what is this witch craft!

Dealing with plant spirits:

So I’m a spirit worker, and though I’ve only been practicing a little bit over a year, I’ve worked with many different spirits with most of them being plants.  This just comes from my own personal experience, so you don’t have to take this as law.  


Different kinds of plants have different personalities (obviously).  And as each plant has their own unique personality, generally they tend to be similar to other plants of the same type: cacti, succulents, vines, herbs, flowers, even going down to specific types such as lavender, pine trees, orchids, etc.  And then, how they react to communication depends on what stage they are in: seedling, middle, adult, etc.  


In general, plants tend to be fairly slow with communication.  And they generally don’t use words. The plants i have worked with preferred sending general feelings and images of what they were trying to communicate.  So be patient with yourself while working towards that communication.  Whenever you try communication, start by giving a small offering.  It can be elaborate, it can be watering it, spreading fertilizer (eggshells are good, a bit of sugar, stuff like that) around it, weeding around the roots, and small stuff like that.  Introduce yourself, and just start talking.  Explain what your day was like and what you did.  You can sing to the plant, they tend to love that.  Seedlings are more likely to talk very quickly to you, while old plants tend to take longer.  The time frame can be from a couple of hours to a couple weeks depending on the spirit.  If you want to create a relationship with the spirit, you’re going to have to communicate with the spirit regularly.  This process will take a while as it would trying to improve any friendship.

Now what?:

After you’ve introduced yourself to the spirit, it’s time to create a friendship!  Giving them small gifts/offerings is a great step.  Spending time with them will also help with that.  It doesn’t all have to be communication, you can read books aloud to them, watch movies with them, or anything else of that sort.  Find out their name!  Each spirit will have their own name, much like we do.  Some of them are really hard to spell and/or pronounce so I won’t be giving any examples here.  After building that friendship, you can do most anything you want!  You can have them assist you with spells, amplify your energy, and other such things.  Keep in mind that the amount of energy that the spirit will have depends on their vessel, the plant.  The larger the life force, the larger the amount of energy that you can borrow is.

Dealing with death:

Now, most of the plants I have worked with have been seedlings, and because I’m not perfect in the slightest many of them have died.  For me, dealing with the dead plant is a ritual to honor the spirit as it passes into a place where I haven’t been able to communicate with it yet.  I give it back to the earth (bury it if I can, or just leave it in a place where it can give back to the earth.  It gets a small funeral service, stating what they did for me, what I loved about them, that they will be missed, etc.  Before you leave them there give them a small offering to help it’s passage, water, fertilizer, eggshell, etc.  This isn’t necessary, but it is respectful and a good way for the spirit not to be mad.  


  • pebbles
  • water
  • fresh mulch
  • cleaning up forests
  • making bee feeders
  • songs
  • talking to them
  • meditating with them
  • storytelling
  • sugar
  • biodegradable food
  • weeding around them
  • eggshell powder
  • cold tea

Now, treat your plants well and get to know them!

Yesterday I had a friend tell me how one of her close friends has a whole bunch of succulents, and she has given each one the name of her close friends. She nurses them, takes care of them, talks to them, and if one ever starts to get sick or not grow well, she talks to the friend in question and something is almost always bothering them.

And if that isn’t one of the cutest examples of subtle green witchcraft I don’t know what is.

windowpains7213  asked:

I've noticed that you mentioned Wiccans a lot. My MC is a witch, and I wasn't really aware of other kinds of witches, even though I did thorough research. What other kinds of witches are there? Just fyi, she is a mostly-closet witch, and uses stones as connections to places. She mostly uses runecasting and entomomancy (especially beetles and spiders). What might she choose to align with, if anything?

There are, honestly, so many more choices than just Wicca. I’ll try to list several, but do not take this as an exhaustive list. I have added resources where I could, and please forgive the length…


An Asatru witch follows a specific branch of Heathenry that worships the major Nordic pantheon.


Athiest/Laveyan Satanic (Secular Satanic)

This witch feels more that Satan is a concept or idea, not an actual entity.



This witch uses the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and language / symbols as a means of learning, internalizing, and performing magic.



A witch that honors and worships the Christian God through the practice of magic, usually alongside more traditional Christian worship.



This witch utilizes magic through the bodies and spirits of the dead. This can include bones, blood, skin, and other pieces of the corporeal form left when the spirit leaves, as well as contact with the spirit that has left its physical form behind.



