what is this ship doing to my sanity

So.. I have like a day break from my exams and you know what I’m doing? Drawing this instead of reviewing for my exams XDD I NEED a sanity break ok???

I don’t know why but I suddenly remembered that bitch mode on meme during classes and I thought of sonadow

Speaking of sonadow I don’t really have any art of them on my gallery XD Well I did have a long story a long time ago buuuuuuut it got deleted by DA cause reasons, and that kinda stopped me from making anything related to this ship but ehhhh fuck it XD

I honestly can’t remember if I had seen someone make a sonadow art with this meme or not. If you guys know if there’s one (cause im pretty sure I’ve seen one centuries ago) give me a link :3

Captain Swan

I know that I will likely be burnt at the stake for saying this, but this stupid way between Captain Swan and Swan Queen is ridiculous. I have been on the side of canonical ships and non canonical ships (klaroline, destiel, merthur, dramione). It sucks when it doesn’t happen. I completely understand that.

The arguments that Hook is abusive or reduces Emma makes me so sad. The thing that I love about Hook and Regina is that they both have had such beautiful character development. One thing that we should agree on is that this show has had some positive impact on our lives. Enjoy your ships. Don’t bring others down, because if we do that and viewers keep dropping, we may not have anymore of it. I know that I might sound ridiculous, but this show is the only thing maintaining my sanity. So, ship what you ship. Post on Tumblr. Post on YouTube. Just stop the hate.

Dear Tokyo Ghoul Fandom,

Please, for the love of God, stop trying to dictate how fanfic writers write, and  stop trying to tell fans how to ship, and who they have the right to ship others with. Stop trying to act like some white knight that takes it upon themselves to flame a writer/fan because YOU don’t like what they write about, or how they ship something.

We as writers put up trigger warnings for a reason, we put them up for a reason. They’re not just there for you to ignore, they’re there for your safety and you mental sanity. The last thing, I as a writer, want to do is trigger someone because they read one of my stories that had harmful material in it.

If you don’t like the writer, if you know that they have a common theme, BLACK LIST THEM. Or better yet, BLOCK them, because tumblr has an actual blocking system.

If you chose to bypass warnings, and get upset because the content offended you, then that’s your problem, not ours.

The same goes for shippers. Let them ship what they want how they want, and if you’re complaining about how you think it promotes something in real life, IT’S FUCKING FICTION. Get over yourself. By your logic, TG promotes cannibalism, sexual assault, and murder, and no one should be reading it.

We have a right to ship what we like, how we like. We have a right to write what we want, how we want. We have the right to draw what we like, how we like.  Our triggers are for your sake, they’re for your good. Not for us.

So do us as favor, and if you don’t like a shipper, or a writer, or even an artist,  BLACK LIST THEM.

There’s not much else I can say except yall needa stop being so silly. 

Twelve/Clara Recs needed

I wasn’t gonna ship them. When I found out Peter Capaldi was gonna be the Doctor and he’d have this petit, spunky teacher as his companion I swore I wouldn’t ever lay eyes on the new Doctor Who for my own sanity.

I was doing great. I was able to just sort of ship them on my dash, from people reblogging cute gif sets and squealing over them. But someone tripped me up. Someone betrayed me. Someone saw me weak and pounced. Someone I won’t mention, because I’m a classy sort of person.

… fuck it, it was airy-minotaur. Go hate on her.

But it is what it is and I fell. I fell hard. So now I need recs. Smutty, fluffy, toe-curling recs. Give me AUs, give me sexual tension, give me novel-length sagas.