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Post workout snack! This pic is from yesterday but I’m having the exact same thing!! My FAV snack ever is 100% hands down rice cakes! The possibilities are endless and rarely a day goes by where I don’t eat them in some form!! This is 2 with peanut butter, strawberries and a coconut and cacao sweet seasoning, and 2 with hummus and alfalfa sprouts!! Perfect! What are your favourite topping combos??



OK, shameless self-promotion here. But one of my favourite things is to see others wear Phantom costumes I’ve made. It’s like… if I wear these costumes myself, or see them on the mannequin, it’s a quite static experience. But when I see them on others they suddenly become alive. And that’s <3 Here’s some favourite photos, compared to stage costumes that inspired the replicas. 

Row 1: Elissa skirt, US style. Here photographed in Las Vegas on an awesome gal. She had made a spot-on Hannibal Slavegirl costume and also wore an actual Degas wig. What a perfect combo! Basically all of the photos we took turned out great. 

Row 2: An European-styled dressing gown I made for Selentiny some 10 years ago. She had made the golden collar underneath herself and looked so beautiful in the full outfit. 

Row 3: Aminta costume, European style. This one has never looked better than when @enchantedseastudio wore it in Las Vegas. Seriously! It was extra cool that she had made a Don Juan robe for the same event, and we were able to take photos of the two together. 

Row 4: Sylvan Glade, European/World Tour style. @christinesphantomblog recently rocked this costume SO HARD in London. I mean, look! 

Sweet Temptations

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Vampire! Sebastion Stan x Reader x Vampire! Chris Evans


A/n: this is one of my own ideas. Please, enjoy this mysterious and sexy romance one-shot all in one. THE TRAIN HAS FUCKIN LEFT. CHOO CHOO.


Genre: Mystery, Romance

Rated: Everyone

Warning: SMUT…SMUT EVERYWHERE…, vampism, swearing, drinking of blood, slight gore


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


-Prologue of one-shot-

Two pairs of glowing, blue eyes looked at each other, smirks on both of the pale visages. The wind whispered in their ears, the moonlight embraced them in a dim sea of white. Red drops of life ran down their smirking, fanged mouths. Both men were wearing suits made of expensive threads, one black, and one grey. One of the men stood up, letting the lifeless body of a woman drop to the cement, puncture wounds on either side of her neck. The other stayed sitting against the wall, licking his fingers as he observed the man standing up and brushing off his suit, adjusting his black tie.

“I think I owned that one, Chris.”

The man named Chris looked over with a look of amusement, a smirk ghosting his lips. He brushed his dirty blonde hair back with his hand, scratching his beard as he stated, turning towards the man sitting down.

“Sebastian, are we really keeping score?”

The man with short, dark brunette hair smirked, standing up and brushing off his pants, buttoning up his grey jacket and stated, letting his head fall back a little.

“I like to think we are. We’ve been doing so well for the past three hundred years, have we not?”

Chris smirked and stated, shrugging.

“Then I guess I’m winning by seventy.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes and stated, shoving Chris into the wall while chuckling.

“Shut up, bloodsucker. I’ll catch up one day.”

“Not likely, Stan Man.”

-Present time-

You whooped and threw your hands in the air.

“Yes! Yes! Got it done! Alright!”

Your roommate smiled at you and asked, flipping the page of his book after readjusting his glasses.

“Finally finished that essay that should have been done weeks ago?”

“Demetrious, shut up. It is not my fault that I hate school. School hates me…which I return the feeling. Consider it a mutual, love/hate relation-”

“-I get it, you hate school. At least you got it done, right? How many words?”

“24, 765!”

He gasped and cried out.

“24 thousand?! Oh my glob!”

You laughed and whooped, grabbing your soda and took a sip. You stated.

“Let’s go to the nightclub down town to celebrate.”

Demetri sighed and shrugged, flinging his book behind him.

“Oh what the hell. Let’s go.”


He smiled and stated, grabbing his contacts.

“But I’m taking the first shower so you don’t hog up all the hot water.”

“Alright. Be fast though!”

He smiled and grabbed a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, and black sneakers. You went to your room, looking through the closet to find a nice, slightly skimpy outfit. You were a classy girl when you went out, but you loved to show off your body when you felt like it. You grabbed a tight fitting, topless, (fave color) shirt and short-shorts with high-tops. You grabbed your favorite thong and bra, smirking to yourself.

