what is this show going to do to me

it really isn’t a matter of ‘other teams would do it too’ no one is naive enough to think that a team in a league that is over 90% white males is going to completely boycott a WH meeting but the timing of it all is what’s fucking me up

in the same 24 hour span, the first mlb player chose to kneel for the national anthem, the president called the guy who started #TakeAKnee a ‘son of a bitch’, and the most nfl players that ever have in one day all sat or didn’t show up for the anthem

and THAT’S the day when you decide to comment on your ‘apolitical’ bullshit? 

also fuck outta here because under this administration there is no ‘apolitical’ if you plead ignorance, you’re pleading your white privilege and you’re taknig a side. 

here’s to hoping at least some of the pens still don’t show up

Neo Yokio Quote Starters

Change pronouns accordingly

  • “What up city be-OTCH? Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
  • “What are you doing after school? Come to my apartment and we can get high and have a fashion show.” 
  • “I love being in public when my hair’s…WET. I feel like a gucci model.”
  • “You know what? you don’t deserve this big toblerone.” 
  • “I gotta go. Snacks are ready.”
  • “Her withdraw from society fills me with unease.”
  • “My world has become cold iron”
  • “I’m done searching for meaning in the aesthetic cycles of commodities.” 
  • “Couldn’t even find the body. He’s probably being dragged around the Atlantic in a tuna net, like a dolphin!”
  • Water. Ain’t. Weak. Yo”
  • “Sorry to disappoint you sales clerk. But the universe is dictated by forces far greater than field hockey.” 
  • “I don’t know what it is about a well decorated apartment. But it makes me wanna smoke.”
  • “Today’s special is squid ink fettuccine”
  • “Well, that IS the most melancholy pasta.”
  • “Dude that was creepy as fuck son.”
  • “Oh that is BULLSHIT. I’ve been waiting to get the house for YEARS. I’m gonna pimp it out it’s gonna be sooo flyyy”
  • “Hahah- My Style- is NOT conservative.” 
  • “Girl you are wearing khaki’s RIGHT now.”
  • “I could look for CLUES in his apartment.”
  • “The ONLY worthwhile thing about you… Is your taste in luxury chocolate.”
  • “I had a dream a toblerone was in trouble….and that toblerone was YOU”
  • “Do you have a PROBLEM with those swim trunks?”
  • “A run in with my ex and my uncles funeral on the same DAY? Good lord I need a drink.” 
  • “Fuck that and FUCK my dad.” 
  • “You think you’re so much better than me because you fight demons??”
  • “I LOVE water, without water there’d be no nautical fashion.” 
  • “YEAH. That’s your problem, you don’t know how to treat ANYONE well.”
  • “Well that’s enough vaping for me. I’ll see you around.” 
  • “Communism forever!”

My hand slipped…;w;
I absolutely ADORE these cuties!
A grumpy, criminal angel taking a nap with his lost strays. ❤️❤️❤️
Keep on writing the series! It’s becoming a big deal for everyone!
Hope you love it as much as I do!!😁




And of course we’re going to continue! Me and @themarginalartist have put so much love and passion into this project and we can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got planned. ( So sorry for the long wait but eyyy life am I right? )

But oh my gosh, this is such a beautiful piece of art, thank you so very much!

This Isn’t Goodbye - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Me (I legit have no shame for this)

Word Count: 6,893

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, It’s honestly just really sweet sex?, possible tears

Notes: So, talking to @minhosmeanhoe about doing something for the end of Teen Wolf and this is it. It’s hard to really express what this show means to me because it has changed my life. So much. So this is literally my rants, through Scott and myself, expressing what this show means to me, thanking it for everything it has done. The things I say are coming legit from me. This isn’t the end for us though. I will not stop writing for teen Wolf, for Stiles. It means too much to let it go away completely. So, just… enjoy my rant I guess. And me spilling my heart out about the show. And of Stiles. And me wishing Stiles was mine. 

PS This is unedited. And I don’t even care. So ignore all my typos because I know they exist.

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Oh btw awhile ago I was awoken by the random realization that All Star by Smash Mouth is a decent Stolen Century song

i hate that you’re right but you’re right. 

Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn’t make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do, so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?
You’ll never know if you don’t go
You’ll never shine if you don’t glowHey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold


me: I wish God would just give me a sign, to know if I’m going in the right direction.

Friend: hey here’s a random call supporting you and confirming that you’re going in the right direction!!!!

Me: haha cool. Anyways I wish God actually would talk to me for once and just be clear FOR ONCE

Uncle, next day: hey I know this is random but God wants you to know you’re going to be okay. I had peace just thinking about you.

Me: haha coolio. Anyways why doesn’t God give a damn how I feel, why can’t he just talk to me and show me just once what to do.

Dad, next day: hey I was praying for you just now and God wants you to know He loves you and wants to use your gifts.

Me: awesome thanks. Anyways does God just not care at all bc he obviously doesn’t wanna bother with me


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This isn’t a hate ask, but the way you talked about autism on that Ty post honestly kind of seemed like you’re treating it like an illness when it’s not. You shouldn’t make a post that sounds like you’re theorizing about “the mystery of autism” when it’s something that lots of people have.

I took the time to go back and reread what I posted, and included it below.

One of the hallmarks of autism is the difficulty with understanding normal social cues—it isn’t something that comes naturally to Ty. I think what the anon is expressing (although I’m saddened to hear the word ‘hate’ used), is to a degree the frustration that a lot of families have living with someone they love, who won’t hug them, or show affection in the same way other children would. How do I know my child loves me when he won’t even let me hug him? Struggling with that is a hard road, and the darker side of autism—especially for family members and caregivers. I don’t think it’s realistic to pretend those frustrations don’t exist, and that autism is a world of roses for anyone.

Julian, especially in COHF was frustrated with his brother, picking out glass from his feet, stemming tantrums etc, and feeling the entire time that his brother hated him. Between that time, and LM there was a measure of growth, but that growth also came with a lot of hard work—of Julian’s patience and with his unending search in coming up with effective strategies to help teach Ty. And I see that growth with Ty’s attempts at communicating more with his family—for example, when he made a concerted effort to look Julian in the eyes because he’d been taught that was important.

Although getting to that point is a very long road, and with so much going on to get all of the other plot points in LM and LoS, Ty’s evolution seems a bit glossed over (although this isn’t his series and there is a lot of time for that to be addressed in TWP). I am so looking forward to seeing Ty’s POV, if not in QoAD, then in TWPs. It’s virtually impossible to find any books out there with an autistic perspective—usually they’re all about the perspectives of those witnessing the behavior. What exactly is going on in Ty’s head? I can’t wait to find out.

I know there are some people in the fandom with autism and I’d be really curious to hear their perspectives on this subject.

1)  Never did I say he had an illness—the closest I say is that one of the hallmarks is difficulty understand social cues, which if well documented.

2)  Family members and caregivers never get frustrated or struggle with not knowing what to do, or how to communicate? Really? (And I’m not asking that to be snarky) Maybe I generalized that in a way I somehow offended people, and if so I apologize.

3)  What is wrong with wanting to see Ty’s perspective? I want to see how he sees the world—I’m fascinated to know how he thinks. Isn’t that why we read books, to discover and find out new things, and watch characters grow? I think he’s a complex character in different ways than other complex characters, like Julian or Mark, and I want to explore their mysteries too. So, I won’t apologize for that.

4)  I don’t think anyone should be told not to make a post and express their opinion, especially when it’s respectful, backed with examples, offering questions and soliciting input from others with first-hand experience.

5) It’s okay to disagree with what I have to say.

This post was meant to be a rebuttal to a post where an anon said he/she hated Ty and cited his autistic behaviors as the reason. I’m sorry if my words were somehow misinterpreted, or offended people. That was not in any way my intention, but after rereading my original post, I still stand by it.

(ignore the emotional craziness of a mad woman) The Thiam, Jethan, Morey, Scalia, Stydia & Sterek moments tonight were just some of the best parts! They gave me the strength that I needed to carry on. I will definitely miss this show all of the good and bad parts (you know the parts, those episodes and some of the scenes that made you want to give Jeff them hands because there was some moments he needed it). Teen Wolf is one of those shows that will live on in the hearts of fans and fanfic (fanfic writers I love what you do, don’t stop doing it because right now y'alls beautiful masterpieces are what’s keeping me from losing it completely because I was so not ready for this show to end).

