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Isn't it funny that they don't want Sarada to be known as Uchiha child but both she and Sakura wears the Uchiha symbol? And the whole village knows that she's an uchiha?

Yeah. Not sure what’s happening.

A. Konoha is hiding Sarada’s birth certificate, OR Sarada really does not have a birth certificate, because:

1) Those bad dudes are after Sasuke, so the existing proof that she’s his Uchiha kid WOULD endanger her (and Sakura), so Konoha hid the official documents attesting her parentage, and maybe this is also why there are no wedding photos of Sakura and Sasuke -> their wedding must be kept a secret;

2) Sarada being an Uchiha is a danger on its own (it would make both her and the village targets), so they didn’t make a birth certificate for her, or they hid it a long time ago because they needed to destroy evidence of her existence -> by this logic no one outside the village would be able to find out whether Sasuke has a child or not, even when searching through Konoha’s documents;

3) Sakura gave birth to Sarada outside the village for safety reasons and it’s probably also why they didn’t make a certificate / hid it (but unlike kid Naruto, everyone in Konoha knows who Sarada is, and Konoha isn’t the enemy here, not under Naruto’s supervision, so they needn’t hide her birth from Konoha, so I’m not sure why she would give birth somewhere else, unless she was with Sasuke the whole time);

4) Other reasons (maybe they wanted to hide something from SARADA specifically, but I don’t know what they could actually hide from her since she knows who her parents are and what her family name is - maybe her birth location).

B. Her birth certificate has been stolen or something along those lines:

1) Someone who is after Sarada stole it because they needed proof that she’s an Uchiha for whatever (scary) reason;

2) Sasuke needed it for some reason;

3) Other reasons I can’t think of because my brain hurts.

So yes, why would they want to hide her parentage, but then make her wear Uchiha clothes and the Uchiha name?

-> if A) turns out to be true: probably the fact that she is an Uchiha is a big Konoha secret and only *they* know about this, so she can sport those clothes and that name anywhere in the village since she doesn’t need to hide from them (it would be hard to keep a secret like this though, when someone’s identity is known throughout the whole village) - but they needed to hide the birth certificate so they won’t have official records of any Uchiha from Konoha;

-> if B) turns out to be true: then they don’t give a crap if people find out about her heritage, so she can probably sport even Uchiha thong panties for all they care, and then the reason why the certificate is missing would be a total mystery since they weren’t the ones to hide it, OR Sasque thinks she’s safe in the village and that’s why he went after those dudes, also why they didn’t feel the need to hide her birth certificate and sth esle happened to it.

There are so many possibilities.

Also, this, all of it, may not be what it seems. Masashi Trollshimoto is a Master Troll, this is the only thing you should never doubt.

Edit: Here’s an interesting thought. *IF* Sasuke left in order to protect his family, WHY has he been away for SO MANY YEARS? 12 years is a bit TOO MUCH for just “protecting his family” IMO.

Jfc why is Rukia sitting between Ichigo’s legs in that bloody colour spread?? and they are, as always, right in each other’s faces in the actual chapter. They will always have more chemistry than the ‘canon’ couples. Well, a brick wall has more chemistry than the canon couples but aaaanyway. Kubo totally knows what he’s done here; the master troll until the end.

EXO (OT12) reaction : when They're speaking so much, and you kiss them so they can shut up

Here’s the reaction ^^ Hope you’ll like it! :3
(Gifs are not mine crédits to owner)

SuHo : « You saw ?  I’m irresistible even when i’m annoyig you because i’m speaking too much » continue to speak

BaekHyun : You surprised him as he was speaking to you. But he found this so cute !

ChanYeol : This giant would like BaekHyun, but less expressive at first. When you stopped kissing him, he looked at you, and smiled. « Jagi, i will stop to speaking too much if you give me two more kisses ! »

D.O : I think D.O is not the type to speak so much, but if he did, he would maybe speaking about cooking or singing, and when you kissed him, he would be externally as a statue, but internally…

Kai : This guy, i can seeing him perfectly being the cutie JongIn, and if you were in public, he would be like « HEY THAT’S MY GIRL WHO KISSED ME ON MY MOUTH » -so innocent-

SeHun : The maknae would eventually enjoy to annoying you with some speaking about bubble tea, just for fun -but he’s a cutie!!- but when you kissed him, he looked at you with deep eyes, licking his lips. « I’ll annoying you more often, jagi »

Kris : I think Kris is like D.O, he wouldn’t speak so much, maybe in a little fight where he said to you to be organized of more attentive. And you kissed him, he finally shut his mouth for a moment, before talking again. « Hey, you, you thought you could out you with just a kiss ? Get up and come here i want a hug and 1000 more kisses ! »

Xiumin : When you kissed him, he stopped to breathe, to move, to do anything. After, he looked at you and tried to make you understand he would another kiss

LuHan : This little dear would be so shy that you kissed him for him to shut his mouth because he was speaking to much. He would laugh, doesn’t knowing what to do.