Is a very old, and very complex set of religious and nature beliefs changing from region to region, and time to time.



A witch who respectfully uses parts of multiple practices, traditions, and paths.



This witch pays homage to the Gaulish Gods through the study, reconstruction, and practice of Gaulish tradition.



A witch who follows the ways of, works with, and/or worships the Norse deities.



A path by which the witch follows Greek traditions and honors the Greek pantheon.



This witch was born into a family of witches and so is likely to have practices, traditions, and/or paths that are not usually shared outside of their family practice.


A complex interweaving of Western African traditions as well as a long history of utilizing Christianity. This is a fairly regional practice of the Southern United States, but can be found elsewhere.



This type of witch works with the Egyptian deities.



A witch who works with and worships Loki and/or any of his relations (Hel, Jormugandr, Sigyn, Angrboda, etc). This witch may pay homage to other Nordic deities as well.



A witch who works majorily, or exclusively, with Odin, Thor, Freyjr, Freyja, Frigga, and Heimdall.


Pop Culture

A pop culture witch uses lyrics or movie lines in spells, worships and/or honors pop culture icons and/or idols. Likely to utilize fandom in some way, it is a very new and wide practice. They could draw inspiration from Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Practical Magic, The Craft, Supernatural, or other, similar shows.


Regla de Ocha

A religion that was synthesized by West Africans who were taken and enslaved by the Spanish Empire who were then sent to work on the Caribbean Islands. It mixes West African tradition with worship of saints.



This kind of witch synthesizes their craft from a mixture of empirical evidence/data and metaphysical leanings. It is highly individualized.



This type of witch doesn’t connect with any religious practices, traditions, or paths.



A witch who practices alone, but follows a particular practice, tradition, path.

(Theistic) Satanic

A witch whose practice revolves around worshiping, honoring, or otherwise appealing to Satan.



A witch who hunts for the “traditional” ways of magic. Likely to be found scouring through histories and stories looking for references to spellcraft, rituals, and traditions that have since been lost to time.



An Afro-Caribbean form of worship that focuses on the loa, and spirits.


I hope this put some things in perspective as to just how large witchcraft is, and why I seem to harp about being frustrated that the majority of what I see is Wicca. It is prevalent and popular, not the only way to be a witch, and definitely not the only tradition.

To answer your question about your character, Some of these paths lend themselves more towards nature than others, but I’d suggest rather looking into a tradition/path, look at types of witchcraft instead. Your character most sounds like a variety of Green Witch, and/or Animal Witch.

-Bruxa Guerreira

Yarn Magic

Hello everyone! Now I know a lot of spoonies, and a lot of witches who either knit, crochet or sew. These activities suit both groups: for spoonies they offer a creative output without having to spend too much energy, and for witches they’re a really easy way to practise magic daily. So yarn/knot magic is perfect for spoonie witches!

This year (2017) I am crocheting a square each day, and making these into a massive blanket. I am choosing the colours of each square based on each day, how I felt, or magical colour correspondences I want to instil. 

As I crochet, I set my intention for the blanket within each stitch- for me these include protection, comfort and safety. Other ways to add magic include adding strands of your hair or the hair of a loved one into the blanket to add extra protection (this often happens by accident for me as my hair sheds everywhere!), or you can crochet with the colours specific to your intentions.

My colour correspondences are: 

  • white: cleansing and purity
  • black: protection and binding 
  • red: strength and passion
  • pink: love and harmony
  • orange: courage and comfort
  • yellow: communication and self love
  • green: fertility and wellness
  • dark blue: dreams and psychic abilities
  • light blue: joy and new beginnings
  • violet: divination and inspiration 
  • purple: authority and power
  • grey: neutrality and secrets
  • brown: the home and grounding 
  • silver: intuition and reflection
  • gold: prosperity and luck 

Happy Witch Crafting everyone! (see what I did there? good pun)

Emily xo

Beer Brands & Witchcraft

Everyone enjoys a good beer and everyone has a brand of beer they’re loyal to, but what if you’re a witch and you wanna use your beer in your craft? Well beer already is powerful, it’s good for grounding, cleansing, and general good energies but certain brands and bottle color might effect or change the properties and uses.

