protective of her and it’s just kinda fluffy and stuff??”;

Word Count: ;

TW: swearing, i believe, and the fic is terrible;

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You hollered along with the crowd as the Treblemakers stopped breathily on their final pose for Lollipop. Your brother was the last one up, wearing his glowing smirk on his face, and you couldn’t help but smile too from your seat on the first line. You couldn’t possibly say how happy you were that Jesse had found acapella and the Trebles, because he seemed to be happier and prouder than ever when he was onstage with them. As the other boys got up, he winked at you before reaching his hand out to help the one by his side up – a pale boy with a golden voice and angel-like blond locks who you already knew. Jesse’s best friend, Benji Applebaum. He followed Jesse’s look and realized you were sitting there, clapping along with the other freshmen, and then offered you a shaky smile before turning away hurriedly. You hid your laughter.

On the next song, though, you couldn’t stop cackling. Sure, the vocals were well done, their vocal percussionist was amazing, and the choreography was pretty impressive, but, whenever you looked at Benji, he would be doing the funniest and dorkiest things. When the boys jumped to the front and the girls around you ran to the stage’s bottom, you stayed put, to what both your brother and Benji shot you challenging looks. You knew they meant completely different things, and Jesse’s face told you he wouldn’t let that one wear off.

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Masks and Onesies

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Requested by anon: ”Hi there!!! Maybe could you do a night skin care routine with your boyfriend Kihyun! Like two dorks with face masks and ugly pjs! Thanks for sharing your writing! Lots of love <3!”
Thank you for the request, anon! I hope you enjoy it, this was so much fun to write! :D

Characters: Kihyun x You (OC)
Genre: Ultra Fluff with some suggestive jokes
Summary: When you and your boyfriend Kihyun have a “skincare night.”
Plot: Skincare time with your boyfriend, Kihyun.
Word Count: 2.2k words.

“Kihyun, do you really need all of this stuff?” You huffed, lugging three large shopping bags in your arms. It was nearly 8 pm, and the two of you had been shopping since the late afternoon. You were exhausted and far from ready for the commute home.

Kihyun looked down at you, a strand pf his raven black hair falling to frame his cheeks perfectly. “Yes, we do, baby. Do you know why?”

You sighed. You knew where this was going. “Why, Kihyun?”

He suddenly stopped walking altogether, nearly knocking over some people behind the two of you, as he grinned. His teeth were a bright white and his eyes curled into crescents as he winked at you. “Because beauty likes mine needs work.”

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What are some good toners for sensitive dry skin?

  • Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion Very Dry to Dry Combination
  • SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
  • Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner
  • MAC Fix+
  • La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
  • derma e Soothing Toner with Anti-Aging Pycnogenol
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief
  • Glossier Soothing Face Mist
  • Skin Laundry Balancing Antioxidant Toner
  • Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion
Making Sweet Music

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Word Count: 1741

Prompt: “Aubrey: I know you have a toner for Jesse.” “Becca: A what?” “Aubrey: A toner. A musical boner.”

Tags: Social Anxiety, Anxiety Attack, First Meeting, College AU, Fluff

Summary: Castiel instantly falls for Dean’s music, and it turns out that Dean is pretty awesome himself.

A/N: Written for @sea040561’s 100 followers challenge. Thank as ever to my tumblr bae @mrsgabrieltrickster for betaing x

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what makes some salicylic acid toners / lotions more effective than others? also, how do u feel about benzoyl peroxide?

I would say the percentage of salicylic acid and the pH of the product. So, if one product has 2% BHA and a pH of 3.5, it would be stronger than a product with 1% BHA and pH of 4.

And I think benzoyl peroxide is good. You just need to counteract its drying nature with lots of hydration/moisture.

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Your hair is so so lovely and I want to dye my hair for the first time. Do you have any advice?

Thank you!! I once got an ask on my now-inactive personal blog so here’s the link. I’m not sure how coherent/well organized though so I’ll just go ahead and make another guide.

