what is this publication i will actually buy it


I don’t know who the fuck is responsible for the sudden spike in popularity of these things are. These “fidget spinners” were meant to be for students who have sensory issues and/or attention problems in school. Two specific diagnoses that pop into mind are: autism and add/adhd, but these tools are NOT limited to just them. They were meant as a TOOL to aid these students in the classroom.

What sickens me is that advertisers are taking advantage of the clueless public (or are ignorant to the real purpose of these) trying to market these as the “cool, new toy that everyone wants!” NO! Unless your kid has actually been diagnosed with something where your doctor says this would benefit them, DO NOT GET THEM THIS!

Please, as someone in the mental illness community, I beg of you, DO NOT BUY THESE to be “just toys” for your kids. Unless your doctor has told you this would be a beneficial tool, DO NOT BUY THEM.


requests open btw -

• soft and shy at first
• but afterwards you find out that the boy is WILD.
• inside jokes between you two that no one else understands
• bambam is jealous
• you and bambam are lowkey at war
• I mean you can’t blame him, you stole his boyfriend
• anyways..
• back hugs
• bear hugs
• forehead kisses
• nuzzles his head in your shoulder which leads to neck kisses
• which leads to hickeys
• which leads to-
• yeet, not yet :)
• “baby dance with me”
• shows you new dances and tries to teach you so you can dance together
• stares at you all the time because he is just so iN shOcK tHaT YoU eVeN LikE Him!1!
• slow dancing in the kitchen
• watches you cook bc he can’t but he finds it cute that you care for him much
• got6 loves you
• you guys prank each other all the time
• play fighting
• gets silent when you guys actually fight and argue
• cries because he doesn’t want to lose you
• holds your hand in public
•lowkey protective but won’t show it unless he has to
• not big on kissing you in front of the members but when you get home he’s all over you
• couple rings
• spoils you
• will go shopping with you
• pays attention to what you like and ends up buying it for you later
• “I love you so much”
• fun dates like carnivals and concerts but also chill dates where you watch movies/ play video games and sleep
• when you do sleep the man CRUSHES YOU.
• you are now his personal pillow
• calls you before he gets on the plane before a tour
• calls you when he lands
• calls you everday
• “baby I miss you”
• “kiss me through the phone”
• has a thousand nicknames for you
• baby,sweety,pumpkin,babygirl, angel
• is always all over you
• loves you so much and always shows it

The Bookstore

Square Filled- Destiel

Rating- Mature

Tags- almost-smut, bookstore au, alpha!Dean, omega!Cas

Word Count- 1500ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo​. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Dean walks by the bookstore every single day on his way to work and looks for the stranger who works there. The town is small, and Dean thought he knew everyone who lived here, until this place opened up. For five months now, Dean has walked by this bookstore. And for five months, he has wondered about the dark haired man inside. The one he’s never seen around town before.

Sometimes the man is on the computer at the large counter, sometimes helping a customer, sometimes straightening and restocking the shelves. No matter what he’s doing, he’s always gorgeous. His hair is long enough to be messy when he runs his hands through it, and Dean loves the days when it’s sticking everywhere, like maybe the store was too busy or too boring and the man has a nervous habit of pulling at it. He has broad shoulders, and is taller than most people around him, though still a couple of inches shorter than Dean. His jeans always cling tight to his thighs and his ass, like they’re a little too big for his small waist. He’s perfect.

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Video Bootleg Guide

This is everything you need to know about The Release of new Video Boots, both before and after you get them, and information about how it all goes down for those who are confused about it, thus making them get very upset when a new one comes out and they can’t get it. A little understanding goes a long way.

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So my post about The Arcana’s prices has gotten an amazing response! And I keep seeing comments and tags about how people just can’t afford the game, and so they’re either pirating it or watching it on youtube or endlessly spinning the wheel.

And that just depresses the shit out of me because this means that Nix Hydra isn’t just screwing over fans with their prices, they’re leaving SO MUCH MONEY ON THE TABLE. Like, The Arcana has such a huge and dedicated fanbase! All of this gorgeous fanart is free publicity. They should be embracing this fan culture they have. And I’m sure that if they lowered prices to levels people could actually afford, their fans would love to buy the game!

I also went digging back into the Kickstarter comments because I remembered that, once upon a time, the devs said that the entire route would be $2.99 per character.

What the hell happened?! How did we go from $1.99 per route to $10 per chapter? I’ve been seeing so many people saying that they would totally pay even $10 per route. Why would you throw all those customers away?

You Are Enough (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

Summary: Jonathan feels you deserve better and you wholeheartedly disagree.

I found these two prompts and this idea popped into my head so I wrote it:
•“I tried to tell myself I was good enough, but it’s hard when everyone else disagrees.”
•"You’re not nearly as alone as you make yourself out to be.”

Word count: 1,200ish

Warnings: one or two swears but nothing major

A/N: this is my first Jonathan Byers fic so it’s probably terrible, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you all like this!


You and Jonathan had been dating for almost a year and everything was perfect. Since Jonathan was more on the quiet, reserved side, going out for big dates were a rare (but nice) occurrence, instead you stayed at one of your houses, watching films or listening to music or just talking nonsense for hours on end.

You loved Jonathan with all your heart, and you couldn’t even begin to think of your life in Hawkins without him, and Jonathan felt the same. However, he always had this nagging in the back of his head that you were too good for him. He thought you deserved someone who could take you out all the time and afford to buy you nice gifts, and not force you to stay at home most of the time. These thoughts got stronger when a boy tried to ask you out at school and you politely declined, telling him you already had a boyfriend.

Even though it would break his heart to let you go, he thought it’d be better for you in the long run, and that you’d find someone better. So he decided he’d break it off with you soon.