‘Always save the best attire for when it’s needed.’

A knock on your door signaled and Demetri called in, his dark hair wet and dripping a bit. He was shirtless and wearing the jeans, he picked out. He wiped his hands on his towel and stated, shaking his head a bit.

“You’re shower is now ready.”

“Thanks Demetri!”

You kissed his cheek, running to the shower and he called.

“It’s no problem, road runner.”

You chuckled at his nickname for you and got in the shower. Undressing your body, you watched yourself in the mirror. You were not a big girl but you weren’t skinny either. You were a curvy woman, hourglass, with (eye color) orbs taken by your mother and (hair color/hair length) locks taken from your father. You were a beautiful lady, nonetheless. You were currently in college for journaling and myths. You called yourself a researcher while other people called you a weirdo. Studying mythical creatures was your favorite thing to do, so you didn’t let people get you down. You traveled around a lot with your college work, having to get a taste of the field up close. You smiled as you let the water run down your body. You thought about where you’ve been. Argentina, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. You smiled in excitement. Next month, you were taking a trip to Romania. You chuckled as you whispered 'hello’ in Romanian. Turning off the water, you got out and quickly got dressed. You did your hair and makeup, humming to a melody when Demetri stated, grabbing the truck keys.

“Are you done?”

“Yup! Let’s skedaddle!”

Demetri smiled and you both walked out, locking the door and Demetrius smiled.

“Ready to have some fun and get drunker than hell?”

You giggled and stated.

“I’m a heavyweight. I’ll be the one driving you home tonight.”

Demetri glared at you playfully and you laughed, letting your hand lay on the window, your hand waving with the current of the wind. Demetri asked.

“You have your phone right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Make sure to set your timer for three am heavyweight. Someone better take me home tonight.”

You giggled at the sexual innuendo and stated, looking at the time.

“It’s six pm right now. So we get to party for nine hours straight. Yay!”

Demetri smiled and patted your knee.

“You deserve the party. You are doing so well on your schoolwork. Excited for Romania?”

“Oh god yes. I cannot wait to go to Transylvania!”
“Bring garlic with you. There might be some vampires there. OooOOOooo!”

You both giggled at his ghost impression and pulled into the already packed parking lot. You two quickly got out and ran to the door. The bouncer, Robert Tele, nodded at you two. You smiled and kissed Roberts cheek, stating.

“Thanks, darling!”

He smiled and you embraced the music with a head bob. Demetri held your hand and guided you through the dancing people, dragging you at some points, to the bar. He sat beside you and you got up on a stool beside a man with short, dirty blonde hair and a matching beard. He glanced at you but you were too busy smiling at Demetri, stating.

“This was such an awesome idea!”

“I know!”

You asked the bartender, putting your arms in front of you.

“Can I get the strongest shit you got?”

The bartender, a woman with beautiful green eyes and blonde hair smiled.

You grinned and she laughed, pouring you something brown. The man beside you chuckled and you glanced over at him. He caught your gaze and nodded towards your glass.

“That’s got a kick to it, you know. A horrible burn afterwards.”

You chuckled and chugged it down, making the man widen his eyes a bit. You set the glass down and stated.

“That’s the best part.”

He grinned, blue eyes seeming to glow in the dark, and stated, holding a hand out.

“Name’s Chris.”


He smiled and kissed your hand, stating.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady. What a perfect combo.”

You blushed and Demetri stated, Chris looking back at him.

“What the fuck! Did you score already?”

“I haven’t even started dancing yet. See? I am totally better than you at this.”

Demetrious threw his hands up in the air.

“What the fuck.”

You laughed and stated.

“I’ll be on the dance floor.”

You got up, winking at Chris and got onto the dance floor. You let the music guide your hips and closed your eyes, listening to Animals by Maroon 5. You put your hands up in the air, letting the music take you away and gasped lightly when you heard a man’s voice sing in your ear, his breath hot and voice husky.

“Baby, I’m preying on you tonight

Hunt you down, eat you alive

Just like animals, animals

Like animals.”

You smiled and rolled your hips against his when he put his hands on your waist.

Baby you think that you can hide

I can smell your scent for miles

Just like Animals, Animals, like animals yeah.”

