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Here’s the thing about Dunkirk: It is a work of art. Yes, there is very little dialogue and I’ve heard people complain that the characters weren’t super well developed but that is the point. Soldiers weren’t looked as people and the humanity and innocence that they did have were promptly stolen from them after every horrible event they underwent. Young men who fought in the war were seen as tools of winning and Nolan does such a wonderful job of exploring that idea. He even has an older character in the film refer back to a familiar statement, “War is old men talking and young men dying.” Nolan doesn’t flesh out the characters a ton because he wanted to show the dehumanization soldiers had undergone during war. 

Let’s talk about this motherfucking score by Hans Zimmer because oh boy. Hans Zimmer is my absolute favorite film soundtrack composer for a reason. He just knows how to capture a scene. Because there is so little dialogue, this film relies heavily on the soundtrack and the sound mixing, which were both executed masterfully. The intensity of each scene is highlighted so well by the score and there were moments where I would sit up straight because the score just made me feel so many intense emotions. I do not know who did the sound mixing in the film and I wish I did because it added so much to the film. The clock ticking in the back and the sound of the gunshots, the bombs, and the planes were fantastic. 

This film needs to be seen by everyone. 

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There is a video of YouTube in which whenever Sana rejects Yousef we can hear Elias saying "Stop stop stop! Red Card" this is a masterpiece

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It was an idea I had, I think, when I was flying from L.A. to somewhere. I thought it would be nice to lose our identities, to submerge ourselves in the persona of a fake group. We would make up all the culture around it and collect all our heroes in one place. So I thought, A typical stupid-sounding name for a Dr. Hook’s Medicine Show and Traveling Circus kind of thing would be ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Just a word game, really.”

—Paul McCartney, 1984


“The album title… Vices & Virtues, came after the lyrics were written… it was so spontaneous… I guess this record was really a study in human behavior—mostly for us personally what we had been going through, and noticing all of that.”

Happy Birthday, Vices & Virtues!

March 18, 2011


okay okay okay. i’m not even sure what to say about this animatic by P Holstwiik on youtube because it is so fantastic you just have to see it. please witness the beauty. so much work and time and effort went into this, i can’t believe how fortunate i am to see this with my own two eyes. the colors! the music! the emotions! the feels! 

this is what we’re talking about when we say we’re accepting multimedia submissions for issue two! there is a huge creative space to explore and so many mediums to try — and we want to encourage more beautiful awesome work like this!

if you have not seen this yet, please see this now and leave comments to the creator! thank you OP, and to everyone else, please enjoy and be inspired!

Love is commitment. Love is not always understanding them, but trying to. Love is knowing that when life gets too heavy, you have them to spot you. Love is both words and action. Love is when your mistakes are your fault alone and making excuses is too risky so your only option is to try to fix them. Love is not having to wait until you’re drunk or it’s 2am to show them your soul. Love is when flaws are just another part of the masterpiece. Love is saying what needs to be said because honesty might be painful but they’re too priceless to lie to. Love is when you can’t be happy if they aren’t. Love is respect. Love is patience. Love is being kind. Love is love is love.
—  maxwelldpoetry // What is love to you?

selena is literally THAT girl in pop rn. the only one releasing critically acclaimed and successful high quality music every time i feel so blessed

I thought maybe people were more prone to tears or generally had stronger feelings about the superhero genre than me, but now I see that’s not true because I cried at least 5 times during Wonder Woman and the first time was when Amazon general Robin Wright leapt onto the shield, fitted three arrows to her bow at once, spun in midair, looked at those three men with the calm fury of judgement day and killed them all with one shot. That moved me to the depths of my fucking soul.