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@wasabun Aw man I’m happy at how much you guys love him! Here’s a few I have at the moment:

  • To start off, he’s one of the few people in the Casino that’s very experienced and great at gambling. He knows all the tricks in and out, and he particularly loves guessing games and making bets. The only ones that are on the same or higher level than him are King Dice, the Devil, and a few more senior staffs of the casino
  • He’s the unspoken Left-Hand of the Devil. Not bc the Devil made it official, but his position and personality from working in the Casino for so long that the staff just respects him as much as King Dice. You can go to either of them if you need to
  • He’s charge of the Surveillance Team and he spends his time overseeing the Casino, catching and weeding out cheaters. He’s extremely good and professional at his job
  • Doesn’t exactly deal with the cheaters himself, but he passes them onto the bouncers and King Dice to handle it… in one of the back rooms

Now, his relationship with King Dice huh…

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What really annoys me about the “ugh, of course liberals/Hillary stans are using the Sam Kriss story to try to discredit the left” hot take is that the account came from a woman who is also a Marxist. I’d like to ask leftists who are having this reaction a few things: why didn’t she want “any trouble” from their mutual colleagues? Did she feel like calling out a high profile Marxist would hurt the cause? Or was she worried about what would happen to her? How is this any different than when a liberal or right-wing man is accused of sexual assault or harassment? Shouldn’t your first response to this story to acknowledge that misogyny is a problem in leftist spaces and think about what needs to change, not to be angry that liberals are talking about it?

And tbh, the reaction by liberals has focused more on his actions, not crowing that finally we have shocking evidence of misogyny on the left. Because it’s not new, and it’s not unique. I mean, look up the Julian Assange rape case if you want to see how thoroughly some leftist men will go to discredit women who speak up about sexual assault when it’s perpetrated by one of their heroes.

Title: Another Goodbye
Pairing: Keith x Lance
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Warnings: SPOILERS
A/N: Here’s some pining Klangst for ur day :D sorry it’s so short!

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Lance couldn’t help but feel hurt when Keith decided to leave the team to join the Blade of Marmora. In a way, it was like he was saying he’d rather be with them than with him, and everyone else on the team. It was hard to accept, but he knew he had to; it was Keith’s choice, and Lance needed to respect it.

But that didn’t make it hurt any less.

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do you ever look at all the fanwork the bnha fandom has made for the “Dabi and Todoroki are brothers” theory, most of which existing without even an expaination under it, just assuming you know about the theory, and you look at all these things linking Todo and Dabi and Endeavor and you’re like. Imagine if this theory isn’t even true in the end. How damn weird all of this will end up being.

not sure if I ever posted this..

but it’s cute so here, have a babby sammy

while i’m thinking about my angel baby finn wolfhard, i just wanna talk about how i keep seeing posts on instagram of people comparing his new photoshoot pictures to old pictures of him and saying things like “what kinda water is this boy drinking 🤤” and grown people saying “he’s lookin’ like a full course meal now” and it really really bothers me because i love him, and it’s like….you fucking weirdos, he’s 14. if i see anyone being creepy towards him i will personally deal with them myself because he is a KID!!! he’s a kid!!!! stay away from my son!!!