The night came and you were round his house watching the newest Star Wars cassette that had been released, when he paused it suddenly.

“Why’d you stop it, Jon? We’re getting to the good part.” You said and playfully hit him on the chest before leaning further into his side. Jonathan moved you from his side and sat up, and worry etched your face.

“We need to talk (Y/N)…” he said quietly, avoiding your eyes.

Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes when you realised what this was - a break up.

“(Y/N)… you’re the best person I’ve ever met which is why I don’t think this can carry on. I’m holding you back from the life you deserve.”

“Jon, wha-”

“You deserve somebody who can take you out on proper dates and who’ll actually act like a couple with you in public, rather than someone who shies away from people and doesn’t like pda.”

“Jonathan…” you whispered as tears streamed down your face.

“You should be with someone who can show you how much you truly mean to them, who can buy you all the things a good boyfriend should and just all round be a better person to help you have a better future and I’m not that person and I’m so sor-”

He was cut off by you slapping him.

“Don’t you dare say those things Jonathan Byers. Don’t you dare.” Your voiced cracked as you spoke. “You have been the perfect gentlemen this last year, and I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.”

“But (Y/N), I just can’t gi-”

“Jonathan stop! Do you really think I’m that shallow that all I care about are material tokens of your affection. I’d take a small photo album of pictures you’ve taken of our relationship over a diamond ring any day. And I don’t care if you don’t like pda. I don’t need everyone to know we’re together, I just need you, everyone else can go screw themselves with their thoughts of us.” You held your hand under his chin so he could see the genuine look on your face as you spoke.

“That’s exactly my point, I tried to tell myself I was good enough, but it’s hard when everyone else disagrees.” He looked down again.

“What do you mean, Jonathan?”

“I see the way everyone looks at us. They all look at you as if to say ‘why is she dating that creepy Byers boy?’ and they’re right. Why are you dating me? What do I have to offer you?” His voice broke as he spoke and you reached over and took his hands, he tried to pull away but you held on tighter.

“Jonathan, for Christ’s sake. Do you really have to ask, have you seen the way I’ve looked at you for the past year, and for years before that. You have so much to offer me, Jon. You’re the perfect gentleman, you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever known. You’re not like every other guy our age who’ve only ever cared about getting in my pants, you took the time to get to know me properly before you asked me out. Hell, we didn’t even make out until at least like a month and a half into our relationship.” You laughed as you said that last part, “And honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you Jonathan. You can’t break up with me over something so trivial as this. I know exactly what I deserve, and it’s you. 100%. You always have been and always will be.”

There was silence for a minute or two before you spoke up again.

“You’re not nearly as alone as you make yourself out to be, Jonathan. Yeah, everyone’s always treated you like shit and like you don’t belong. And even if you still don’t feel like you belong, there’s one place you’ll always belong. Here.“ You took his hands and placed them over your heart when you said this. “When I first met you, I knew you were the one. We’re one and the same, me and you. There’s part of me in you and part of you in me, and I knew it the second we caught eyes in photography class that first time. We were like the missing piece to each other’s puzzle. And if you can’t see that, then I’m gonna have to work harder to show you just how much you mean to me. So no, I don’t accept your break up.”

It all got a bit too much and Jonathan broke down crying, you were quick to envelope him in a hug, running your fingers through his hair soothingly, until he calmed down. When you felt his breathing even out, you pulled away and wiped the tears from his cheeks, and straightened out his hair from where it had been messed up from rubbing against your shoulder.

You smiled lovingly at him, and he did the same back. You leant your forehead against his for a few seconds before leaving small kisses across his face, and rubbing small circles on the back of his neck.

“I love you, Jonathan Byers, and you are more than enough for me, and you deserve more love than I can possibly give you, but I’m sure as hell going to try and give you all my love.” You leant forward and pressed a kiss to his lips, and he melted into it after a few seconds.

You broke apart and relaxed back into the cuddling position you’d been in earlier, but this time you were sat up, and Jonathan with leaning into your side and you had your arm wrapped around him, making him feel close and wanted.

Just before you started the movie again you quickly leant down and said “You’re the Han to my Leia.” Before giggling and Jonathan’s little laugh made it worth it.

When the movie finished, you looked down to see Jonathan had fallen asleep. You edged away, without waking him up, to grab his camera and snap a quick picture of him. You noticed he looked genuinely happy, and you attributed it to this guilt he had that has now been lifted.

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Unintentional anon here 🙌🏻 just meant that they didn't film the Harry ad and put it on hold waiting patiently for Cheryl's elephant term-like pregnancy to end. They used the situation to their advantage though, afterall, hype is hype is hype

I completely agree that that would be insane. 

HOWEVER, given that Cheryl has used this pregnancy for as much promo as possible and that Liam and Harry are under the same management (Dawbell), I would not put it past them to announce the birth on the day they announce the album release. 

Nowhere in this post does it say that the baby was born today, or have the typical date/time of birth that accompanies some traditional forms of birth announcements. 

I didn’t take this announcement to mean that the baby was born today. 

Oh I just looked at Cheryl’s IG and…

Can nothing be normal? Why is that the only photo they have? Why is it a photo of a polaroid photo?? Whatever. But yeah, they conveniently waited until today, not even until actual Mother’s Day, which is tomorrow, to release this on the day that Harry drops the news about his album. 

I would like nothing more than to be genuinely happy for life events that happen to the members of One Direction, but this pregnancy was announced by DAN WOOTTON, this relationship was called out as a PR stunt from the beginning, and the idea of Cheryl and Liam having a baby was (if even possible) even more ludicrous than Louis’ baby that they announced before the end of the first trimester in that they announced that they were trying to have a baby before she was apparently pregnant, not to mention before she was even divorced. What 24 year old is trying to get the woman they just started dating pregnant immediately? 

