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The Way I Feel Inside (Part 2)

Summary: Part 2 to The Way I Feel Inside

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff? idk

Word Count: 1914

A/N: Well, it’s finally here. Sorry for such a long wait guys but I’ve just been busier than I expected. But, I’ve had some time lately to work on this and I’m sorry if it sucks. This was meant to be only two parts, but I’ve decided that it might just be a series. Please let me know what you guys think!

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It started with the room.

You rolled your eyes as Eggsy flirted with the cute hotel receptionist. He had been silent the entire flight to Paris. Of course, as soon as the attractive woman unbuttoned some of her blouse he was quite the chatterbox.

The hotel wasn’t the best the Kingsmen could offer, but they were being careful with their resources. No one wanted to risk anymore agents getting arrested, which meant a temporary frugal lifestyle for field agents.

From the outside, it appeared more of a prison than anything. You were sure you had seen the beginnings of a mugging on the ride there, and upon entering you noticed that the cold stayed with you. No heat. In the middle of winter. Lovely.

“Rupert, darling,” you started in the horrid accent your persona called for. Eggsy turned to you immediately, the receptionist forgotten. You yawned, unintentionally proving the point in your next words, “I think it’s time we headed up to our room.”

“Of course, love,” Eggsy replied in the same inflection, though it complimented his voice much better than yours. With a parting wink towards the blushing receptionist, Eggsy joined you in walking to your room.

For a moment there was silence. Then you couldn’t help but state, “You know you can’t be doing stuff like that, unless you want us to be compromised.”

“You’d best be worrying about yourself, Y/N.” He snapped back. “Unlike you, I have more than enough field experience to get this job done just fine on my own.”

You stopped mid-step, forcing him to as well. “Where the hell is all of this coming from?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You being an asshole is what I’m talking about. Ever since you came back from that mission in the Kremlin, you’ve been nothing but rude to me.”

Something flashed in Eggsy’s eyes, an emotion you couldn’t discern due to its swiftness. “Sorry if I don’t shower you with the same doting attention as everyone else at headquarters.”

You took a step back. “Eggsy I thought we were friends. Just because Princess Tilde’s getting married doesn’t mean you have to snap at me.”

“What does any of this have to do with Princess Tilde?”

“I don’t know. You tell me because Roxy says that that’s the reason you’ve been behaving like such a dick. Or is there something else no one wants to tell me?”

Eggsy just shook his head and opened the door to your room. Just the same as the rest of the hotel, it appeared rather dingy. It consisted of only one bed, a dresser, and a TV originating from back in the 70s. You headed into the bathroom, ready to change and sleep this trip away. When you exited, you found Eggsy making a make-shift bed on the floor.

“Really, Eggsy? You’re gonna catch a damn cold if you lay down there.”

“Well since I’m such a dick don’t you think I deserve that?”

“Maybe, but I need my partner to be in tip-top condition for this mission.” Sliding underneath the thin covers, you lifted the other side in a sort of invitation. He hesitated. “Eggsy,” you sighed, your sleepiness present in your voice, “just get in the damn bed already.”

He stood, though he did not appear very happy about it. He slid in next to you, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t appreciate the extra warmth. You turned to face away from him, placing your hand underneath your head as you closed your eyes in an attempt to sleep.

A cool wind blew from outside. Due to the thin walls of the shithole of a hotel, the breeze came straight into the room. Goosebumps erupted across your skin, and you released a shiver.

Without any warning, a large, muscular arm wrapped around your waist. You turned to find your eyes centimeters away from a broad chest you had tried your damn hardest not to picture for the longest time.

You glanced up to meet Eggsy’s eyes. If you allowed yourself, you could get lost in them. But what good would that do? He didn’t see you in that way. And after what happened with Dean… you couldn’t fall for another agent again.

“I need you to be in tip-top condition too, you know,” Eggsy whispered, his warm breath fanning over your face.

You snorted in disagreement. “I’m the worst partner to have. Or have you forgotten how I got this?” You motioned to the stitches on your right arm.

He traced them with his fingers, ever so lightly. He remained silent, his attention solely on the wound, before he said. “You know, Y/N, you do this thing with your nose when you lie.”

“I do not,” you scoffed in disbelief.

He smirked the slightest bit. “Yeah, you do.”

Rolling your eyes, you snuggled a bit closer to Eggsy (for warmth of course). The steady rhythm of his heartbeat lulled you into a deep sleep.

(Eggsy POV)

I stared at her as she slept. Not that I was being a creep. It’s just… she was beautiful, a real crumpet as the lads would say back home.

She looked so peaceful as she slept. Gone were the tense shoulders and furrowed brow. Those bags under her eyes, I reckoned she hadn’t slept in ages.

Man… I had really mucked up this time haven’t I?

