what is this how much did i actually drink

How much alcohol did Yuuri actually drink during the banquet and could he have died? what bad things could have happened?

Answer: dude he fucking drank 64 ounces of champagne what the fuck,, and he had a BAC (blood alcohol level) of 0.31% which is a hell of a lot. this means he could have lost consciousness and/or gotten alcohol poisoning, fun fun fun ! damn yuuri you need to chill,,

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Hey blind au anon again. Can i has another blind klance fic, Keith and lance have been hanging out for awhile and Keith ask to touch Lance's face because it's the only way he can really 'see' what he looks like. Lance agrees and soon he wishes he hadn't cause Keith goes into great detail about what he see's, like how smooth, and perfect it was, Lance begins to blush at this and Keith becomes worried that he might be sick. And that's all i got lolz

“Hey,” Keith leaned towards Lance on the couch, his hands flat on the cushions as he gave him that strange pouty look he sometimes did. He was looking over Lance’s head, though, and Lance was starting to realize that Keith was convinced that Lance was much taller than he actually was. “Can I touch your face?” 

“Huh?” Lance stopped as he was taking a drink, making a face at Keith and then adding a quick, “why?” He wasn’t really sure if Keith understood how weird it was, he always tried his best to make his voice match his face for him. 

“Because I’ve never seen your face,” Keith said. Lance blinked at him for a moment, trying to process what Keith meant and then set the bottle down. He set his hands on Keith’s shoulders, putting on a grim face to help his voice. 

“Keith,” Lance said, “I hate to tell you this, but you’re never going to see my face, you’re blind.” Keith rolled his eyes and groaned, pushing Lance’s hands off his shoulders a little awkwardly. 

“You know what I mean, just let me touch your face.” Keith frowned as Lance just laughed at his own joke. He nodded then and agreed quickly so Keith would stop looking at him like he was going to smack him. Once he had permission, though, Keith set his hands on Lance’s cheeks, running them up over his cheekbones as he made a little noise. 

“What?” Lance could already feel himself getting a bit warm as Keith continued to very gently run his fingers over Lance’s skin. He was just so damn close to him like this, it wasn’t awkward, but it wasn’t very comfortable either. 

“Your skin is so smooth,” Keith said, “and your cheekbones are really high and defined.” Lance felt himself get warmer, and Keith moved his hands up to his forehead, carefully brushing over his hairline. “You’re really warm too, are you okay?” 

“Fine, don’t worry.” Lance tried to stay as still as he could, but Keith leaned into him more, frowning and looking rather worried. 

“Are you sure? You’re getting warmer.” Keith started to press his fingers into Lance’s neck gently as if checking to see if it was swollen and Lance fell back into the couch quickly, making a little noise as his head hit the armrest, one of his hands holding Keith’s away from him. 

“I’m fine, I promise!” Lance was warmer than ever now, and Keith just stared down at him confused, trying to ask him what was going on. 
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Thanks for the request anon!! I’m glad you’re liking this AU!!

Phew! Took me long enough to finish this one, but here it is! The photo of Twilight and Pinkie’s wedding.
Since there was a popular demand to show the Mane Six weddings how could I argue with that? But with so many works in hands I hardly can organize what to do first and after. Anyways! Next and last will be Applejack and Rarity’s wedding photo! Hopefully I won’t take much longer with that one than I did with this.

Fun fact: Before the wedding Twilight was so nervous that she had a drink to calm down, courtesy of Rarity. It was actually three drinks but Rarity made Fluttershy promise to never speak of that ever again. Thankfully nothing ridiculous happened at the ceremony, she just looked waaaay happy.
And by the time this photo was taken she had already got a bit of the drink out of her system and decided to not drink more the rest of the evening.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie © Hasbro
Human designs by me

So I know we’re all pretty much toddlers and shouldn’t even be taking about alcohol XD but how many have actually had some? what did you like and how much did you drink?

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In Marvel, Captain America has incredibly fast healing/general recovery (he can't get drunk) and it's explained by an increased metabolism. This means he has to eat more. I'm wondering if A) the explanation of 'his body runs faster' is actually valid and B) assuming that it's real (enough), what would that even look like?

I think so. Or at least, I’ve known people who described themselves this way, and did have a phenomenal ability to process through alcohol.

I’ve literally watched a friend put away a fifth of Bailey’s in one sitting without any outward signs of intoxication. Granted, Irish Cream only runs around 34 proof, and some people are very good at concealing intoxication, but he was always rather annoyed by how much he had to drink in order to get buzzed.

What I can’t say with certainty is, if that was actually his metabolism, some other genetic resistance to alcohol, or a resistance to poisons in general.

Either way, this results in someone who needs more alcohol to get drunk, and sobers up faster. It’s also worth pointing out, this can just as easily be bravado, and a talent for hiding intoxication.

So, in short? I don’t know, but that is what I’ve been told.

With Captain America, the healing factor alone is enough to mean he can’t get drunk. Wolverine and Nick Fury have the same resistance, when the writers remember it’s there.