Just, take a step back and think about if this was anyone but Liam. Imagine if they tried this with Harry. Granted, Harry is obsessed with babies, but shouldn’t the fact that Harry is OBSESSED WITH BABIES, and that it’s dismissible that Harry “hates” the rest of 1D enough to make the fact that Harry has never once mentioned Louis or Liam having a child strange?? 

NO ONE from 1D has said anything to Liam! Not even “fellow 1D dad” Louis. Who probably could have taken time out of his busy tweeting about Ultra schedule to at least be like, “Congrats, mate!” Zayn, who is still at the very least amicable from a public perspective with Liam hasn’t said anything. And Noll, who rushed out to very publicly buy Ben Winston’s baby a gift and take photos with it, has stayed silent as well. I say “Babygate 2.0″ because this is almost exactly what happened last time, just with a bit less of “what the actual fuck” that came with the Granny announcement and the Sunglasses Hut pap walk and the “Daddy Daddy Cool” but still very, very, strange nonetheless. 

I wouldn’t be like 

if it all didn’t seem so incredibly, well, fake. 

My biggest piece of advice for first year teachers -

I’ve been reflecting a lot as I’ve been observing all of the back-to-school posts from new teachers here, seeing their wishlists, carts full of Target Dollar Spot finds, woe and excitement in purchasing supplies, etc. 

And, honestly, I have a lot of mixed feelings. Because in my own personal experience, a lot of the things I bought prior to actually having my own classroom never got used quite the way I planned, if at all. I also realized that I should have asked my school about student supply lists and what they had in their school supply cabinet for us before I bought or asked for things - though I completely recognize that some schools do not have either of those.

I have a lot of regret about how much money I spent on frivolous colorful containers or cute borders, etc. On fun things from that aforementioned Dollar Spot that I was convinced I’d find a use for in my future classroom, because I thought I’d have all the time in the world for a super intricate and cutesy system, without much thought into how my kids would actually operate within that in the long-term. Like most new teachers, I was filled with a million idealized ideas not yet bound to some of the reality of the day-to-day and just “surviving” that set in. 

I don’t even say this because I left the traditional classroom long before I initially planned to take my current position - I gave away some things, sold others, but still have several boxes of my best and most practical stuff if I ever feel that urge to return. And going through that stuff showed me just how much of it I never used.

I say this because first year teacher Kait struggled so much with money on her first year teacher income (to the point that I was waitressing three days a week just to have money to do things besides pay the bills and eat). And I wish someone had told me to stop spending so much of my money on my classroom and save that money for my own well-being. It doesn’t mean you care less for your students and that there won’t be circumstances once you’re in your classroom and have it functioning that you might realize you need to purchase something, but those random Dollar Spot hauls add up. I wish I had taken a second to really reflect about how and when I was going to use those things.

I know it’s hard to recognize it in that moment when you’re full of excitement for your perfect Pinterest-ready classroom, but my second year I tried to be much more conscious of what I bought and got more creative - instead of having tangible things in my Class Dojo auctions, I made coupons for students to eat lunch with me in the room or sit in my rolly chair. Honestly, they preferred those privileges to cheap toys or candy. I got over my guilt in asking parents for things, especially those that kept asking how they could help. I would get over not having every thing matching perfectly and use the uglier hodgepodge of folders I dug up in the supply closet. I stopped expanding my classroom library except when I got scholastic points or items off my wishlist, and encouraged my students to fully utilize the school and public library.

Again, I fully recognize the privilege of some of these scenarios, and am not saying that teachers shouldn’t buy some things for their classrooms. I know firsthand that we do what it takes to survive - when I student taught in Detroit, I bought the supplemental workbooks for our textbook series off Amazon just so I could have them to make copies since our building had lost theirs. But I suppose this is just my caution to new teachers - don’t go overboard. Wait until you figure out what you actually need once you’ve established your classroom routine. Wait until you know for sure what will be provided to you. You may realize it’s different than what you imagined, and most of all, you need to take care of yourself, too. That’s the real key to success in your first year of teaching.

sugar daddy! Mingyu

anon requested: hey, i love your blog to death 💕 I was wondering if you can do a sugar daddy Mingyu scenario? its ok if you can’t. and i love you admins! you two do an amazing job have an amazing day 😊