You turned and smiled in appreciate at the sight bestowed to you. A man with striking blue eyes and brunette hair was in front of you, his hands on your waist. His skin was hot and he was leaned in close, lips ghosting yours as you two danced and grinded to the beat. You heard a familiar voice behind you ask.

“Aw, Sebastian, are you really going to steal my girl?”

The man grinned and looked behind him, you turning and seeing Chris. Chris had his arms crossed, smirking a bit and the man named Sebastian shrugged, holding you against him.

“Sorry, Chris. Guess you let her slip from reach.”

“Can I at least have a dance with her before you whisk her away?”

Sebastian kissed your neck, stating after seeming to inhale your scent.

“What do you think, pretty lady?”

“Can I have both?”

You gave a cheeky smile and Sebastian chuckled.

“You naughty little vixen.”

Chris chuckled and shrugged.

“I don’t see why not.”

You grinned and turned, stating in the man’s ear.

“Name’s (y/n).”

“Sebastian. I think you already knew that.”

You nibbled on his ear and stated huskily.

“I think I would have figured it out one way or another.”

Sebastian gave a low growl and you felt lips on your neck, hands rubbing your arms and lifting them over your head as you danced against both men, enjoying the attention. You stated huskily in Chris’s ear.

“I’ve got nine hours.”

“What do you want to do with those nine?”

You just grinded against him, a groan emitting into your ear from the blonde man. Sebastian pulled back, gripping your thighs and kissed your lips, pressing your body into his and Chris’s. You sighed and kissed back, tongues and teeth clashing. Chris whispered in your ear.

'You should text your friend and tell him you’ll be gone until morning.“

You nodded and texted Demetri.

Demi, I’m going home with that dirty blonde haired man I sat next to.

Demi: Already?

Me: What? He’s hot and he’s got a hot best friend too.

Demi: you scored with two?!

Me: Jack-fucking-pot. His name is Sebastian ;) He has a Romanian accent. The blonde man’s name is Chris. Sounds like a Boston boy.

Demi: you lucky bitch. Their house or ours?

Me: Theirs. Go take a blonde bimbo home. Kk?

Demi: who said I liked blonde-haired women?

Me: I did asshole. Take a girl home. Make her happy. I will be back in the morning.

Demi: be careful.

You smirked and asked.

"What’s a girl gotta do to go to the abode of two very gorgeous men?”

Chris chuckled darkly and stated, pressing his hips against yours.

“Depends, what do you want?”

“Want a truth or lie?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

I would still be able to smell the lie, Chris wanted to say. You leaned into Chris’s chest and whispered.

“I want you to tell me, actually.”

Chris chuckled and stated, pulling you.

“Come on. I’ll show you. Seb?”

“I’m coming, Chris. Lemme finish this drink though.”

Sebastian drank the rest of his red, gel looking wine and you smirked. Chris and Sebastian led you to a black 2016 camero, the bodywork slick and wheels chromed out. You whistled low and stated.

'That is such a hot car.“

Sebastian grinned and kissed your cheek.

"Thanks, dragoste.”

You smiled at the Romanian word for love and got into the back. Chris got in beside you and Sebastian started driving. Chris took your lips with his and pressed you against the door, your legs spread and his hips grounding into yours. His hands slid underneath your shirt, feeling the skin under. He hissed when you nipped at his neck and ear, your hands memorizing every curve and indention. You noted of the sweet spot and started sucking on it. Chris moaned and you saw Sebastian shift in his seat from the corner of your eye. You whispered.


Said man looked up at you and gave a wicked grin as your shirt came off. He unclasped your bra and flung it in the front seat. Sebastian drove faster when he turned on a dirt road and Chris attacked your chest with kisses and nips. You gasped and ran a hand through his hair as he suckled on your breast and nipple, kneading the other and twisting your nipple with his index and thumb. Sebastian pulled into a garage and quickly unlocked the door. Chris sat up and opened his door, grabbing your ankles and pulling you to him and out of the car. He picked you up effortlessly, your legs wrapping tightly around his waist. He led you into the house, sometimes pushing you into a wall of table as Sebastian led the way to a bedroom.

“You smell so fucking delicious, doll.”