First off, a couple of pics of my current hair! You can decide for yourself whether or not my guide is reliable. I’m still experimenting with different methods myself, so don’t take my word as law.

It’s more vibrant in the sun:

Before I get into the actual process, let me say a few things about hair salons.

If you wanna get it done at a salon, chances are it’s gonna be expensive. If your hair is super dark like mine, you’ll have to bleach it twice, which means paying twice. When I asked the salons in my area, all of them were about $200 CAD per bleaching session, which meant I would’ve been paying around $400 in total. Crazy, right?

Plus, none of the salons I went to told me about aftercare or what to do before dyeing my hair. Not cool. So, if you wanna get it done at a salon first, make sure they know about aftercare, and make sure you have the money/are willing to invest.

In my humble opinion, it’s easy enough to do it yourself and save the money. So here’s how it works (particularly with super dark hair)!

You will need:
Bleach powder and developer
Coconut oil
Damp cloth
Disposable shower cap
Dye brush
Hair dye
Plastic containers for dye/bleach

Optional, depending how you wanna do things:
Aluminium foil
Hair heater cap or scarf
Latex/nitrile/plastic gloves, whichever you prefer, or go barehanded if you want
Towels to catch any dripping dye/bleach
T-shirts that you don’t mind possibly staining with dye/bleach

**Some are linked with pictures so you know what I’m talking about.

Now I’m gonna tell you details about the process and give an idea on how to go about it! There’s a lot to it, but I’ll try to keep it short.

1. Preparations
Some work goes into making sure your hair doesn’t get all dry and brittle during the bleaching process. First, you gotta be a little gross and not wash your hair for about a week, or for as long as you’re willing to go. Your natural oils help protect against the bleach.

Secondly, you gotta put coconut sit in your hair for at least 3 hours before bleaching. Apparently the vast majority of humans enjoy the scent of coconut. I absolutely loathe it, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to suck it up for the sake of really cool hair. If you’ve never used coconut oil before, you have to heat it up to get it into a liquid state. It’s messy and gross and definitely my least favourite part of the whole process, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

2a. Bleach
**Make sure you’re wearing a shirt your don’t care about, but has a wide enough neck that it’s easy to take off. Put towels you also don’t care about on the ground to catch any dripping bleach. I just used more white T-shirts for this.

It’s up to you how you wanna go about it. I think moved all my hair to one side and clipped them layer by layer as I bleached them. Bleach your hair in chunks, and make sure you get between the strands. You can wrap them in aluminium foil if it helps. Once it’s all bleached, put a shower cap over it and let it sit for up to an hour max. If you leave it in too long it can damage your hair. 

If you have any way to apply heat, I’d recommend it. Some people use a hair heater cap, but I just tied a towel or scarf around my head. You could use a hair dryer, but I wouldn’t recommend it because when I did that, the bleach started melting and dripping and I kept getting burned. Not fun.

For bleach, I used a brand called Ice Cream. I haven’t used any others so I don’t know how well it is compared to other brands, but for me it worked fine. You need to buy bleach powder, which is blue powder sold in packets, and developer, which is a white liquid that comes in a bottle. 

The numbers on the bottles signifies its volume, which is how strong the bleach is. Volumes are either 10, 20, 30, or 40, with 10 being the weakest and 40 being the strongest. 30 and 40 burns your skin. 10 and 20 are too weak to burn your skin, so you can use those against your scalp, unless you have really sensitive skin. Either way, be careful because you’re still working with bleach. Since I have super dark hair, I used 20 on my roots and 40 on everything else.

You have to mix the powder and the developer in a container (any kind works, as long as it’s big enough). Make sure it’s like a paste and doesn’t drip everywhere, ‘cause the 30 and 40 bleach burns. Even if it does get on your skin though, don’t freak out - it’ll sting a bit and your skin will look whiter, but just wipe it off with a damp cloth and you’ll be fine (again, unless you have super sensitive skin). Any burns disappear in a few minutes, so no need to worry about scars/marks. So, while you’re bleaching, make sure you have a cloth ready in case the bleach drips on you.