Y/N was right, I was being a git. I couldn’t help it though. Her words replayed in my head all hours of the day.

“If you’re trying to imply I feel something for Eggsy, then you might need more rest than I do.”

Was I really that bad? She turned me down before I could even make a move. And now I definitely wouldn’t be able to because…

I released a sigh. Another breeze ran through the room. She shivered and scooted closer until her head rested in the crook of my neck. I couldn’t resist the urge to press my lips against the top of her head. The scent of coconuts invaded my senses. Damn, her hair always smelled excellent.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to end my day every day like this. With a better room of course, but me and her, in a bed (not even in a sexual way), with my arm wrapped around her. This felt so much better than waking up every morning with a cold spot next to me, just waiting to be filled by someone… by her.

Man… I had mucked this up big time.

(Time Skip – Back to Reader’s POV)

You awoke to find yourself laying across Eggsy’s chest, both of his arms wrapped around you securely. For a moment, you reveled in the feeling of someone holding you, of the warmth he gave off. Then you felt something pressing against your upper thigh.

Oh. My. God. You thought to yourself.

Picking up  your head, you glanced at Eggsy to find himself deeply asleep. Once again you succumbed to the urge to just watch him and take him in. Sure, it was a creepy thing to do, but could anyone blame you. As you took in his features, you thought back to how kind he had been when you were falling asleep, and hoped maybe he wouldn’t act like a dick and that it had just been a phase.

“I know I’m handsome, darling, but there’ll be plenty of time to stare at the gala tonight.” You stumbled out of your thoughts to see a pair of twinkling blue eyes staring at you. “What do you say to a day out in Paris before we need to get ready, love?”

You nodded your head, your heart warming as you realized he would indeed be in brighter spirits than the past week. With a smile you untangled yourself from his arms, “I’ll go get ready, then.”

(Another Time Skip to the Good Stuff, Don’t Want Any Boring Bits)

You and Eggsy walked through the streets, arm in arm. You stuck close to his side, for his warmth of course.

Snow was a rarity in Paris, but of course you two had come at just the right day. Sure, it wasn’t terrible, but you were quite susceptible to the cold.

Eggsy didn’t say anything about you clinging to him however. In a way, to you it seemed as though he welcomed it, even going so far as to wrap an arm around you.

He led you to a cafe which he and Roxy had once frequented when they went on a joint holiday. Merlin forced them to take a break from the business, and neither had a romantic partner to spend it with, so the two figured it’d be better to be in the company of a friend rather than alone.

Upon entering, you grinned at the warmth and aroma of coffee. The hostess led you both to a booth and Eggsy took your jacket before allowing you to slide in. You took off your gloves. His eyes slid to the ring on your left hand. A ring he himself had picked out from the Kingsman’s stash of jewelry.

“Bonjour, monsieur et mademoiselle. Je m'appelle Mathieu. How may I serve such a lovely couple on this fine morning?”

Good morning, good sir. May I have a coffee, black, and a chocolate croissant.” You kept your head down so neither male could see your eyes widen and your jaw slacken at just how damn good Eggsy’s French sounded. It rolled off his tongue with ease, as though he truly was a native here.

“Et toi, belle femme?”

May I have a chai latte and a chocolate croissant as well?” Your words may not have been as effortless or as smooth as Eggsy’s, but they would work.

“But of course, mademoiselle. Such a beautiful woman must have a lovely name, I assume?”

“Amara Foix,” you replied with a glance to Eggsy.

And I am Rupert,” he introduced.

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Foix, I will bring your order up straight away. It should only take but a few moments.” And with that, your waiter was off.

In the time you waited for your breakfast, you and Eggsy talked about multiple things. Your families, your friends, and you even traded some stories from your youth. You had missed this companionship with Eggsy, especially how he could always make you laugh.

When Mathieu came back, you were covering your wide smile with your hand whilst Eggsy just stared at you in wonder. You blushed, and accepted your drink and croissant from the waiter.

“How long have the two of you been together?”

Three years,” you and Eggsy answered simultaneously.

“Le coup de foudre,” Eggsy whispered, causing you to blush even more and the waiter to smile out of happiness for us.

You two are very lucky. That sort of love is rare. Let me know if I could be of any more assistance.” With that, Mathieu was gone again.

You and Eggsy continued your easy going chatter for a while, but natural calls. “Excuse me, love,” you said, as you stood and went to search for a bathroom.

He watched you go with a smile on his face. Maybe, just maybe, he would allow himself to pretend that this was all real. That you were madly in love with him, that you two really were newlyweds.

No matter the heartbreak it may cause him in the end.

