what is this ships name anyway

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bofur/frerin (berin?? WHATS A GOOD SHIPNAME FOR THEM) headcanons pls

@determamfidd came up with Frofur which is the cutest ship name ever <3

anyway… (trying not to make this too spoilery I wanna keep some aces up in my sleeve) (pun not intended)

- first saw each other at Dís and Víli’s wedding and incidentally both thought “hmm, I’m gonna tap that later”

- and they did. many times.

- they had a killer hangover afterwards but actually found it amusing rather than embarrassing - and that was when the feelings kicked in

- they have a very similar sense of humour despite having such a different background

- Bofur doesn’t give a single shit that Frerin is a prince

- despite being clearly super in love with each other they’re trying to keep their relationship a secret

- everyone knows though

- seriously they’re the least subtle buggers in the whole of Arda

- even Dáin knows and at this point he hasn’t even met Bofur

- I bet even Gollum knows

- Frerin is definitely not as emotionally consipated as Thorin (which you are gonna see as Amnâs goes on), so after he realised that he loved Bofur, well, he wasn’t keeping it a secret from Bofur

- well for that matter neither was Bofur

- as said, they’re not subtle, not with each other or with the rest of the world

- they love cuddling <3

- unlike the rest of his family, Frerin isn’t much of a singer, but he makes up to it with his whittling skills; he made Bofur his flute

- Bofur isn’t much for jewellery but that flute he treasures more than anything

- they’re gonna come out pretty soon in Amnâs

- everyone be like:

- Bofur made Fíli and Kíli a lot of toys when they were kids and tried to brush it off with “I just like kids and I wanted to do a nice thing”

- Dís, Víli, and Thorin knew instantly at this point that Frerin and Bofur were an item because they hadn’t interacted with Bofur’s family that much (and Dís and Víli pretty much saw Frerin and Bofur doing it up against a window)

- Thorin caught on a bit later (actually Dís and Víli had to tell him)

- with the reaction akin to:

(how many Friends references are too many?)

- nobody said anything, however, because even if Frerin and Bofur are glaringly obvious, they still wanted to give them the chance to tell about it on their own terms

- and they’re honestly the cutest buggers in the world I love them so much holy shit~

- I have so many ideas for them but I don’t wanna tell everything, I wanna keep some things a surprise (plus sä tiiätkin jo jotain, Jonna^^)

Hamilton: Alright, so you and I are married.

Burr: We are not married.

Hamilton: Relax, it’s just pretend.

Burr: I don’t wanna pretend.

Hamilton: Scared you’ll like it?

Burr: Okay, if we’re married, I want a divorce.

Theodosia: Are you two like this all the time?

Eliza: Yes, they are.

Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is for @whimsyalice as part of @aftgexchange!!! Yay!!! I wanted to include all your fave ships/characters, so this is more Foxes nonsense than ships! Hope you enjoy! :) 

Use this post for reference

It starts on a Monday. The locker room is a cacophony of chattering voices as the Foxes all arrive for afternoon practice, everyone still thrumming with excitement from Friday night’s win. Neil follows the group in and past the lounge. Allison and Renee have their arms linked and heads bowed together as they make their way into the girls’ changing room. Dan and one of the freshman girls are close behind them, not even pausing their lively conversation as they disappear behind the door. Andrew pushes past the door for the men’s changing room, Neil behind him. Matt and Nicky are hot on their heels and arguing about some television show as Neil makes his way to his locker.

“I’m telling you,” Nicky says. “He’s dead.”

“No way!” Matt argues. “He’s gonna pop up next season. You’ll see.”

“Are you sure we watched the same episode?”

“They can’t just kill off a fan favorite like that!”  

Neil tunes them both out and spins the combination into his locker lock. When he pulls the door open, something falls out and clatters to the floor. There’s a moment where Neil’s heart stutters to a painful halt in his chest, his breath clogging up his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind, memories he’s long buried try to sink their claws back in. He has to close his eyes for a moment before he can focus again. Neil slowly looks down only to find a plastic knife at his feet. He blinks a few times in confusion before reaching down and picking it up. He turns it over in his hand and sees Justin Mattews scrawled in sharpie across the handle. As far as threats go, this one definitely makes the least amount of sense. Neil gives his brain another minute to come up with a possible explanation, but when it comes up blank, he holds the plastic knife out towards Andrew in a silent question.