 admin seri: im so :’)) thank you so much <33 i really hope you love this

  • Mingyu was a lonely man honestly
  • but he kinda just sucked it up because ‘the one will come one day’ 
  • OKAY well
  • ‘the one’ ain’t coming if he ain’t looking
  • the sugar daddy thing really never crossed his mind
  • until all these older men were telling him, 
  • “look, the only girls you’ll ever find are the gold diggers, your best bet is going with it because at least you’ll get-”
  • Mingyu’s highkey just nodding like omg what 
  • but he gives it a shot? 
  • because it’s just, he likes taking care of people so,,,
  • that old guy gave him some girls number and he agreed to get dinner with her
  • and sitting there at that table, he’s honestly just like … “why”
  • because the girl was going on and on about how she wants this for her daily gift, this much a week, what he needs to buy her
  • it’s so unattractive to him like hows he gonna — if all he’s thinking about is making sure he ordered that purse
  • but he’s a gentlemen so he sat there nodding and paid for dinner
  • until the girl wanted to go home with him 
  • and he had to be like “uh um i’m sorry im not interested” 
  • she leaves dramatically too
  • leaving him there just lost in thought stirring his coke with his straw
  • “do you want a refill?” you ask, walking up to the guy who’s been here for hours
  • you work at this fancy restaurant really only rich people could afford and only got a job because of a connection
  • he glances up at you, offering a smiling and shakes his head
  • “i was just leaving” 
  • you watch as he leaves, unfamiliar with this situation
  • because he should’ve left with the girl? like
  • anyways, it slips your mind there’s more things to think about besides the cute guy you barely know
  • until you see him again the next night
  • and the next
  • basically the next two weeks 
  • your just like, ‘what is he tryna do here???’
  • it’s almost closing time and he’s sitting on your side like always, meaning you have to ask
  • “sir? sorry but we’re closing in 15 minutes” you smile apologetically
  • “oh, sorry” 
  • the brightness you saw in his eyes on day one is gone now
  • “you’ve been waiting my table for the past two weeks right?” he says, seemingly scoffing at himself, “im not a terrible person i promise” 
  • you smile amused, “then?” 
  • yes, you asking that is so professional
  • “well” he shakes his head embarrassed, “my older friends have told me to try doing this but i haven’t really found anyone I like
  • you put two and two together 
  • “you have to like her? it works like that?” 
  • he gets up and smiles at you before walking out,
  • “i work like that” 
  • and you just stand there, dumbstruck
  • after that you don’t see MIngyu come in every night
  • you just think he found someone or gave up 
  • until one night he waltz in right before closing time 
  • grinning at you confidently, “i want to take you out” 
  • you aren’t having the best day at work either, 
  • staring at him blank faced, “i don’t want or need a sugar daddy” 
  • he seems taken back and shakes his head vigorously, 
  • “no i just,, i want to get to know you, you seem sweet” 
  • you stop wiping down the table and stare into his eyes
  • they don’t look like they have bad intentions
  • sighing you nod, “let me finish cleaning my side” 
  • that kick started everything
  • you made it very clear you wanted a relationship
  • and he agreed
  • aw the cutest couple you guys are
  • walking around in matching outfits, phone cases, book bags
  • all more expensive than they needed to be
  • remember when i said Mingyu didn’t like buying people things 
  • ignore ALL of that because your different
  • mini fights start with that actually
  • “MINGYU listen i dont NEED THIS”
  • “I KNOWW” 
  • “then WHY did you buy it” 
  • he hangs his head sheepishly
  • “because it reminded me of you” 
  • he’s always making sure you live this lavish lifestyle
  • even if it’s the last thing you want
  • he’ll send over food
  • tried to buy you a new car omg
  • you legit have a collection of heels you never wear
  • in public ;)
  • you’ll be over at his apartment 
  • and you guys actually love making dinner together 
  • food fights for life 
  • “wait babe” 
  • “what” you turn around, raising your eyebrow at MIngyu
  • “wear these for me” 
  • he hands you a pair of black heels with a smirk
  • strapping them on you purse your lips 
  • “babe…”
  • taking his finger, dipping it into the sauce his hold his finger out to you, looking at you with those eyes
  • “taste?” 
  • you dont really need to explain in detail, do you?

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I present this scenario: any of the FAKES being able to go into a grocery store on a Tuesday morning and not get the police called on them. Not because they're better disguised or because of better behaved (neither of those could ever happen fully) but because the employees don't give a shit and don't exactly wanna die because a hungover Mogar Jones decided he wanted a metric fuck ton of pop tarts at 8am

Bless everything about this fucking post.

I don’t really know what to add except the mental image of three exasperated employees watching Mogar Jones wander around their little store at like 7:30 in the goddamn morning. They think they’re going to be robbed, at first, but it looks like he’s not interested in the cash register, so they just sort of … watch?

And he comes up and he’s bleary-eyed and his jacket’s not done up and he really just looks like shit. And he throws like sixteen boxes of pop tarts down on the counter and a box of tampons, muttering something under his breath about “fucking gavin” and “goddamn jack” and just bitching and swearing.

The employees have no idea what to do except ring him up. And he actually fucking thanks them and throws a twenty on the counter and wanders away without waiting to get change.

They end up telling the story for months. 

PSA for transmasc people and/or anyone with chest dysphoria! I found a really nice hoodie that makes me look pretty flat even when I’m not binding at all. It’s cheap, stylish, and the only thing I feel comfortable wearing in public when I’m not binding. I have it in 2 colors and it’s honestly been a godsend.

Mooncolour Color Block Hoodies

(btw that’s the old friends senior dog sanctuary referral link, so if you buy it using that link 8.5% of the proceeds go to them)

I Am An Alpha Ch 18: The Things We Can’t Avoid

“That was absolutely amazing!” I’m grinning ear to ear as Luhan helps me out of his car. I don’t even care about the massive building behind me at the moment, I just rush up to Kris who had driven in another car and basically beg, “Hyung can I ride with you next time?”

He chuckles, “Of course little wolf but you are offending Luhan hyung.”

I look over my shoulder at Luhan, who is not pouting as he holds the door open for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Jongdae to climb out of the back seat.

“Sorry Hyung but Kris hyung drives faster!”

Luhan scoffs, “I would have driven faster if I didn’t have Kyungsoo in the back growling in my ear anytime I went slightly above the speed limit. Kid is such a worry wart, he has her sitting in the front seat with his one arm resting on her shoulders and his other hand holding the door closed even though I already locked the doors.”

“You already poisoned her this morning, I wasn’t going to let her fall out of a moving car too,” Kyungsoo snaps.

“How was your first car ride?” Yixing asks me coming to stand by my side.

“It was so much fun, I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole like with out riding in one.”

