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Regarding the Put in Work quest line in AvAc (Tony wants to woo Black Widow, goes to Steve for help (because of course what else does one do?). Steve helps Tony plan out what to do, and then they enact it which also includes Steve helping Tony work out in the new Power Gym (where Steve’s action is Stay Strong and Tony’s action is Stay Sexy), and Tony’s like “hey hey not bad” and Steve’s like “hahaha wait you were serious? Here let me show you how to actually work out” (aw Steve you extra little gym rat you). And then Steve tells Tony he’s proud of him (aw), and has him go off to go ask BW out. Here are my screencaps for this: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) )

ANYWAY so concept:

Howard’s putting pressure on Tony to like get a girlfriend and all that hetero stuff. Tony sets his sights on BW, goes to Steve for help wooing her bc Steve is handsome etc. Poor Steve lowkey has the beginnings of a crush on Tony, but he’s a good and supportive friend and will help Tony in his endeavor. He brainstorms with Tony, plots out a plan, even goes to the gym and gives him tips on how to train. Steve’s lowkey crush becomes a full-blown heart-wrenching crush.

ofc Tony is also besties with Jan so he tells her everything, and she’s like in the background of all this, maybe like goes and hangs out with Nat and sets the stage, like, “Tony’s sensitive pls don’t hurt him.” Nat’s like “…I’ll try but also I won’t just straight-up humor him.”

Tony and Nat go on a date (by going on a mission to Asgard or something? idk the AvAc format is odd) but he can’t stop talking about Steve and along the way Nat helps him realize he has a crush on Steve, and also his dad sucks and he should just get together with Steve. They come back and Steve’s like kinda sad but resigned and ready to be supportive, but the first thing Tony does is like fling himself into Steve’s arms and kiss him and confess, and meanwhile Jan and Nat had been lowkey hanging out (not dating-dating but they’d been getting together for coffee to chat about their dumbo friends and Tony’s dickhead dad and life) and with Tony realizing he wants to date Steve, Jan and Nat officially start dating. Everything is nice and all is well. 

me: *looks at the huffpostqueer discourse* haha. this reminds me of that one freak whose entire career revolves around how she’s oppressed because she likes getting spanked and she went on that bizarre twitter rant a few years back yelling about how trans kids have too many role models and “kinky kids” don’t. what was her name? i can’t remember. anyway let me check out the huffpostqueer twitter to catch up on th-

sixth post down on the huffpostqueer twitter:


little dog models on the prairie

(*≧▽≦)   hq!! ot3+ week day 2: roommates!!

lets play a game?

because i almost hit 600 followers and i actually typed my follow forever when i hit 500 followers but my dad closed the tumblr tab when i havent saved it yet and im too lazy too wrote it all over again;“)
sooo i was thinking about a new thing. not a blograte, not a follow forever.

the rules are easy tho:
- reblog this post. (i think this is a must lol or i cant see you)
- you dont have to follow me but a follow would be appreciated:)
- you dont have to be a studyblr also.
- send me and ask with your fav emoji(s) also your name

what i will do:
since i cant answer with pictures via phone, i’ll post it instead and mentioning you (also credits to rightful owner if needed).
i will do a bullet journal pack (like the book, the utensils, the spreads, etc.) of what i think about your name and fav emoji(s) plus a site model icon of what i think about your name too!! (bc i just dang i love looking at those girls/boys theyre hella cute😍) alsoo a quote!!😁☺😊

soo i think thats it??? if this doesnt get note just forget it lmaoo if you dont want to see me playing games around in your dash please block #bilfy plays a game😊

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Could you rec some good male models for aesthetic posts?


heres a list i have accumlated ( i put their nationalities on too bc why not)

(bolded = my faves)

Adonis Bosso - Canada 

Adrien Sahores - France 

Anton Lisin - Russia 

Anderson Weisheimer - Brazil

Arthur Gosse - France  

Ash Stymest - England   

Bastien Bonizec - France  

Baptiste Radufe - France

Benjamin Eidem - Sweden

Benjamin Jarvis - England   

Branko Maselj - Slovenia

Clement Chabernaud - France  

Darwin Gray - England  

Diego Barrueco - Spain 

Dzhovani Gospodinov - Belgium

Florian Neuville - Belgium

Francisco Lachowski - Brazil

Giaro Giarratana - Italy 

Janis Ancens - Latvia

Joe Collier - England    

Jonathan Bauer Hayden - French

Leon Flint - England   

Linus Wordemann - Germany  

Lucky Blue Smith - America  

Luis Batalha - Portugal

Nathan Saignes - France   

Nick Bracewell - Spain  

Marc Schulze - Germany  

Markel Williams - America (i think)

Mathias Lauridsen - Denmark

Matthew Bell - England   

Matt Hitt - England  

Paul Craddock - America  

Reece King - England 

Robbie Beeser - Canada

Serge Rigvava - Austria

Tim Borrmann - Germany   

Timur Simakov - Russia  

Tom Webb- England   

Willy Cartier - France   

Victor Norlander - Sweden

Yuri Pleskun - Ukraine