what is this pose though xd

Exo’s Reaction to them telling their GF “take a picture, it’ll last longer” and they actually do

We’re glad you like our reactions xD I hope you will also like this one :) @krazyforkpop


*After he said it and you actually started doing it, he’d be flustered.*

Xiumin: *gif* “Wait you’re actually taking a picture of me?”

Y/N: “Yeah… so it’ll last longer.” 

*He’d stop you from taking pictures and gave you a serious look. But then neither of you could hold it in anymore and started laughing.*


*He knew that when he said it you might actually do it. So when he finally said it he also pulled out his phone and started to take pictures of you. The both of you were just taking endless pictures of each other until one of you got tired.*

Luhan: *laughs* “Why do you always take my sarcasm seriously?”

Y/N: *takes one last picture* “Because it’s fun…. and makes life last longer.” *smirk*


*gif (imagine he’s saying it as a joke xD)*


*He would just laugh at the fact that you took his sarcasm seriously and would also think it was cute.*


*Even though he said it sarcastically, he would start posing for the pictures you were about to take of him.*


*Would make derp faces until you got tired of taking pictures of him.*


*He would be confused at first when you actually do what he said sarcastically but then would laugh and smile at the camera.*


*Pretends that it’s actually reporters taking pictures.*

Chanyeol: “Where should I look? Over here?? Oh over here!” *poses*

*You would play along and pretend to be one of the reporters.*

Y/N: “Mr. Park over here!! Wow so handsome….”

*The two of you would then make eye contact and would just start laughing at the little role play y’all just did.*




(This is he funniest moment ever but just ignore Baekhyun xD)



*Jongin would just start laughing as soon as he sees you take your phone out to actually takes pictures of him.*

Kai: *covers his face while still laughing.*

Y/N: *takes his hands off* “Stop! I need to take pictures so it’ll last longer.”


*He would actually feel pretty good about you taking pictures of him.*

Sehun: *looks at the pictures you just took* “Told you it will last longer.”

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Yeeeessss the Weirdest book since Jane Goldman’s The X Files encyclopedia arrived today… a week after everyone else’s. I guess the British government decided to put this fine piece of investigative journalism through an extreme vetting process! ;)

I get Ronaldo is uh… not exactly a fan favourite… but this book is bloody hilarious and contains a lot of references to seasons 1-3. Also I bet there’s some *cough* foreshadowing sneaked in somewhere: the fun part is sorting the feasible from the red herrings!

My personal fave Bits:

- The last page. Aww. Thank you. :3

- Princess Nose. XD

- The artwork (besides the stuff from the show). It’s amusing and nicely done. And it suggests Ron is quite a good artist!

- A lot of references to Peedee, suggesting they’re getting on better as bros. Not so much about their dad though.

- The Beach Citywalk Fries ads.

- Ronaldo calls Lars his friend! :3c and his version of Lars’ “social napalm” comment.

- The Brooding Hill page, bless his lack of cotton socks. Especially since he refers to this kind of not-quite-Lorne-Green pose:

Originally posted by brainunchained

(Pffthaha what dramatic dork. But the fact that he feels the need to “brood” makes me kinda sad.)

…and he refers to his hair as “frylocks”. I wonder what Andy DeMayo would make of that!

- Numerous references to the Cluster and its current status, in classic not-quite-accurate Ronaldo style. But a few of the terms he uses are more accurate than they were before.

- A few references to Peridot! She’s my fave Gem alright? :p

- Ronaldo’s method to photograph the “crop circles”!

- The full title of Rising Tides Crashing Skies jfc. And its follow-up material.

Basically I’m a Ronaldo fan anyway but stuff like this is why. It’s funny, endearing, kinda relatable and honestly the kid’s not that far from “The Truth”. I get older fans might not like it but I hope the younger kids who are into SU will. It’s a great tie-in and is ridiculously meta, just like the blog. So yeah, thanks Matt, Ben, and Ronaldo. As a Weirdo I appreciate it! :)



She looks like she’s posing for the cover of her own romance novels. XDDD

Meanwhile in Kouen and Sinbad’s head:

We’ve been binge watching Gravity Falls over the past couple of days (no spoilers! We’re only eighteen episodes into S1 xD) and a few of us (ie, AJ, Ami and I cuz we’re cynics 😝) are actually surprised at just how much we’ve been enjoying it!

It reminds me of a show called “Eerie Indiana” that I used to watch as a kid - so the pleasant nostalgia is kinda nice xD None of us are particularly big Disney fans, so we’re genuinely amused at how much we’ve liked what we’ve seen so far! ^^

Though perhaps we shouldn’t watch in public!

The episode where Dipper brings a video game character to life to be his bodyguard - pixels, constant animation and all - had us all in fits and we got some rather odd looks on the bus…

Ami: How are we s'posed ta NOT laugh at that?? xD

Eli: It was pretty funny! :D

And it was due to that ep that Eli said his first words! (And he sounds like Dipper, it’s SO DAMN CUTE!)

It went something like this:

*Game character is holding a length of pipe*

Dipper: Where did you get that??

Character: I punched an OIL DRUM!

Dipper: You can get rid of it, we won’t need it

Character: *drops it and picks up a glass bottle* Very well!

Dipper: …This street has a LOT of dangerous litter…

We completely crack up (the character had the most emphatically “manly” voice that made us giggle at practically every sentence he said) and a little voice in my ear says “this is really fun!” and everyone cranes to look at Eli in astonishment. He appears to sense the gazes and grins and everyone goes slightly mad that he’s speaking xD

The voice really suits him! We figured he’s around the equivalent of twelve years old despite his small stature ^^

anonymous asked:

Does Lin have a transformation pose/ sequence? If so, what would it look like? XD I love her!

I suppose something like this! her end pose ideally would be something different though, i just didn’t know what else to make it for the time being. she yells “Miisha, Flipper Time!” to transform.