“Enough car talk, lets get her inside the building, it’s freezing out here,” Suho decides, taking my hand and leading me past his brothers. I stare at our interlocked hands and realize this is the first time we’ve touched. Warm tingles spread from my fingertips to my toes, I find myself smiling at our connection, gripping his large hand tighter. I take a moment to do a mental checklist of who I’ve at least touched or  I’ve had some kind of moment with, Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun are the only ones who don’t come to mind. With that in my head I pull Suho’s arm a bit so I can wrap our arms together, bringing our whole bodies closer together.


He raises his brows, “Yes?”

“We have never really talked,” I note.

He nods, “You haven’t been with us very long, I don’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away.”

“Don’t you want to be close to me though?” My hold on him loosens a bit, something he quickly notices and brings his free hand up to keep me from letting go completely.

“Of course I do! I just don’t want to be like Jongin and almost attack you.”

“You seem pretty in control of yourself,” I muse, “Maybe you’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

That makes him laugh, a beautiful smile spreads across his face and I’m awe struck at such and amazing sight. My cheeks get a pink hue across them, my heart flutters. God they are beautiful.

“How do you feel about being out in public for the first time?” Suho asks, I blink a few times before glancing around. I basically jump into his arms, clinging to him for dear life, where the hell did all of these people come from? Lost in my own thought I didn’t even notice our change in back drop, from a parking garage, Luhan explained to me what they are, to a massive building filled with more people than I’ve ever seen in one place. “Are you okay?” He worries rubbing my back softly.

“So many people!” My eyes are as wide as can be as I try to take in as much a possible. There are so many different smells, human, wolf, something else, my mind is set into overdrive as I try to figure everything out. Someone bumps into us, out of habit I growl at the stranger, earning a confused look from the man.  My heart is beating quickly in my chest making it hard for me to breath. Suho’s hand runs up my neck and tangles in my hair, pushing me towards the crook of his neck. I hesitantly obey, afraid to take my eyes off of the on lookers who are slowly starting to stare.

“What’s wrong?” Kris is quickly standing over us.

“I think there might be too many things going on for her. We need to get her out of here before she lashes out or something.”

“The Executive lounge is on the top floor, should we take her there?” Jongdae suggests.

They must all agree because the next thing I know we are moving. I feel like we are blur, rushing through the corridors or halls or whatever they are called. I wait for more strange smells to find their way to me but all I can smell right now is Suho. It’s much different than from what I was expecting, something more like Minseok’s or Yixing’s, but he smells like a rainy day.

“Insoo,” Suho calls softly, running his fingers up and down my back. I hesitantly release him and realize that we are sitting down, my thighs straddling his hips. Concern is carved into his handsome face.

“I’m sorry Insoo I didn’t think this through,” Kris is kneeling next to us. “I should have known it would be too much, going from the woods to a shopping mall is a massive step. I’m an idiot.”

“Hyung it’s okay, I should have thought about it more. I haven’t been in public before, I should have told you that.”

“This wasn’t our greatest idea,” Luhan admits, “We should have definitely taken baby steps.”

“What should we do now though?” Tao questions.

Kris sighs, “You and Sehun go get her a few pairs of shoes to start out with. Kyungsoo and Jongin, you guys are on pajamas. Chan and Baek you guys are on actual clothes, jeans and shirts should be good to start. Jongdae and Yixing, other necessities like toothbrush, hair ties, and other things girls need. Luhan and Minseok hyung you guys are the most mature so you guys buy her underwear. I’m going to check in on a few things here in the offices, while Suho you stay here and watch over her, okay?”

“Yes Alpha,” Everyone responds together.

“Great, go.”

The ten men rush to the door dogs rushing for food, barely able to squeeze through the doorway. I finally look around our new setting, it’s a decent sized room with two couches and a TV. One wall I realize is completely made of glass looking over the very busy area I’m assuming we were moments ago, how in the world did they get up here so fast.

“Little wolf,” Kris is standing next to me, stroking my head.

I look back at him, “Hm?”

“I’m going to do some work, you will be fine here with Suho right? Cause if not I can stay and let him go.”

Suho nods, though I can tell he doesn’t want to, “I won’t take offense, you are much more comfortable with Kris and this is a very stressful situation for you, I’ll understand.”

Without hesitation I say, “I want Suho to stay, you can do your work.”

“Are you sure?” Kris asks once more.

Suho glares at him, “She said it’s fine, now go.”

I can see how hesitant the older is to just leave but I give him one last smile and wave as he closes the door. A chuckle escapes my lips at his sad child like face.

“You two are so close already,” Suho notes as he places his hands on my hips. “I’m so jealous.”

“Well Hyung what could I do to make you feel closer to me?”

He hums for a minute, “Well there is one thing.”

I cock my head.

“Call me Oppa,” He requests quietly.

“Oppa?” The word sounds foreign on my lips but I notice Suho perking up.

“I just want you to call me it once, please?”

“Suho oppa!” I smile at him, enjoying the way his eyes light up.

“It’s just so cute when you do it,” He is grinning ear to ear.

“Do you not like that I call you hyung?”

He shakes his head quickly, “I’m happy with whatever you call me as long as I can hear your voice. But it was nice to hear at least once from you…”

“I’m sorry, I would do it but in all honesty I never consider it because the only people I’ve ever called oppa are my brothers. They were murdered the night of the raid and ever sense it just doesn’t sound right,” I admit quietly.

Any kind of happy emotion falls from his face, “I am so sorry! If I had known I would have never asked for such a thing, I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry.”

I wrap my arms around him and pull him into a tight hug, “How could you have known? It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“There is so much about you that we don’t know, so many painful stories.”

“Lots of them aren’t painful anymore, because I wouldn’t be where I am now with the family I have.”

He nods.