Originally posted by astrangeteenage-girl

  • Rolling Rock - This brand is a pale brew bottled in a green bottle and made from wheat and barley. Barley is used in protection and healing but the green bottle could represent good fortune and money so I’d recommend using this brand in money, healing, and luck spells, maybe even in warding too.
  • Heineken - Another brand that is a pale brew and bottled in green, like Rolling Rock it can be used in good luck and money spells.
  • Budweiser - Another pale brew brand but made from rice and barley, rice brings healing, fertility, protection, and security and the coloring of the bottle, brown, represents home, hearth, stability, and honesty. So, for protection spells, fertility spells, and divination use this brand.
  • Guinness - All the way from Ireland now we have the dark brew and made from barley, it’s strong and powerful taste and aroma will add oomph if you add this to spells, specifically fertility and protection spells.
  • Corona - A brew made from rice and corn, since we already covered rice early I’m gonna move onto what corn represents; corn represents prosperity and abundance so you can use these in healing, fertility, money spells, and divination. 
  • Blue Moon - This is a brew I haven’t actually gotten the chance to use yet but it’s got some great properties. Blue Moon is made with orange peels, orange peels can be used for divination and love. So Blue Moon is great for divination and love spells.
  • Yuengling - This beer is another pale brew made from corn and barley, use in money, healing, and fertility spells.
little witch tip to incorporate into your self care regimen:

while applying lotion, say a little chant for your skin to absorb positive energy around you as it absorbs the vitamins of the lotion!! i usually put the lotion in my hand and draw counter clockwise circles while doing so and charge it with my body heat in my hands to make it into a little spell (maybe it counts as a glamour? idk i’m still a baby witch)


Took the boys out for some photos, its the first warm afternoon in weeks and its nice to feel a little sunshine. Their three older brothers have gone off to new homes but these two are still looking! Egg, and his brother Dawson are for sale at $50 each, with more are hatching out all the time now as we amble on into spring. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me! There’s nothing I love more then sending my boys off home. …Too many crows in one room does tend to inspire a lot of mess.

Witchcraft Series: Nocturnal Correspondences

Here (x) you can find my Nocturnal Witch post explaining what a Nocturnal Witch is and a small rundown of what the craft entails. This post is a correspondence posts listing things that correspond with the night and darkness. 

Lunar Phases

  • New Moon: new beginnings, love spells, job/wealth spells, healing,  protection, shadow work
  • Waxing Moon: constructive magic, success, relationships
  • First Quarter: peace/balance, cleaning, positive energy
  • Waxing Gibbous: glamour, attraction, getting things done, inviting in new energies
  • Full Moon: divination, protection, love, energy work, legal matters, attracting wealth/luck, prophetic dreams
  • Waning Gibbous: letting go, cleansing, undoing bindings
  • Last Quarter: banishing, letting go
  • Waning Crescent: banishing, healing, rest, peace, justice

Deities: (source x


  • Kuk, “uncreated” god, embodiment of darkness 
  • Nephthys, goddess of the night, death, and birth
  • Khonsu, god of the moon


  • Asteria, goddess of the stars and nocturnal oracles
  • Erebus,god of darkness 
  • Nyx, goddess of night
  • Achlys, goddess of eternal night, misery, and sorrow


  • Nótt, female personification of night


  • Nox, primordial goddess of night
  • Scotus, god of darkness
  • Luna, goddess of the moon

Nocturnal Animals:

  • Aardvark
  • Bat
  • Badger 
  • Bush Rat
  • Cat
  • Cougar
  • Coyote 
  • Cricket 
  • Firefly 
  • Grey Wolf
  • Leo Pard
  • Mouse
  • Opossum
  • Owl 
  • Red Fox
  • Scorpion 
  • Skunk 
  • Wombat 


  • black
  • silver
  • purple (darker shades)
  • grey
  • blue (darker shades)
  • red (dark shades)
  • metallic colors (but that’s mostly a personal pref)


  • Onyx
  • Black Tourmaline
  •  Amber 
  • Smokey Quartz 
  • Hematite
  • Dark colored Agates 
  • Aegirine
  • Apatite (Blue)
  • Azurite
  • Bloodstone
  • Garnet 
  • Labradorite
  • Malachite 
  • Nuummite


  • jasmine 
  • patchouli 
  • sandalwood 
  • myrrh 
  • rose
  • anything musky really