“Neil! What’re you doing? You’re not supposed to tell anyone who you have!” Nicky exclaims from across the row of lockers.

“Murder season is finally upon us,” Matt says. “Let the chaos begin and may the best person win.”

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So what better time than on Valentines Day to subject you poor followers to more oc ships with artist friends, I guess???

This one is with good artist friend and inspiration, @bulumble-bee! Her bottom-heavy barista, named Mizuki, is paired with what sorta used to be a minor char in one of my stories but now is sorta floating around in the space between actual casts? (Like so many others). His name’s Felix Vargas, and he’s a free-lance painter. While Mizuki’s Japanese, Felix is Spanish in terms of heritage and channels that culture through his hobby of cooking that he does for her often, as evidenced in the picture below. 

I had way more fun drawing that Pallea that Felix is holding than I should have. Food is really fun to draw and color, and I should do it waaaaaay more often…

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Prompt suggestion if you'd be interested bc Ben/Kylo thing gave me an idea: Techie accidentally sleeping with Kylo instead of Matt and it actually being really good bc Kylo doesn't hold back like Matt does (Matt's scared to hurt his Techie :c) and and and idk what else I'm sorry. I hope this isn't too specific or too vague ;3;

“Go back to your quarters, Tech’,” Lieutenant Jones says, patting Techie on the shoulder. “I’m signing you off for the rest of the afternoon. You can’t work when your eyes are this sore.”

Techie sniffles but nods as his superior gives him a gentle push towards the door, his vision growing blurrier by the second. He knows it’s been a while since he’s had a flare-up that’s been this severe and it won’t be long before his eyesight has clouded completely. Counting his steps and feeling along the walls of his brother’s star destroyer, Techie wonders if he should call Matt or Armitage for help, but both are still on-shift and not due off for another few more hours. Even then, Armitage has a terrible tendency to fuss anxiously over his little brother, and as the General of the First Order, Techie doesn’t want to burden him unnecessarily. He’ll merely go to his quarters, take his medication and wait for Matt to come home.

But as he rounds the corner to his quarters, Techie finds himself colliding with someone and he’s knocked back to the ground, eyes streaming as he tries to blink the soreness away.

“S-sorry,” Techie stutters, rubbing his eyes. “I can’t see very well—”

“It’s fine,” a strong voice replies. “No harm done.”

It’s a voice Techie recognises, a voice that’s soothed him during his harshest of nightmares and make his skin prickle during their most intimate of moments.

“Matt?” Techie squints as he looks up, but only manages to see a blurry silhouette above him, offering him a hand. The figure’s hair looks darker than Matt’s but Techie puts it down to his failing vision rather than actual fact. He can make out the shape of Matt’s face; his nose and ears, his plump lips. “Mattie? My eyes—they’re bad again. Everything is blurred and I know that it won’t be long until I lose it completely.”

Matt, surprisingly, says nothing as he pulls Techie to his feet, but Techie holds tightly onto his hand, absently noting that his lover’s hands feel softer.

“Take me home?” Techie asks. “Please, Matt. I don’t want Armitage to see me like this. He’ll worry.”

Armitage?” Matt asks in reply, and Techie frowns in confusion.

“My brother…?” Techie replies. “Armitage Hux. General Hux? Mattie, I’m sorry, I don’t have the time for your jokes, please,” Techie whines, giving a tug on his lover’s hand, urging him to hurry, because everything is turning black. “I know our quarters are right there.”

“Right,” Matt says, tone changed suddenly; softer, more focused. “I’m sorry. Come on.”

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i love them so much ok i dont know if we’re gonna see them again in tomorrow’s episode im nOT READY

(dude dont ‘bro’ me rn we’re having a moment)

redangelx3 said: Pharah and Zarya and find a box of kittens and they’re overwhelmed by them because they’re nervous about accidentally hurting them since they’re so strong.

I’m so happy that the first request I got was to draw these lovely ladies

Commission for @wingsofwaxx

It’s been a pleasure working with you, so thanks for the inspo ♥♥♥

Her Matt x Aaron fic ‘the heart and the knife’ has kept me up several nights, so go read it everyone :)