Our nice moment is ruined by my stomach gurgling and a sudden pain spreading through my midsection. I clutch my stomach for a minute, waiting for the pain to pass but it only dulls slightly.

“Are you okay?” Suho worries.

I shake my head, “It must be Luhan’s breakfast settling in.”

“Ah fuck, they told me about that, here you sit here,” He scoots me off his lap and on to the couch as he rushes to the door. “I’ll be back with something to calm your stomach, don’t move!” Just like that he is gone. I try to sit there patiently but the groaning in my stomach is telling me to find someplace to empty the contents of my stomach. It slowly makes its way up my throat and suddenly I’m on my feet rushing out of the room for a way outside or to anywhere that they can’t see me. I rush out of nice area they had taken me into, ending up in a pretty empty hall. I see a sign for restrooms cross some kind of bridge or arch or something and run to it. A bad vibe hangs over my shoulder for a moment  as I run down the hall but stops when I reach the restroom door that I bust into. Inside I find the first toilet and throw up everything I’ve eaten the last three days. It only takes a few heaves to actually empty my stomach, I just dry heave for a few more minutes because my body gives me no other option.

“Are you okay?” A soft voice wonders from behind me.

I spit one last time before wiping my mouth off with a piece of toilet paper, “Do I sound like I’m okay?” It comes out more aggressive than I meant to but I’m upset by my now empty stomach.

“I guess not, sorry,” The small voice apologizes.

I close my eyes for a minute with a sigh, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m okay, thank you for asking.” Namjoon’s manners lesson finally becomes useful.

“I think you ran into the wrong bathroom,” Another voice pipes in. I turn around confused, two little omega girls are staring at me with wide eyes. We are about the same height but that is the only thing we have in common. They have long flowing hair that is blonde and some kind of red. Both are wearing pastel colored dresses and cute little heeled shoes, cute outfits that match their baby faces. Their hands are intertwined, a little fear in their eyes, like I would attack them but looking down I understand why. Under Minseok’s clothes my small figure is covered, my hood is up and I’m wearing shoes much to big for me, I do look a bit boyish.

I’m about to correct them when the taller of the two takes a step closer to me, “Oppa, can you help us?” I blink at her for a moment, me, Oppa?

The other nods, “There is this scary alpha creeping in the hall and we can’t leave.”

“I know you are an omega too but maybe you can scare him off since you are a boy. Oppa please!”

“That must have been the bad vibe I got when I rushed in,” I realize.

“He hasn’t come in because he likes toying with us,” The shorter sniffles.

“It’s okay don’t cry, I’ll see what I can do and pray that my mates don’t see me,” I cringe at the thought of what they would do if they saw me fighting again. “Speaking of which,” I pause, “You both smell of other alphas, where are your mates?”

“We told them we could at least go to the bathroom on our own but of course we can’t even do that,” The taller looks down at her shoes ashamed.

“Don’t worry,” I pat her head, “I’ll protect you from the big bag alpha.” Even though I’m smiling at these sweet little omega my heart pings as I think of my past. “You guys wait here, I’ll see if I can get rid of him, okay?”

They nod before giving a quiet fighting.

With a sigh I walk to the exit and down the hall from where I came I see the alpha that they were talking about. The hallway reeks of his pheromones, letting those girls inside know that he’s out here and he’s waiting for them. A snarl rumbles in my chest at the old tricks he’s playing. Soldiers used to do this to omegas that were trying to hide in the villages we were raiding. The alpha pushes away from the wall he was leaning on and swaggers my way, his head cocked to the side in amusement.

“Was that a growl I heard from you, Omega?” He muses.

“It was,” I snap, “What the hell are you doing slinking around mated omegas?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business. I’m not looking for any little boys to fuck so scram,” He gestures for me to pass.

“I’m not going anywhere without those little omegas so fuck off.”

He laughs, “I’d watch that mouth of yours, unless you want me to find it something else to do.”

“Don’t you have something better you could be doing?”

“Not anymore,” He wraps his arm around my shoulders, “I found exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve never knotted a male omega, I guess there is a first time for everything.” I cringe at his words, placing my hand over his, I lift it over my head and twist it behind his back, sending him to his knees. He cries out as the bones in his arms crack, “You are breaking my arm!”

“I am.”

“Stop! Stop! Please!”

I sigh, “You act so tough but can’t even handle some broken bones. If you going to pretend to be the big bad wolf at least know how to act like one, you whiny bitch. Are you done harassing girls?”

“Yes!” He seethes as he tries to pull away form me with no luck.

“I swear to go if I see you doing this again I’ll rip your knot right off, got it?”

He nods frantically.

“Good,” I push him to the ground, expecting him to run away but flips on to his feet and crouches down ready to attack.

I sigh, ready for him to jump at me but when two more alphas join us in the hall the man freezes. It’s two alphas I don’t know but their scents are familiar enough for me to assume that they are the two omegas mates.

“Shit,” The alpha snarls as he pushes past the other two and escapes down the hall. I look to the new comers with an awkward smile, not really sure how to interact with people. They just look confused about whatever could have happened in front of them.

“Oppa!” The two girls rush out of the restroom and I assume they are running to their mates but they basically tackle me to the ground. “Thank you!”

“Rose, Lisa, what the hell is going on?” One of the alphas asks.

“Mino oppa!” The blonde pops up and beams at her mate.

“Who is this? Get off of him, you shouldn’t jump on strange wolves,” The other scolds, pulling the red head off me. Blondie is pulled up next, I sit up leaning back on my hands, not really expecting the jealous looking alphas to let their mates touch me again.

“This is the Oppa that saved us from the scary alpha,” Red responds, pouting at her mate.