Herbs & Plants 

  • Evening Primrose 
  • Night Bloom Water Lilies 
  • Moon Flowers 
  • Night Gladiolus
  • Casablanca Lily
  • Nottingham Catchfly
  • Four O’clocks 
  • Dragon Fruit Flowers 
  • Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus
  • Mugwort
  • Blackberry
  • Ginger 
  • Hazel 
  • Bay
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine 
  • Rose
  • Lilac 
  • Thyme 

Suggested Reading

If you have any questions my ask box is open. (x)


My boyfriend made me watch this Halloween special he used to watch as a kid called The Worst Witch, (which the story almost seems too similar to Harry Potter) and Tim Curry is in it as a Grand Wizard that seems to be a mix of David Bowie and Dumbledore. He sings a song about Halloween. And all this happens. I. Just. Can’t. Even. Wrap. My. Head. Around. This. (Watch the Whole Movie Here)

Also, The Worst Witch in question,  Mildred Hubble, is played by Fairuza Balk

External image

Who also played Nancy Downs in The Craft

External image

You really are the worst witch Mildred, sheesh.

“I am protected from alcohol, its effects, and from the ones who consume it.”

My first sigil, quite proud of it. My school is hosting an event, and people are gonna get drunk, like … A lot. And as I don’t drink alcohol myself, I thought about putting this on my door, to keep people from banging at it while too drunk to understand what they are doing.


Ok I want to be clear about new magick “vs” old magick because I have seen some people talking about “two sides to the story” when it comes to gatekeeping and…

Basically I’ve seen people say well yeah witches who practice real magick that actually works are naturally going to be offended by other witches who make a mockery of them with emoji spells

And I’m sorry but What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Ok I get emoji spells and techno magick are new, but so what? There’s a common belief, in general not just in witchcraft, that something older is inherently better. Old practices is always wiser, old books are always truer, old witchcraft is always better, right? Yeah I think you can come up with enough examples of how this is not the case.

I don’t even do techno magick for completely unrelated reasons but jeez what do I care if someone else does? Why do you feel the need to own or control an open practice? Witchcraft is open to anyone and everyone who so chooses, and all magick is real and valid. Even witches who began their craft yesterday are valid witches and every witch gets to choose what their own craft looks like.

Magick is not as much of a secret as it was, and it shouldn’t be. Witchcraft has changed to include some new age stuff as well as pop culture bits and many other influences, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everything changes given enough time. That change isn’t making a mockery of the original.

Take art for instance. I don’t think Van Gogh would be offended by the work of Jackson Pollock. I don’t think you could say newer artists are making a mockery of classic art. Art changed, that’s all. Same thing.

Plus, emoji spells aren’t offensive because they’re through technology. It’s no more right to say spells can only be spoken or only written than it is to say they can’t be in the form of a drawing or through any technology device. It’s just a different form.

And if you just don’t like them or don’t think they work? Don’t do them. That’s all. But if another witch thinks they do, first, who are you to say you know more about a craft you don’t have any experience or practice in? And second, just love and let live; it’s Not. That. Hard.

And before I go I wanna add, magick works or doesn’t work for various reasons, one of which is NOT the type of magick. There is no better or worse in witchcraft. All magick is valid, like there’s no fake magick???

Lastly, for real this time cuz it’s 3am now, to the witches who only use old magick and are condescending about that, just, I don’t get it? Because, think about ok, why does magick work in your opinion, how would you explain it, whatever your reason is? Just really think about it for a bit if you haven’t before. So, how would you explain it to someone who is only science minded if you had to? Now take that explanation in mind, whatever it is, and clarify to me, why does that not work for techno magick? Why would it not also apply to a device like a cell phone? Or at least, why couldn’t it?

I honestly just don’t get it, but either way this gatekeeping shit is not cool. Good night.

Tbh I am so sick of seeing witches drag other witches for how they practice their craft, and I’m not the only one. Witchcraft is a personal thing. There is no rulebook. You pave your own path. So why do we give other witches shit for how they practice? By telling someone else how to practice the craft, you are imposing on that person’s life and beliefs. Do whatever makes you happy! Use pop culture spells or don’t. Write your own spells or don’t. Curse and hex, or don’t. Worship deities from one pantheon, or multiple pantheons, or none at all! Don’t let anyone else try and tell you your craft is wrong. No one dictates what makes a witch a witch!! Witchcraft should be empowering and fulfilling, not a result of pressure and high standards. Do what makes YOU happy and stop giving people hell for making themselves happy.

a masterpost for baby witches is on its way

Hello, everyone!