You can do this part yourself, but I had a friend help me. It also makes the process a lot less lonely and you can both suffer the weird bleach-coconut oil smells together. That being said, make sure wherever you’re bleaching is well ventilated.

If you hair is dark, do not bleach twice in the same day! This could seriously damage your hair. At most, I would bleach two days in a row. I still used coconut oil the second day. If I still needed to bleach after that, I’d wait for a week before doing it again. That was just my preference to be safe, but if you’re willing to take the chance and bleach more often than that, feel free.

The one good thing about bleach is that it dissolves quickly, so it’s easy to wash everything that comes into contact with it.

2b. Toner
This optional step is if bleach isn’t getting your hair light enough for your desired colour. Basically, colour theory happens and depending on what colour your hair is after bleaching, you’ll have to you a certain colour toner in order to make it even lighter. Here’s a chart of these colours. The right column is what color toner you should use depending on what left column colour your hair is. For example, my hair was orange/brassy after bleaching, so I would use blue/violet toner.

Toner is a lot like hair dye in which you can either paint it in, or get special coloured shampoo that’s used as toner. There’s a thing called purple shampoo that’s literally what it sounds like, and you use it when washing your hair. Companies like Manic Panic also sell toners - these are the ones that work like hair dye.

2c. Deep Conditioning
If you don’t dye your hair right away, I’d highly recommend deep conditioning your hair after bleaching. This process is just putting a bunch of conditioner in your hair and letting it sit for as long as you want, then washing it out. If you don’t have time for that, then when you’re washing the bleach out, at least keep the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes before washing it out. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

3. Hair dye
After you’ve sat around waiting for the bleach to kick in, wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. Dry your hair until it’s damp, but not dripping. It’s easier to put the dye in that way. Use a clean brush to paint the dye in, and make sure to get between the strands. You can use aluminium foil here, too. Once you’re done, put it all under a new plastic shower cap and let it sit for up to an hour, or for as long as you want if your dye is vegan. Apply heat, same thing as Step 2a.

The most commonly used brands are Manic Panic and Special Effects. Both of these are vegan, which means you can leave them in for as long as you want and your hair won’t die - instead, it’s like deep conditioning your hair and is actually really great if you’re dyeing right after bleaching.

Manic Panic is much easier to find and is probably available at your local drug store. However, in my experience, it fades pretty quickly. So, if you wanna keep your hair coloured for a long time, I’d recommend investing in Special Effects, which stays in much longer. I was lucky enough to find a shop in my city that sells it, but you can also buy it online.

If you’re not using a vegan dye, don’t leave it in for too long - probably just up to an hour, or whatever the box says. Refer to Step 2c for aftercare.

Depending on how bright you want your hair to be, mix the hair dye with white conditioner. I’d recommend mixing the dye with some conditioner either way because it makes it smoother and easier to apply. More conditioner makes the colour lighter, but it also makes it harder for the colour to hold, so keep that in mind. If you want a darker/more vibrant colour, just use more dye than conditioner in the mix.

Mixing dye also involves some colour theory. For some colours, you might wanna neutralize the hair dye with another colour, but it’s up to you. For example, I neutralize pink hair dye with a tiny dab of blue dye (like, the tip of my comb tiny). This prevents the pink from turning yellow-ish when it’s fading out. For this, just look at the colour wheel to see what colour neutralizes what. 

Some colours hold better than others. For example, people whose hair is dark like mind will probably have red undertones, which means it’s really hard for blue (refer to colour wheel). You might have to leave the dye in for much longer than an hour if you really want it to stay. 

4. Washing out the dye
Step 3 got really long so I’m dividing it up lol

When you’re washing out the dye, the colder the water, the better. Hot water will likely wash out too much of the dye. While you’re washing, check the colour in the mirror. If it’s too vibrant, you can use a bit of shampoo to make it lighter. Your hair will be lighter once it dries, so keep that in mind.