A/N: Please let me know what you guys think of this. And yes, there will be a part 3

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An Enemy on the One Hand Pt. 2

Summary: Reader Insert - Soulmate AU/Enemy AU: the universe determined your soulmate and enemy at birth, giving you one hint for each; their initials on one of your wrists. BUt what happens if BOTH sets of initials are for the same person? Set during CA:TWS

Word Count: 2155

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence, mentions of injuries, angst(ish), TWS spoilers (but seriously, what are you DOING here if you haven’t seen that yet?)

A/N: Okay, I’m taking a stab at this. I wanna thank @writingwithadinosaur (as usual) for helping me with EVERYTHING EVER, and being totally fabulous; I love you Roxy! And @imhereforbvcky for encouraging me to try in the first place.

I tagged everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on the announcement post cause I am a needy bitch, I need validation! But I am MORE than happy to add OR remove you if you’d like.

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You’d hoped that learning that Nick Fury was alive would be enough to distract the others from your outburst, it had distracted YOU, albeit momentarily. But the second you were alone with Nat, the questioning began.

“Spill,” she grunted as she gently rotated her injured shoulder, testing the stitches.

“I’m not sure how much there is to ‘spill’ for you Nat,” you hedged, shrugging your shoulders.

“Bullshit. You heard the soldier’s name and cursed. Now i’d like to what the reason was for that. So, spill.”

“I’d like to hear this as well,” Steve stepped around the corner of the curtain blocking Nat from the view of the rest of the room, Sam right behind him.

“Oh fuck it,” you grumbled. You pushed your sleeves up, exposing your wrists, and their marks; you showed them to Natasha. “They’ve never reacted till today, and it was only the left one.”

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Give Me What I Know Is Mine (Part 1)

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean, Nick (OMC)
Word count: 1126
Warnings: A little witchcraft, a little fluff. And smut. Shameless smut. (To be specific,  the following kinks are highlighted: bondage, blindfolds, pain play, breast play. Don’t play in the rain if you don’t have proper protection, kiddies! Also, safe, sane, and consensual play is awesome.)
Challenge:  This was written for @mamaredd123 and @atc74‘s Fabulous 300 Challenge. Apologies for the late entry, but thank you so much for your patience!

A/N: Hello hello! So my prompts for this challenge were “a talisman”, the emotion of Lust, and Queen’s “I Want It All”. I’m fascinated with dream catchers, which are shamanic talismans within Native American culture. Yes, they’re known for catching bad dreams…but what if they were woven with additional intent? That idea is what inspired what you’re about to read. Hope you enjoy it.

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"Jane is canonically straight" what are you talking about?? she flirts with Callie in homestuck proper and literally goes on a date with her and Roxy in the snapdates. what. the. fuck. and also yes Roxy canonically is bi or pan for the same reason.

People are gonna send me shit either way, I’m just trying to stay neutral, It’s all debatable. Like I said, they haven’t kissed on screen or explicitly said they were dating so people can debate it.

Jane and Dirk talk about how Jake was their only viable romantic choice, canon statement in favor of her being straight. Her going to dinner with Roxy, and Callie, not so much, it depends on how you interpret it, it could be seen as a date or it could be seen as friends going out to eat. I’m just trying to stick with the objective facts.

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Do you think the time Roxy harassed Dirk into kissing her counts as assault(or "coercion")? It's uncomfy to think about, especially because they're both overall nice people, but it's been in the back of my mind lately. I get the feeling that if a guy did that to a girl, there would be an outcry. Ugh, I would've liked to see the alpha kids resolve their issues after the final battle.

tw: kind of frank discussions about sexual assault and my own personal feelings on a high level about exploring grey morality in fiction

I think the most important thing to consider when you’re trying these questions out is what the victim thinks, instead of thinking about what the situation would look like in a totally different context with real life people. We already know what Dirk thought of everything that went down, because after Trickster mode ended they talked for like a million words about their feelings. The crypt bed talks are the closest thing we get to a conclusion for the alphas (which sucks so bad, I’m with you there.) 

This is why I hate applying real world rules to fiction like they fit 1:1, because they often don’t. Is Dirk written like a victim of assault? Do you feel that his dialog in the events after the trickster arc imply him as one? I don’t think anyone would argue that what Roxy did there was OKAY, it most certainly was not – it was horrendously shitty of her, in fact – but up to that point the context of Dirk and Roxy’s relationship always had this poisonous underpinning of Roxy resenting Dirk for being gay and pressuring him about it in really uncool ways, and we saw on screen first hand what Dirk thought about that stuff. He doesn’t read like an assault victim to me. 

Again, in my mind, the most important thing when you’re talking about things like assault is whether or not THE VICTIM FEELS ASSAULTED. 