I have decided to organise my witchblr for myself and my followers. 

The biggest physical changes in my blog will be seen towards the end of January-beginning of February. 

I am going to organise masterposts with the following chapter titles and content.

  • So, you realised you’re a witch?” 
    - What does it mean to be a witch?
    - Witchcraft & Wicca: An Understanding
    - Basic Witch Supplies & Tools: Where To Find Them and At Decent Prices
    - Your Craft: Your Witch Identity and What It Means
  • Beginning and Preparation
    - Cleansing & Banishing
    - Charging
  • ”How do you pronouce that? Grimoire?”
    - What is a grimoire?
    - Your Grimoire: Ideas, Tips, Must-Haves
  • First: Witch Basics
    - Gem & Crystals: Their uses and purposes
    - Planets and Other Things In Space: A Cosmic Guide
    - Herbs & Plants: Outdoors and in your cupboard

These will be the first few masterposts of this blog. All of them with be coming out starting from the 29th of January and on throughout February

EDIT: Posts will be coming out in April, starting the 5th. 

  • I will be posting twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Each post will include links/credit to my sources. 
  • Each of my own original posts will be tagged #northernforestwitch
  • Between each of the posts which come out on Wednesdays and Sundays, I will be sharing witchy posts/aesthetics and simple witch tips from other users. 

If any of you ever have any questions the please feel absolutely free to contact me. 

Also, I would love it if you guys let me know what kind of posts you’d like from me and I’ll do my best for you.



Put a coin in your shoe

I know that I haven’t been practicing spell craft very long, but this is the absolute most effective spell I have ever used. I’m pretty sure that I have a coin in every shoe that will hold one (and I’ve taped a penny in those that need assistance).
I’ve come to believe that the reason this spell is so effective is that you can feel the coin rattling around in you shoe. Even the shoes with pennies taped in place, I can feel the penny against my heel. It’s there, and I’m constantly thinking about it.
Now, I started this out originally thinking that I’d find money laying about or I’d have a random relative send me a monetary gift of sorts, but I soon came to realize that I wasn’t going to get money in ways I had imagined.
The first day I decided to put a whole quarter in my shoe, I sold my first Breville at work (it’s a $250 item and very hard to sell) and my day exceeded $1k in sales.
The first time I put any coins in any of my shoes, my co-workers and I put in a lunch order to be delivered. When we got our order, the total ended up being less than it should have been, because my order had been rung up incorrectly. When I addressed it, they told me not to worry about it.
I have had quite a few encounters of money coming my way in unexpected and indirect ways.
So keep a coin in your shoe- you never know how or what kind of wealth may be sent your way ;)

anonymous asked:

What are some herbs that you most commonly use in your spells and stuff? I'm looking to get some and I want to know which ones I should get now, since I obviously can't get all of them.

I think what spells are commonly use kind of depends on the craft and the witch. I do a lot of self-love, grounding, and protection work so you’ll notice my most used herbs lean towards self care.🍃💚

  • Lavender is in literally every spell, like why not be a little more chill? It’s best for love, protection, peace, happiness, and purification - it also aids anxiety and insomnia. 
  • Thyme I use in every kitchen witch spell, ever. It’s great for health(@my spoonie witches), healing, love, purification, and courage. It’s good for fixing a cough and throat infections.
  • Dill can be used for protection, money, and love. 
  • Rosemary is used for protection, love, lust, mental healing, exorcisms, healing, and purification.
  • Oak is great for calming anxieties and easing panic attacks. It’s used for grounding, protection, health, healing, potency, luck, and fertility.
  • I literally use all the trees in my craft at some point, gather fallen twigs or pieces of bark. If you have a question about a certain trees properties just let me know.
  • Bay leaves are BOMB for aromatherapy and detoxify your body and help with inflammation. It’s used for portection, divination, healing, purification, strength, wish granting.
  • I use dandelion seeds pretty frequently because I have so many wishes!

I use a bunch more but that’s because I’m a hedge witch and I build my spells based off what I’m growing and have.