Chen : Chen was trolling you since almost 1 hour, and you began to desperate, so you tried to kiss him, and it worked ! After his soul came back, he warned you. « You’ll see later what i will doing to you ! Be prepared for the terrible Troll master revenge ! »

Lay : Lay would be so shy when you kissed him, so he stayed silently there, don’t really knowing what to do, until he said shyly « You know, i like when you’re kissing me like that, You’re more fluffy than unicorns » -so much feels in me :‘3-

Tao : Tao was speaking too much about Wushu ans martial arts. So you decided to kissing him suddenly. He looked at you with a cocky smile. « I think i’m gonna talking about martial arts more often »


I was drawing and taking references to volpina when I see again the pages of THE book and the codes… and I said to myself: lets try do this! With a little suffering and comparing my notes with the ones @lissanfuryeye made and I came up with a dictionary. 

You can used it if you want it, but I still miss the X and Z. 

Well, the interesting thing here is that I start to translate the right page from ladybug description and I found two things

First, if you translate the code you can read the names of the weapons, the miraculous object and the special attack, but also strange acronyms or only mess up words to full the space (what would it be…)

And two

Hawkdaddy is truly a lovely troll master I’m gonna translate the other pages to see what more I can find… and then share them ;)

This week on Naruto Gaiden ultra super trolly madness:

Rumors flying around that Orochimaru pulls an Ultron and seeks to create the ultimate body by splicing together Sasuke and Karin to create… Sarada!? Dun Dun DUNN!! Oh, the drama!

What does this mean for the salad?! How did she fall into Sakura’s tear-stained hands?! Does Sasuke know his DNA has been used for nefarious purposes!? Where. Is. Karin?

We’ll find out on the 6th if this is true and then we’ll all wait with baited breath (or stifled amusement) to see what the master troll has up his sleeve next!

(seriously this is some hilarious shit)

Also there was some crap about a guy wanting vengeance on Sasuke for killing Itachi and some whipped-cream haired weirdo with Sharingans.

And Naruto drops everything and runs to his Sasu-bae when he spots a messenger hawk from him. Can’t be bothered to play with his son with his real body but when Sasuke comes-a-calling you can bet he’ll leave the clone at home and go to Sasuke himself. Dat shit’s important. Priorities priorities.

What if Winny was just Trolling the ML Fandom about this Guy being Master Fu?!?!

Hawkdaddy already trolled us a few times like how everyone thought for a moment that the identity reveal would happen in episode 19, or how Chloe wasn’t Antibug.

Remember that the identity of Master Fu would be considered as a pretty big spoiler.

But if this guy wasn’t Master Fu, I’d be concerned that our lucky duo is being stalked by a creep.


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Steve and Darcy don't want to go public with their relationship, but ofcourse Natasha already knows. When Sam gets tipped off that Captain America likes somebody, she manipulates the evidence so he thinks Steve likes him. Hilarity ensues.

Not quite what you asked for, but I hope it works

“Natasha, what did you do?” Natasha has the gall to try to look innocent when Darcy confronts her. It’s just a look, of course, because Natasha is not at all innocent about this. Steve had gently told her that he didn’t actually need her to butt into his love life, that he was doing just fine. Two days later she was asking him how Darcy was in bed.

According to Steve, Natasha did sputter a bit when he turned up the corners of his mouth and told her. Darcy rather enjoys that healthy look of respect Natasha sends her way most of the time, but right now Darcy is somewhere between pissed  and amused, probably both. Because it really doesn’t matter what Natasha actually did, it’s just a masterful bit of trolling.

“It’s almost even an accurate photo,” Natasha muses with a half smiled, wholly satisfied with herself, “It’s shopped, I can tell by the pixels.”

“The internet is going absolutely bonkers over that picture of Steve and Sam together.”

“They look good!” Natasha defends herself, “Think about it for a few moments, Darcy, the two of them together. You have to admit your boyfriend gets up a little on a the bi side of the bed in the morning,” she pauses, “Or rather, wakes up directly in the middle. I’m not judging it.”

“I’m not disputing that Nat, and that is one heap of cookies and cream that would be delicious to lap up, let me tell you, but why did you release it in the first place?”

“Oh,”  It’s like Natasha didn’t realize that this was a perfectly reasonable question to ask after your boyfriend’s best gal pal photoshops a picture of said boyfriend and his best modern day BFF parading around half naked on a balcony together, “Right. Sam was starting to talk about setting Steve up with someone that was most decidedly not you.”

“So you decided to deal with that by starting an internet wide Gay Captain America frenzy?”

Natasha nods, “Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Darcy wipes her face with her hand, “I really should have taken Organic Chem instead of doing the internship, really, I should have.”  A stray thought passes through her mind, “Wait, where did you get the source picture of Sam in the first place?”

Natasha looks a little far away and soft, and Darcy wonders if it’s really a tell, or if Natasha’s letting her in on a really good secret. Either, Darcy is so not done with this part of the discussion and she settles in for a little wheedling out of information.