Chris told you. You just moaned and Chris ate the moan up, tongues and teeth clashing and nips on each other’s bottom lips driving you up the wall. Literally. The heat at your stomach was so hot that you whined when Chris set you on the bed. Sebastian huffed and Chris chuckled. Pulling back, he was replaced by Sebastian. Sebastian was a lot rougher. Landing harsh nips all over your chest and sides, you could tell whose mark was whose. Sebastian made quick of your shoes, socks, and short. Chris had taken off his clothing and was seated on the bed beside you. You whined, pulling at Sebastian’s clothing.

“You are wearing way too much, Sebby.”

Sebastian gave a grin and took his shirt off slowly, strip teasing you. A blush came over your cheeks as you observed and drank in the sight of his body shamelessly. His muscles were hard, abs defined and scars littering his body here and there. His lips came back to yours as he unbuckled his jeans and you ran your hands up his body. You could hear Chris’s raggedy breathing, his breaths sounding raspy and you gently trailed your fingers up his thigh, pinching a couple times and took his hand off his manhood, taking the erection in your own hand. Precum was slathered all over the throbbing limb as you slowly pumped his shaft. Chris moaned a little and Sebastian slowly trailed his fingers down your hips, grasping the sides of your thong and pulling it down. Sebastian whispered.

“You have excellent taste in clothing.”

“I save the best pieces for times like these.”

Sebastian gave a cunning smirk.

'So you were planning on taking a man home tonight? You naughty little minx.“

You smirked and jerked Chris’s member, the man jumping and moaning. You quirked an eyebrow up at Chris and bit your lip. Sebastian then stuck a finger into your slick, gently inserting and you gasped a bit, biting your lip and let your head fall back. You hand stopped pumping Chris when he pulled it away, saying.

"Not gonna last that long if you keep up that hand of yours, doll face.”

“You wimp.”

Sebastian chided. Chris rolled his eyes at Sebastian and looked at you, his blue eyes glowing brightly in lust and hunger. Sebastian roughly pumped another digit into your sex and you moaned, clawing at his back a little. Sebastian grinned and thrust his fingers fast, his thumb brushing against your sex with every thrust. You face had a flush over it, your mouth falling open as you felt yourself slowly starting to tip over the edge.

“Oh, Sebastian!“

You moaned, arching a bit. He took your nipple into his mouth, Chris taking the other and you ran a hand through both men’s hair. You cried out, arching your back when Sebastian thrusted even more roughly into you, whispering.

"Come on. Cum for me, little vixen. Go on.”

“Oh, Sebastian! Fuck!”

You came hard over his fingers, your juices covering his fingers. He pulled out and smirked, licking off one of his fingers.

“Chris, have a taste.”

Chris took Sebastian’s finger into his mouth, nodding after a moment.

“That’s so good.”

Chris thrust his fingers into your pussy after you came off your high. You bit your lip and Sebastian kissed your neck, kneading the breast that Chris wasn’t sucking on. Chris’s unoccupied hand was massaging your inner thigh while Sebastian jerked himself off. You moaned as you felt the coil get tighter again.

“Chris, oh god…”

“What do you want?”

“I wanna come! Please!”

Chris grinned and pressed hard onto your clit, rubbing circles and his fingers curling inside of you. You cried out again, Sebastian swallowing the moans and Chris pulled his fingers out, sucking on the juices. Sebastian asked.

“Am I gonna get it first?”

“If you want.”

You sat up and kissed Sebastian roughly before turning and immediately going down on Chris. You took his member into your mouth, his head falling back as you licked up his shaft. Chris growled.

“Don’t fucking tease me.”

You chuckled and Sebastian slapped your ass. You gasped and Sebastian ordered, rubbing your cheek.

“I’d do as he says, little vixen. Chris can get impatient.”

You nodded and took his head into your mouth, looking up at you as you did so. Chris watched you, breathing heavily and you took as much of his dick into your mouth as you could, your cheeks hollowing out as you started to suck hard. Chris fisted your hair, head falling back and Sebastian thrust into you. You moaned, Chris moaning a little loud as the vibrations of your voice gave him more pleasure.

“You’re so gorgeous down there, doll.”

Chris said, massaging your scalp. Sebastian set in a rough pace, seeming to the point. You moaned when Sebastian gripped your hips, thrusting hard and fast. Chris grunted and you bobbed your head fast, wanting to see if you could get both of them to cum at the same time. Sebastian gave a moan and you felt delighted and turned on by the sound. It was deep and throaty, turning your insides to jelly as he fucked you. Your coil got tighter and you squeezed your lips around Chris. Saliva dripped down your chin but you didn’t mind, you were too busy loving the taste of his dick. Chris yelled out.