I think given what we saw of Roxy talking to Jane and Jake and Dirk talking to Jane, it’s obvious that Roxy feels absolutely fucking AWFUL about what she did and knows it was absolutely 100% wrong, and I think it’s also obvious that if some rando from Tumblr walked up to Dirk and said soooooooooo Roxy is an abusive manipulator guilty of sexually assaulting you what are you going to do about that Dirk would probably literally punch that rando in the face and then fume about how wrong they were for weeks – Because he personally does not see himself as a victim and his and Roxy’s situation was extenuating, weird, not really translatable to real life, and they love each other deeply despite how fucked up everything is. 

The alphas ALL hurt each other deeply over the course of their stories, and it’s a fucking crime that we didn’t get to see them all reconcile on screen, but applying context-free thought exercises to the group that way rubs me the wrong way. Fiction isn’t reality and Roxy dubcon kissing Dirk is just one of a parade of shitty things we see happen on screen over the course of Homestuck.

For instance, Roxy being fucked up on Trickster drugs and being pushier with Dirk than she ever would have off them has an obvious parallel to Jane being fucked up on MIND CONTROL and threatening Jake with literal rape and sexual slavery. Do we take her to task for that too? Or, like, what about 10 seconds ago when Jane trickster’d Jake? That was a pretty uncomfy situation too, wasn’t it? We know what a low state Jake and Jane were in at that time and we know their relationship is in utter shambles because of some combination of entitlement and unrequited pining and poorly handled festering issues. The AR manipulating Jake and Dirk when the AR itself is a victim. Jane in a moment of emotional turmoil stating that she liked Roxy better when she was drinking. The alpha situation gets VICIOUS sometimes, and that is a big part of why I love them so fucking much. Their stories are hella personal and the narrative doesn’t really pull punches. 

Back to this, I find the the things Roxy did OFF the drugs “worse”, actually, it’s implied she’d been pretty uncool and guilt trippy about it for years and years and Dirk DID feel like shit about it – not at Roxy, exactly, but at himself. He internalized a lot of it as his problem when it absolutely was not, and I DO think he and Roxy need to work this poison out between them at some point between now and eternity. But the difference between fiction and real life is that I can look at this plot structured in fiction and feel hope that they WILL talk about it and will work it out because this isn’t reality and an actual gay man is not at risk of undergoing actual IRL abuse at the hands of an actual woman. Fiction is a safe arena to tackle hard questions because real people are not put in the position of having to guess at real people’s true feelings and risking perpetuation of actual abuse. 

I hope that made sense.

Oh and one last note before the disclaimer – this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE part of why I am fucking NOT okay with Roxy having been silently bisexual the whole fucking time. God, the way female sexuality is handled in Homestuck upsets me. If Roxy herself was bisexual the whole time the fact that it NEVER comes up when her struggling with her shitty feelings about Dirk and his orientation were so central to that entire relationship. Jesus. But this post isn’t about that so I won’t go into the full damn rant. 

(obvious disclaimer about anyone with personal history with this sort of thing that they project onto the characters etc etc etc I’m not getting into any of that because victims are free to cope however they want and if ascribing a fictional character victimhood in ways that are different from how I read that character is one of them that’s absolutely fine with an asterisk about how that is a very personal mechanism and that reading isn’t and can’t be expected to be universal.) 


*pound - pound. Twist - twist.*

Oh, hi! Sorry, I was completely lost in my work on Roxy here. I bet you’re surprised to see me like this, huh? Fortunately, It’s pretty secluded out here where I crashed, and I can ditch that human persona without being discovered! My human disguise isn’t bad or anything, it’s just more comfortable being in your own skin, and who you truly are, you know? I know what you’re thinking after you saw what I did to that idiot Salma. If I can wipe memories, why not just stay like this and wipe memories of people? Well as handy as it is to wipe a memory, it’s very complex, and takes a huge toll on me mentally as well. So, it’s one thing to wipe the memories of one idiot, but an entire race of people would likely fry my own brain. And, I’m very much fond of my brain.

You mind if I work while I talk? So, this here as I said, is Roxy. Isn’t she great? We’ve been through a lot together. That’s why it kills me to see her in this state. Which is why I plan on killing Puz as soon as I get my hands on him. Oh, I didn’t tell you, did I? Remember when I mentioned that I crashed because I ran out of gas, but didn’t want to talk about it? It’s because I had no idea how it happened. Now I know. My fuel reserve tanks were empty. Which can only mean one thing. That shit-bag Puz stole the fuel from them, and then sold them behind my back. My Roxy only got the best, and that meant primo fuel off the blackmarket, which normally was only available to our planets military and council elders. A fact that little weasle knew well, since he was my supplier. Yes, he would totally do that, despite being the one to sell it to me. We’re talking about a guy who would sell his own mother, if it was for a profit. And, I’m not just saying that. He actually tried, but fortunately for his mother, the deal fell through.

