what is this platonic ish

Have I ever told you how absolutely brilliant I think you are? Your mind really astounds me sometimes. Even when I don’t entirely comprehend the concepts, I still find so much joy just listening to you talk about anything. I wish I could listen forever.


Wow that’s a cheesy title, and I only partially apologize. 

SO. This is my first Sanders Sides fic. I’m kind of excited about it, but this lil’ monster is an angsty mess, so we’ll see how it goes.

This fic is set to take place immediately after the filming of the “Making Changes” video (which I really love, so I have no idea why it had to be that one that inspired this nonsense. Also, hence the title), so Virgil is referred to as Anxiety here. I know, I hate it, too, but I’m being true to the timeline.

Summary: It’s not unusual for Anxiety to have issues with a video, but this time, things seem a little more tense than normal. As can be expected, the ever-lovable Patton swoops in and just wants to get to the bottom of what’s eating Anxiety.

Word Count: 1,855 (ish)

Pairing: Platonic Moxiety (MoralityxAnxiety)

Warnings: Angst, Self-Deprecation, Yelling, Crying, Mild cursing, Depression-like/Suicidal-like speech (ex: You’d be better off without me, kind of stuff), Mention of Spiders (please let me know if I missed any)

Also, because she was precious enough to say she’d like to be, I’m taking the lovely @ssides whose writing first inspired me to actually type this out. 

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2 Year Anniversary Drabble #4

Prompt: “What do you mean, we’re married?!”

Characters:  Damon x Reader (platonic-ish), Stefan 

Your name: submit What is this?

“I feel like hammered crap,”you state barely able to open your eyes. Partying in Vegas is always a bad idea.

“Good morning, Y/N. Or should I say, Mrs Salvatore?” Damon is seated at the overly expensive table already drinking again.

“Damon, we might have made out a few times but I would never ever marry you.“ you sit down next to him as Damon burst out in laughter "What´s so funny?”

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funnyarseweirdo  asked:

You are my favorite person currently because of the situation I'm in. It's not great. Your memes and art and personality (at least from what appears online) give me life. -luv u (platonically...Ish..Ish.-

aw thanks, i hope everythings alright though with whatever situation it is!

Genius - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by anon

(Platonic (ish) Peter x reader)

“Show me what you got then.” You laughed, watching Peter, your best friend, pull his mask over face.

“Okay Cap’n!” He teased, saluting you.

“Is the mask necessary?”

“Oh, sorry. You want to see my gorgeous face?” He put a hand under his chin, smirking at you under the mask.

“You’re such an ass.” You laughed, tucking the bottom of his mask up so you could see his mouth. “There. Compromise.”

“Well aren’t you a genius.” Peter said sarcastically, a smile pulling at his lips.

He flipped away, leaping off the apartment building and grabbing onto the next one. You watched as he swung around the rooftop you stood on, whoops of joy coming from his lips.

When he was done he landed next to you, sitting on the edge of the building.

“You know, this is great and all, but there’s so much responsibility that comes with it.” He said.

You glanced sideways at him, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I can’t be everywhere at once. I can’t make sure everyone’s safe.”

“Ever considered cloning yourself?” You teased.

“Ha ha. Very funny. You’re such a genius.” Peter rolled his eyes, tilting his head.

“Hey, well I guess you could always get a sidekick? Form like a super team so you can work together and make sure all areas of the city are safe?” You pondered, gazing over the streets, feet dangling off the edge of the building.

“(Y/n)….” Peter said, whining slightly. “Actually. That is a good idea.” He decided.


“Sure, I just need a super team. Just get some people bitten by radioactive spiders and we should be fine.” 

“You ass.”

He laughed as you punched him on the arm, “You don’t really think I’m an ass do you?”

“No, not really. You’re my best friend.” 

“Okay good. I do think you’re actually a genius by the way.” Peter said, leaning his head against your shoulder as he looked at you with teasing puppy eyes.

“Well, sometimes you’re an ass.”


Tessa & Scott || interviews

  • the gaze: Scott edition part 1/? [x]
“Worst Shotgun Ever”

2 Year Anniversary Drabble #11

Prompt: “If you play this song one more time, I swear to god I will drive us off of the next cliff.”

Characters:   Kai x Reader (platonic/frenemy-ish) 

Your name: submit What is this?

It is a lovely summer day and you´re on your way back from a gathering out of town. Unfortunately for you, Kai is in the car with you, because your friends refused to take them with them. 

And its seems for good reason. Kais has been playing and singing along to the Baywatch theme song for what felt like hours.

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anonymous asked:

What are some tips on writing a platonic relationship between a 12-ish year old and a 27 year old? It's in an apocalyptic time and they're supposed to have a brother-sister type relationship or even father-daughter but how would you express love and care between them without it being really weird??????

1. It’s probably not going to be an overtly affectionate relationship. Even one they become close, they’re probably likely to express their affection for each other in a more sibling-like manner. That is, through teasing and protectiveness of each other.

“You can be such a weirdo, sometimes,” said Anneliese. 

“Couldn’t be any weirder than you.” Dimitri reached over and tousled her hair.

2. Since she’s young and it’s an apocalyptic time, she’s going to need survival training. He’s been there, done that. If he cares about her, he’s going to want to teach her what she needs to know to survive. 

3. Let him be protective without being possessive. Make sure that even though he’s the older of the two, he’s mindful of her needs. 

And since More-Legit will kill me if I don’t mention it, try watching some play-throughs on YouTube of The Last of Us or play it yourself if you haven’t already.