“Already…coming undone?”

Sebastian teased, panting a bit. Chris complimented, squeezing the hair in his hand tightly.

“She’s so good at this…”

Sebastian moaned and stated.

“You’re getting close, I can feel it. You naughty minx.”

He moaned and you released Chris, crying out Sebastian’s name as you came. Your walls condemned around Sebastian’s dick and he came, hissing. You felt the warm seed coat your walls like a second skin and you went back to sucking Chris, making sure to suck as hard as possible. Chris yelled out again.

“Fuckin bitch!”

He came in your mouth, his seed hot and salty. He pulled from your mouth as you tasted the cum. You swallowed and Chris crawled to your ass, Sebastian moving in front of you. You winked up at him and Sebastian gave a smirk. Chris thrusted into your pussy and you closed your eyes, mouth open. Sebastian took this as opportunity and slowly slid his member into your mouth. He grabbed your hair and started to thrust into your mouth when you started to suck. He gave a whine and your insides turned to jelly again. Chris moaned and retorted, rubbing your ass and squeezing your hips.

“You feel like heaven, doll.”

You moaned and Sebastian’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. He growled and thrusted faster, going balls deep into your mouth. You gagged a bit but took it like a good girl. Sebastian smirked, panting a bit.

“Deepthroater, huh? That’s good. I like that.”

The coil snapped and your gasped, screaming and came hard over Chris’s dick, milking him into his own release. Chris grunted, coming inside of your stimulated pussy and Sebastian smirked and came in your mouth, biting his lip hard. You felt appreciative of his taste and he pulled out. Chris and Sebastian sat you up and pressed you into each other’s bodies. Sebastian kissed your neck the same as Chris and you gasped when you felt a slight sting on either side. You moaned out their names.


Sebastian pulled back, gasping and stated.

“Don’t drink too much. I wanna keep her.”

Your eyes drooped but you felt a little horrified when you saw blood covering Sebastian’s mouth and fangs protruding his gums. HE gave you a grin and Chris released, moaning a bit. He licked your wound and agreed.

“I won’t…I like her too much.”

You were laid down between Chris and Sebastian, facing Sebby and he gave you a smirk, kissing your lips.

“Night night, sweetheart.”

Your eyes dropped and sleep took you into a spiraling staircase to an abyss, dreaming about two pairs of glowing blue eyes.




I don’t know if I am ready to post this, but if not now I will never decide to do it. This is my favorite one I guess and you have no idea how many changes I have added since I had started writing this fic.

This is another day and I want to say you guys are doing great, I feel my soul has left this world twice or thrice already ;)

DAY 3: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive, I’d have punched you in the face nine times by now”        


Luna hasn’t complained much since she moved into this pretty, small house with Nina, Jim and Yam. Their place is so cozy and warm and the smell of wood is the best thing waking her up every morning. Luna misses her parents- of course- but she feels more adult being on her own and she needed this feeling so much.

The neighborhood is really great, people are so welcoming and there is even one old woman who brings them cake she bakes herself every Sunday.

Living here isn’t that expensive since girls divided costs into four parts. Another pro of this situation is definitely fact their college is two streets away.

For an almost whole semester Luna hasn’t had any problem with her neighbors. Until today.

Keep reading

asknagabakura  asked:

Hello, I was wondering if its alright to ask for a request, and if so then possibly Marik and Yami Bakura making a heart with their hands? It sounds lame I know but I recently got a ygo card that was basically their hands and bakura giving marik his soul so I'd kind of like to see their hands doing the heart symbol thing.. again only if thats okay. You have an art style that (what I think) is a perfect combo of both realistic and anime and I really love it. I hope you'll consider, if not okay.

Well, normally I don’t have the time to take requests! But it’s easter and I thought why not taking open requests for the holidays? (๑→‿←๑)
So here you go:

… I saw the card once here on tumblr! And I hope this is at least a little bitlike that what you had in mind! (o´∪`o)

So for easter I’ll take requests for sketches (like the one above)! If you feel like wanting me to draw anything…
Just inbox me and I will try to draw it (灬╹ω╹灬)

keone madrid made the choreography again!!!!! god fucking bless dope & fire’s dance steps!!!! god fucking bless keone and bangtan!!!!! what a fucking perfect combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!