what is this style even


list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders



Lazy afternoons

I’m trying to get rid of art block by forcing myself to paint but it’s only making it worse x_x  rip.  Technically I like the sketch more but I spent way too much time trying to colour to not post that version too

list of feelings when ya make DP fanart and try to mimic/work with Butch Hartman’s style
  • not knowing how in the hell danny’s hair works in real life 
  • being kind of unsure what danny’s ghost form color palette is really like because the lighting is all weird and if you tamper that lighting then ghost danny looks too weird ????????
  • you only see half of the character’s long hair on one side (ex: paulina, jazz)
  • making the shoulders and elbows real angular
  • sam’s floaty ponytail
  • those thick straight eyebrows
  • crazy neon blue back lighting 
  • girls usually with pointy tits and colored lips. probably with open midriffs. and those hips
  • all the girls have pointy fingers and all the boys have rectangle fingers ??
  • the knuckles have this weird zig zaggy line:
  • the neck is always on shifted all the way on one side of the head and connected to the ear ??
  • when you wonder why the characters’ mouths are always on one side of the face and are probably in this shape 80% of the time:

still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

Blood rush in the hazy glow, my hands, your bones

Sort of continuation of this one (x), and Hawke is a dumb dope

I apologize for my lack of control for drawing this beautiful man

I wanted to draw something dynamic but this happened instead- i want to draw something more interesting 

like a cool pose, but alas I must work for the look I want

givin ur bf his fav spicy treat got the dokis in high gear