“We are the ones that scared him away,” Mino clarifies.

I roll my eyes but Blondie defends me, “He had him screaming before you showed up.”

Mino is going to snap back before a horrifying growl echoes through the hall. We all sink down as the pheromones of twelve pissed alphas surrounds us. The four wolves near me are on their knees with their heads down. I scan the four before looking to my mates, trying to figure out who they are mad at.

Kris is in the front, looking like he is about ready to murder someone. I smile at him awkwardly, “Hey Kris hyung.”

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"what’s the word for it, when people are on TV but don’t do anything? Reality TV stars? I don’t buy into that side of things." Him and gigi have some moral conflicts to work through. Lmao

LOL! I saw that and immediately thought the same thing, nonnie. +

“To be honest, Duncan, for me I don’t really want to do shitloads of promotion. I’ll do the music interviews and stuff like that, that actually have something to do with what I’m doing. But a lot of public interviews and being on TV, to me, is more about being a social character, about being a — what’s the word for it, when people are on TV but don’t do anything? Reality TV stars? I don’t buy into that side of things. I just want to do my music. If people hear about me from their friend, it’s cooler than me being in their face all the time.”

It rings true to what we know of Zayn. He’s admitted to being a reserved person in the past and he certainly lives that way.

About not tweeting:

“I don’t necessarily look at it as closing myself off. I just view it as something I don’t want to partake in. I just want to do music.”

Sounds like shade directed at Jelena, Yolanda and her thirsty, wannabe Kardashian family to me. I mean, their entire existence is about living in the spotlight despite contributing NOTHING to society, just being pretty, stunting for the gram, exploiting Zayn and his family to gain more followers and attention. There’s a pretty clear divide there.

Zayn made it pretty clear that he’s NOT about that life so why on Earth would he fall for someone whose sole purpose in life is about getting as much time in the spotlight as possible? Why would he do that to himself if he clearly doesn’t respect that lifestyle? Ponder that, Ziglets.

Nice going, Zayn.


This is the new orca show at seaworld, which is focusing on natural orca behaviour.  I was very skeptical of what they’d come up with but I’m actually fairly impressed with this show in terms of its educational content compared with One Ocean and Believe (I mean its not groundbreaking content but enough for a basic presentation to the general public). 

They talk about different orca ecotypes, their black and white counter-shading, physical characteristics, swimming capabilities, communication and (a very basic) description of social structure, hunting behaviour and a section of whale husbandry and the research they conduct (which of course overstates how much they do and how crucial this research is to wild whale survival - but at least they’re doing something). 

The whales themselves mainly do fast swims, side breaches, spyhops, pec-slaps, porpoising, tail slaps and slide outs. There does seem to be a decent effort to link everything the whales are doing to comparative wild behaviour, although there is the obligatory splash the audience at the end.

The whales are all referred to by name, and the trainers are very much in the background for much of the show, the focus is on the orca more than “look how much the trainers love the whales”. All in all this show is far closer to the sort of zoo presentations I’ve seen in the UK, where the focus is on explaining about an animals natural history. 

Whilst its a big improvement, I have one bugbear. There is very little about how to conserve orca in the wild or the threats they face. There are no details about any whale populations in trouble (i.e the southern residents) or how the general public can actively change our behaviour to help the ocean. Instead there is a general message about save the planet and a statement about how visiting seaworld you’ve helped a little bit to save the ocean *sigh*. 

That sort of message is downright irresponsible. Sure it gives the visitors a warm fuzzy feeling that their fun day out is doing some good, but it doesn’t actually address any real issues. It paints this stupid image that by driving to SeaWorld, consuming an environmentally damaging mass produced lunch, buying a mass produced shamu doll made in china which is has been shipped over to the states, buying a fizzy drink in a non-degradable bottle and riding around on a roller-coaster powered by the burning of fossil fuels is somehow helping the environment.

 Am I missing something??? - will the american general public immediately riot if you suggest they reduce their carbon footprint, their plastic use, or their meat consumption? Or does Seaworld not have the balls to tell people what they need to hear just in case they upset a climate change denier? If SeaWorld wants to convince its critics that it actually gives a damn, they need to stop pussyfooting about and give a bold, clear conservation message instead of this generic “if we all work together we can save the planet” bullshit.

*Edit below as my ranting didn’t make my overall feeings clear* 

All in all, this is a positive step in the right direction, there is more to be done, but for the moment, regarding this show “well done SeaWorld”. 

Fake It Til You Make It

JILY CHALLENGE | @ginevrashorcrux vs @lilypcttr
 social media!AU + “After a misunderstanding with his fans, james begs lily to be his fake girlfriend until this all blows over. which includes posting cute instagrams together and doing all the couple challenges.”

(nothing like waiting till the last second! I’m so sorry this took forever but its up!)


James’ fans were some of his favorite people in the world. But sometimes, he really wanted to punch them in the face. This is one of those times.

 It all started with one, stupid youtube video from one, stupid Sirius Black. At the time it seemed like a good idea. Do a ‘boyfriend tag’ video with your best friend, who is like a brother to you, as a joke.  And it was a good idea because both boy’s view count and subscriber count went up by the hundreds.

 It wasn’t a good idea, however, when everyone thought that it was true and thought Sirius Black and James Potter are actually dating.