Anyway, things are going okay on this planet and with work- I guess. I mean my co-workers are all still mostly total fuck-heads that can’t tell the difference between a MAG-7 cylinder and a basic recoil valve; I pity whatever fool has to pilot a ship they build. But, I do like Liberty a lot. She’s not an idiot like the rest, and I’d even go so far to say she’s probably the best friend that I’ve ever had. And, even Jason has actually been talking to me a bit more, although, I haven’t decided if that’s preferrable to his usual moody silence yet. Still, I’ll be glad when I get my girl here fixed, and off this planet.

random crossover thoughts

Someone brought up Potterstuck AUs and I have a lot of feelings on this topic, not so much about house alignments of characters but about inter-house dynamics. This is mostly ducthulhu’s fault. So.

Dave and Karkat as fellow Hufflepuffs, yes, this is very important to me. Kanaya is also a Hufflepuff. We will circle back to this in a moment.

But. Consider. Vriska in Gryffindor. Vriska in Gryffindor because she wants to be considered a hero desperately and she asked (told) the sorting hat, and that’s all it takes.

Vriska in Gryffindor and Terezi in Slytherin. Best, most epic inter-house rivalry. Vriska and John in Gryffindor together!

Gamzee in Slytherin (disgraceful), Feferi and Jane in Slytherin (it’s a pureblood thing)(goddamn these girls are going to get their way with the world).

Rose and Jade and Eridan in Ravenclaw. (This is a deep offense to him and he can’t decide whether to argue that the sorting hat is bunk or argue that Ravenclaw is clearly the superior house anyway.)((like he isn’t a massive nerd that would be miserable anywhere else.))

Various people constantly trekking down to visit Dave and Karkat and Kanaya at Hufflepuff, and various other people tagging along to pester/argue/flirt with the previous people.

It’s ridiculous, actually.

There is 24-7 drama going on in the Hufflepuff common room and it is ALWAYS FROM THE OTHER HOUSES. Like. Gryffindor and Slytherin are now having their three act film noir soap opera in the Hufflepuff common room, and you know it will only get worse when Ravenclaw stops plotting/giggling/sulking in the corner.

Why are all the other houses incapable of hosting their own bullshit failmances in their own common rooms? Why does Karkat always have to be the one dealing with all this shit? How can Dave find all this funny. How is it fair that Kanaya is clearly getting her rocks off at the opportunity to meddle and yet STILL NOT HELPING KARKAT SORT ALL THESE CHUCKLEFUCKS INTO LINE.

Dirk in Ravenclaw and Jake in Hufflepuff, and Jake is absolutely taken with the idea that they are responsible for looking out for each other’s house-swapped younger siblings~! (Dirk and Jade get on great. Dave is being smothered in embarrassingly enthusiastic affection of the rough-and-tumble variety. Seriously, he already has a John, he does not need this.)

Tavros in Gryffindor (with Vriska oh no), Nepeta in Gryffindor, yessss. Sollux in Ravenclaw. Equius in Slytherin being appalled by his housemates (mostly Gamzee).

Aradia is the friend that keeps showing up all the over the place including in more classes than should be possible and it takes them a whole term to realize nobody knows what house she’s in. It takes them another term to realize she’s actually a ghost. (And they *still* don’t know what house she is.)

Roxy in Gryffindor, fucking fight me.

Anon Prompt: Extras

On AO3 here

It was hard adjusting to the other recruits. Charlie, Digby, and Rufus were completely lost causes, but he’d dealt with their sort before. All he had to do was not care what they thought about him (he didn’t), tell them to fuck off (which he did, frequently), and when it came to missions work with them. Nothing he hadn’t learned in what Marine training he’d managed to stick around for.

The others were just different. Roxy was a good sort, but it was clear they came from drastically different backgrounds, and sometimes once in a while it seemed as if they were speaking two different languages. He quickly figured out it was best just to kick back with her or JB, watch the telly, and just keep his head down but his ears open. He learned a lot that way.

But it was pretty hard to blend in when they came back from a run and there was a blue box on his bed, bound with a simple gold ribbon. He approached the bed warily, knowing every eye was on him, and they were all thinking the same thing.

Was this a trap?

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thisbirdhadflown  asked:

In case you're needing another prompt: Eggsy and Roxy (BrOTP) and the wonderful world of online dating!


Also, I had to ask people and google how Tinder works, so … yeah.

“You can’t be serious, Rox.”

“I am! You’ve been moping since you and Alex broke up, and it’s starting to affect your work—don’t think I didn’t see you almost miss your escape window when we were in Fes last month, and—”

“Right, right, I got it!” Eggsy groaned. “But Tinder? Really?”