(p.s. totally got emotional writing this because I was listening to James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go, while writing this post. That song belongs in a fan vid for all of the beautiful couples on that show)

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Dont get me wrong i love kyman but looking at it logically, kyman is never gonna be cannon, cause like in a show like south park and in a world where so many homophobic people watch south park, two of the main characters couldnt possibly date... i think...

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reiterated this to people – /I/ don’t want kyman to be canon. ammo is good enough for me. But if you take the rivals of the show and turn them into a couple, where is the hijinks?

If the show puts them in a relationship it would forever ruin app potential rivalry for the rest of the show because anytime either of them go to extremes it’ll always be “oh, look what he’s doing to his BOYFRIEND. ABUSE”

Taken into the context of a relationship their rivalry has such little wiggle room that something as minor as their slap fight in Cartoon Wars two would be considered proof of abuse.

Heiman is a perfect example of this. If Cartman told any of his friends “SILENCE!” the way he did, or called one of his friends over the phone saying he’d kill himself this wouldn’t be counted against him because it’s just Cartman being a typical, demanding attention whore.

But put into a relationship context, it’s proof that “Cartman can’t handle being in a relationship unless he can be ABUSIVE!”

In a relationship context, everything feels more dire. Putting rivals in a relationship in a show is suicide (heh) of their dynamic.

Besides ships are better when they have 7 years of unrequited tension behind them IMO.


As a person that please’s everyone around me I found this song really relatable, and what better way to show my love to this song by drawing my self-insert butt.

as soon as I get the money I am buying this song I swear.

I also love how erratic and crazy the beat is! I love it so much hNN-

I could go on for y EARS how much I love this song!

aNYHOO I hope u like it Ghost-senpai! c: 

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please make reaction for wearing too short skirt/dress by their gf :D

Thank you very much for the request! hope you like it :)  -A

*When he saw you*
“No way young lady”

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“Honey, I really like to see you in those clothes but I don’t like when boys are looking at you with those eyes”

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“You have no idea what you are doing to me”

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“Oh yes, my girl will rule the party with me”

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“Baby you are just gorgeous, you got me speechless”

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‘That girl just loves to give me the hard time’

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Y:”Can I go like that?”
S:“What? of course baby, You can go like that”
*can’t stop the jealousy*

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He would want to show you off to everybody and when you are walking he would sing 
“Walk, walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy”

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“Maybe we will stay at home today and have our own little party?”
*please ignore the mic in here :)*

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“Yes baby, I do approve, you can wear that kind of things more often” 

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Y: “Do you mind if I go like that?”
K: “No of course not, you can go as you like”
*jealous af*

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“I do like your outfit honey but do you mind changing to something less… revealing?”

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  • MC To: ....
  • Zen: Looking as hot as always babe <3
  • Jaehee: Stay strong bae!! Think of Zen! You can do this! ^^
  • Yoosung: Just shut the fuck up.
  • Jumin: Darling, your kink side is showing ;)
  • 707: Please trust me baby and I'm sorry for everything T^T
  • Rika: Rika honey, I know how you feel... but you need help.
  • Saeran: my lil creampuff! ofc I'll stay- WTF DID YOU PRESS THAT?!!
  • Vanderwood: Lookin good sweetie~
  • Elizabeth the 3rd: Adorable as always elly~

okay,   so now that the show is   OVER….   everyone can do headcanons about what their characters are doing now.    have at it.   go on.   have fun.    it’s open season forever on headcanons and portrayals more than it was already.    so i’m going to be real happy to see how all of you guys take your muses   &&    i can’t wait to continue writing with all of you.

thank you for being such an   AMAZING FAMILY.   thank you all for being    MY PACK.   i love you all more than you guys know.   you make my life so much more better than it was    &&   whenever i’m sad or down i know that i can always count on you guys to make me happy.   i’ve loved this show since it started,   i never knew there were people out there that loved it just as much.   so meeting all you beautiful people on here    &&   bonding over it has been such an amazing journey.    i hope you all   stay   here    &&    continue this journey with me.    i know it’s hard to say goodbye to the show,   for fuck sake i’m crying over it ending    &&   since being on t nothing has really been able to make me cry,   but here i am crying.  

 just remember that no matter what we’re    ALL FAMILY,  WE’RE ALL PACK.    i love you all.   &&    thank you teen wolf for giving me such amazing people in my life.