If you’re not up for stripping, you an just stick your head under the tap. Or, if your shower head comes down, just wash your hair out like that. Note that if you’re doing a gradient with a dark colour on the top, it will stain the rest of your hair as you wash it out. I overcame this by being really aggressive when applying the lower colour and accepting the purple-pink that came out of it.

5. Aftercare
The more you wash your hair with shampoo, the quicker the dye will fade. I used to wash my hair with shampoo every other day, but now that my hair is dyed, I do that about once a week. If it gets greasy during the week, I just rinse it with water.

When you wash your hair, just use a dollop of shampoo on the roots and conditioner on the ends. This is basically how you should be washing your hair anyway because of hair care stuff, but not using shampoo on everything also helps prevent your dye for fading to quickly.

I’d recommend getting shampoo and conditioner that’s specially made for coloured hair. You don’t need anything expensive. I buy Dove colour care shampoo and conditioner, which is on sale 99% of the time I see it and still under $10 when it isn’t.

6. Don’t be picky
Everybody’s hair is different! Your hair might not hold certain colours as well, either because of your hair’s undertone or just because it’s being uncooperative. Some strands of hair hold dye better than others. That’s just how it is. Learn to accept that dyeing your hair yourself involves a lot of experimenting and figuring out what method works, so don’t stress too much about it and just have fun with it!

Aaaand I think that’s all. If your hair is light enough, you can bless your genes and skip the bleaching process because bleaching is super annoying. The entire process is pretty time-consuming and kind of exhausting, so it’s up to you whether you’re willing to put in the time and effort. 

Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

what do you use for toner? 😩 help me

thayer’s witch hazel! i have the rose petal and the lavender kind they work really well for me

so a lot of you asked about my skin care routine and ill tell you it is extra like seriously extra but anyway

lush ocean salt scrub cleanser
or fresh soy face cleanser
fresh rose floral toner (i don’t even know what the fuck toner is but its in here)
origins ginzing eye cream
fresh seaberry moisturizing oil
josie maran argan oil
lush imperialis moisturizer
or FAB ultra repair face moisturizer
neutrogena sheer sunscreen
every three days i throw on a face shop mask and it feels nice

i don’t know why i love oils and moisturizing like no way do you need these many skin care steps but i live for it and my skin glows, has no visible pores, is blemish free, i never get acne like i take care of my face and it feels awesome

ginandvogue-deactivated20150303  asked:

Hey!! I've been slacking in the toner department as part of my routine. My forehead is pretty dry due to the whether but the rest of my face is generally pretty normal (not a whole lot of oily-ness) what would be a toner that you recommend?!

Hello! :)

There are actually many different kinds of toners that can be used all for all different reasons! A more simple, basic toner will gently cleanse the skin and get rid of any excess dirt, oil or left over makeup after cleansing. Some toners can help with acne, oily skin, dry skin, uneven skin tone/texture, etc. If you want a more simple toner to gently cleanse the skin anything from the drugstore will work fine, just make sure it’s not an astringent/has no alcohol! Witch-hazel makes a great more affordable toner.

I have a few different toners I like to use depending on what my skin needs at the time! My favs are

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. This toner is great for those with oily skin, acne, acne scars, discoloration, etc. This toner chemically exfoliates your skin to reveal more even, soft skin. $18 at Nordstrom or Ulta.

Murad Clarifying Toner. This is my favorite toner when my skin is particularly bad and breaking out. The salicylic acid is effective yet gentle. Helps keep your pores tight so you skin is less oily and removes any impurities. $22 at Ulta and Sephora.

Boots Bontanics Rose Water Toning Spritz. Great for more dry skin to use after cleansing when you’re skin feels tight and dry, Gently moisturizes and tones preparing your skin for serum and moisturizer. Rose water/rose products are known for softening the skin so it’s looks and feels more smooth and supple. $8 at Target.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion Toners. Clinique makes a few toners depending on your skin type and all work great as simple, gentle toners. Very popular as beginner toners or toners for teens, this was actually my first toner! Under $14.