“Trust me.” Roxy smiled as the app finished downloading to Eggsy’s phone. She chose a profile picture and fiddled with his bio before handing it back to him. “So all you do is swipe if you like how they look, and if you’ve both swiped you can talk and make plans to meet.”

Eggsy was sceptical, but began swiping pictures left and right, depending on how they looked. He didn’t understand any of it, but Roxy was insistent … “So if I find you an’ swipe right on you, you’ll go on a date with me?” he asked, fluttering his eyelashes at her playfully. Roxy snorted.

“But you won’t have nearly as much fun with me as you will with …” She paused, reaching over to swipe through the pictures of Eggsy’s phone until she came to a stop. “Right, well, obviously you’d have more fun with me than Charlie.” A quick swipe to the left, then a few more, and she hesitated. “You like older men, right?”

“Right …” Eggsy replied, reaching for his phone. He knew when Roxy was up to something, and she was definitely up to something this time.

There, on the screen, was Harry.

“You’re going to swipe right, aren’t you?”

“What? Rox, he’s my boss!”

“So? Look—you’ve got plenty in common, and I bet if you tried you’d be perfect together!”

“Fuck off; he’s out of my league.” Or so Eggsy had continued to tell himself since the day they’d met, practically since the moment he first laid eyes on the man. Harry was his mentor, how boss—not his boyfriend or lover. He wasn’t sure he could even call them friends, per se.

“So what, you swipe right on him, he swipes left on you, and you go back to being nothing but work colleagues,” Roxy said. “He’ll never know you swiped right on him.”

Eggsy hesitated. “What if he does swipe right?”

“Then you two can go on a date and you will kindly refrain from telling me how big our boss’s cock is.”

Eggsy’s thumb hovered over the picture of Harry, one that was incredibly flattering, with his hair free of whatever product usually keeping it slicked back, the top few buttons of his shirt undone. It looked candid, as though the picture-taker had caught Harry off-guard.

Should he? What if Harry did like him, too?

“Bollocks,” Eggsy muttered, and swiped right.

“It’s a Match!”

Eggsy blinked as he looked at his phone, and Harry’s picture staring back at him. He’d very nearly forgotten swiping on Harry’s picture, but this was proof that his interest wasn’t wholly one-sided.

Immediately, he called Roxy. “Now what?”

“Well, you could message him,” Roxy offered.

“What? No! I have to see him at work today!” Eggsy groaned, dropping his head back onto his pillow.

“So talk to him there. Eggsy, I don’t have time for this right now. I’ve got three minutes to get to my extraction. I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

“Right—soz, babe.” Roxy hung up then, and Eggsy sighed deeply.

He was on his own.

He was on his own, and his boss had just matched him on Tinder.

He was on his own, and utterly fucked.

Harry looked just as good dressed for work, and Eggsy swallowed as he took his place at the table for a short meeting before the agents currently in the country went about their business preparing for missions or training and honing their skills.

“… right, I think that’s everything. Dismissed—er, Galahad, if you could stay for a moment?”

Fuck. This was it. Eggsy’s heart began pounding as he nodded; he couldn’t speak. Harry was going to tell him it was unprofessional to fraternise with work colleagues and things would be tense but manageable.

“Galahad, I’ve got a mission for you,” Harry said, and Eggsy blinked. This was business? “We need you to infiltrate Christoffel Wiese’s winery. We believe someone is putting arsenic in the wines. We need you to figure out who and why.”

“Sorry, Arthur, sir, but aren’t you going to mention Tinder?”

“Tinder?” Harry’s look was blank, and Eggsy paled. He’d been wrong. It wasn’t actually Harry, of course it wasn’t.

“It’s nothin’.” It wasn’t nothing. “Soz.” He was only sorry he’d mentioned it. “I’ll go prep to South Africa, then, yeah?”

Harry nodded. “Dismissed.”

Eggsy nearly ran from the room, tugging his phone out and opening the Tinder app as got on the bullet train. He was still matched with Harry, and that was Harry; who else would have that many dead bugs on the walls? He tapped to message Harry, not sure what to say.

‘You look good in that brown suit. Might like it better than you in blue.’

There. That was sort of … flirty, wasn’t it? Eggsy wasn’t good at that sort of thing—face-to-face, at clubs and pubs, teasing girls and boys, that was something he could do, but he’d never considered online dating enough to know how to do it.

He was beginning to lose hope when he’d made it to headquarters and gotten his alias’s documents from Merlin before he got a reply.

‘And you look dashing in the pinstripes, Eggsy, as you do in all your suits.’

So it was Harry, then! Nobody else would know what he was wearing, would they?

‘Why didn’t you say anything when I asked you earlier?’

‘I thought perhaps, given the circumstances, it would be better not to acknowledge things, should you be having doubts.’

