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id totes be interested in more amnesia tbh

well the thing about retrograde amnesia (the head injury amnesia that makes you lose information acquired before an injury/illness) is that you can slowly recall memories via spontaneous recovery and the brain’s plasiticity so

imagine eventually as they adjust to life at home (jake has pretty much moved back in, where as before he was travelling and generally. getting lost) dirk starts to remember. remembers in bits and pieces his and jake’s past relationship. where he was a neurotic asshole and if there’s one universally consistent fact about dirk strider its his self hatred. doesn’t want to remember because he doesn’t want to face himself, someone that could do wrong by jake english

can’t bring himself to face jake as he slowly remembers this relationship that, in his mind, was his fault for driving jake to run away in the first place and why is he here now and jake doesn’t know what to do because dirk won’t tell him what’s wrong so all he does is. hold him there

something something this is all just a ploy for character h/c and finally end w fluff and two people learning what they mean to each other. or something


Onew’s smile is literally the most BEAUTIFUL thing in this entire world and all of shinee were serving LOOKS making sure we hella ate good tonight

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royai that chimera Riza au

*throws the 3-sentence rule into the sun because no one would understand the context with just three sentences* 

There was something deeply unsettling about the dog’s presence, he had seen moments before it had rushed past him and out of the home. It wasn’t Riza’s from what he could tell. No, the stray she had taken in had been white. This one had fur the color of spun gold, something he had managed to appreciate before it had bolted.

But now, he thought as he slipped on the wet earth and caught himself against a tree, he found himself with more questions than answers. Like what the transmutation circle on the floor represented. It had with it a vague, lethal familiarity, something he couldn’t quite place his finger on. Or where Master Hawkeye’s daughter had been, when he had only found her maddened father, who seemed more concerned about the dog rather than the fact that he had been coughing blood.

His heart stalled when his eyes caught sight of it frantically pacing the riverbed and he took a step forward. A twig snapped beneath it and he winced as it jumped and whirled around, panicked ivory eyes boring into him. Eyes that seemed to hold a familiarity to them. It was then that his stomach lurched and his knees buckled beneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. There was a reason why he recognized the transmutation circle, and why he could not find Riza anywhere. 

The panic in her eyes ebbed once she realized that he had understood and confirmed his horror, as she managed to whimper, “H…help me.”

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Unpopular opinion: The best part of the DR3 anime was Kizakura. He was such an interesting character, and the way he seemed to fit perfectly into the Kirigiri family dynamic was just perfect. His personality was both funny and admirable, and Episode 8 is my favourite out of Future Arc simply because of him. Plus, more development for Jin is always nice. I've always wanted to know more about the headmaster. (Also the DR3 dub didn't ruin Kizakura at all, which is brilliant.)

**my brother gets his wallet and car keys stolen and loses his phone..**

Mom wakes me up at 3AM to go give him a spare and here is this little punk at a MOTEL with some girl.

Today my mom says “are you coming home today or not?”

Mom….you don’t ask.. You tell his dumbass to come home!! How will the boy grow to become a man if you don’t let him learn?

He never comes home anymore cause apparently “he’s spending the night at a friend’s house” (this is like every single day) how will he take care of my mom once I’m married?! I told her that I’ve decided that she will be moving in with me and what’s her worry? “Deepti, I can’t leave your brother by himself”

My heart just breaks knowing he will never take care of her as she thinks and hopes he will. 💔

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


Just another installment of “Garnet very confidently thinks she knows more about human culture than she actually does”

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful