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wanna know how awkward i sound?? well today’s your lucky day !!! instructions are below

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anyway because everyone is definitely wondering and not because I am just totally incapable of shutting up absolutely not  : 

Characters In The Gem AU Who Are Gems: 
Les Amis 

Gem/Human Fusions:
The Thenardier Kids , Because the Eponine-Cosette Symmetry is an inarguable narrative pillar of all things Les Mis Fight Me 

Characters in The Gem AU Who Are Actually Humans 
Everyone Else Not In the Above Two Categories 


VLD MMORPG au idea that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for ages ; u ; I had lot’s of fun designing them and I’m so happy to finally post them! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

It’s set in modern au, but the designs are for their avatars in the game; They’re regular college students, but while they’re playing something gets corrupted and they find themselves stuck in the game and have to find a way to get out and back into reality

I made a small comic intro thing?…Idk :”D <3 click here to see it!

“It didn’t happen” is an actual quote by Spain’s PM Mariano Rajoy when talking about the referendum in which we voted and in which his police attacked old people, child, tortured some people and sexually abused some women (they broke five fingers of a girl one by one, and then touched her breasts while laughing).