‘I don’t have any doubts.’

‘I’m in my office.’

Well, that was all the encouragement Eggsy needed, and he took off down the halls, dodging agents and support staff alike before he burst into Harry’s office.

“A gentleman knocks, Eggsy,” Harry said, but he was cut off when Eggsy rounded his desk and kissed him, deep and desperate. They were both out of breath when he pulled back.

“Er—was that okay? I know we’re at work an’ all but your message made it seem like you might be okay with that?”


“Yeah, on Tinder.” Eggsy tugged out his phone and passed it over to Harry. “They knew what I was wearin’, so I thought—well, that it really was you.”

“It’s not.”

Eggsy’s heart stopped. “O-oh. Well, I’ll jus’ … go, then.” Away. Forever. Maybe he’d stay in South Africa until he forgot about assaulting Harry like that.

“Don’t.” The word was soft, as was Harry’s hand holding his wrist, and Eggsy turned back to Harry. He looked shocked still, but there was a fondness in his eyes, a look Eggsy had never seen before but wanted to see every day for the rest of his life. “It’s not, but I wouldn’t mind you kissing me again.”

Eggsy grinned, cheeks pink as he cupped Harry’s face and kissed him again.

Merlin smiled as Roxy slapped a tenner on his desk.

“I told you he wanted Eggsy just as much.”

Still taking prompts, though obviously the quality varies greatly …

anonymous asked:

isn't like the Big Diff between alpha/beta kids that jake/roxy/etc all went through sburb & all that good shit, which was what incited the personal drama that helped them grow, like helping jake stop being so self-centered and roxy realize her drinking habits were only hurting her and everyone around her? i honestly kinda feel like the hiveswap versions are super true to the original character arcs of jake/roxy... even if they're still awful

to a point, i agree with that but the idea that a person can’t turn themselves around without sburbs challenges doesn’t sit right with me.

like yeah fighting to save your friends will def make you less self-centered, but you know what else can do that???? having CHILDREN and yeah roxy realizing her habit was hurting her and those around her happened because she was able to see her responsiblities more clearly. you know what else suggests really obviously that you have responsibilities? the children you care for not having any food in their house and living in a pile of shit without supervision.like ye theres supposed to be contrast to life with and without sburb, but i struggle with the idea that without the game, they turn out to be just shitty people. they still have responsibilites and obligations and “trials” in the real world. 

lives still depend on them. thats what im caught up on. in game or not. the lives of real, loving, good people still depend on them.

it hurts to think that joey and jude’s lives didn’t mean enough for these people to break their vices.

Time To Realize (7) The End

Countdown to Halloween Collab with @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies : DAY 7 (LAST)

AO3 link here!

Series Title: Time To Realize

Time To Realize Masterlist here!

Prompt: Monsters and Colorful Leaves

Summary: You’re working with the boys on a case, as always, but they tell you to take a few days off, as one of your favourite holidays is coming: Halloween. It wouldn’t be a weird request, but they send Cas to watch over you while you’re taking a break, the same angel that you have a crush on since you saw him for the first time, implying to him that you would like to get to know him better. What’s going to happen during those few days? Will you reveal your feelings for him? And, most importantly, will you find out what are his feelings for you?

Word Count: 2678

Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings/Tags: fluff, Dean being Dean, inappropriate jokes, talking of murdering, kissing, a brief mention of rape (just one sentence), lots of sass

Beta: @roxy-davenport (Roxy, you’re seriously the best!)

A/N: My first Cas series came to an end! :c I’m sorry you had to wait one day longer, but I didn’t want to give you the last one with typos and other awful things. Consider this my way of prolonging Halloween, okay? Hope you’ll enjoy and let me know what you think, please!

It was a great experience and I’m sure I’ll write more of Cas from now on ;)

Also, make sure to check out @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies for their Countdown to Halloween Series :) We’ve been working really hard on this, guys.

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag sheet! (Tags at the bottom of the post.) Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated.

The place was crowded which made it easier to blend in without any effort, but it would be harder to get out of there after committing the crime.

You pretended to be interested in the exhibits, whispering about the artwork to Cas and just trying not to stand out. Really you were checking the surroundings; eyeing the security and trying to locate all the emergency exits in case things went south.

Much to your relief, you only counted four security guards. You and Cas could take of four guards if you had to.

As you finished the reconnaissance, you and your angel started moving toward the room that the amethyst would be presented in. Once you got there, you poured all the candy bars and other sweets that you had with you in a bag to a big basket, the mechanism making the dark-colored sheets covering the crystal move away. One glance at Cas let you know that he was ready to do what he was supposed to and you nodded, giving him the green light.

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God, what a beautifully written exchange.  I am tearing up over the contrast between what Dave and Dirk needed to hear from each other.  And tearing up more over what they had in common.