EXO reaction where their s\o is cheating on them (I)

Here we go, requested by humongoustragedychopshop

Cheating is such a great deal like … let’s see what I can do


Chanyeol will never forgive you if you do something like this. He will be really hurt to the point of not wanting to see you ever again. 

“I wish I had never met you. Don’t even dare show in front of me ever again.” 

He will burn every memory he has with you. Force himself to forget you on all costs. He gave you love but you didn’t appreciate it.  

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Chen will be ready to kill. With sharp eyes, he will scan you from up to down, disgusted at your sight. 

When you try to catch his arm and apologize, he will pull his hands strongly as if your touch was lethal.  

“Don’t you touch me.” 

It is 90% possible that he will teach the person you cheated with a lesson by fist for touching someone else properties.  

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Upon knowing about what you did, Lay will end things with you quietly. He will be greatly hurt and blunt with some hurt words about what he had done for you. 

“Do you know how much I loved you? Does my love mean nothing to you?”

“Let’s end it here.”

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Suho can be a fool for his lover, but if things go wrong and you betray him, it means that you just lost what no one could offer you again. 

“What are you doing here?” 

I just want to apologize, I’m –

“Leave, I don’t know who you are. You don’t need to apologize.” 

But, let me explain–” 

He leaves before you could say anything and before he loses his cool. 

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I can’t deal

For some, watching a show is just downtime in between your daily routine. I however, find comfort and stability in a show. My life is constantly changing, there’s constant adjusting to be done. But for six years, these characters were there throughout it all. For six years, they have been my rock. At times they were the only thing that kept me going, the only thing I looked forward to after a crappy week. They are what made me ball my eyes out after holding my emotions in for so long. They are who made me smile when nothing else would. Giggle while fangirling to scenes I secretly envied. And wipe my eyes after an hour of actual tears of laughter streaming down my face, not realizing laughter like that was foreign to me outside of watching the show. Not only was it comical, thrilling, and entertaining, but Teen Wolf also had some outstanding morals that most shows do not even care for. It was a constant theme and never changed, I will always treasure that. These characters were essentially home to me. I am forever grateful for the happiness, compassion, and percerviance it gave me over the years.

Thankyou and Goodbye.

Conversation my dad and I had on the way home from the store.

Dad: *Singing* Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

Me: *Starts laughing*

Dad: What’s funny?

Me: *Shows him vine of that song with Preston bottom and Max top*

Dad: I don’t get it, how do people ship them? If I was going to ship Max with anyone, it would be Neil.

Me: *Laughs* What about Nikki?

Dad: I don’t even watch that dumb show and I still know she’s gay for the Magic girl and tall punk.

Me: *Dies of laughter*

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I literally have NO IDEA what I’m doing and feel completely lost and frustrated. I need help, plzzzz! The idea of Zombies, run sounds so great and fun. But I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Like today for example. I just want to go for a run right now and try the app out. But no idea how to.

Hi Anon, 

sorry it took me so terribly long to answer, I failed you!

Now, I guess starting with Zombies, Run! now can be a bit … intimidating and overwhelming. Like starting to watch a TV show you’ve kind of heard a lot of stuff about, and it already has 200 episodes, spinoffs, lots of lore, and so many different fan groups!

I’m also not totally sure what it is that overwhelms you. But I’ve figured, why not make a short “Beginners Guide to Using the ZR App”, with pictures and all. Maybe that will help you navigate the app and the huge story and all the features of the app a little better. So I hope it helps…

A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Zombies, Run! App

1. The Membership

I can’t show you a screenshot of that, because I am already a member. But right in the beginning on the main screen, the game will offer you to get a Pro Membership, or keep playing with a free account. I’m sure either way you have to get an account so you can use ZombieLink. But it’s totally fine if you don’t want to pay money right now, and if you’re unsure about the ProMembership. Just sign up for a free account for now, you can always upgrade.

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