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I can’t stop watching this


(You’re all asking about TSH so I figured I might as well answer all of you at once)

1. *finger guns and sunglasses* I woke up at noon and decided to finish reading it lol

2. Honestly, no clue but it’s fascinating. I don’t usually like books from pre-2000 but this one just left me in shock.

3,4,5. It’s really good, but also really dark. If you’re into the whole “dark academia” thing and Kill Your Darlings (which I still have yet to watch but there’s a textpost somewhere that calls them “dark academia”) then yes, totally. The book summary isn’t very sufficient so I’ll do my best:

In 559 pages of unreliable narration, latent bisexuality, and overdramatic storytelling, Richard Papen tells the story of his years in Hampden. He joins a Greek class with only five other students and slowly makes his way into their eccentric, misfit group. All is well–for a while. But his friends have their secrets and what was meant to be a nice year of learning Greek and actually having friends for once turns into a plot to hide what they’ve done and fucked up confrontations and the end of everything.

Meanwhile, Richard never asked for any of this and Francis just wants to sleep.

To answer that last question, it’s not primarily gay. It’s more of an offhand thing, but one of the characters is gay but he doesn’t date any of the characters and it’s not a terribly significant part of the story other than being part of the reason at least two of his friends are having sexuality crises. It’s still significant, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the main focus.


  • Incest
  • Murder
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Abuse
  • a few mentions of noncon
  • Slurs (both racist and homophobic and maybe some more)

I think there might be a few more, but proceed with caution if you still plan on reading.

SHINee be killing all their Shawols with their Love for each other. 😂

I donno what my SHINee ships are anymore!!!!!! Just 2 weeks back, I’d have been so sure and said JongKey, OnTae/OnHo… Now it’s all so mixed up… There’s OnKey (from Yang @ Nam show, and NOT TO MENTION SW V Japan ), JongTae (with Jonghyun fanboying all the time), JongKey (entire 1of1, 1and1 promotions, 5 min delay reactions, they never really stop do they) 2Min (SW V Japan, necklace), MinKey (like all the time), JongHo (Ming attending the concert despite his busy schedule) OnHo (supportive bf Onew with Ming’s film, all the dabbing, Idol Champ show), OnTae (like all the caring of reach other going on and Yang-Nam show, clingy Taemin on that idol champ show) JongYu (clingy Dino and caring Hyung on Yang-Nam) TaeKey (Taemin calling Key oppa and Key shamelessly supporting Taemin at MCountdown) .. . .. I’ll stop now.

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