Dirk needed someone to tell him about how terrible he is capable of being …and also to tell him he’s not that person.

Dave need someone to tell him about how awesome he is capable of being  (successful, heroic, “cool”) …and also to tell him he doesn’t need to be that person.

Kingsman Fanfic Rec List

So, I had friends who wanted fic recs for this Little Fandom That Could, so because I’ve been reading Kingsman fic every day since even before I’d seen the movie the week after it opened, I was more than happy to oblige. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of the new homestuck update on the 17th have you been keeping up with it?? could you draw roxy about to go poof into the ground with john standing there waving?? just asking .-.

(yeah I always read the updates when I wake up/get back from uni!)

my fave part was Terezi being like some sort of grumpy grandma being all like lOOk at what doofus children I’m stuck with, they can’t even say bye properly without me! bahah

also loved all the John/Roxy bickering pfft

(but yeah I think it’s too late for update art now, maybe next time! ;v;)

What is Happening?

Many people are saying the game could be Glitched and that they still need to do the Reset, now that the cartridge is in, but some also think it’s the usual Homestuck silliness. And while we could just wait for WedsNEIGH for the next update, there are a few things to look. There are a few things noticeable…

  1. The transparency of the sky
  2. The lack of Salamanders
  3. ‘Sup

So about the transparent sky, LOWAS has not been transported to the new Session yet. LOWAS is in the Blank Space, the background of the comic where John has already been before two times. One, slammed out of the panel by Cans, the other, when his future self zapped him away from Jade and Dave, before sending him to Roxy. John could have just moved it out of the Timeline as a mid-point between its final location ((Possibly in the Timeline of the Jade talking with Callie, as that would explain why Typheus needed to get rid of John and LOWAS)), or to symbolize the state of a game before starting. Void, empty, a title screen of sorts where John can decide when to click Start.

The lack of Salamanders is unsettling really, and I have found three possible explanations for that. One, we’re just being silly and after the pipes were played, all of them moved closer to the Lair of the Denizen to hear the music. They are still there, just haven’t been shown. Two, there has indeed been a glitch, and the NPCs are bugged. Or three… John completed his mission. The symbol of his Denizen was glowing as he played the Calliope Pipe Organ. Could it be that they were removed, along with his Denizen? SBURB is a game. And sometimes, in a game, when you complete a mission, you have no reason to return to that place again. John did everything he had to do in his land. Maybe they are gone for good, because they serve no purpose anymore.

Finally, Roxy… While the Flash could be a silly reference, the amount of people thinking she’s glitched out made me think. After all, this can only be one Roxy, the one in the Doomed Timeline. John has zappy powers that have unstuck him from his timeline a long time ago- But Roxy doesn’t. She’s alive and out of the realm of Reality she should exist in. What will happen if Roxy of this Timeline arrives to another Timeline with a Roxy already there? Is she just being silly, or has she bugged out for good? And what Choice did she have to make with her Denizen?

Additionally, about the “Glitched, Restart Needed” theory… In old games, a Cartridge had to be not only clean, but inserted properly. Pulling it out slightly caused the whole “Get Down” meme to spawn, for example, and can lead to lots of corruptions. Now, look at Caliborn putting the game in:

External image

And now look at Lil’ Seb

External image

Caliborn’s Cartridge is shoved down to the shaded part of the cartridge’s label. Seb’s, down past that and until the label hits the floor. This could be Hussie not remembering how the Cartridge was inserted first, but if it’s intentional, this could very well be the cause of the glitching.

Caliborn’s had the Stardust Glitches and the Corn because they were shoved there, but were, otherwise, completely fine. Seb’s has already started with a Missing Skybox, Missing NPCs and a Player Character only saying “sup”.

Again, it could just be silliness and Hussie forgetting how to put the Cartridge- But if Seb has put it in a wrong position, shoving it too far, the game could have broken. Well, we’ll see what happens next.


I guess this is something that’s been bothering me lately, so ima speak my mind. Lately I have been seeing people tell me to suck more, because I make them hate their Roxy, or how i make them super jealous and should stop cosplaying Roxy. let me explain something to you, when you get into cosplaying, there will be better than you no matter what, but thats not my point, cosplaying is about having FUN and seeing how much progress you can make, its about making friends and being a character you enjoy. no matter what as you start out it may not be how you want and there could be things you want to make better, cosplaying takes time and its about loving your costume and being happy in it. its not about who is better than who. the real critique is yourself, and only YOU can make yourself happier and as you take time with a certain costume it will get better as you go. you guys dont realize telling someone that “you make me hate my cosplay” youre bringing us down too. and no one should have to be brought down, not even yourself. people should be INSPIRATION to keep going… Please spread this because more people should understand this.