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RFA+Saeran+V reacting to MC weird pregnant food cravings

Haha thanks for asking this! I had a lot of fun with it as you can see. I actually had this for a few days but I forgot to switch it from private to public >-< ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he gives you everything you want as long as it makes you happy (even though he’s completely weirded out by it)

Yoosung: he doesn’t even blink when you say what you’re hungry for and heads right to the supermarket to buy them out (like he did with the chocolate milk)

Jaehee: she tries to persuade you at first (”sardines and ice cream, MC? really?”) but in the ends gives in to your request

Jumin: all he wants is to make you happy so when you start asking for cheese and pickles, he’ll effing give you a ton of cheese and pickles

Seven: he completely dotes on you. just say the word and he’s driving out of the house in his fastest car before coming back with whatever it is you asked for

V: he’s just so confused. why would any human being want to eat peanut butter, cheese, and ketchup in a sandwich. of course he gets it for you anyway (and has to stop himself from throwing up)

Saeran: he grudgingly gets whatever it is you ask for and reminds himself that it’s only for nine months 


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(Dedicated to @btslovenotes because I love her blog and she’s amazing)

  • Dimple smiles
  • “Baby girl"  
  • Trying to cook for you but burning everything 
  • Including the house maybe 
  • So… Lots of takeout 
  • Pulling your arm/waist when you walk by so you fall into his lap 
  • Lots of blatant flirting 
  • Even in front of the other members and in public 
  • Buying you coffee without asking what you want 
  • Because he memorized all your likes and dislikes 
  • Complete boyfriend aesthetic 
  • Random occurrences of greasy Namjoon
  • “Come here baby”
  • Asking you to take KimDaily photos for him
  • Unable to stop himself from correcting you if you get a fact wrong
  • “Actually…”
  • “Yeah ok Namjoon”
  • Philosophical texts at 3am
  • Philosophical conversations whenever a new thought pops into either of your heads
  • Pages and pages of song lyrics about you
  • Showing you the rough mixes or demos of all his songs
  • Watching your reaction because he’s insecure about his music
  • “…what do you think?”
  • “It’s amazing”
  • Buying you Converse
  • An arm around your shoulder whenever you walk together
  • Sending you good night texts no matter where he is in the world
  • Venting to you about everything when he’s stressed out
  • Constantly sending you music playlists to listen to
  • “This reminded me of you”
  • Extremely thoughtful presents
  • Sitting together but doing different things
  • and you just look up to see him looking at you
  • then he glances down to write something then look at you again
  • Soft giggles that quickly escalates to loud laughter
  • Wearing his soft sweaters
  • Just lying in bed and discussing life
  • A laid back relationship where you are both independent, but completely devoted to each other

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Hi Cate, I'm curious for your perspective on this question (and I don't want to inadvertently start something that will end up in an uproar, so I understand if you don't publish this ask): What is your feeling on people who have said that GA had the opportunity to purchase these pics and didn't (with the insinuation that she therefore approved their release)?

Hi anon. I actually don’t know who is making these claims (since I stay far away from the crazy around here) but this is on the same level of imagination and idiocy as the marketing theory. Remember how reliable that was? 

So let’s look at the scenario that is being suggested in a real way: freelance tabloid photographer takes photos of Gillian. Before selling them to a publication or wire service he/she goes to Gillian:

Photojournalist: “I have these photos of you. If you don’t buy them for XX, then I am going to sell them for publication.”

Does that sound….legal to you? Or does it sound like what it actually is: extortion? Which is actually…you know, a CRIME.

Let’s also look at what’s published on a regular basis. Let’s look at Gary Hart - who lost the presidency due to tabloid shots of him and his girlfriend - let’s look at the many photos that exposed Britney Spears and other celebs getting out of cars and so on. Do you honestly, rationally believe that these celebrities were given some kind of Right of First Refusal? How in the name of fuck does anyone think this is something that actually happens?? It’s so asinine, it makes my blood boil. And if this actually were a thing (which I assure you it isn’t), would you allow yourself to be extorted?

How about we look at the root of this and the people who are perpetuating this bullshit: THEY. WERE. WRONG. ABOUT. GILLOVNY. They have egg all over their faces and they are angry about it. They don’t have anyone else to blame for planting false stories and dividing the fandom. Now they are getting proof in spades that Gillian and Peter are together and happy, so guess who has to be the villain? Yup, Gillian. A 48-year-old woman in love for the first time in a long while. A woman who spent the better part of the year promoting the idea of embracing each other as women, rather than turning on one another. Who embraces her fandom and her charities with her time and fundraising. Who works hard to be a better person. And this is what she gets in return: to be completely fucked over by her “fans” and slandered after she has already been hideously violated by photographers. I have been in the fandom for a long time and I have never been more embarrassed in all my life at being remotely associated with a group of people who reblog and “like” this nonsense. It’s repulsive. 

Anyone putting out or buying into this messaging needs to check themselves. What content are you putting out into the world right now? What messages are you getting from certain blogs? One can sound kind and understanding but still be putting out PURE HATE. What are you promoting here? How would you feel if this happened to you?

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hi i'm just curious! what flaws do you think kojuro has? i'm doing his ms noww but as far as i can tell his only flaw is being bad at cleaning ): but he's so attractive lmaooo i can't decide whether i like him or not

Hi there, anon! Glad you are doing his Main Story, even though I’m certainly biased, Kojuro’s is one of my favorite and one of the reason why I fell for him! Anyway, it is quite a tough question, isn’t it? I mean, he is seen as a flawless person much by players but also by in-game characters, so, does Kojuro have any flaw? Yes, of course he does, and I’m not just talking about his bad cleaning behavior either. I played all Kojuro’s events so far so I think I do know enough about the man but maybe I’ll miss some informations and I know there are new stuff that got introduced in KoiRan. I’ll try to explain everything the best I can, it’s certainly a bit longer than I intended to write first but I thought that context is always an important part on how I see things. I might have forgotten some informations and apologize in advance if so but I think it should show pretty much that Kojuro has flaws, like anyone else.

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