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So on Tuesday I somehow ended up clubbing with the HABS

Basically, I went to the Bell Center to watch the Habs game against Bruins (which they lost 4-1 🙄) and I spot my high school friend sitting front row! So I fb msg him and he’s like: YO come to Joverse after the game, I’m going out with Alex Galchenyuk, he’s my buddy and PK Subban os coming with us too… So I go; me and Gally end up chatting in Russian all night, he keeps saying how his last name is of Ukrainian origin and that I’m awesome because I’m actually born in Ukraine. He was acting like a 16 year old boy clubbing for the first time, drinking straight vodka, glass after glass. Also flirting his ass off with me, touching my face, hugging me, etc. (NOW I HAVE A BOYFRIEND WHOM I LOVE VERY MUCH SO I DID NOT RECIPROCATE WHAT SO EVER) Now, Subban arrives with his agent, dressed like a fucking PIMP. Wearing a fur coat and a hat, acting all “I’m rich and famous bow to me bitches”. He was a total prick basically. Anyhow, then @h-long paid me a cab to his place cause I was getting a little too drunk to continue thinking logically and not hook up with this hot ass hockey player flirting with me lmao.

I live in Japan now for work, so I thought I’d join Tinder and branch out.

On a side note, most of the guys immediately thought I had a high sex drive cuz I’m American.

I meet up with this one Indonesian who’s also working here and we went to a fireworks festival. So before we go of course we get dinner at this crowded but okay place. We talk about what anime we like and he gets offended by me not liking Naruto as much as he did. THEN he goes off about how he hates that in Japanese work culture you have to hang out with your coworkers and sing karaoke and drink (it’s a real thing) when he actually just wants to be home and build his Gundam sets. It’s such a problem cuz he keeps buying them but has no time!

I let him whine for an hour and we finally go see the fireworks. He tries to take a snuggly selfie with me before I decide to finally ditch him. I tell him goodbye and start walking back to the station and he just DOESN’T TAKE A HINT AND follows me back!

summary: don’t use your first date as a therapist.

This girl. This special girl I can’t get enough of. She has the weirdest habits and the cutest little quirks. She has these secret sides to her that you’ll miss if you even so much as blink. I can’t explain much because if I do I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with her as I did. As I fell deeper and deeper in love with her, I noticed how she actually was. She was not this all around sadistic girl that she came out to be. Maybe to others, but for me she was this girl who was a little too obsessed with caramel filled drinks, who was more than passionate about what she does. She loved tea simply for the taste, she covered her mouth when she smiled or laughed to cover her “flaw” as she thinks it is. It’s beautiful honestly, it’s eye catching. I didn’t fall for the girl who was always strong, I fell for the girl who laughed whenever she was about to show her emotions. I fell for all the things she was rather than dwell on the things she’s not. The thing was, there wasn’t anything I could dwell on. She was perfect; she’s still perfect. In my eyes, the only thing I would ever change is changing her from being my girlfriend to my wife. Even then, I wouldn’t feel the need to. The love I feel for her doesn’t need a ring or a piece of paper to be proven. She’s just the type of girl you fall in love with and never let go of. She knows all the right things to say and she cares. Even when she claims she doesn’t, you know she does. She doesn’t leave, she stays. She sticks with you no matter what it is. Maybe that’s why I fell so hard for her, I saw my future in her. I saw a home, I saw comfort, I saw love. When you see those things in a person you can’t help but fall in love with them and give them your all. You know it’ll be worth it and you know they will be completely unforgettable. Some people feel as if home was a place, some feel like it’s a person. For me, it’s her. It’s always been her. One day I’ll look at our grandchildren and then her admiringly and be able to say “We made it darling, we made it through the distance and the time. We always said always and forever right? Well this is it. From this life to the next. I’ll always find my way back to you. My heart is yours.” Instead of seeing you on a screen or messaging it to you, I’ll be able to look you in the eyes and tell you that I’m completely and utterly in love with your entire being.
—  about the one I adore
What if it were Red’s baby?

All right, so I tried to think of something that would be kind of insane - at least way out there.  I know others started speculating on it too.  But what if maybe Red and Lizzie did have sex one night on the run - maybe after drinking too much brown liquid?  Maybe they didn’t mean it to happen - I mean I don’t think Lizzie is emotionally there yet.  I mean it was weird how Red said to Lizzie “I assume the baby is Tom’s?” How would you feel if the baby was actually Red’s?

Personally I would be ecstatic - but sad I missed out on seeing them get together the first time.  Anyway, what do you think?  Is that too insane for you? Would the writers dare to go there?

after CA added abigail’s “if you find something tasty in the mines bring me back some” dialogue ive started to wonder potentially how much we as a community influence what hes done with the game after launch 

like what if we’re the reason shanes a horrible depressive alcoholic? we were at least led to believe he was super high functioning if he was actually an alcoholic and that cutscene he was like “ok, im aware i need to stop drinking for the night” but THEN BAM apparently were getting a cutscene of him totally fucking plastered. we did this. we cursed ourselves. 

but CA while we’re at it please let elliott be a mermaid 

  • *Emma hurries over to the park at 3am*
  • Emma: Regina!
  • Regina: Emma!
  • *She leaps up out of the snow and launches herself into Emma's arms. Emma just about catches her.*
  • Emma: Whoa! What is that in the snow?
  • Regina: I was making snow angels!
  • Emma: How much did you and Maleficent drink?
  • Regina: Of which drink?
  • Emma: Nevermind.
  • Regina: This one's you and this one's me. I made a snow us!
  • Emma: That's actually pretty cute. Are you okay?
  • Regina: I'm really cold.
  • Emma: Where's Maleficent?
  • Regina *pouts*: She dragoned off somewhere even though she promised to leave me a fire so I'd stay warm.
  • Emma *smiles*: Come on Regina, I'll keep you warm.
  • Regina: We can cuddle like the snow angel us!
  • Emma *chuckles*: God I love you .... though I might start asking Granny to lock away the tequila...